The Global Environmental Campaign to Ban Antimicrobial Silver

Description: C:\Users\Steve Barwick\Pictures\water droplet blue.jpgIn this Era of Strange Diseases in which we now live, consumer demand for products impregnated with antimicrobial silver – such as toothbrushes, water filters, computer keyboards, kitchen cutting boards, food storage containers, medical devices and more – is growing by leaps and bounds. That’s because silver helps stop the spread of up to 99% of infectious microorganisms on such items.

But around the world, private environmentalist groups and government environmental bureaucrats are now working hand-in-hand to prevent consumers from having access to products that have incorporated antimicrobial silver into their makeup.

Indeed, in what appears to be a globally coordinated campaign reaching from Europe to Australia to North America, environmentalists groups and their bureaucratic counterparts in government are now using the specious and speculative argument that silver can leach from these products and eventually find its way into the waterways where it “might” harm fish or other wildlife, or even result in microbes becoming silver-resistant.

The truth is quite the opposite, of course. There are already millions of tons of trace mineral silver in the world’s waterways that exist there naturally, without any help from man. And there’s been no hint of harm to the environment from all of this natural, microscopic trace silver that’s been there for millennia.

But as the old saying goes, “Truth is the first casualty of war.” And don’t be deceived: The environmentalist campaign to ban the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products IS a war being waged for the complete corporate and government control of your health and well-being. Here’s what I’m talking about…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

My good friend Anders Sultan, who manufactures Sweden’s most popular brand of colloidal silver, Ionosil, is reporting that a Swedish Environmental minister, Lena Ek, has called for a ban on the use of antimicrobial silver in all consumer products.

Simultaneously, as if on cue, Anders Finnson, an “environmental advisor” with the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association, has published a typical hysterical critique of the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products, claiming:

“Silver is very dangerous to fish and crustaceans, which are important to the ecosystems of our waters. Silver ions are in fact so toxic to aquatic organisms they are comparable to mercury. There are also concerns about a link between antibacterial agents and the development of resistant bacteria.”

This claim is then reiterated in a news article by environmental writer Ulla Karlsson-Ottosson, published in the online newspaper, NY Teknik (i.e., New Technology), who states:

“Silver ions kill bacteria. But they are also an environmental toxin, at least as toxic as mercury…The silver ends up in wastewater treatment plants where the beneficial water-purifying bacteria are then at risk of being killed.”

This, of course, is complete nonsense. There’s no comparison whatsoever between silver, a noble metal, and mercury, a toxic heavy metal. In fact, silver used to be added to mercury amalgam fillings for the specific purpose of ameliorating the toxic qualities of the mercury!

But while sensationalistic and completely fabricated comparisons of safe, natural antimicrobial silver to known toxic substances like mercury may help generate news headlines for the environmentalists and their bureaucratic counterparts, they also demonstrate the extreme and decidedly unethical lengths the greenies will go to in order to deprive the public of access to antimicrobial silver and its vast array of infection-fighting benefits.

Sensationalism Sells…

Apparently the Swedish environmentalists and their counterparts in the Swedish government are attempting to follow the same unscrupulous anti-silver propaganda program that the radical anti-silver environmentalists here in the U.S. and in other parts of the western world have been following.

First, the environmentalists make broad, sensationalistic claims against antimicrobial silver that have no basis in reality. These shrill claims are then coordinated with calls by prominent environmental bureaucrats for a ban on the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products. And then the claims are repeated melodramatically, ad nauseum, in newspapers or in online news sources under blaring, tabloid-style headlines.

For example, the anti-silver environmentalists here in the U.S. – who for years have been linked to taking millions of dollars in donations from charitable foundations set up by Big Pharma – frequently claim, with straight faces, mind you, that the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products will harm children by preventing them from coming into contact with the requisite number of pathogens needed to stimulate their tiny immune systems.

But as I wrote in my article 8 Prevalent Myths and Misconceptions About Colloidal Silver, “As anyone with children knows, this claim is completely ludicrous. After all, little kids roll around in the grass and dirt all day. They throw mud balls at each other. They play baseball in empty lots, climb trees, swim in lakes and rivers, play on dirty floors, and climb into dumpsters in search of ‘treasure.’ In short, children do all of the things needed to put themselves into contact with hundreds of billions of microorganisms every single day of their lives.”

So the idea that the use of antimicrobial silver on a kitchen cutting board or a computer keyboard will deprive little children of having their immune systems stimulated by germs is laughable. Yet the environmentalists use these kinds of absurd and sensationalist claims (see a good example, here) hoping they’ll scare parents into refusing to purchase products that incorporate antimicrobial silver into their makeup.

