Table Salt v/s Colloidal Silver: Which is More Dangerous?

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Table Salt v/s Colloidal Silver: Which is More Dangerous?

by Steve Barwick, author, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

What in the world does table salt have to do with colloidal silver?

Well, table salt can kill you if ingested in overly-high amounts. In fact, a single high dose can flat out kill you.

Colloidal silver, on the other hand, has never killed anyone, at any dosage level, even though it’s routinely used abusively by some people.

But…when overly-high dosages of colloidal silver are ingested daily for long periods of time (months/years), it can, in rare cases, turn your skin blue.

Yet the deadly substance — salt — comes with no warnings, whatsoever, while colloidal silver is frequently cast by Big Pharma minions as being “risky,” “dangerous,” and “potentially harmful” simply because a handful of people have used it abusively and turned blue from it.

In fact, more clever lies are told about colloidal silver, and more clever disinformation promulgated on this healthful infection-fighting substance, than perhaps any other nutritional supplement on the face of the earth.

Deadly Salt

Here’s a clinical overview of studies demonstrating that salt ingestion can result in death.

The researchers found 27 different medical reports documenting 35 deaths – 19 in grown adults and 16 in children.

Yes, from eating salt.

The researchers found that ingesting as little as four teaspoons of salt at one time can kill a child. And four tablespoons eaten at once can kill an adult. Dead as a doornail.

Because of salt’s potential toxicity, the researchers strongly recommend putting warning labels on salt containers and salt shakers. This, even though hundreds of millions of people worldwide safely ingest small, common-sense amounts of salt every single day.

Of course, four teaspoons (or four tablespoons) of salt is quite a lot, if you think about it.

When you consider the difference between sprinkling a little bit of salt on your food for flavor, versus eating four teaspoons full of salt all at once, you can see it takes ingestion of hundreds of times the normal amount of salt to actually cause death.

Why I Bring This Up:
Using the Argyria Boogie-Man to Scare You

I bring all of this up for one important reason.

Medical authorities and their news media lackeys are always screaming from the rooftops that drinking colloidal silver can be “risky” or even “dangerous.”

They do this to scare you away from learning more about colloidal silver usage, or from trying it and experiencing its profound healing and infection-fighting benefits for yourself.

So what do you need to know? There are tens of millions of colloidal silver users worldwide. And zero deaths from colloidal silver consumption have been documented. Yes, zero.

So, in order to scare people away from colloidal silver usage, the medical Gestapo hones in on an extremely rare medical condition called argyria, which can indeed result from excessive daily consumption of colloidal silver over long periods of time.

Argyria results when so many excessive doses of colloidal silver have been ingested, regularly, over long periods of time (months/years), that the body eventually begins storing the excess silver in the internal tissues and organs.

Then, when a saturation point is reached, the tissues and organs begin pushing the excess silver out to the skin, in an effort to get rid of it. There, upon exposure to sunlight, the silver particles tarnish, staining the skin a bluish or grayish color.

But here’s what the medical Gestapo won’t tell you about argyria:

Out of the tens of millions of colloidal silver users, there are only about 20 people documented in the medical literature to have had their skin turn blue from drinking it.

Every single one of them ingested ungodly amounts of colloidal silver, and they did so regularly, often on a daily basis, for very long periods of time — i.e., many months or even years.

Many of them were drinking as much as four, six, eight, ten, twelve ounces of colloidal silver per day, for months or even years on end, when a regular, health-enchancing daily nutritional supplement dosage is only a teaspoon to an ounce a day, depending upon body weight.

In other words, these folks with argyria were over-dosing themselves.

For example, Paul Karason, the so-called “colloidal silver blue man” who appeared on Oprah and the Today Show, admitted on national TV that he’d been drinking 10 ounces of colloidal silver per day, for ten straight years, before he turned blue.

What Do They Have in Common?

So what does salt ingestion and colloidal silver ingestion have in common? It’s simple. Ingestion of too much of either substance can cause problems.

A single four-teaspoon dose of salt, taken all at once, can flat-out kill some people, especially children. And four tablespoons ingested at once can kill an adult.

Yep. Dead as the proverbial doornail. Long black Cadillac time.

By way of comparison, drinking wildly excessive amounts of colloidal silver — four, six, eight, ten, twelve ounces per day for months or years on end — can, in rare cases, leave you with argyric skin-staining.

But…drinking colloidal silver has never killed anyone. Not a soul.

