Which Water Should Be Used to Make Colloidal Silver?

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Some of the most frequently asked questions I receive in the Colloidal Silver Secrets Group on Facebook relate to what kind of water should be used to make safe, pure, high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver with the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, and where to get it.

Let’s dive in to 6 commonly-asked questions and answers that will hopefully help clear things up…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

Experienced Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator users already know that only pure steam-distilled water should be used for the highest quality results.

But let’s face it – with all the different types of water available in stores now (distilled, steam-distilled, spring, alkaline, reverse osmosis, etc.), and with brands not always being consistent in quality and clear labeling, it can seem downright daunting to find the right water for the job.

In this article, I’ll address the following questions:

1. What type of water can I use to make colloidal silver? Can I make colloidal silver with “tested pure” well water, bottled water, alkaline water, purified water, structured water or reverse osmosis filtered water?

2. Are “distilled” and “steam-distilled” water the same thing? Does it matter which one I use? How can I tell if I’m buying “steam-distilled” water?

3. Will pure steam distilled water “go bad” in storage if I don’t use it for a while?

4. Can I distill my own water, and if so, where can I get a good countertop water distiller?

5. What do I do with batches of colloidal silver that have turned out murky/cloudy? Do I have to throw them away?

6. I’ve heard colloidal silver should be amber or gold in color? Is that true?

Let’s get started…

QUESTION #1: What type of water can I use to make colloidal silver? Can I make colloidal silver with “tested pure” well water, bottled water, alkaline water, purified water, structured water or reverse osmosis filtered water?

ANSWER: You should use only pure steam-distilled water, which is available from most local supermarkets or at Walmart for around a dollar a gallon.

Here’s why:

If there are any minerals or even slight impurities in the water you use, the electrically charged silver particles will agglomerate (i.e., bond) with that mineral content during the production process, which will result in larger particle aggregates that create a “cloudy” or “milky” appearance in the batch.

Water from an underground well – no matter how “pure” it has tested – is still full of dissolved mineral content.

Deionized water, which is made by running water through an electrically charged resin which allows the ions and their dissolved minerals to be captured and removed from the water, does not necessarily remove any microbes or other potential impurities other than dissolved minerals.

It’s the same with structured water, alkaline water, purified water and bottled water: There’s too much mineral content in them to make a high-quality colloidal silver solution.

As for which brand to buy, there’s no way for me to know what a good brand in your specific area would be. That’s because every state and country has different bottled water quality laws. Plus, different stores obtain their bottled distilled water from different distilleries, and every distillery is a bit different.

So, for example, Walmart brand steam-distilled water might be perfectly good for making colloidal silver in Florida, whereas in southern California it might not be nearly as good because they obtain their distilled water from a completely different distillery that might be cutting corners on the distillation process to save money.

So, as you can see, the potential differences in quality due to all these variables makes it difficult to recommend a specific brand.

However, the tip I can give you is to shop for distilled water at a major supermarket rather than a small corner market, because the major supermarkets usually carry a greater variety of name brands such as Sparkletts, Arrowhead, Poland Springs, etc.

If you can’t find one of the big name-brands of steam-distilled water, try Walmart brand steam-distilled water. In some states, it’s excellent. (It wasn’t very good in southern California, but it’s good in Nevada. And I’ve heard lots of good things from customers in other states.)

The bottom line is, if the water you’re using still contains dissolved minerals, it can dramatically affect the quality and purity of your colloidal silver. Only pure steam-distilled water is free of all contaminants, including dissolved minerals.

QUESTION #2: Are “distilled” and “steam-distilled” water the same thing? Does it matter which one I use? How can I tell if I’m buying “steam-distilled” water?

ANSWER: Most brands of steam-distilled water simply say “Distilled” on the outside label. But if you read the fine print on the back label or bottom of the front label, it will usually say something like “Produced through reverse osmosis, ozonation and steam distillation.” That simply means they cleaned the water first with reverse osmosis filtration, then killed off any pathogens with ozone, then they steam distilled it – which is exactly what you want.

However, if those kinds of details are not given in the fine print on the label, the easiest way to tell if its good enough to make colloidal silver with is just to try it. If you make a standard 3-hour batch with your Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, according to the directions, and if the finished batch turns out crystal clear-looking, and not “milky” looking or “cloudy” looking, then the distilled water was perfectly good for making colloidal silver. Your finished batches should always be perfectly clear.

Nine times out of ten, your distilled water is going to be fine. But read the fine print on the labels carefully to make sure they don’t say things like “minerals added back in for taste after distillation.”

The whole point behind using steam-distilled water is to limit the mineral content in the water you use to make colloidal silver, so your batches turn out to be crystal clear. This means you’re getting the smallest silver particles possible.

QUESTION #3: Will pure steam distilled water “go bad” in storage if I don’t use it for a while?

No. Just store it in the plastic container you purchased it in, and keep the lid on. Unless impurities have been allowed to get inside the bottle, it will not go bad in storage.

QUESTION #4: Can I distill my own water, and if so, where can I get a good countertop water distiller?

ANSWER: Certainly, it’s okay to steam distill your own water if you can match the quality of the steam-distilled water available through commercial sources.

Unfortunately, it’s time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. It can take anywhere from three to five hours to properly steam distill a single gallon of tap water using a good home water distiller.

Lots of mail order and internet companies sell counter-top water distillers, but frankly, many of these units do a very poor job of removing all of the mineral content from the water, in spite of the glowing claims made by the companies that sell them.

