Which Type of Colloidal Silver User Are You?

Which Type of Colloidal Silver User Are You?In my experience, there are three different types of colloidal silver users.

There’s the type who use colloidal silver only when they’re sick with an infection.

There’s the type who use colloidal silver in small amounts, on a daily basis, to help boost immunity and prevent future infections.

And finally, there’s the lunatic fringe, which is to say, the type who use colloidal silver indiscriminately, irresponsibly and without any common sense limitations whatsoever.

Which type are you? Here’s my strictly layman’s take on how colloidal silver should be used for maximum safety…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

I’ve received an inordinate number of questions regarding my recent article quoting the famous natural health guru, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. on colloidal silver.

Most inquirers noted that Dr. Wright does not recommend regular, daily usage of colloidal silver, but only occasional use of small amounts of colloidal silver, on an “as needed” basis for helping the body defend itself against infections and related disease processes.

And they asked why I would quote someone who disagrees with my own regular, daily colloidal silver usage.

Well, my goodness, folks, it would be a heckuva world if we all agreed with each other on every topic, wouldn’t it? We quite literally wouldn’t have anything to talk about, except to say “I agree” to anything anyone else said.

“Nice day.”

“I agree.”

“Lots of clouds out.”


“Might get chilly later tonight.”

“Uh huh. I think so, too.”

Blechh! What a horribly boring world that would be.

The bottom line is that without differences of opinion, there would be no need (nor room) for experimentation, research, and new findings.

Quoting the Experts

So although I’m the guy who quite literally “wrote the book on colloidal silver” (see The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, 547-pages, Life & Health Research Group), I refuse to fall into the trap of thinking I’m the only person worth listening to on the subject.

That’s why, in addition to my recent article on Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. and colloidal silver, I’ve also researched and written articles on:

  • The early, pioneering work of Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. on the use of electrically-generated silver ions for healing stubborn infections.
  • The early, pioneering work of Dr. M. Paul Farber, on healing the underlying infections behind Lyme Disease and other chronic degenerative diseases with colloidal silver.
  • The early pioneering work of Dr. Bob Beck, Ph.D., on his four-part protocol for healing serious and even life-threatening diseases.
  • The innovative work of Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, who pioneered the use of colloidal silver in nebulizers for lung and upper respiratory infections.
  • The transformation of TV’s Dr. Oz from a detractor of colloidal silver usage (during his “Oprah” days), to a staunch national advocate of colloidal silver usage.
  • And I’ve also maintained a web page with quotes on colloidal silver from literally hundreds of other top experts, doctors and clinical researchers.

Each of the prestigious individuals I’ve written about have had their own unique thoughts and protocols for using colloidal silver. And they don’t always agree with me (or with each other) on every aspect.

But I generally prefer to let readers see there are indeed differences of opinions among even the most knowledgeable of colloidal silver users. In fact, I consider it crucial for readers to understand that no one has an absolute “lock” on knowledge and understanding about colloidal silver and its usage.

So Dr. Wright believes colloidal silver should only be taken occasionally, when fighting a budding or active infection. And I believe it can be taken as a daily preventive – and quite safely – as long as excessive dosages are not used.

Does that difference of opinion preclude me from ever quoting Dr. Wright on the topic of colloidal silver? God forbid. I value Dr. Wright’s opinion, and I take it into consideration when deciding upon my own colloidal silver regimen.

3 Types of Colloidal Silver Users

To that end, let’s look for just a moment at what I call the “safe, sane and responsible” use of colloidal silver. There are basically three types of colloidal silver users in the world today:

1.) The kind who only use colloidal silver when there’s a clear and present need for it, such as a budding or active infection. (This is what Dr. Wright suggests, basically.)

2.) The kind who use small daily doses of colloidal silver in order to help strengthen immunity and prevent infections, or help lessen the severity and duration of infectious outbreaks from an underlying disease condition, such as Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and others.

3.) And finally, there’s the lunatic fringe, which is composed of people who claim you can ingest all of the colloidal silver you want, as often as you want, and as long as you want, and it can’t ever hurt you as long as it’s been “made right.”

Most colloidal silver users belong to group #1 above. And that’s perfectly fine with me. Using colloidal silver only when there’s a budding infection, or an active infection, is wise. If you’re otherwise relatively healthy, there’s simply no real need to consume colloidal silver regularly, even in small amounts.

Many other colloidal silver users – including me – belong to group #2 above.

Like me, many of these individuals have an underlying chronic degenerative disease such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, or others.