What’s more, you’ll now find these same shrill propaganda tactics being used in other parts of the world, including Australia, New Zealand and other western industrialized countries.

For example, see this ludicrous newspaper article from Australia’s Herald Sun, in which the environmentalist make the unbelievably ridiculous claim that antimicrobial silver used in stockings to help prevent stinky feet is causing “global warming” and “killing the planet.”

Exaggerated Claims v/s Facts

In an article published in News Voice, Anders Sultan points out that the criticism from the environmentalists over of the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products is often so specious, they have to resort to the use of weasel words and speculative phrases like “may cause harm” or “might prove to be toxic,” since they have no real evidence of silver from consumer products ever causing harm or toxicity under real-world conditions.

As Sultan stated:

“We’ve lived with silver at our side for thousands of years, not just in the environment where it comes from in the first place, but also in consumer goods such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, cutlery, plates and cups.

Yet the environmental bureaucrats persist in trying to convince people that suddenly all bacteria are in danger of becoming immune to antimicrobial silver because of the small amount of silver coming into wastewater treatment plants.

Yet in the 1980’s there was 10 times more silver coming into wastewater treatment plants than there is today. But there was no problem with microbial resistance to silver then.”

In a personal communication with this author, Sultan pointed out that in Sweden, over the past 20 years silver from commercial sources being released into nature through wastewater has dropped from 47 mg/kg in 1987 to a measly 4 mg/kg 2011 – an astonishing 90% drop.

This of course, had largely to do with the advent of digital photography in the early 1990’s, which gradually did away with the need to process tens of millions of rolls of film each year using silver halide.

Yet even in 1987, when silver entering wastewater treatment plants had reached its zenith just before the advent of digital photography, there were no signs whatsoever of silver being detrimental to the environment or creating antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

But now that silver levels in wastewater are 90% lower than they were in 1987, the environmentalists are screaming that it’s the end of the world as we know it. They claim silver-resistant pathogens are going to start climbing out of the mire and marching into our homes if we don’t ban the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products altogether. Go figure.

Junk Science…

Sultan goes on to point out that many of the clinical studies touted by the environmentalists as demonstrating harm to aquatic life from antimicrobial silver have, upon closer examination, turned out to be little more than agenda-driven junk science studies conducted in artificial laboratory conditions rather than being conducted under real-world conditions.

Indeed, these studies are often fatally flawed from the outset, being specifically designed by environmental researchers to reach the preconceived conclusion that antimicrobial silver used in consumer products is harmful, or toxic, or acts as a “pollutant” (learn more about biased silver studies, here).

Says Sultan, “Claims of risk to aquatic life are based on studies conducted in artificial laboratory conditions using sterile aquariums without any hint of organic matter. But in nature, silver falls to the bottom of lakes, rivers and streams and is incorporated into sediments where it binds with organic material such as sulphur and is largely neutralized.”

Sultan continues, “The environmental bureaucrats attempt to sweep these facts under the carpet, relying instead on contrived laboratory studies to achieve their goal of depriving consumers of the protection of antimicrobial silver.”

Bearing out Sultan’s contentions is a recent study conducted by researchers at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technologies (EMPA), and published in the well-known and trusted science journal, Environmental Science & Technology.

According to the study authors, after 120 years of nanosilver usage by consumers – in applications ranging from public and private swimming pools, fountains, cosmetics, medicines, wound care, disinfectant products, water filters, and dietary supplements used by millions worldwide – there has been no significant discernible harm to the environment from silver.

Sultan concludes:

“Let’s ask instead how dangerous the pharmaceutical drug residues in our waterways are. We know, for example, that pharmaceutical drugs being found in aquatic environments are creating hermaphrodite fish. This is apparently preferable to the environmental bureaucrats than having a natural element like silver being returned to nature where it once came from.

“Why aren’t the environmental bureaucrats instead making the effort to ensure we don’t end up drinking antidepressant medications, antibiotic residues or various hormone preparations in our home drinking water?”

Good questions, indeed. And these are questions the radical, anti-silver environmentalists assiduously sidestep when asked.

The bottom line is this: The battle is on for your mind. The radical anti-silver environmentalists are doing the bidding of Big Pharma by working to take away the world’s safest and most natural method of preventing the spread of infectious microorganisms.

And to accomplish this goal, they have to deceive the public into believing the sky is falling, i.e., that there’s an imminent and catastrophic threat to the environment from antimicrobial silver. The ultimate goal, of course, is complete corporate and government control of your health and well-being.

Of course, it’s up to you whether or not you fall for it. To learn more about the powerful infection-fighting qualities of safe, natural colloidal silver, click the link.

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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