Using Colloidal Silver Against Genital Warts and Human Papillomavirus

Destruction of Human Papillomavirus by nanoparticles – Can colloidal silver help heal genital warts caused by Human Papillomavirus

Can colloidal silver help heal genital warts caused by Human Papillomavirus?

The 3D image above, titled “Destruction of Human Papillomavirus by Silver Nanoparticles,” was created by Dr. Kateryna Kon, who has a Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology.

Her illustration shows tiny silver nanoparticles zeroing in on, and then destroying a Human Papillomavirus by adhering to receptor sites on its outer envelope, which, in turn, prevents the virus from entering human cells to cause infection.

Colloidal silver seems to work remarkably well against the effects of viruses like the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV. Indeed, it works particularly well on HPV outbreaks, such as plantar warts, anal warts and genital warts.

And as you’ll see below, several studies demonstrate that silver even kills cervical cancer cells caused by Human Papillomavirus!

What People Are Saying About
Using Colloidal Silver for HPV Warts

Most folks know that genital and anal warts (as well as plantar warts) are caused by the Human Papillomavirus., one of my favorite natural health websites, lists colloidal silver as one of their “Top Home Remedies for Genital Warts.” But does colloidal silver really work against warts caused by Human Papillomavirus? One lady on the EarthClinic site wrote to say:

“I was diagnosed with Human Papillomavirus in September 2017. I’ve had genital warts since then and they were hideous. I tried the Apple Cider vinegar, however it burned like hell and it seemed to just bring more warts.

I stumbled across Colloidal Silver and decided to give it a try. This was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life!!! I soaked cotton pads and placed them over the warts every night for about a week (I left them on overnight).

And within the first 3 days they were disappearing. It has been a month since I used the Colloidal Silver and I haven’t seen an outbreak since then.”

And this gentleman, who was experiencing anal warts thanks to an HPV infection, says colloidal silver did the trick for him even after surgeries had failed to eliminate the warts. He wrote:

“After 4 unsuccessful surgeries to eliminate anal warts, colloidal silver did the trick in days.

For approximately 2 weeks I applied colloidal silver topically to my anus area with cotton pads – morning, night and after bowel movements. Leave the wet pad in place between applications if possible. My warts were both internal and external so I inserted the pad 1 to 2 inches.

I began feeling relief in 2 days. That was 7 years ago and even though the virus does not leave your body I have no visible signs or discomfort from the HPV virus. Colloidal silver is available commercially but is easy to make and costs only pennies.”

Here’s a short-and-to-the-point testimonial from a lady who had tried a number of natural remedies for HPV warts, including apple cider vinegar (which stings horrifically on HPV warts). She wrote:

“Colloidal silver works better and faster with no stinging. Use it the same way, soak a cotton ball with full strength colloidal silver.”

Another individual wrote:

“I’ve been battling with small flat genital warts for almost a year and got to the point where they became noticeable and extremely embarrassing.

I tried the apple cider vinegar and it worked in killing the warts, but it was painful and made craters. I wanted an alternative and did a lot of research into colloidal silver – decided to give it a try in the form of a topical cream as well as a liquid.

Within a month, all genital warts have cleared, I was reading this forum hoping that I’d be able to give a review and here I am! Thanks to colloidal silver.”

Another wrote, quite succinctly:

“Colloidal Silver seems the most effective to me, both for HPV and warts…I fully recommend this.”

Here’s what a young lady from England had to say when asked how she got rid of her viral warts:

“Colloidal Silver got rid of my genital warts and I haven’t seen them come back since. When I got the warts, I didn’t know what they were and went to my doctors who confirmed that it was genital warts and referred me to the Genito-Urinary clinic.

They prescribed me Aldara 0. 95% cream which damaged the healthy skin around the warts and made it incredibly sore and even open and weeping slightly in places. Couldn’t walk.

…A friend recommended colloidal silver for another problem I had at the time. I researched it, and realized colloidal silver could be used for a wide range of complaints. I bought some, applied topically to the warts and now they are gone and have been for a year and a half.

I wanted to share this, it was so easy and stress-free. And I know how down warts can make you feel. And the doctors treatments can make you feel even worse!”

