Using Colloidal Silver to Help Stop and Heal Genital Herpes Outbreaks

Closeup shot of young man carrying young woman on his back - Using Colloidal Silver to Help Stop and Heal Genital Herpes Outbreaks

There are lots of online testimonials from colloidal silver users claiming they’ve been able to dramatically reduce their genital herpes outbreaks using colloidal silver.

We’ll take a look at some of these first-hand accounts throughout the remainder of this article, as well as at some of the most recent scientific research demonstrating silver to be effective against the genital herpes virus (HSV-2).

But first, it’s important to understand that colloidal silver most likely cannot “cure” herpes (though you’ll see one first-hand account below, in which the individual claims to no longer test positive for herpes after using colloidal silver, which is quite fascinating).

Indeed, when herpes is inside the human body, it’s actually called “the indestructible virus” by medical scientists.

And that’s largely because the virus has an uncanny ability to hide deep within the nerve sheaths of the human body, and go dormant for long periods of time, only to “re-awaken” when the body has become weakened for some reason, and the immune system isn’t working as well as it should.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that many people have found that if they take a small amount of colloidal silver every day, it seems to dramatically suppress the activity of the virus, similar in effect to antiviral medications.

In other words, people say they have far fewer herpes outbreaks when they use colloidal silver regularly, and the ones they do have aren’t nearly as uncomfortable and don’t last nearly as long as they did before the individual started taking colloidal silver.

Plus, applying colloidal silver topically to the outbreaks, when they do happen, provides fast and effective soothing relief from the discomfort, and causes the lesions to dry out and heal up fast.

Of course, testimonials are subjective, and are not to be considered medical evidence. But here are a few you might find quite enlightening:

Relieves the Suffering of Genital Herpes;
Keeps Outbreaks Down to Once or Twice a Year

“I have a couple of friends who suffered from Genital Herpes. Someone had told me that they use Colloidal Silver on their Herpes and it soothed and healed the outbreak in fast time. I passed this information on to my friends who now say that they think it was a God send!

Both of my friends are female and told me that they would soak a feminine pad with the silver water and wear it. Combining the Silver Water treatment and building their Immune Systems with vitamins, they have told me that they have reduced their outbreaks to only once or twice a year! WOW.

Because of this information I told another friend to use it on her son who had a severe outbreak of Chicken Pox and she told me he LOVED it! It took the itch out and healed the pox practically overnight! She was amazed! Same virus, so I assumed it would have a positive effect on the Pox.”

No More Herpes Outbreaks After Two Weeks of Using Colloidal Silver

“For many years I’ve suffered with genital herpes. I started using the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver water made with my generator. I swish about 2 oz. of silver water then gargle and swallow. I also spray my genital area thoroughly with the silver water once a day.

After about two or three weeks of doing this, I’ve no longer suffered from the genital herpes. I am very pleased with the results of this treatment. I want to thank you very much for introducing me to your colloidal silver generator.”

Here’s a few testimonials from one of my favorite websites,

Using Silver on My Outbreaks Immediately Stops the Infection

“Hello out there. I just want you all to know how real colloidal silver is. I have had herpes since I was a kid using the silver on any outbreak immediately stopped the infection. Also, I have suffered from UTI’s my whole life, when I feel one coming on I dose myself three times and it goes away. No trips to the doctor, no antibiotics. This is for real. And if the idea of the blue guy scares you do your research. How many people have been really been effected by this side affect, the answer will surprise you…”

I Now Test Negative for Herpes After Using Colloidal Silver

“I had herpes and took a teaspoon of colloidal silver 5 times a day for 3 months and it is gone. I have been re-checked and am negative for herpes. I was amazed to find that these diseases can be cured. Anyone who says that you cannot cure disease is a propagandaist. May God Bless you and Heal you.”