And because the immune systems of people with chronic degenerative diseases are often worn out from having to deal with the underlying illness, these individuals also frequently have to endure a constant barrage of secondary infections from opportunistic pathogens not related to their underlying condition.

This can range from frequent colds, flu, bronchitis and other upper respiratory infections, to sore throats, sinus infections, UTIs, Candida yeast infections, H. pylori infections and more.

So instead of taking colloidal silver only when they’re fighting an active infection, these individuals might take small daily doses of colloidal silver on a prophylactic basis, to:

a.) aid their weakened immune system in keeping the underlying infectious illness or chronic degenerative disease under control, and/or…

b.) aid their weakened immune system in warding off secondary infections before they get started.

If I did not suffer from Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (and its concomitant underlying infection with Epstein-Barr virus and Cytomegalovirus) I’d probably also be in group #1 above, taking colloidal silver only at those rare times when I have an budding or active infection, such as a cold, flu, sore throat, or even a bout with food poisoning.

But instead, I’m in group #2 because my personal experience is that I have far fewer “sick days” each year if I take a little bit of colloidal silver each day.

And as icing on the cake, when I consistently take my regular small daily dose of colloidal silver (along with my other daily nutritional supplements) I also have far fewer incidences of the overwhelming fatigue and malaise that characterizes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which I’ve battled for over 30 years now.

So in the first two groups above, we have people who take colloidal silver only when they’re trying to fight off a budding or active infection, as well as people who take small daily amounts of colloidal silver on an ongoing basis in order to help prevent recurrent infections.

That leads us to the third group, which I refer to as the lunatic fringe.

The Lunatic Fringe

The people from the group #3 are the only ones I won’t listen to at all, or quote, because they’ve been proven so wrong, for so long now, that their contentions on colloidal silver usage are actually dangerous.

This fringe group of colloidal silver users simply can’t get enough colloidal silver. They’re not just enamored with it, but instead, are absolutely emotionally and mentally obsessed with it.

Indeed, these individuals are mesmerized by colloidal silver. They take extremely large doses of colloidal silver every day. And they’re quite vocal about their excessive usage, claiming it can’t possibly hurt them, because “silver can’t hurt you when it’s made right.”

Well, that sounds awfully good. But it’s simply not the truth. There’s no substance on the face of the earth – natural or unnatural, and no matter how well made – that’s not internally accumulative and toxic at some level of exposure or ingestion.

The ancient physician Paracelcus (1493 to 151) used to teach, “Toxicity is in everything, and no thing is without toxicity. The dosage makes it either a toxin or a remedy.”

In other words, there’s no substance on the face of the earth – natural or man-made – that’s not toxic or otherwise harmful at some dosage level.

For example, the mineral iron, when used in excess, can accumulate in the body and cause toxicity and disease. The mineral selenium, when used in excess, can accumulate in the body and cause toxicity and disease. So can vitamin A. Even vitamin D has toxic levels.

And frankly, so can any otherwise harmless vitamin, mineral, amino acid or herbal product if taken in excessive quantities for long enough periods of time. And that includes colloidal silver.

As I’ve repeatedly stated over the years, even something as innocuous as plain old drinking water can be toxic if too much is ingested. It’s known as water intoxication, or hyponatremia, and in severe cases it can lead to headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, mental disorientation and yes, even death.

Colloidal silver is not exempt from this basic truism that excessive usage of any substance can cause unwanted side effects. And anyone who claims colloidal silver is exempt from this truism is either grossly ignorant of the facts, or is a bald-faced liar.

Just as the mineral iron is only safe when used at non-toxic levels, and the mineral selenium is only safe when used at non-toxic levels, and vitamins A and D are only safe when used at non-toxic levels (I could go on and on through all of the vitamins and minerals, but I’ll spare you) so colloidal silver is only safe when it’s used at non-toxic levels.

As I’ve pointed out over and over and over again, it’s excessive usage of colloidal silver for long periods of time that cause problems like argyric skin-staining, or in rare cases, kidney or liver toxicity.

The Sugar Analogy

The truth is this: The human body has a perfectly good mechanism for utilizing and afterwards excreting small amounts of colloidal silver.

Likewise, and for the sake of analogy, the human body also has a perfectly good mechanism for utilizing and afterwards excreting small amounts of sugar.

But if you were to start ingesting egregious amounts of sugar every day, and you did so for months and years on end, sooner or later you’ll overwhelm your body’s ability to process and eliminate the sugar and protect itself from the deleterious effects such as lowered immunity, rotting teeth, gum disease, obesity, chronic yeast infections, diabetes, etc.

