The Colloidal Silver Cure for Cheyletiella Mites

Cheyletiella mites can infest both pets and humans. And as you’ll see below, the consequences of such an infestation can be long-lasting and devastating.

That’s because in many cases the mite can be very difficult to eradicate, even with prescription miticides (i.e., chemical pharmaceutical drugs designed to kill mites). And the infestations tend to recur over the course of time because the mite (and its eggs) can live for long periods of time in fabric such as carpeting, bedding, clothing, bath towels and more.

Due to the symptoms of constant itching, skin-flaking, and a distinct feeling of bugs crawling beneath the surface of the skin, a prolonged infestation with Cheyletiella mites can also come close to driving a person crazy.

Thankfully, some people have found that a simple combination of colloidal silver and a particular edible oil (see below), applied to the affected areas of the body, can bring profound relief from the symptoms and even help eradicate the problem altogether.

Here’s what victims of this unusual affliction are saying…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

To be perfectly truthful with you, I’d never heard of Cheyletiella mite infestations – in either humans or animals – until a reader wrote to me about the affliction.

But apparently, the infestations are quite common in pets like dogs and cats, and are growing more and more common among pet owners who pick up the infestations from their pets.

According to an article on a veterinary news website, in many areas of the country infestations with Cheyletiella mites in pets are far more common than flea infestations.

So Cheyletiella mite infestations are considered to be very common, though in humans they’re often mistaken for other skin conditions.

After receiving several inquiries from readers about resolving Cheyletiella mite infestations in both animals and humans, I did some additional research and was surprised to find that colloidal silver mixed with a very common edible oil and applied to the affected area of the body, is apparently a fabulous and highly successful remedy – both for pets and for their human masters.

Of course, that should have come as no surprise to me, considering the fact that many pet owners have also found colloidal silver to be helpful in curing mange mites in their pets.

But since Cheyletiella mites can afflict both pets and humans, and since the infestations can last for months or even years due to the fact that many prescription miticides no longer work well, I thought it was important to let readers know about what I’d discovered in the course of my research.

Symptoms of
Cheyletiella Mite Infestation

We’ll get to the specific cure in just a moment. But first, a little bit of background on these pesky mites. As an article on the website states:

“Cheyletiella is a genus of mites most commonly associated with dogs, cats and rabbits, but they can also live for long periods on humans.

The skin irritation these mites produce is commonly referred to as ‘walking dandruff,’ due to the occasional appearance of moving skin scales carried by the mites.

In humans, the mites may be hard to find. An itchy rash is often the only sign. Cheyletiella mites reproduce quickly and can infest homes for long periods of time.”

The website goes on to explain that the Cheyletiella mites are very small – so microscopically small, in fact, they often escape notice unless something causes them to swarm on the skin surface.

But their aggravating symptoms – which can include intense and constant itching, skin redness, dandruff, patchy hair loss, scabs, skin scaling, bumps on the skin, a feeling of “crawling sensations” on the skin and scalp, and even nasal irritation – can be a constant and frustrating source of aggravation.

And when conventional treatments fail the infestations and their symptoms can last for months or even years on end. Indeed, it’s often described as “pure hell” by people who end up infested with the mites.

Cheyletiella mite infestation can also mimic other skin diseases, fooling veterinarians (and dermatologists, in cases of human infestation) into prescribing the wrong treatments.

Cheyletiella mites are particularly irritating to skin because they have “claw-like mouth parts” which they use to feed on the keratin protein layer of the skin. Plus, they have prominent, hook-like appendages which they use to hold on to the skin while feeding.

And while they don’t burrow through skin like scabies mites, they tend to hide between the epidermis (i.e., the outer layer of the skin) and the keratin protein coating that covers the epidermis, making them difficult to find as well as to diagnose.

Cheyletiella mites are typically contracted through direct contact with animals that have been infested. But they can also be contracted by touching bedding, carpeting or furniture fabric that’s been infested after an afflicted pet lays on it.

What’s more, these tiny, microscopic-sized critters (and their eggs) clinging to household surfaces can easily be picked up on clothing or human skin, further perpetuating the infestation over long periods of time.

Experts say it’s important to note that human symptoms generally resolve when pet infestations are properly addressed and brought completely under control.

But individuals who have experienced Cheyletellia mite infestations from their pets often claim the prescription drugs and other treatments offered by veterinarians and dermatologists alike don’t work, or only provide minimal or temporary help.

Many victims of this insidious mite claim that the infestations, along with all of the nasty symptoms, often return with a vengeance even after great care has been taken to use the treatments properly on both pets and humans in the household.