And a gentleman from South Carolina wrote to say:

“I had two stubborn warts on my hands… They had been there for years. No amount of freezing, ACV, coconut oil, etc. Would get rid of them.

Enter colloidal silver! I put some colloidal silver on each of the warts before bed and covered them with a band-aid. To my surprise, I woke up the second morning and both warts were completely gone!

I was amazed at the speed that this worked. I was also taking the silver internally at this time, and continue to do so.”

A Lengthy Testimonial from a Brave Woman

Finally, here’s a quite lengthy testimonial from a woman with HPV whose doctors put her through a living hell before she discovered colloidal silver:

“My first experience with HPV occurred when I was 16 years old. At the time, I was told that my pap smear was positive for precancerous cells. All I saw was the terrifying word ‘cancer’.

I cried for quite awhile before I worked up the nerve to show the letter to my mother and start to set up treatment. I had cryosurgery done with no lasting side effects and no reoccurences of the HPV for a full 20 years.

At age 36 I was informed for a second time that I had “concerning abnormal cells” on my cervix. My OBGYN discussed the LEEP procedure versus cryosurgery.

She felt cryosurgery was less likely to successfully remove all the bad cells, and since I had no plans to have any more children, convinced me that the LEEP procedure was my best option. At no point did she discuss any nonsurgical options.

During the two years following the LEEP procedure my annual vaginal exams were a nightmare. I was not prepared for the extreme pain which had previously been a pain-free experience. My doctor explained to me that I was more sensitive due to my LEEP procedure. I began to experience so much dread and anxiety before any speculum exam.

At 38, for a third time I was once again diagnosed with abnormal cells on my cervix. My doctor’s first choice treatment was a repeat LEEP procedure. I was devastated at the idea of going through that procedure again with no confidence HPV would not come back soon after. I decided I wanted a second opinion.

I started seeking out naturopathic treatment options…My naturopathic doctor explained to me how deficiencies were affecting my body’s ability to repair my own cells. I started a treatment of oral and vaginal colloidal silver every day for a little over 2 months.

During that time I stopped taking my birth control to try and help correct my hormone levels after a lifetime of birth control pills. My husband and I had one lapse in judgment while trying to use the basal temperature tracking and menstrual cycle calendar and found ourselves preparing for diapers rather than an empty nest – I was pregnant!

This unexpected pregnancy lead to a whole new stress about the consequences of my LEEP procedure and how it would impact child birth. When I went to my OBGYN and told her I had been using a silver treatment under the care of a naturopathic doctor, she told me she had not seen any articles suggesting there was any benefit to using silver.

She suggested that I needed to move forward with another LEEP procedure 6 weeks after the birth of the baby WITHOUT retesting for HPV.

Shortly after that I switched OBGYNs. My naturopathic doctor did have me stop the colloidal silver treatments following my pregnancy announcement, but felt that the two months should have been sufficient to treat the HPV. She continued to help me by supplying prenatal vitamins and making sure my supplements were safe for pregnancy and at the appropriate quantities.

About a month after that I had my first speculum exam with my new OBGYN. This time when I cried it was with relief that for the first time in two years it didn’t hurt at all! I completely credit that to the silver as well as correcting my deficiencies in a few different healing vitamins.

Now the labor itself was a whole different story. I had previously had two sons in very easy, smooth, quick deliveries. My OBGYN attempted on at least 3 different occasions to try to manually bust up the scar tissue from the LEEP procedure that was keeping my cervix from dilating.

After 3 hours of hard pushing the doctor started telling me that we would have to switch to a C section as my contractions were slowing down to as much as 17 minutes apart and I was getting ‘uterine fatigue’. I was so tired, sore, dehydrated and devastated to have worked so long and struggled so much.

Thankfully I was once again saved by naturopathic methods! A massage therapist and a medical student began using reflexology on my feet. Within minutes I started to have strong contractions close together and in less than an hour my 6 lb 13 oz baby girl was born! It took me months to be able to talk about that experience without reliving the horror all over again.

