Using Colloidal Silver to Help Heal Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex I)

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Whether you call them cold sores…fever blisters…or Herpes Simplex Type I oral outbreaks…the fact of the matter is that people are experiencing phenomenal relief and accelerated healing by treating them with colloidal silver. Let’s take a look at what folks are saying…

Last week we looked at numerous testimonials from people who had successfully used colloidal silver to fight (and heal) genital herpes outbreaks. We also examined some of the most recent research demonstrating the fact that silver disables the infectivity of genital herpes viruses, i.e., the Herpes Simplex Type II virus.

This week, we’ll take a look at what people are saying about using colloidal silver for the oral herpes virus, i.e., the Herpes Simplex Type I virus, which is in the same family as the genital herpes virus, but is a bit different.

If you presently suffer from this very common, and quite contagious, viral malady, which infects some two-thirds of the world’s population, I think you’ll be surprised at the good news I’m about to present, via first-hand accounts from a variety of experienced colloidal silver users, as well as via recent clinical research.

Let’s start with the testimonials, and get to the research directly afterwards:

Cotton Ball Soaked in Colloidal Silver
Heals My Cold Sores Fast

“It’s been demonstrated that soaking a cotton ball with colloidal silver and keeping the cotton ball in contact with the cold sore location for 5 to 20 minutes generates amazing results. I repeat this 3 or 4 times a day. And again, I found far faster results when I acted at the very first sign of the cold sore coming on. Most times, I never had blisters, and the cold sore area disappeared in just a day or two.”

Reduces Outbreak Time From 2 Weeks to Only 2 Days!

“For all those herpes sufferers: I was getting back to back herpes outbreaks that lasted two weeks at a time so I thought I’d give this a try since I read online about the anti-viral benefits of colloidal silver for herpes. I was amazed that my sore healed in two days with two external applications instead of lasting two weeks. That’s two weeks of pain, itching, and discomfort reduced to two days. I’ve tried all sorts of natural remedies for herpes, but nothing healed it until this.”

Outbreaks Gone in a Couple of Days With Colloidal Silver

“I have found that if I use colloidal silver as soon as I feel it coming on it will stop it or have it gone in a couple of days. I simply soak a tissue in colloidal silver and hold it on the break out area for a few minutes.”

Recommended by My Biomedicine Professor

“I was introduced to Colloidal Silver by my Biomedicine professor and I will say, it is the one thing I will keep in my bag at all times – it is great for cold sores.”

Gone in 3 Days the First Time; Gone in 2 Days the Second Time

“A friend of mine recently got a cold sore / herpes sore on her upper and lower lip. She tried colloidal silver applying twice a day and both sores were gone in three days or less. I told her next time to apply a Colloidal Silver wetted cotton ball and tape it to her lip area so the silver can have plenty of time and material to do its job in contact with the sore. On the second day she told me she thought it was reversing because she felt much less “pressure” at the location of the sore. By the end of the second day, the sore was obviously diminished!”

More Examples

If you thought the above real-life examples were heartening, here’s a few more interesting first-person accounts that will have you rushing to break out the colloidal silver next time you feel a cold sore coming on:

One of my regular readers, Vinita S., wrote to say she’d had tremendous results with a nasty fever blister outbreak by spraying and dabbing the blisters with colloidal silver. Here’s what she wrote:

“I’m so excited to share this…I recently had a fever blister arrive on my lip inside and outside…You know how they sting and hurt and are unsightly to look at?

Well, I didn’t have any medicine for it so I grabbed my colloidal silver spray bottle and started spraying in, and on, my mouth and lips.

For several hours I would also dampen a Kleenex with colloidal silver and wipe it on the lips and spray inside my mouth.

24 hours later…no soreness, no redness. No stinging, either. Just my lips feeling good. I was so thankful and still amazed also how quickly it went away.

Just another wonderful use of this Miracle Worker…I wish I had known about this many years ago! Thanks so much Steve!”

It seems from Vinita’s account, above, that the key to success in this case was persistent, patient and frequent application of colloidal silver.

Vinita didn’t just apply colloidal silver and then go on her way hoping it would work. She continued to apply the colloidal silver throughout the day, until it did work. (See Colloidal Silver, Patience and Persistence for more information on this.)