Online, you’ll find dozens of stories from people who have spent thousands of dollars with veterinarians (in the case of pets) or with dermatologists (in the case of human infestation), often to no avail.

So a Cheyletiella mite infestation is definitely not very fun.

But thankfully, there’s a simple, all-natural solution to Cheyletiella mite infestations. And many people are apparently using it with great success. Interestingly, colloidal silver plays a prominent role. Let’s take a look at what some people are saying…

Colloidal Silver to the Rescue!

According to a post on – which, by the way, is one of my favorite natural health websites where people write in and explain their symptoms and then get tips from other readers on natural remedies that have worked for them – a simple mixture of colloidal silver and liquid coconut oil is all it takes to get rid of Cheyletellia mites. Here’s a condensed version of the post:

“My dog had an infestation of Cheyletiella mites. I also ended up with them, and my life was sheer hell for several months. I went to three different doctors, who at best only offered me creams to help with the itching.

…I did a great deal of research and I tried just about every remedy I could find on the internet. Some helped, but nothing seemed to entirely rid me of these things.

I had been prescribed Ivermectin [a drug used to treat worm and parasite infections – ED] and the doctors couldn’t guarantee it would work and I was reluctant to take it, but at the same time desperate.

There was one thing yet that I had read worked for someone with scabies that I hadn’t tried…This person had cured her scabies with colloidal silver.

So I mixed 2 ozs. of virgin coconut oil with 2 ml of 10ppm colloidal silver. The coconut oil needs to be melted and melts at a very low temperature.

I put the coconut oil and colloidal silver in a plastic bottle made for hair dyes and shook it to make sure it was mixed well, and applied it directly on my skin from head to toe. Within two hours I could tell that the mites had died.

…My daughter-in-law is getting her degree in environmental science and she told me the reason that the colloidal silver worked is that small particles of metal penetrate through the shell of the mite. Once the shell is penetrated the mites dry up and die.

Coconut oil is very close to your own natural oil (sebum) and therefore is absorbed by your skin. So as it penetrates your skin it will reach anything that burrows underneath your skin carrying with it the silver.

The beauty of coconut oil with the Cheyletiella mite is that it lives on sebum and dead skin and I assume it ends up eating the coconut oil and silver particles. Any new bites I’ve had, they die almost immediately.

Both the coconut oil and colloidal silver have antimicrobial benefits which kills any infection the mites carry and aids in healing.

…It’s also safe for pets and only one application cleared the dog as well.

…I have found that washing clothes and the dogs bedding in hot water and borax helped a great deal. I use a floor steam cleaner on my mattress and pillows, the carpet, etc. Vacuum often!!!

In cold weather, spend a little extra for better air filters on your heating system as these things are also air bound and jump.

I hope this helps anyone who is enduring the same nightmare as I have.”

So we see here that 2 ounces of virgin coconut oil mixed with 2 ml (about one-half teaspoon) of 10ppm colloidal silver, applied to the skin “from head to toe” and left on the skin for two hours solved the problem for this now very happy lady who had suffered for several months with a Cheyletellia mite infestation after catching it from her dog.

Later, another individual posted that she too had been suffering from a Cheyletiella mite infection, for an astonishing eight years. She wrote:

“Hi!! I have suffered with Cheyletiella mites for 8 years now. I know it’s this cause I had a biopsy done and came back with this mite. Of course the only thing the dermatologist said was ‘get rid of your dogs.’

We had the dogs tested and it came back that they were clear. We have tried everything from flea spays to pesticides from the vet…Nothing has worked for me.

8 years of bites and feeling like there are bugs crawling on me all the time. I have been going out of my mind with itching and the mental state of crawlers all over me. I look like I have some terrible disease.

I came across your site. My husband has gone out and bought the coconut oil and colloidal silver and I’m gonna try it. I will let you know the outcome….”

A few hours later, the same lady then posted again:

“So it’s been 2 hours now and this solution seems to be working

…When I first applied it, it felt like the mites were running from the top of my head to my waistline. It was a most disgusting feeling…

And it seemed like they were in a hurry to bite me, cause I ended up with a few bites on my face, neck and behind my ears. And now after 2 hours the process has slowed down considerably…. 🙂

I will re-apply tomorrow and keep applying till I am itch-free and creepy-crawly free…. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS ARTICLE!!!!”

The next day, the same lady posted again:

“I am happy to report that last night was the first night in a long time that I had a good night sleep.

Woke up this morning to only 1 bite under my chin, rather than 10 to 12 bites all over.

Will keep you posted!!! A very happy person this morning…”

The very next day, she posted again:

“Day 2…. Again another fantastic sleep, before bed last night I took some solution and applied it to my scalp and upper torso and went to bed. Again woke up with only 1 bite… And very little itching.