My Secret Recipe for a Genital Herpes Outbreak Spray

“My solution for genital herpes is a combination of colloidal silver and Grapefruit Seed Extract. I put the Colloidal silver in a spray bottle and add 10 drops of GSE. As soon as I feel the tickle of a beginning outbreak I spray the area with the mixture.

I keep it in the bathroom and spray every time I go there. This will usually avert the whole outbreak. If I can’t spray right away and the outbreak is already happening it will cut the process down to three days instead of ten. It works every time.”

Reduces Lesions Overnight; Stopped the Itching

“I used colloidal silver on my genital herpes outbreak to decrease the size of a lesion that felt like a pimple. I put colloidal silver on a cotton ball and kept on the area the whole night. In the morning, the lesion had disappeared completely! I used colloidal silver several times a day on my genitals when they itched from the herpes, and it also worked wonders.”

I’ve Never Seen an Open Herpes Sore Heal So Quickly

“I started to feel the telltale tingling and burning of a herpes outbreak and, as I was away on a trip, I didn’t have my usual cream on me. However, I did have a nasal spray bottle full of colloidal silver. So, before going to bed, I soaked a cotton makeup remover pad and placed it on the affected area and kept it in place with my underpants.

The next morning all symptoms had almost disappeared. During the day I continued to spray the area every time I went to the bathroom and by that evening all symptoms had disappeared.

However, I didn’t know if this was just a coincidence and that it was just some other irritation.

But another time, I was travelling again and I had the beginnings of an outbreak. As I didn’t have any colloidal silver on me and the shops were closed, it developed into a small open sore. The next morning I found a place where I could buy some and I applied it as above. The next day the sore had almost completely healed. I had never seen an open sore herpes heal so quickly!”

Shorter Outbreaks, Tinier Lesions, Less Pain

“I took colloidal silver 30ppm on and off for 3 months. I bought it at Whole Foods. Sometimes I would take 2 tablespoons a day (morning and night) and for about 2 weeks I took 4 tablespoons a day.

I was having outbreaks every 2 weeks and the itching and the lesions were a nightmare. As soon as I started taking the colloidal silver a big outbreak came, like if the virus was trying to fight against the CS.

Even though I took CS, I still had outbreaks every 2 weeks but I noticed that they would end in about 3 days and the lesions were tiny; they looked like blisters and were not painfull. If I applied the colloidal silver directly on the lesions they disappeared in a day or less (I would keep a cotton ball soaked with CS on it overnight).”

Clears Up My Herpes Sores Quickly

“I put a colloidal silver solution on the genital herpes sores every few hours and it goes away very quickly and it never gets very bad. Every time it comes back, 1 time a year or so, it is smaller and less of a problem.”

From Painful Outbreaks Every 3 Months to No Outbreaks at All

“I had contracted genital herpes a few years before I heard about Colloidal Silver. I would break out at least every 3 months, and along with a very painful lesion, experience low-grade fever and flu-like symptoms.

I heard about Colloidal Silver through a friend, who told me it cured her sister’s herpes of the eye. With nothing to lose, I bought a bottle from her for $35.00. I do not know the concentration, as the label [did not say], but the next time I broke out with a lesion, I immediately started drinking 1 oz. every four hours.

Within 24 hours, the sore was completely gone (usually it would take up to 3-4 weeks for a sore to go away). It seemed like a small miracle to me.

I have not broken out since, and that was over 3 years ago. In fact, I consider myself cured of genital herpes. I don’t understand why the medical profession does not know or let people know about the great benefits of Colloidal Silver. I am a firm believer. I always keep Colloidal Silver Water around the house for anything that comes up, since I have four children.”

While none of these personal accounts medically “prove” that colloidal silver works against genital herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2), they’re extremely consistent with the numerous such reports I’ve received from colloidal silver users over the past 26 years.

Clinical Research Confirms:
Silver Inactivates Herpes Virus

And there’s even more good news: Recent clinical research backs all of this up!