I don’t believe the birth would have been nearly as traumatic or the labor as difficult if I had not had the LEEP procedure and all the scar tissue it left. To this day I am bitter that my OBGYN did not explain to me that other options existed besides surgery. Maybe she didn’t know about the benefits of colloidal silver but she also seemed unwilling to acknowledge that diet and supplements could play that big of a role.

My naturopathic doctor spent 4 times as long with me at any given appointment educating me and teaching me what to put in my body compared to my OBGYN visits. It was very eye-opening experiencing the difference between the mainstream medical professional versus the naturopathic medical professional.

My new OBGYN listened to me and decided a retest to look for the HPV was warranted about 6 weeks after the baby was born. Once again I felt that anxiety of “is this going to hurt?” I was almost singing with relief when the pap smear was completed and I still had no pain! A few days later the results were in and no HPV could be found! The silver treatment was a success!”

An Interesting Clinical Study

Surprisingly, I could only find one clinical study on using silver to control warts.

In that placebo-controlled study, researchers used a silver nitrate pen to apply silver directly to the warts (silver nitrate is chemical compound of silver, and a well-known reservoir for silver ions, which are the active, infection-fighting form of silver). Here’s what the researchers wrote:

“The chemical cauterization effect of silver nitrate on warts is noted in the classical pharmaceutical textbooks. In order to test this effect for this purpose, a placebo controlled clinical study was performed on 70 patients.

On 35 randomly selected patients, a silver nitrate stick was used, and, on the other 35 patients, black ink was used.

At the end of this study, of the patients treated with the silver nitrate stick, 15 (43%) were completely healed, 9 (26%) were partially healed, and 11 (31%) were not healed.

Of the patients treated with black ink, 4 (11%) were completely healed, 5 (14%) were partially healed, and 26 (74%) patients were not affected.

Thus the silver nitrate stick affected the warts of 24 (69%) patients. Therefore, this method appears to be an effective, economic, and easily applicable treatment for common warts.”

You probably noticed that the patients were divided into two groups, one of which received the silver nitrate pencil treatment on their warts, and the other of which received black ink on their warts, as a placebo.

The reason for the black ink is that silver nitrate – a chemical compound of silver made by dissolving silver with nitric acid – is somewhat caustic, and typically stains the skin black.

By using black ink on the second group of wart patients, the two groups wouldn’t know which was receiving the silver nitrate treatment, and which was receiving the ink. That helps keep the study “blind,” meaning neither group knowing what they’re getting until the very end of the study when the results are announced.

This is also why silver nitrate treatment isn’t generally recommended for warts. It works, because the silver in the compound releases lots of silver ions, which are the active, infection-fighting form of silver, and are known to be highly anti-viral.

But, because silver nitrate tends to stain the skin black (and can even burn skin if it’s highly concentrated), it’s certainly not the best form of silver to use – especially when safe, natural ionic colloidal silver is so readily available in health food stores, or can be made for just pennies with a high-quality colloidal silver generator.

Nevertheless, as you can see from the study described above, 69% of the patients receiving the silver nitrate treatment on their warts had a positive response (either completely or partially healed), compared to only 25% of the patients receiving black ink.

The point being, silver really works. It not only helps break down the
viral wart, itself, but it’s also highly antiviral (see here and here, for example), meaning it helps kill off the viruses causing the problem in the first place.

How to Use Colloidal Silver on HPV Warts

On the website, which is run by Dr. D.N. Bille, a medical practitioner in India, it’s recommended to use a good, high-quality silver gel or silver cream in order to effectively heal HPV warts. Here’s Dr. Bille’s 5-step solution to warts:

1. First of all, wash the wart and surrounding area with lukewarm water and let it dry.

2. Now take the colloidal silver cream/gel on a sterile cotton swab and apply directly to the wart.

3. Repeat the procedure twice a day for a week and see the result.

4. If you don’t find any noticeable change in warts then consult your doctor for further treatment.

5. If you notice any irritation or allergic reaction then wash out the application and consult your doctor immediately.

That’s it. Basically, Dr. Bille says just expose the warts directly to silver gel or cream at least twice daily (I’d consider three or even four times daily, for faster results), and watch as the warts gradually dwindle in size and numbers over a period of a week.