When you consider the fact that pure, professionally-produced steam-distilled water costs only about a dollar a gallon (or a little more) at your local supermarket or Walmart, and that a good, high-quality home water distiller will cost you close to $500 or more, you’ll see that it may be easier and far cheaper to simply purchase your distilled water commercially.

You could purchase 500 gallons of pure, steam-distilled water at Walmart for about $500. Naturally, you’re never going to need to make and drink 500 gallons of colloidal silver in your lifetime. The point is, why spend $500 or more on a home water distiller when the results are so frequently uncertain, and when by contrast, professionally made steam-distilled water is relatively inexpensive and so easily obtainable at your local supermarket or Walmart?

Nevertheless, if you prefer to make your own pure steam-distilled water, then WaterWise.com is said to have a high-quality range of home water distillers. You can do a Google search for others.

My only suggestion would be to go with the most expensive model you can afford, as lower-cost models – particularly those in the under $500 range – simply don’t seem to have what it takes to produce steam-distilled water of high enough quality for making colloidal silver.

QUESTION #5: What do I do with batches of colloidal silver that have turned out murky or cloudy? Do I have to throw them away?

ANSWER: Whenever you get a murky or cloudy batch of colloidal silver, it means there was just a tiny bit too much mineral content in the distilled water. As mentioned above (see #1), the electrically-charged silver particles are bonding with the mineral content in the water, which creates the cloudy or “milky” look.

When this happens to me, I just switch brands of distilled water until I find one that gives me crystal clear batches.

However, there’s no need to throw the murky/cloudy batch out.

I personally wouldn’t use murky/cloudy batches for oral ingestion, because the particles that have bonded with mineral content are too large and are far more difficult for the body to utilize and process. But it’s absolutely great for topical use (i.e., cuts, burns, scratches, etc.) and for household disinfection purposes, i.e., spraying kitchen counter tops, bathroom sinks, toilet rims, etc. My wife even puts a few ounces in the rinse cycle of her laundry to help give towels, rags, sheets, underclothing, etc., some added antimicrobial protection.

QUESTION #6: I’ve heard colloidal silver should be amber or gold in color? Is that true?

ANSWER: The idea that colloidal should be “honey yellow” or amber/golden in color is a piece of misinformation that’s been circulating on the internet for over 20 years.

It was a huge fad in the 1990’s, until a university in Spain tested crystal clear-colored colloidal silver against the yellow-colored colloidal silver, and found there was no truth to the rumor that the yellow-colored stuff worked better.

But the fad for yellow-colored colloidal silver at one point had become so deeply ingrained in people’s minds that some unscrupulous colloidal silver manufacturers even began adding yellow food dye to their bottled colloidal silver products, in order to give it the yellow look.

Essentially, clinical studies have found that when the silver particles are 200 nm in size, or larger, they act like little “mirrors” suspended in the water, reflecting light from the visible light spectrum, and thus giving the batches of colloidal silver the yellowish or amber-golden tint.

In fact, researchers Orr and Dallvalle, writing in a study titled “Fine Particle Measurement: Size, Surface, and Pore Volume”, discussed the 200-nanometer threshold of color way back in 1959.

Of course, 200 nm is a very large silver particle size. And the larger your silver particles are, the more difficult it is for the body to absorb, distribute, utilize against pathogens and afterwards excrete them.

Indeed, many subsequent clinical studies have demonstrated that the smaller your silver particles are, the more effective they are against pathogens AND the more bioavailable they are (i.e., easier for the body to absorb, distribute, utilize against pathogens and afterwards excrete).

(For more information on why smaller particle colloidal silver is best, see the article Colloidal Silver: Why Smaller Truly Is Better“.)

Another thing to note is that the yellowish coloration of the water can be caused, much like murky/cloudy batches, by mineral content in the distilled water being used to make the colloidal silver.

Since the silver particles are electrically charged, they’ll bond to any unwanted mineral content in the water, forming overly-large silver particle agglomerates. If enough electrically-charged silver particles bond to enough mineral content in a batch of colloidal silver, the resulting agglomerated silver particles can act just like overly-large silver particles, reflecting light from the visible light spectrum and thus causing the yellowish hue in the water.

Likewise, having highly concentrated batches of colloidal silver can cause a yellowish coloration, simply because of the sheer number of silver particles suspended in the water, each one reflecting light from the visible light spectrum.

And finally, recent studies have demonstrated that “capped” silver nanoparticles (i.e., metallic silver particles that are coated with a capping agent in order to help prevent them from bonding with each other) can also give off a yellowish hue, and at a much smaller particle size, i.e., around 20 nm. But that discoloration is largely because of the substance used to “cap” the silver nanoparticles.

So, for the best results in terms of bioavailability and effectiveness against pathogens, crystal clear colloidal silver (which indicates smaller silver particles that can’t reflect light from the visible light spectrum) is generally best. It’s absorbed better and utilized easier by the body. And it works better against pathogens.

Hopefully these answers will help you find the best quality water in your local area so that every batch you make is nice and clear, and of the highest therapeutic-quality.

And don’t forget: Please be sure to join the Colloidal Silver Secrets Group on Facebook and post questions or comments there. There are over 43,000 active colloidal silver users on the site, so often you can get questions answered from people who are using colloidal silver for the same reason you are.

You can also search the many informative Articles, Clinical Studies, FAQs, and How-to Videos on TheSilverEdge.com using the handy search function on the navigation menu.


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