Similarly, if you were to ingest egregious amounts of colloidal silver every day, and you did so for months and years on end, sooner or later you’ll end up overwhelming your body’s ability to effectively process and eliminate silver and protect itself from deleterious effects such as internal accumulation in the tissues leading to argyric skin-staining and possible kidney or liver toxicity.

Continuing with the sugar analogy, most people who consume excessive amounts of sugar each day won’t admit they have a problem until their doctors tell them, “Look, you have low immunity, rotting teeth, obesity, chronic yeast infections and diabetes. Your excessive sugar usage is causing it. You have to quit.”

Until that point, most sugar junkies believe they’ll be able to continue using all of the sugar they want, every day, for the rest of their lives, without harm to themselves.

Likewise, most people who consume excessive amounts of colloidal silver each day won’t admit they have a problem, until…well…until their skin turns blue, or until the doctor tells them they have kidney or liver damage consistent with excessive colloidal silver intake.

Until that point, most colloidal silver junkies believe they’ll be able to continue consuming all of the colloidal silver they want, forever, without harm.


I just cringe when I look at the blogs and Facebook groups where colloidal silver users tend to congregate, and see all of the people claiming things like “I’ve been drinking 12 ounces of colloidal silver a day for four years now, and it’s never harmed me.”

It’s much like a sugar addict claiming he’s been drinking five or six cans of soda pop a day for years on end, and it’s never harmed him.

Or a cigarette smoker claiming he’s been smoking a pack and a half a day for eight or ten years now, and has never gotten cancer.

Or an alcoholic who drinks two six packs a day for years on end, and has not yet experienced the inevitable liver damage.

That, of course, is because the harm being caused by excessive ingestion of these substances is almost always incremental, gradual and cumulative. In fact, in many cases it’s barely noticeable until the day arrives that it’s irreversible.

Colloidal silver is no different. If you ingest excessive amounts, regularly, sooner or later the harm will appear. But it might take months, or even years in some cases. And then there’s very little that can be done about it.

Choose Where You Stand
and Take Personal Responsibility

So you have to choose where you stand on the issue, and take personal responsibility for your choice.

You might be in group #1, group #2 or group #3 above. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in-between. Whichever you choose is fine with me, as long as you take personal responsibility for it.

I listened to a lady last week in an online forum complaining about having argyria. She was urging other argyria victims to take colloidal silver manufacturers to court and sue them.

When I asked her “How much colloidal silver did you take each day before you noticed the first signs of argyria?” she replied, “Six ounces a day, for six months.”

Folks, that’s a bottle and a half of colloidal silver, per day.

In other words, if one teaspoon full of colloidal silver is a normal adult daily dosage for prophylactic usage, but you’re drinking a bottle and a half of it per day instead (i.e., six ounces, or 36 teaspoons), then you’re taking 36 times the normal daily dosage level.

That’s not smart, for long-term daily usage.

And listen: You might be able to do take such egregious levels of colloidal silver for months or even years on end without every noticing any harm. But once you’ve overwhelmed your body’s normal mechanism for effectively processing and eliminating small amounts of silver, you’re sooner or later going reap the negative consequences of such obvious abuse.

The argyric lady I spoke with was absolutely livid about her condition. She swore up and down that every colloidal silver “expert” she consulted told her she could drink as much colloidal silver as she wanted, and it could not harm her. She said no one ever tried to tell her otherwise.

Well, folks, here I am telling you otherwise.

You CAN’T drink as much colloidal silver as you want each day, and expect there to be no price to pay, later. This goes equally for any nutritional supplement on the face of the earth. If you overdose yourself on a substance, you’re going to pay the price for that overdose.

Dosages are established for your safety and well-being. Yes, there might be a time when you need to take a far higher dosage of colloidal silver than normal, for example, when fighting an active infection such as a nasty cold, flu or even a bout of food poisoning.

But afterwards, you can always take a “holiday” away from colloidal silver, and drink plenty of fresh pure water so as to help your body flush out any residual silver.

But if you take higher-than-usual daily dosages continually, for months and years on end, you’re just asking for problems. Sooner or later you’ll overwhelm your body’s ability to effectively process small amounts of silver.

And it does not matter at all how many other people told you it was okay to drink all of the colloidal silver you want.

I guarantee you, those people won’t be there for you later, when you turn blue, lose your job, and your kids are looking at you like you’re a horrifying Smurf version of the Frankenstein monster.