You see, colloidal silver is highly antiviral. But the silver has to be in almost constant contact with the virus in order for the silver to stop it from replicating.

That’s why the frequent application of silver throughout the day works best. (But…there’s another option that doesn’t require such frequent application: colloidal silver gel. More on that in just a moment.)

Here’s another interesting experience with colloidal silver and cold sores, from reader Johanna B., who also used oral ingestion instead of topical application:

“I was experiencing cold sores (the herpes kind, little clusters of blisters) in multiple places on my face, while having light sensitivity and head pain!

…So I contacted a friend, who had a cleanse for viral infections, and it involved the use of 1 ounce of 10 ppm colloidal silver every 4 hours, for a month.

This cleanse was for 1 month (that included night doses) and symptoms of the herpes sores have been gone for 2 years as a result.”

Now that’s certainly a fascinating account. Johanna apparently didn’t try topical application of colloidal silver on her blisters, because she was more interested in doing an internal “viral cleanse.”

But by sticking with the plan she was given by her friend, for a full month, she appears to have beaten the herpes outbreaks altogether.

This indicates that oral ingestion of colloidal silver can help the body
stop an active herpes virus infection just as well, or perhaps even better, than topical application.

However, the amounts that need to be ingested are far greater than the relatively very small amounts needed for topical application. And depending upon your body, such high daily oral dosages of colloidal silver *might* increase your risk of argyria IF you were to continue taking such large dosages for extended periods of time, such as months or years.

Here’s another first-hand account in which oral ingestion of colloidal silver brought rapid relief from cold sore outbreaks:

“What Colloidal Silver does for me is it heals ‘cold sores’ in no time, 2-4 days instead of usual 2 weeks from the time I feel tingling.

The amazing thing is that NO VESICLES appear and the whole sore spot starts to dry up and heal! (Cold sores are Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) that often appear on the lips.)

I would simply take a mouth full of silver 6-10 times a day and hold it in my mouth for as long as possible and swallow it. And only a few days later, it’s healed!”

As you can see, whether you choose to use topical application of colloidal silver, or oral ingestion, the results are pretty much the same. Silver aids the body in stopping the herpes virus cold!

Using a Topical Colloidal Silver Gel

To help keep the silver in contact with the viral outbreak long enough for the silver to work its magic, many folks use a good commercial colloidal silver gel instead of using liquid colloidal silver.

That’s because a good colloidal silver gel can hold the silver particles close to the viral outbreaks much longer than applying liquid colloidal silver can.

So, with a good colloidal silver gel, instead of having to utilize six, eight or ten topical applications of liquid colloidal silver per day, you can get away with just three: One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

Here’s what readers have stated about fighting cold sores with colloidal silver gel:

Colloidal Silver Gel Heals My Cold Sores

“I used to get cold sores all the time. Now, if I get even the slightest tingle on my lip, I apply a good, high-quality colloidal silver gel, and the next day it’s completely gone. I rarely even get a tingle. Maybe well over a year since my last one. I also used to get eye infections. Now if I feel any tingle in an eye, I do an eye wash with liquid colloidal silver. Both products are lifesavers…And no colds or flu in the last 3 years either.”

Healed the Sores in Just a Couple of Days Thanks to Silver Gel

“I started to develop a cold sore on my lip. My cold sores usually last around a week or so. After applying colloidal silver gel 3 to 4 times over a couple of days, the cold sore shrunk and disappeared.”

Large “Cauliflower” Cold Sore Shrank in 4 Hours Thanks to Colloidal Silver Gel!

“I woke up one morning with a large “cauliflower” cold sore on my upper lip. I could also feel that it was sore and still growing. I broke out my colloidal silver gel (1:1 mixture of aloe vera gel and 10 ppm colloidal silver), and was amazed to watch it shrink to nothing in 4 hours, with repeated applications of a small amount of the gel! It usually requires a 7-day healing time. Wow! I have found my answer to my cold sores now. Thank you again.”

Now, that’s amazing, I think you’ll agree. Anyone who’s ever suffered for weeks from an oral herpes outbreak would be thrilled to be able to get rid of such outbreaks in a matter of days, if not hours.