All already existing sores are healing up nicely and looks like they are all drying out…. makes me one happy girl.

I also applied some to my black lab x newfie head and rump area. This morning the tops of her hair is white, nothing is moving, but it looks like they took off from the scalp to the ends on her hair.

She is going to the groomers and getting a bath in it. Seeing all this is working I am also gonna purchase the natural stuff (orally) for my doggies….:)

Have you ever thought of making the mixture and marketing it to vets?? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

Another individual, this one from New Zealand, says her dogs suffered from Cheyletiella mite infestations for years, until she tried the colloidal silver and coconut oil remedy. She wrote:

“I have just tried the recipe on my two boxer dogs. Thankfully I don’t suffer from the complaint. Within minutes of applying the solution I can clearly see dead white critters everywhere on their coats. It is amazing.

I only applied it right along their backs and shoulders as that appears to be where they are concentrated. We now have a wonderful licking regime going on where they’re cleaning each other.

I might be premature but so far I am really encouraged since I’ve been fighting a losing battle with these wee critters for years.

I’ve tried everything and the results are only temporary. Hopefully it’s no more chemicals from here on in. Thank you so much for sharing this information with everyone.”

And finally, another woman who had treated her dogs for fleas, at first, only to find out later that they actually had Cheyletellia mites, wrote:

“I thought the fleas and treatments had left them with dry skin until 2 days ago when I took out my magnifying glass to inspect all pet beds after my pets were scratching even more and each showed dandruff after being brushed.

I saw those ugly creepy crawlers and nearly had a break down. I searched online and found the link to your post.

I immediately went and bought Colloidal Silver and Coconut Oil. I sprayed the dogs with it, which they didn’t enjoy, and now I know why. The white mites and also brownish black ones surfaced. There were hundreds of them. The mixture KILLED them!

…thank you so much for sharing your mite recipe!”

So there you have it. Two ounces of virgin coconut oil mixed with two mL (about half a teaspoon) of 10 ppm colloidal silver, applied to the skin and scalp “from head-to-toe” appears to kill Cheyletiella mite infestations in both humans and pets.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

To be fair, there were a couple of people on the page mentioned above who said the colloidal silver and coconut oil mixture did not work for them.

But when you consider the propensity for this mite to be able to infest everything from bedding to furniture to carpeting (even laying eggs in the fabric, which can later hatch and re-infest the host), then perhaps repeated applications would be necessary for some folks.

Personally, if I had a Cheyletiella mite infestation, I’d probably consider using a stronger concentration of colloidal silver mixed with the virgin coconut oil – maybe 20 or even 30 ppm or higher – just to make sure.

I’d also consider doing what some people have done, and have my carpets steam-cleaned throughout the house in order to help remove any mites or their eggs that are hidden in the fabric. I’d wash my linens and other bedding in hot soapy water for the same reason.

And each day for perhaps several weeks or longer I’d very lightly spray straight liquid colloidal silver (i.e., without the coconut oil) on my linens and bedding, as well as on the fabric of any couches, chairs and carpeting and allow it to air dry – this, in hopes of ridding the fabric of any Cheyletiella mite “hangers on.”

I’d also be careful to spray any pet bedding, pet mats and dog or cat housing with colloidal silver.

And I’d probably do all of this for at least several weeks, since any hidden mite eggs can take four days or longer to hatch, and the life cycle of the Cheyletiella mite, from egg to the adult form, can take as long as three to four weeks to develop.

The point, of course, is to do what’s necessary to eradicate the mites in all potential sources of re-infestation, and to keep in mind that it might take several weeks to do so.

One Final Thought

All of this makes me wonder if a good colloidal silver cream or gel might work just as well on the skin against Cheyletiella mites, in place of the colloidal silver and virgin coconut oil mixture.

While I haven’t been able to find any information on this idea, online, nor in any clinical literature, it might be worth trying a good, commercial colloidal silver gel.

I’d certainly consider trying one, such as ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care Gel (which contains 24 ppm colloidal silver) or some of the other commercial colloidal silver gels and creams described in the article Germ-Busting Colloidal Silver Gels and Creams.

Or, as another alternative, it might be worth trying to make your own colloidal silver gel using pure aloe vera, as demonstrated in the following short video titled Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Gel and Colloidal Silver Soap.

If you try any of the ideas described in this article, be sure to go to the Colloidal Silver Secrets Community on Facebook and let us know how your experience turned out.

Colloidal Silver Stops Other
Types of Mites, As Well!

Interestingly, people claim they also use colloidal silver for scabies mites, known scientifically as Sarcoptes scabei.