Nope. The “experts” who told you to drink all of the colloidal silver you want each day will disappear and flee to Canada to avoid legal repercussions, like one self-appointed colloidal silver “guru” did some years back after enough of his followers tried to sue him when they turned blue from following his advice to drink 16 ounces of colloidal silver per day.

Beyond that, I just don’t know what else to say, because some people are so obsessed with excessive colloidal silver usage that they can’t (or won’t) hear anything to the contrary.

Their knee-jerk reaction is to simply ignore (or attack) anyone trying to tell them they’re inevitably harming themselves over the long run.

Back to Square One

And that brings us back to Dr. Wright’s contention that colloidal silver should only be used for short periods of time during which you’re fighting an active infection.

That’s a legitimate contention I have no problem with at all. If a person is relatively healthy there’s just no reason to start using colloidal silver on a regular daily basis.

I honestly don’t believe it would hurt to do so, as long as a small, responsible, adult daily dosage were followed. But there’s just no purpose in it if you’re relatively healthy the vast majority of the time.

But a person who tends to get sick frequently might want to take small daily amounts of colloidal silver in order to help keep their underlying disease process in check, and help prevent secondary infections from kicking in.

My Personal Take on Dosages

In general, it’s important to understand that there are two basic kinds of dosages, directly corresponding to the first two kinds of colloidal silver users I described above.

  • There’s the small amount of colloidal silver you might take daily, as a preventive measure, to help keep your immune system operating at a high level and to prevent getting infections. For most people, that’s usually about a teaspoon full per day, up to half an ounce per day, depending upon body weight.
  • And there’s the somewhat larger amount of colloidal silver you might take daily if your body is already fighting an active infection; for most people, that’s usually about four times their normal daily dosage.

So the first thing you need to do is establish your safe, maximum daily dosage level. This is the amount of colloidal silver you could drink daily, for the rest of your life if you wanted to, without experiencing any harmful effects such as silver accumulation, internal toxicity or argyric skin-staining.

To determine your safe, daily dosage, get a copy of my Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report, which is FREE by email at the link in this sentence.

In the last chapter of that report, you’ll find a very simple calculation allowing you to determine your safe daily dosage rate based on your body weight and the ppm of the colloidal silver product you’re using.

Once you’ve determined your personal safe daily dosage level (most people end up at around a quarter to a half-ounce of colloidal silver per day, but it depends upon your body weight), then you can determine how much additional colloidal silver you might need to take when you’re sick and want to use colloidal silver as an adjunct to help your body fight the infection.

As I mentioned, most people take about four times their normal daily dosage level when they’re sick with an infection. But they only do so for short periods of time, for example, for a week or maybe ten days at the most, i.e., just enough time to allow their body to defeat the infection.

Then, they take a colloidal silver “holiday,” meaning they stop using colloidal silver for a commensurate period of time, and drink lots of fresh, pure water to help their body expel any excess silver that might have accumulated from the overly-high doses taken when sick.

How Long to “Holiday”

So, how do you figure out how long you should stop using colloidal silver after you’ve been using larger-than-usual dosages to help your body fight an active infection? It’s quite simple:

Let’s say, for the sake of example, that your normal daily dosage level is one-half ounce of colloidal silver per day (i.e., about 15 mL, or three teaspoons).

But when you were sick you were taking four times your normal daily dosage level, i.e., about two ounces per day (or 60 mL). And let’s say you took that larger daily dosage for five days.

So over the course of that five day period, you’d have normally consumed one-half ounce per day, for a total of 2.5 ounces. But instead you took a full two ounces per day – for a total of 10 ounces – to help your body recover from an infection.

That’s an extra one and a half ounces per day that you took while you were sick. And since you did that for five days, that’s a total of an extra seven and a half ounces that you took in that five day period while you were sick (i.e., 5 days times 1.5 extra ounces per day = 7.5 total extra ounces).

So, in such a case, you’d stop using colloidal silver for one day for every extra half ounce of colloidal silver you consumed while you were sick.

If you had consumed 7.5 extra ounces of colloidal silver during that five day period, that’s about 15 extra half-ounces, right? So you’d take a 15 day “holiday” away from colloidal silver usage, while drinking lots of fresh pure water to help your liver and kidneys flush out any excess silver.

Then, you can go back to your normal one-half ounce per day dosage, which is your safe daily dosage level. (Again, depending upon one’s body weight your actual daily dosage might be a little more, or a little less than that; I’m just using that as an average; the simple calculation in the last chapter of the Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report will help you figure out the exact amount for your specific body weight).