Indeed, Canadian researchers from the University of Manitoba have found that coating condoms with silver nanoparticles gives them remarkable infection-fighting qualities against both forms of Herpes simplex virus (i.e., HSV 1 & 2), as well as HIV, in laboratory experiments.

In a clinical study published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine in 2012, the Canadian researchers explain that coating condoms with silver nanoparticles completely inactivated the infectivity of both types of Herpes simplex virus (HHV I&II) and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) when they were exposed to the silver!

As the researchers wrote:

“…our results demonstrated that the contact of the Ag-NPs-coated polyurethane condom with HIV-1 and HSV-1/2 was able to efficiently inactivate their infectiousness…”

So, the silver nanoparticles embedded in the condom’s latex material actually inactivated the viruses when they came into contact with the silver.

The researchers went on to say:

“These results demonstrated that the Ag-NPs-coated polyurethane condom is able to directly inactivate the microbe’s infectious ability and provides another defense line against these sexually transmitted microbial infections…”

So, there you have it. It appears the use of silver-coated condoms would provide significant additional protection against the spread of sexually transmitted viruses like herpes and HIV.

But more importantly, the study proves that silver indeed inactivates both herpes simplex I and II (as well as HIV), when it comes into contact with the virus.

Tiny Silver Particles Work Best!

According to the same researchers, the secret to silver’s effectiveness against HIV and the Herpes simplex virus is in the size of the silver particles.

“When silver is turned into nano-sized bits, it seems to become more effective at combating bacteria and viruses,” said Dr. Xiaojian Yao, lead author of the study. “At such nanoscale, the extremely small size of silver particles exhibits remarkable, unusual physio-chemical properties and biological activity,” he said.

This once again demonstrates what I’ve already explained in the article Colloidal Silver: Why Smaller Truly Is Better. In that article, you’ll see that even the FDA admits smaller silver particles work better.

The Physician & Practitioner Administered Therapies guide published by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine also points out that extremely small silver particles are more effective against viruses. They write:

“In general, it takes a smaller particle size to kill a virus v/s a bacterium.”

What’s more, Chinese researchers looking at the antimicrobial effects of tiny silver nanoparticles on another kind of virus, the Hepatitis B virus, found that the smaller silver nanoparticles worked better because they more easily bind with small molecules such as the receptor sites on the outside of viruses.

Other researchers have determined that smaller silver particles at 3 nm in size are far more cytotoxic to viruses than larger particles (25 nm in size) at a concentration of 10μg/mL (i.e., 10 ppm).

That’s why it’s so very, very important to find a good, commercial colloidal silver product with the smallest silver particles possible.

Or, if you can’t find one commercially, you can always make your own super-small, high-quality silver particles (as low as .8 nm – a fraction of a single nanometer), for just pennies per quart, with a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge.

More Fascinating Studies

In another study, this one titled “Inhibition effect of silver nanoparticles on herpes simplex virus 2,” the researchers found that:

“Silver nanoparticles at nontoxic concentrations were capable of inhibiting Herpes Simplex Virus 2 replication when administered prior to viral infection or soon after initial virus exposure. This suggests that the mode of action of Ag-Nps occurs during the early phases of viral replication.”

In other words, silver works best against the genital herpes virus if you’re using it prophylactically, i.e., a little bit every day. That way, when the virus awakens out of its dormant state in the body, it finds the cells already protected by silver. And it cannot penetrate them. Instead, the virus becomes inactivated by the silver.

The researchers concluded:

“Our findings indicated that…50 and 25 mg/mL Ag-NPs could significantly inhibit the generation of HSV-2 progeny (Figure 2). Even at a lower concentration, such as 6.25 μg/mL, nanosilver showed a significant inhibiting effect on the titer of progeny virus.”

In other words, the researchers found excellent inhibition of the genital herpes virus using silver nanoparticles at 50 ppm, and at 25 ppm.