For even better and faster results, many people say that in addition to treating the HPV warts topically with a good silver gel or cream, they orally ingested liquid colloidal silver – perhaps a tablespoon three or four times day – during the entire time they’re treating their viral warts topically.

If no silver gel or cream is available, you can always do what others have recommended, and soak a small gauze pad in liquid colloidal silver, and apply the wet gauze pad (using gauze tape) to the wart, changing the gauze out three or four times a day so fresh silver is always in contact with the wart.

A Coming Breakthrough?

In another instance, a researcher named Humberto Lara Villegas, from the University of Monterrey, Mexico, working in conjunction with researchers from the University of Texas, has been developing of a silver-based cream intended to be used as a sexual lubricant in order to protect against the spread of HIV (i.e. AIDs virus).

But Villegas says he believes his cream “could prevent the transmission of other sexually acquired viruses like the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).”

He claims that silver nanoparticles work so well against sexually transmitted viruses such as HIV and HPV because the silver actually blocks entry of the virus into human cells.

You see, it’s been discovered that viruses like HIV (and HPV) make their entry into human cells with the aid of a protein known as GP120. But silver nanoparticles attach themselves to that specific protein on the envelope of the virus, and block it, making the virus unable to penetrate human cells.

3 Studies: Silver v/s HPV-Caused Cervical Cancer

It’s now well-known that most cases of cervical cancer – one of the most common cancers in the world among women – are caused by infections with the Human Papillomavirus.

Yet several recent studies have demonstrated that silver actually kills the cancer cells triggered by HPV.

In one such study, titled “Cytotoxic Effect And Apoptosis Induction By Silver Nanoparticles In Hela Cells,” researchers discovered that the presence of silver nanoparticles actually cause cervical cancer cells to commit cellular suicide (i.e., apoptosis) rather than to spread.

The researchers wrote, “We observed the cytotoxic effect of nanosilver in HeLa cells [i.e., cervical cancer cells].”

And in another study, titled “Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Aqueous Leaf Extract of Pomegranate and Their AntiCancer Activity on Human Cervical Cells,” researchers from Vietnam stated:

“Cervical cancer generally arises from the cervix and is caused by Human Papilloma Virus. Cervical cancer is the fourth common cause of cancer and eventually death in women.

This cancer results in the formation of warts around the genital areas. However it is preventable and curable if the proper treatment is given and detected at an early stage.

…In our study, silver nanoparticles inhibited the human cervical cancer cells growth in dose dependent manner.”

The researchers concluded, “Based on this study, we suggest that silver nanoparticles …could be used for drug delivery and further this can be used as a therapeutic agent for cancer after thorough study of the molecular mechanism has been conducted.”

Finally, in a third study titled “Green Synthesis: In-vitro Anticancer Activity of Silver Nanoparticles on Human Cervical Cancer Cells,” researchers also concluded that silver nanoparticles cause cervical cancer cells to commit cellular suicide (apoptosis) upon exposure. The researchers wrote:

“AgNPs showed a clear cytotoxic effect in the human cervical carcinoma cells. What’s more, fluorescence and confocal study have confirmed apoptosis induction in the tumor cells.

In addition, reactive oxygen species was increased in the cancer cells, which further confirms the anticancer activity of AgNPs. Taking all these data together, it is suggested that green synthesized AgNPs might be a potential candidate for the prevention and treatment of cervical tumors.”

But that’s not all. There’s even a U.S. patent (#20170266229) for a colloidal silver gel preparation designed to help women ward off cervical cancer by using the gel intra-vaginally against the Human Papillomavirus itself!

In the “Results” section of that patent, the patent-holders state that when they used this nanosilver gel on cervical cancer cells, it “showed complete effects for inhibiting the cell proliferation” and “death of all of the cells” at concentrations of only 3.6 ppm, 4.9 ppm, 6.1 ppm, and 12.5 ppm!

So, it looks like silver not only helps stop viral warts when applied topically, and reduces the body’s viral load when orally ingested, but also causes any cervical cancer cells to die!