Now, if that’s too complicated for you, you’d likely be better off using colloidal silver only on the rare occasions when you’re sick, to aid your body in recovering from the infection or illness.

Or, you can check out what some of the colloidal silver manufacturers are recommending for dosage, and follow what they have to say.

What Colloidal Silver Manufacturers
Say About Dosage

Even some of the most respected brands of colloidal silver in the world recommend only one teaspoon full of colloidal silver daily for adults, and far less for children.

If it was completely safe to drink more than that on a regular daily basis over long periods of time, the manufacturers would certainly say so, because the more of their colloidal silver product you drink, the more money they’d make.

But to the credit of most colloidal silver manufacturers, they want their colloidal silver product to aid you in maintaining and improving your health and well-being, and not harm you. So they give you a dosage range that contributes to your health and well-being, without sacrificing safety.

That’s the safe, sane and responsible way to do it. But listening to people who claim you can drink all of the colloidal silver you want each day without any possibility of harm is decidedly unsafe, insane and irresponsible. Sorry, but those are the facts.

Most colloidal silver manufacturers print right on their label the recommended oral daily dosage for both adults and children. For example, see how the manufacturers of Sovereign Silver describe their dosage recommendations, here.

For adults, the daily recommended amount is usually one teaspoon per day. If the adult is fighting an active infection, the amount ingested can be raised to four to seven teaspoons per day, for a week, according to the manufacturers.

For kids 12 years old and up, colloidal silver manufacturers usually recommend half the normal adult daily dosage if it’s being taken on a regular, daily basis. So that’s about one-half teaspoon per day, if the child is 12 years old or older.

For kids younger than age 12, colloidal silver manufacturers usually recommend one-quarter the normal adult dosage. (Again, a normal adult dosage is one teaspoonful daily, according to most colloidal silver manufacturers; so one-quarter teaspoon would be the amount recommended by colloidal silver manufacturers for children under 12.)

In cases of infectious illness, during which nutritional support is being sought, colloidal silver manufacturers say adults might take as much as four to seven times their usual adult daily dosage, for short periods of time, up to one week.

So if a standard daily adult dosage is one teaspoon full, then a daily dosage being taken during an active infection might be as high as four to seven teaspoons full, according to many colloidal silver manufacturers.

For children 12 years and up who are fighting an active infection, colloidal silver manufacturers recommend half the adult dosage for infections. And for children under 12 years of age, who might be fighting an active infection, they usually recommend one-quarter of the adult amount for infections.

Again, that’s not a “prescription” or even a “recommendation” from me. I don’t “prescribe” or recommend. I just report. I’m not a doctor. I’m a natural health journalist. So I’m just quoting what some of the major manufacturers of colloidal silver say right on their labels, or on their websites, about adult and child dosages.

My personal opinion is that children under 12 should not be given colloidal silver at all, except under the supervision of an experienced natural health care practitioner.

That’s because it’s impossible to know if a young child is allergic to silver. Also, there’s no way to tell in advance if a youngster is going to turn out to be one of the rare subset of people who have a problem eliminating silver from the body.

But these are things an experienced natural health doctor can watch for, and make appropriate adjustments in dosage for.


I expect some people will vehemently disagree with me – especially those from the lunatic fringe. And that’s perfectly fine with me.

Again, if you want to overdose yourself on colloidal silver, it’s up to you. I don’t care, as long as you take personal responsibility for your decisions, and not blame others after you’ve ruined your life.

Below is an excerpt from a private message I received only a few days ago, from a colloidal silver user with argyria.

She started out taking four ounces per day (which is about eight to ten times the normal daily dosage, depending upon her body weight), and then upped her dosage to 16 ounces per day when the lower dosages didn’t seem to help as much as she’d hoped. And now, having turned gray, she’s paying the price for her over-indulgence. Here’s what she had to say:

“After ingesting large amounts of colloidal silver to try to cure chronic Lyme disease, I seem to have developed a very slight case of argyria.

When I first got Lyme disease in 2011, I wasn’t taking very much colloidal silver, probably 4 oz./day for 2 months in August and September.

It seemed to cure me, but I stopped taking it not knowing how pervasive Lyme is or even that I had Lyme at the time.

A few weeks later I crashed really hard and started the 4 oz./day dosage again, but after months of that not working I kept increasing and increasing my daily amounts of colloidal silver.

I was using around 10 ppm colloidal silver. I would say for two years I was taking 16 oz.+ per day…

Luckily, I have an extremely mild case of argyria. The skin-staining is only noticeable in certain lighting and then I just look like I have an unhealthy grayish pallor.”