And, when they tested lower concentrations of silver, such as 6.25 ppm, it too showed “a significant inhibiting effect” on the ability of the viruses to reproduce themselves. And, of course, when you can limit viral reproduction, you limit viral infection!

In another study, this one titled “Tannic Acid Modified Silver Nanoparticles Show Antiviral Activity in Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Infection,” researchers wrote:

“The interaction between silver nanoparticles and herpesviruses is attracting great interest due to their antiviral activity and possibility to use as microbicides for oral and anogenital herpes. In this work, we demonstrate that tannic acid modified silver nanoparticles sized 13 nm, 33 nm and 46 nm are capable of reducing HSV-2 infectivity both in vitro and in vivo.”

In other words, smaller silver nanoparticles (between 13 nm to 46 nm) worked best. And the silver nanoparticles reduced the infectivity of the herpes simplex 2 virus both in the lab test tube, and in the animal model they tested it on. The researchers go on to say:

“The antiviral activity of tannic acid modified silver nanoparticles was size-related, required direct interaction and blocked virus attachment, penetration and further spread. All tested tannic acid modified silver nanoparticles reduced both infection and inflammatory reaction in the mouse model of HSV-2 infection when used at infection or for a post-infection treatment.”

In other words, silver did the trick.

Now, you might be wondering what they mean by “tannic acid modified silver nanoparticles.” Keep in mind that researchers are always looking for “novel” (i.e., new) substances they can patent and bring to market for big money. But silver is not new/novel. It’s natural and it’s as old as this earth. It can’t be patented. So, researchers use a variety of substances to “modify” the silver, slightly, before testing it, so they can present it as a “novel” substance.

The tannic acid in no way contributes to the silver’s effectiveness, however. It’s the silver alone that does the job. And this was proven out when the researchers used tannic acid alone, as a control. They found no antiviral activity whatsoever from the tannic acid alone.

As you can see, both from the first-hand testimonial accounts, and from the scientific research, colloidal silver appears to be extremely effective against the genital herpes virus (HSV-2).

The scientific research demonstrates that silver stops the virus from replicating, so it cannot promote infectivity. And testimonial accounts demonstrate that oral ingestion of colloidal silver has a powerful inhibitory effect on genital herpes outbreaks, and that topical application provides almost instant soothing relief and triggers faster healing of the lesions.

How to Use Colloidal Silver for Genital Herpes

According to an article on the website, here’s how to use colloidal silver against herpes outbreaks:

“If you’ve never taken colloidal silver before, it’s best to start conservatively. Take 1-3 teaspoons one to two times a day and hold it under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

For cold sores, use a Q-tip to apply the silver directly to the area. Repeat this as often as you’d like throughout the day to relieve inflammation, pain, and itching. There’s no need to worry about over-dosing with topical applications.

For lesions inside the mouth, you should rinse your mouth with Colloidal Silver for at least six minutes before swallowing. Do this often throughout the day.

For genital symptoms, use a spray bottle, or a cotton ball soaked in silver, to liberally apply the Colloidal Silver directly to the lesions and infection. It’s safe for use around the vagina, anus, and penis.

For during flareups and outbreaks, you can even take several ounces in the morning and several ounces in the evening to safely and effectively beat the infection and speed up healing time ASAP!”

So that’s the bottom line.

Colloidal silver can be used prophylactically (i.e., for prevention) by orally ingesting small amounts each day to help stop frequent herpes outbreaks.

Or, it can be orally ingested during the course of an outbreak, at a slightly higher dosage rate, as explained directly above, to help trigger faster healing and reduced pain and suffering.

And it can even be used topically to soothe a painful outbreak and trigger rapid relief from, and healing of, the lesions.

Keep that in mind for the next time you have a genital herpes outbreak. It might just help start you on the road to freedom from the frequency and severity of such outbreaks. And some folks find they never have herpes outbreaks again, as long as they take small daily doses of colloidal silver!

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