Where Are All of the Screaming Headlines?

So where are all of the screaming news headlines about the medical review I mentioned above, demonstrating the deadly nature of excessive salt usage?

Why isn’t the FDA, CDC, AMA, Mayo Clinic, WebMD and others who constantly warn about the supposed “dangers” of colloidal silver usage, also warning us about this killer substance that’s found on virtually every kitchen table in America?

I’ve been listening closely to the nightly news, hoping to hear more about this salt study. But all I hear are…crickets.

Listen, I use a small to moderate amount of salt on just about every meal. You probably do, too. A few shakes from a salt shaker. And that’s it.

Likewise, I’ve ingested a single ounce of colloidal silver every day for the past 25 years to help my weak immune system ward off colds, flu, sore throats and other maladies. The only thing “blue” on me is my eyes. And I was born that way. I promise.

On rare occasion, if I’m sick with an unexpected infection, I’ve upped my colloidal silver dosage to four, five or even six ounces, for a day or two. Sometimes three days.

I think there’s only been once in the last 25 years that I’ve had to take such high dosages for four or five days in a row in order to help my body combat an active infection.

But…after I’ve finished taking such high dosages, I always take a week or two “vacation” away from colloidal silver usage, and drink plenty of fresh, pure water, in order to allow my body to eliminate any excess silver.

Then, after the vacation from colloidal silver usage, I go back to my normal daily nutritional supplement dosage of about an ounce a day. And still no blue skin. After 25 years.

But, unlike colloidal silver, excessive salt ingestion has actually resulted in dead bodies. Indeed, you can ingest too much salt one time only, and kick the bucket from it.

Not Headline-Worthy, Apparently

Actual dead bodies from salt ingestion apparently aren’t as headline-worthy as blue skin from excessive colloidal silver consumption.

So you don’t hear a thing about the “deadly salt problem” from the medical authorities or the nightly news. No screaming headlines at all.

Plus, salt doesn’t compete with any drug. Colloidal silver — a natural antimicrobial — does compete with drugs, because people often use it to help their body fight off an active infection.

And that’s why you see all the screaming headlines are about the alleged “dangers” of colloidal silver, usually from Big Pharma shills like Mayo Clinic, WebMD and others.

You’ll never hear a peep from these Big Pharma fanatics about the fact that the salt on your kitchen table can quite literally kill you or your children.

But colloidal silver is cast as the singular evil demon of nutritional supplements, even though, when properly used, it has a 100 year safety profile that’s similar to that of any other mineral or vitamin supplement.

My Obvious Point

My point should be obvious: News media warnings about “turning blue” from drinking colloidal silver are often the electronic equivalent of a drive-by shooting.

They’re loud. They’re overblown. They’re sensationalistic. And they’re designed to be scary.

That’s how the medical monopoly and their news media lackeys operate when nutritional supplements like colloidal silver are involved. That’s how they scare people away from trying colloidal silver. They take the most extreme example possible (i.e., argyria) and try to make it sound like it’s the norm.

What’s more, the medical authorities always leave out that one critical key point when they talk about argyric skin-staining from colloidal silver usage:

They always fail to inform the public that in the few very rare cases in which someone’s skin turned blue from drinking colloidal silver, they were ignoring proper dosage recommendations and drinking decidedly ungodly amounts — four, six, eight, ten, twelve ounces or more — every single day for long periods of time, such as for months or even years on end.

Why not reveal that simple and irrefutable fact to the public?

Because the claim that “colloidal silver will turn you blue” is not nearly as scary when the full truth is told.

Letting people know they won’t turn blue from colloidal silver usage unless they massively overdose themselves for months and years on end is far less likely to stop people from trying colloidal silver.

And stopping people from trying colloidal silver is indeed the goal of the medical establishment. Because once most people try it, they fall in love with its infection-fighting, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits.

It truly is possible to end up with argyria from colloidal silver usage. But in every case of argyria I’ve heard about on TV or read about in medical journals, the people who turned blue were drinking excessive amounts daily, for months or years on end.

In all of the years I’ve been studying colloidal silver, using colloidal silver myself, and writing about colloidal silver, I’ve never heard of a single person turning blue from drinking the typical one teaspoon to once ounce per day nutritional supplement dosage, or the occasional larger dose for helping the body fight off infections.  Never.

The bottom line is that the medical authorities want people to think that any dosage of colloidal silver is a “turn-you-blue” dosage, when in reality, tens of millions of people take colloidal silver regularly without ever turning blue.

