Why Does Our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator Have a Bubbler Tube?

Doubtful woman looking with disbelief expression aside - Why Does Our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator Have a Bubbler Tube?Recently, a member of the Colloidal Silver Secrets Group on Facebook posted a question asking why the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge has a bubbler tube.

The answer can be found in one of the main ways colloidal silver kills pathogens: catalytic oxidation.

Below, you’ll learn about silver’s unique ability to carry pure nascent oxygen, and release it in the presence of pathogens thereby causing a chemical reaction called oxidation, which destroys pathogens in their tracks…and what this has to do with the bubbler tube incorporated into The Silver Edge Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator…

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There are three known ways antimicrobial silver products such as colloidal silver kills infectious microorganisms, but one of the main ways colloidal silver kills pathogens is through catalytic oxidation. This means silver releases pure oxygen in the presence of pathogens, killing them much like the bubbling burst of hydrogen peroxide.

As Albert T. McManus, MD, Chief of Microbiology, Institute of Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston Army Burn Center, Houston, Texas, observes:

“Silver kills bacteria by simple catalytic reduction/oxidation by reacting with any available negative charge…Any organism that is available to the powerful catalytic activity of silver for oxidation is inactivated.”

But where does silver obtain the oxygen for oxidizing pathogens in the first place? It adsorbs (i.e., accumulates on its surface) molecular oxygen from the local environment, and then converts it to nascent oxygen, or oxygen that is highly reactive to negatively charged pathogens.

Indeed, like the mineral iron, silver is one of nature’s most efficient carriers of nascent oxygen.

As stated in the report, “The Development and Functions of Silver in Water Purification and Disease Control,” by Richard L. Davies and Samuel F. Etris of The Silver Institute in Washington, DC:

“Atomic (nascent) oxygen adsorbed onto a bed of silver atoms or ions in solution readily reacts with the sulfhydryl (H) groups surrounding the surface of bacteria or viruses to remove the hydrogen atoms (removed as water) causing the sulfur atoms to form an R-S-S-R bond; respiration is blocked and the bacteria expire.”

The researchers also state in the same report:

“It has long been known that oxygen is adsorbed on the surface of silver in its atomic state. Also that oxygen diffuses more freely within silver than within any other metal.

Ronald Outlaw, working at NASA/Langley, undertook a fundamental study of oxygen diffusion with the objective of producing atomic oxygen for the evaluation of the degradation of organic materials in space. He discovered the most prolific source of nascent oxygen to be metallic silver.

Atomic oxygen fits very well in the octahedral holes of gold, silver, and copper. In gold, the electron cloud of oxygen tends to be repelled by the lattice electrons of the gold atoms stopping movement through the holes. With copper, the oxide is formed resulting in a barrier.

Silver, with an almost a perfect fit, offers so little repulsion that a little thermal energy will readily move it from hole to hole.

Molecular oxygen is present and silver readily adsorbs it converting it to nascent oxygen which is available to oxidize bacterial enzymes and other organics. Their reaction with the atomic oxygen is instantaneous.”

A 2011 study titled “Control of Microorganisms in Drinking Water Using Ag-Cu/C Catalysts”, which was conducted by the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in conjunction with researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, draws a similar conclusion:

“Silver in its atomic state, has the capacity to absorb oxygen and act as a catalyst to bring about oxidation.

Because oxygen is more electronegative than sulfur, atomic (nascent) oxygen absorbed onto the surface of silver particles in solution will readily react with hydrogen attached to sulfur in the sulfhydryl (- S- H) groups surrounding the surface of bacteria or viruses.

The removal of hydrogen atoms (as water) causes the sulfur atoms to condense to form R- S -S- R bond. This blocks the respiration and causing the bacteria to expire.”

What this all means, put simply, is that oxygen is attracted to silver and will bond with it, and even inhabit and move within the tiny lattice-like holes or geometric indentations on its surface.

And when encountering an infectious microorganism, the silver first attacks the cell wall. Upon contact with the surface membrane of the cell wall of the microbe, silver releases what other researchers have referred to an “oxygen burst” that severely damages the membrane.

This catalytic oxidation results in specific chemical changes to the cell wall of the pathogen that block energy transfer and respiration, preventing the normal life-sustaining chemical processes from continuing, and thus initiating the demise of the pathogen.