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own high-quality colloidal silver gel, using colloidal silver and a good aloe vera gel base (aloe vera is also antiviral), here’s a short video demonstration; it’s so easy you’ll be quite amazed:

And here’s a more detailed article discussing a variety of good, high-quality commercial colloidal silver gels, in case you’d rather use a commercial brand:

Plus, in the above article, you’ll learn even more ways to make your own high-quality colloidal silver gel or cream.

Clinical Research Confirms:
Silver Inactivates the Herpes I Virus

And there’s even more good news: Recent clinical research actually backs up the fact that silver is quite effective against the Herpes Simplex I virus!

Indeed, according to a 2017 review of studies on using silver against the herpes virus, which was published in the journal Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology, and titled “An overview application of silver nanoparticles in inhibition of herpes simplex virus,” the researchers concluded:

“Silver nanoparticles inhibit Herpes Simplex Virus 1 infections by blocking the attachment and thereby the entrance of the virus into the cells and/or by preventing the cell-to-cell spread of the virus.”

The researchers went on to state that this finding is important, because:

“Viruses form the most considerable causes of disease and death in the world…There is a greater need to progress new and distinctive treatment choices with antiviral agents, which can also overcome the problem of antiviral resistance.”

In other words, researchers are looking for a substance that’s both effective against viruses, and won’t trigger viruses to become resistant. And they believe silver might just turn out to be that substance!

What’s more, according to a 2011 clinical study, “Silver Nanoparticles as Potential Antiviral Agents,” published in the journal Molecules:

“Silver nanoparticles have mainly been studied for their antimicrobial potential against bacteria, but have also proven to be active against several types of viruses including human imunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B virus, herpes simplex virus, respiratory syncytial virus, and monkey pox virus.

Silver nanoparticles inhibit Herpes Simplex Virus 1 infections by blocking the attachment and thereby the entrance of the virus into the cells and/or by preventing the cell-to-cell spread of the virus.”

And as I mentioned in my previous article on using colloidal silver against genital herpes, Canadian researchers from the University of Manitoba have found that coating condoms with silver nanoparticles gives them remarkable infection-fighting qualities against both forms of Herpes simplex virus (i.e., both oral and genital herpes), as well as HIV, in laboratory experiments.

In fact, in a 2012 clinical study published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine, the Canadian researchers wrote:

“…our results demonstrated that the contact of the Ag-NPs-coated polyurethane condom with HIV-1 and HSV-1/2 was able to efficiently inactivate their infectiousness…”

So, the silver nanoparticles embedded in the condom’s latex material actually inactivated the viruses when they came into contact with the silver.

The researchers went on to say:

“These results demonstrated that the Ag-NPs-coated polyurethane condom is able to directly inactivate the microbe’s infectious ability and provides another defense line against these sexually transmitted microbial infections…”

So, there you have it. Clinical research clearly appears to demonstrate that the use of silver-coated condoms would provide significant additional protection against the spread of sexually transmitted viruses like herpes and HIV.

But more importantly, the study proves that silver indeed inactivates both herpes simplex I and II (as well as HIV), when it comes into contact with the virus.

And there’s even more!

A 2009 study, published in the journal Bioconjugate Chemistry, and titled “Inhibition of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Infection by Silver Nanoparticles Capped With Mercaptoethane Sulfonate,” also demonstrates that the oral herpes virus is extremely sensitive to silver.

The conclusion of the study was short and sweet:

“Effective inhibition of Herpes Simplex Virus-1 infection in cell culture by the capped nanoparticles was demonstrated. No toxic effects of these nanoparticles on host cells were observed.”

And yet another clinical paper, a retrospective study titled “Metal-Based Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Infectious Diseases,” researchers concluded:

“Silver nanoparticles interaction with herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 is influenced by their size and method of preparation. They reduce viral infection by inhibiting the interaction of the virus with the cell. Smaller-sized nanoparticles inhibit viral infection significantly.”

And a study titled “An overview application of silver nanoparticles in inhibition of herpes simplex virus,” concludes that:

“Silver nanoparticles inhibit Herpes Simplex Virus-1 infections by blocking the attachment and thereby the entrance of the virus into the cells and/or by preventing the cell-to-cell spread of the virus.”