Eliminating the Virus

According to a book titled The Silver Solution to Women’s Wellness, by Dr. Gordon Pedersen, colloidal silver is a fabulous natural solution for helping eradicate Human Papillomavirus from the body. He writes:

Description: A viral infection, usually afflicting the cervix, which can damage cellular DNA and cause cancer of the cervix.

Symptoms: Most of the time there are no symptoms except lab tests performed by the doctor. There is no real treatment from a doctor until the tissue damage by the virus has become cancerous. At this point surgery is performed. Structured Silver liquid (douche) and gel on a tampon give the woman a method of destroying the cause of the abnormal cells and possibly preventing the cause of the cancer.

Cause: Human Papillomavirus (HPV)


  • Structured Silver liquid: Drink a minimum of two teaspoons twice a day for prevention and treatment.
  • Structured Silver gel: Apply to the tip of a tampon and insert into the vagina for 90 minutes a day where the gel can stay in contact with the germs.
  • Silver douche: Use three ounces of Structured Silver liquid and mix it with three ounces of distilled water. Pump the solution into the vaginal cavity and hold for ten minutes, then release. This should be done once a day, for five days, or until symptoms are gone.
  • Take daily probiotics (at least 8 billion active cultures) every day.
  • Reduce dietary sugars and carbohydrates.
  • Take large doses of antioxidants. This will help neutralize and clear free radicals produced by the pathogens.

What you can expect: Silver can destroy the virus’s ability to replicate, reducing the level of viral infection over time. Silver can inhibit both types of viral replication (RNA and DNA.) Most women feel noticeably better in one day and may return to normal in as little as two to five days.”

Learn More…

To learn more about colloidal silver gels and creams, see:

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Your New Best Friend in the Fight Against HPV

As you can see, colloidal silver can be an HPV sufferer’s best friend.

Silver not only breaks down HPV warts, gradually causing them to disappear, but it also helps fight the virus triggering the growth of the wart in the first place, i.e., the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV.

This means, in many cases, that you can go for years without experiencing another HPV outbreak.

What’s more, colloidal silver helps reduce the underlying inflammation that’s so common to HPV outbreaks. And it soothes and heals the skin with remarkable effectiveness, almost instantly neutralizing the itching and burning caused by the viral warts.

Many HPV sufferers claim that colloidal silver has worked for them when no other natural or prescription treatment would. And now you can understand why.

The bottom line is that colloidal silver is something you really need in your anti-HPV arsenal.

Where Can You Find Colloidal Silver?

Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver EdgeYou can purchase colloidal silver from many health food stores, or from online vendors on, and other websites.

Costs can range between $20 to $30 for a tiny, four-ounce bottle. And it might take two or three of these bottles, over time, to get a stubborn or persistent HPV wart outbreak fully under control.

That can be quite expensive. But here’s the good news: Now you can make your own high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for about 36 cents per quart with the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge.

With a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you can make colloidal silver for the rest of your life, quickly, easily and for just a few pennies per quart rather than paying up to $30 for one of those tiny, four-ounce bottles of colloidal silver in health food stores.

And the device is so astonishingly simple to use, anyone who’s ever made coffee with a kitchen countertop coffee maker can use a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator. Let me show in, in just four simple steps, how easy it really is:

How To Use the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge – Step 1

How To Use the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge – Step 2

How To Use the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge – Step 3

How To Use the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge – Step 4

That’s it. There’s nothing else to do. Three hours later you get one full quart of high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver…for just a few pennies!

And you can do it over and over again, for the rest of your life, literally making quart after quart after quart of colloidal silver for just pennies each.

Learn More About Colloidal Silver…

One last thing: A tremendous wealth of information on colloidal silver can be found at The Silver Edge website.

  • For example, you can find nearly 500 articles on the powerful
    healing and infection-fighting properties of colloidal silver, at this link.
  • And you can watch over a dozen “how-to” videos on making and using colloidal silver at this link.

And finally, you can learn more about making your own high-quality colloidal silver with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, simply by clicking the link in this sentence.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another great article on colloidal silver…

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,

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