And that’s been true for the past 100 years since the process for making colloidal silver was first discovered.

Other Dangers You’ve Likely Never Hear About

Look, colloidal silver is not the only nutritional supplement that should be used only in small to moderate amounts. Virtually all nutritional supplements can cause severe health and medical issues if used abusively over long periods of time. To give you just a few examples:

  • Iron is toxic if taken in excessive dosages for long periods of time. Cirrhosis of the liver and heart failure are very real and proven side effects of the excessive intake of iron supplements. So where are all of the shrill headlines warning about the dangers of iron supplements?
  • Calcium is toxic if taken in excessive dosages for long periods of time. Kidney malfunction, calcification of soft tissue within the body, cellular toxicity and impaired immune function are very real and proven side effects of excessive intake of calcium. So where are all of the shrill headlines warning about the dangers of calcium supplements?
  • Vitamin A is toxic if taken in excessive dosages for long periods of time. Muscle pain, fatigue, irritability, depression, schizophrenia, fever, liver damage and anemia are very real and proven side effects of the excessive intake of Vitamin A. So where are all of the shrill warnings about the dangers of Vitamin A supplements?
  • Water itself is toxic if taken in excessive dosages for long periods of time. It causes a condition known as hyponatremia (honest, look it up), which can cause nausea and vomiting, headache, confusion, fatigue, muscle cramps and muscle weakness, seizures, coma and yes, even death. So where are all of the shrill headlines warning about the dangers of drinking water?

In spite of those very real dangers, we don’t freak out about taking iron, calcium, Vitamin A or drinking water. We just use them all in responsible moderation. Right?

The bottom line is that numerous other supplements and common household food substances, including table salt, can be toxic or even deadly when ingested in large amounts over long periods of time (or even short periods of time, in the case of excessive table salt usage).

But you won’t find warnings about these very real medical issues on any labels. You won’t hear about it on the nightly news. You won’t see any screaming headlines on the internet.

It’s colloidal silver they want to discourage people from trying and experiencing its manifold infection-fighting benefits.

And that’s because Big Pharma makes BILLIONS of dollars per year selling prescription antibiotic drugs, and they simply don’t want the competition from safe, natural colloidal silver.

Mom Was Right

We all remember our mother’s constant admonition: “Moderation in all things.” Those certainly are wise words to live by.

Salt is actually very good for you, in moderation.

Believe it or not, your body can’t function without salt. It plays a crucial role in maintaining human health. It’s absolutely essential for nerve and muscle function. It’s involved in the regulation of fluids in the body. It’s even involved in the production of stomach acid for the proper digestion of food and extraction of vital nutrients from that food.

But don’t ingest too much salt, because, once again, researchers now admit it can flat-out kill you.

Likewise, all of the supplements I mentioned above are good for you, in moderation. But in excessive amounts they can lead to severe medical problems.

This is no different than colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is good for you, too, in moderation. In reality, your body doesn’t need silver, like it needs salt or certain key vitamins and minerals. But tens of millions of people around the world attest to its healing and infection-fighting benefits when used in relatively small, daily, common-sense amounts.

And numerous clinical studies back up the effectiveness of silver as a powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting substance. Scientists are even studying the idea of adding silver to Big Pharma’s failing antibiotic drugs (see here, here and here).

Some folks who have poor immunity (like me) drink small amounts of colloidal silver every single day – say, a teaspoon to an ounce a day, depending upon body weight.

Experience demonstrates that doing so can help cut the rate of colds, flu, sore throats and other infections quite dramatically, especially in immune-compromised individuals or others who would otherwise experience frequent illnesses. And it can reduce sick time to a fraction of what you’d normally experience if you’re one of those who get sick frequently.

Other folks drink colloidal silver in significantly larger amounts, but only when sick, and only for short periods of time when they want to help their body fight off an active infection.

But…unlike salt, colloidal silver isn’t likely to kill you, even if you overdo it. Colloidal silver usage has never killed anybody, in and of itself. But it certainly can turn your skin blue if you use it to great excess on a regular daily basis for long periods of time such as months or years on end.

The key, then, is to use colloidal silver safely, sanely and responsibly. And the bottom line to this article is that colloidal silver is far less dangerous than common table salt, when you look at all of the facts in proper context.

What’s Your Safe Daily Dosage of Colloidal Silver?

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Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,

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