So, there you have it. The scientific community agrees. Silver is astonishingly effective against the oral herpes virus as well as the genital herpes virus.

How to Use Colloidal Silver for Herpes

According to an article on the website, here’s how to use colloidal silver against herpes outbreaks:

“If you’ve never taken colloidal silver before, it’s best to start conservatively. Take 1-3 teaspoons one to two times a day and hold it under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

For cold sores, use a Q-tip to apply the silver directly to the area. Repeat this as often as you’d like throughout the day to relieve inflammation, pain, and itching. There’s no need to worry about over-dosing with topical applications.

For lesions inside the mouth, you should rinse your mouth with Colloidal Silver for at least six minutes before swallowing. Do this often throughout the day.

For genital symptoms, use a spray bottle, or a cotton ball soaked in silver, to liberally apply the Colloidal Silver directly to the lesions and infection. It’s safe for use around the vagina, anus, and penis.

For during flareups and outbreaks, you can even take several ounces in the morning and several ounces in the evening to safely and effectively beat the infection and speed up healing time ASAP!”

So that’s the bottom line.

✓ Colloidal silver can be used topically to soothe a painful facial outbreak and trigger rapid relief from, and healing of, the lesions.

✓ Or, it can be used prophylactically (i.e., for prevention) by orally ingesting small amounts each day (as discussed above) to help put a stop to overly-frequent herpes outbreaks.

✓ Or, it can be orally ingested during the course of an active outbreak, at a significantly higher dosage rate, as explained earlier, to help trigger faster healing and reduced pain and suffering.

Keep these things in mind for the next time you have an oral herpes outbreak. You’ll likely be astonished at the speed and effectiveness with which colloidal silver works!

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Over the past decade thousands of Americans have quietly abandoned the use of prescription antibiotic drugs and have turned instead to the use of safe, natural colloidal silver.

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Big Pharma Sucks

The giant pharmaceutical companies quickly realized they would soon be losing tens of millions of dollars annually in sales of their expensive prescription antibiotic drugs if they didn’t do something about it.

Initially, they demanded that the FDA ban the sale of colloidal silver altogether. But try as they might, the FDA couldn’t find sufficient grounds for a ban.

After all, colloidal silver has a fully documented 90-year medical history of safety and effectiveness!

Not to be stopped, the big drug firms rapidly switched gears: They began pressuring the FDA to restrict the public’s access to information about colloidal silver.

They simply didn’t want any more people to learn how powerful and effective colloidal silver really is against infectious microorganisms and the deadly diseases they can cause.

Final Ruling…

And in a move that has stunned the medical community, the FDA promptly bowed to the wishes of the global pharmaceutical giants, placing into law the infamous new “Final Ruling” on colloidal silver in July 1999.

In spite of its medically documented 90-year history of safe and effective use, the FDA actually ruled that colloidal silver can no longer be sold in the United States if it is described as an infection-fighting agent!

Instead, it can now only be described as a “mineral supplement.”

If it is described as anything else in the advertising and labeling, the FDA can shut down the offending company and confiscate its inventory!

In essence, the FDA has ruled that the American public no longer has the right to know what a powerful and medically proven infection fighting agent colloidal silver is!

How Could This Happen?

How could this happen in America today?

The truth is, it has become abundantly clear that the FDA is now little more than the enforcement arm of the major drug companies!

Literally billions of dollars in profits are pocketed annually by these pharmaceutical giants thanks to the monopoly they hold on the sale of expensive prescription antibiotic drugs.

And safe, natural colloidal silver is considered to be the biggest threat of all to that multi-billion-dollar annual monopoly on prescription antibiotics.

Of course, anything that threatens those kinds of profits – and promises to put the power to heal infections back into the hands of average Americans – must be regulated into oblivion.

And the FDA’s perverse “medical Gestapo” now uses the infamous 1999 “Final Ruling” to do just that!

The First Amendment Rules!

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And today, an estimated 10 million people throughout North America use colloidal silver to heal their own infections, and to stimulate immunity and heal illness and disease.

But the day is rapidly dawning in which all health information will be controlled by the medical bureaucrats, in spite of the First Amendment.

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