This is a completely different kind of mite from the Cheyletellia mite in that it tends to burrow deep underneath the skin and lay its eggs rather than simply hiding under the keratin protein layer on top of the skin to lay eggs. As one online testimonial states:

“I ran into a link/post that talked about colloidal silver, and that said they were rid of scabies mites in 3 days! And since I had some Silver Sinus in my medicine cabinet that also is a form of colloidal silver…I decided to try it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes that in the spot I used it on…the scabies bump was gone! I would say, I put it on the spot 2 to 3 times within a 5 hour time-frame… and the bugger was gone!!!

Needless to say, I was spraying my spots in the blink of an eye!! As of evening time the same day (today) most of the scabies/sores are cleared up!!…I can’t say enough about what a miracle colloidal silver is!”

I was delighted to read the following online testimonial found on, in which a very happy individual apparently cured his own scabies infestation. The individual even linked to my previous article on using colloidal silver to cure mange mites on dogs, saying, “I tried colloidal silver and it really works…If it cures mangy dogs when sprayed on, it will certainly cure scabies in humans.”

Interestingly, a clinical study from Iranian researchers found that silver nanoparticles were also effective against Tetranychus uirticae. These are spider mites, which live on the undersides of the leaves of plants and which do millions of dollars worth of crop damage annually.

These are not spiders, but actual mites that feed off of plants rather than human skin. They are known to quickly grow immune to standard insecticides and miticide chemicals. So, score another point for using colloidal silver against mites!

What’s more, two clinical studies – one from South Korea and one from France – have found that nanosilver quite effectively kills dust mites, includingDermatophagoides farinae and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus.

The French study showed a 94% control of house dust mite populations, while the Korean study showed a 99.9% reduction in the infestation of dust mites.

So silver has a very interesting anti-mite property, it would appear. And the people who have been experiencing healing from Cheyletiella mite infestations – whether on their pets or on their own bodies – by using colloidal silver mixed with coconut oil might really be on to something.

It’s high time the scientific community looks into this, as well. But then, they’d probably try to turn the mixture into a prescription “drug,” drive the price up to unbearable levels and monopolize its sales.

Make Your Own High-Quality
Colloidal Silver for Pennies!

MPG TRANSPARENT BY STEVE.jpgIf you’re already familiar with colloidal silver and its usage, you know that liquid colloidal silver supplements can be very expensive – as much as $20 to $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle at most health food stores.

That’s because colloidal silver – the world’s most powerful natural infection-fighting agent – works so well against infections and disease, people are willing to pay through the nose to obtain it.

Of course, a four ounce bottle of colloidal silver probably wouldn’t last but a week or so, at most, during the course of a serious Cheyletiella mite infestation. So it can get pretty expensive when you’re having to apply it daily to the body, as well as spraying carpets, furniture and other fabrics in the home.

But the truly good news is this:

It’s surprisingly easy to make your own high-quality colloidal silver for about 36 cents a quart utilizing an astonishing breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology known as the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge.

Yes, I said about 36 cents a quart. That’s just a smidgeon over a penny per ounce, compared to health food store prices of $5 to $7 an ounce!

The new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge is far more advanced than conventional colloidal silver generators you might have heard about (learn why, here).

Indeed, its ability to produce tiny silver micro-particles as small as .8 nm gives it a decided advantage over all other colloidal silver generators. You see, that’s a fraction of a single nanometer in size, compared to health food store brands which can contain silver particles as large as 200 nm to 1,000 nm or larger!

(Click here to see Transmission Electron Microscope images comparing conventional colloidal silver particles to the new micro-particle colloidal silver produced by a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge.)

Even the FDA agrees that the smaller the silver particles are, the easier it is for the body to absorb them, utilize them and afterwards excrete them safely. (See here for excerpts from the FDA National Center for Toxicological Research Annual Report in which it was clearly demonstrated that smaller silver particles are far more bio-available than larger silver particles.)

You can learn here how astonishingly inexpensive it is to make your own high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver (i.e., about a penny per ounce) with a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge.

Why Pay Through the Nose?

This means there’s no longer any need to pay $20 or $30 for a tiny, four-ounce bottle of colloidal silver in health food stores, when you can make even higher-quality colloidal silver yourself by the quart for under 36 cents.

If you think it must be difficult to make your own high-quality colloidal silver, take a quick look at this link where you’ll discover how incredibly simple it really is – so simple we have 85 year old grandmas making their own colloidal silver every day!

Indeed, with a device that’s as simple to operate as a coffee pot (see the above photo of the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge), anyone can now make their own high-quality colloidal silver for just a few pennies per quart!

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Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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