According to researchers, there are other ways silver kills pathogens, such as by attaching to bacterial cell membranes and impairing cell respiration by blocking its energy transfer system, and by binding with bacterial and viral DNA, thus preventing replication of the pathogens.

But silver’s remarkable ability to adsorb atomic oxygen and carry it in the form of pure nascent oxygen that can later be released in the presence of pathogens – much as hydrogen peroxide throws off raw oxygen when it comes into contact with pathogens – is the secret of silver’s profound antimicrobial qualities that has interested researchers the most for decades.

This is why Dr. Stephen West, DL, PMD (son of Dr. C. Samuel West, DN, ND, renowned chemist and internationally recognized lymphologist), concludes:

“Silver ions stimulate the lymphatic system by cleaning out the dead cells and bringing oxygen to the healthy cells.”

While this is a complex biological process involving the body’s Reticuloendothelial System (also known as RES) – a subset of the lymphatic system – it can be explained in layman’s terms. As I wrote in my book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, which is now the world’s bestselling book on colloidal silver:

“Lymph fluid is very sensitive to pH changes, and if it becomes too acidic, fungi and bacteria spontaneously develop and grow. To prevent this from happening, excessive acidic waste is removed from the body via the Reticuloendothelial System (RES), which can be thought of as a subset of the lymphatic system.

The RES is an essential part of the lymphatic system, comprised of the thymus, bone marrow and lymphoid tissues. It’s basically a storage, exchange and elimination system that helps the body remove acidic waste and toxins.

Sometimes the RES can be overwhelmed with toxins and acidic waste. This is another way in which silver ions are believed to support the immune system. Not only do silver ions have proven antimicrobial properties to fight the fungi and bacteria growth in the lymph fluid, silver ions also carry nascent oxygen on their surface. When the silver attacks a microorganism, this oxygen is released.

This can aid the RES in two ways; 1) extra oxygen helps restore the natural pH of the lymph fluid and 2) oxygen helps oxidize toxic waste. Any leftover oxygen would eventually be picked up by the hemoglobin in red blood cells and thus becomes available for other oxygen dependent needs in the body such as cellular respiration.

RES is also responsible for stimulating the immune response, thus protecting the body from foreign substances and pathogenic organisms.

It should be noted that while white blood cells can destroy cancer cells, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, if there is excess fluid built up in the tissue (failure of RES) and/or a lack of oxygen, white blood cells cannot function properly!

This is another very important way in which silver ions are believed to support the lymphatic system, simply by providing additional oxygen to live cells and helping to oxidize dead cells.”

Highly Oxygen-Charged, Submicroscopic Silver Particles

While virtually all colloidal silver products are effective to one degree or another, it should be obvious that the most effective ones would be those in which the tiny, sub-microscopic silver particles are highly charged with oxygen.

But very few colloidal silver manufacturers bother to take steps to increase the amount of oxygen being carried by the silver particles in their products.

Indeed, in many cases, the production methods used to manufacture colloidal silver actually dramatically limit the amount of oxygen available to be adsorbed by the silver. That’s because most colloidal silver manufacturers use a closed-system manufacturing process designed to keep air out while the colloidal silver is being generated. Some even brag about using such a closed system…why I’ll probably never understand!

On the other hand, the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge is specifically designed to dramatically boost the oxygen content of the colloidal silver as it’s being made.

That’s why – unlike conventional colloidal silver generators – the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator includes a built-in bubbler mechanism that constantly bubbles air into the solution during the entire colloidal silver-making process.

This robust bubbling action dramatically reduces the buildup of electrolysis during the colloidal silver-making process, thus preventing the silver particles from bonding into larger particle agglomerates.

The result of all this bubbling action? You’ll get the tiniest, sub-microscopic silver particles possible in every batch infused with the highest charge of oxygen possible.

And because of silver’s unique ability to carry pure nascent oxygen and release it in the presence of pathogens, which destroys pathogens in their tracks through catalytic oxidation, the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver can be astonishing.

What’s more, because it’s completely natural, side effects and toxicity are virtually non-existent as long as it’s not used abusively.

People absolutely love it when they can heal their own infections with a safe, natural substance like colloidal silver, rather than having to use expensive and potentially toxic antibiotic drugs.

And the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from TheSilveredge.com allows you to make all of the colloidal silver you could ever need, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for less than 36 cents a quart!

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Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

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