So there’s an example of a person who, out of sheer desperation to get well from a very debilitating disease (Lyme Disease), unwittingly listened to the lunatic fringe and used increasingly higher and higher daily dosages of colloidal silver, even though it wasn’t helping.

And after a few years, she turned gray. Thankfully, it was only mildly so. And as she and I discussed, there’s hope that the new laser treatment for argyria pioneered by the Cleveland Clinic might benefit her, since it tends to work best on milder cases of argyric skin-staining.

But the point being, there’s now countless other colloidal silver users who also listen to the lunatic fringe, not knowing any better, and who as a result are ingesting far more colloidal silver than they should. And that means there’s now a LOT of gray (or blue) people in the making.

You see, when excessive levels of colloidal silver are used, your body has to stop fighting the underlying illness in order to work on expelling the excess silver you’ve ingested.

So in taking excessive amounts of colloidal silver, you’re in essence creating a two-fold problem for the body, i.e., it must fight the disease process and fight the accumulation of silver at the same time. But it can’t do both, effectively. Sooner or later, something will have to give.

Helpful Tips

Here are a few helpful tips from the experts for those who would like to use colloidal silver regularly, while increasing their chances of remaining argyria-free:

1.) Use colloidal silver with the smallest particle size possible. The smaller the silver particles are, the easier it is for the body to absorb, utilize and afterwards expel them. (Hint: If you make your own colloidal silver, and your batches are turning out golden colored, or milky or cloudy looking, the size of your silver particles is excessively large and your risk of accumulation is dramatically increased.) Learn more about the critical importance using only very small particle colloidal silver, here.

2.) Take only small daily amounts. If you’re relatively healthy, there’s no need to take colloidal silver daily. But if you feel you have a good reason to take colloidal silver daily (i.e., you have an underlying chronic infection, or you’re otherwise often sick), take only small daily amounts in accord with the manufacturer’s label, or use the Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report to help determine your safe daily dosage. Remember, taking excessive levels of colloidal silver won’t help your disease condition. It only causes the body to have to fight battles on two different fronts, i.e., the disease front, and the prevention of toxicity from silver accumulation front.

3.) Take colloidal silver “holidays” after using larger dosages. If you’re sick with an infection, and you choose to take larger-than-usual daily dosages for a short period of time until you’re well, then always take a colloidal silver “holiday” afterwards, during which time no colloidal silver at all is consumed. The “holiday” should last for at least as many days as you were taking the colloidal silver at excessive levels, and preferably longer. And during this time, be sure to drink plenty of fresh, pure water daily to help the body expel any accumulated silver. See the “How Long to Holiday?” section of this article, above, for additional information on calculating your colloidal silver holidays.

4.) Take antioxidant nutrients known to help the body effectively process silver. Toxicity from colloidal silver is very rare. But it can happen with excessive long-term usage. That’s why experts like Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D. recommend colloidal silver users also take specific antioxidant nutrients known to help the body process silver more effectively. Those include vitamin E (i.e., about 400 UL daily of mixed tocepherols and tocotrienals are often suggested), selenium (i.e., about 100 mcg. daily is often suggested) and N-acetyl-cysteine (about 400 to 500 mg. several times a week is often suggested). Check your daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement label to see if these crucial nutrients are included.

As Dr. Wright has stated, “Silver belongs to the family of metals that also includes copper and gold (both of which can also have numerous health benefits when they’re used properly). One of the primary concerns people tend to have about using these metals is the risk that they’ll accumulate in the body and lead to heavy metal toxicity. But if you have plenty of antioxidants in your diet, such as selenium, vitamin E, and amino acids like N-acetyl cysteine, you’re safe from any harmful effects from this family of metals. Germs, however, are not.”

When colloidal silver is used responsibly, its safety profile is similar to any other nutritional supplement. In other words, it’s excellent.

But when colloidal silver is used irresponsibly, it can result (over time) in accumulation of silver in the body’s tissues and organs, argyria, and even toxicity to the liver and kidneys in rare cases.

That’s the bottom line.

And don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can drink all of the colloidal silver you want, “as long as it’s made correctly.” That’s a pure fiction. And just because everybody’s repeating it on online colloidal silver forums doesn’t make it any truer.

There’s no substance on the face of the earth – no matter how well made – that can be ingested regularly, in excessive amounts, without causing serious health issues. People have even been hospitalized and died from drinking excessive amounts of water.

Learn More…

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Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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