Using Colloidal Silver to Eliminate Moles on the Skin


Another reader has written in to say she was able to get rid of a problematic mole using colloidal silver. 


In the course of my 20 years of studying and using colloidal silver, I’ve never personally seen it used successfully against moles. 


But this is the second time this year that readers have written in to say it worked for them.   And this reader supplied before-and-after photos as proof.


Does it really work?  Here’s the scoop…


Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge


In a previous article, I mentioned that Colloidal silver user Dan F. of Naples, FL had cured his moles simply by spraying colloidal silver on them, repeatedly.  He wrote:


I’ve had my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator for about one year now, and while I did not do ‘great things’ with it, it sure has helped me a lot in several ways.


For example, I used to have flat dark moles on my belly skin fold. They had been there for years.


I began spraying them with the micro-particle colloidal silver four times weekly. In about six weeks they vanished and have not returned.”


Now, that’s quite fascinating.  But I figured it could have been a unique, one-off experience.  After all, in 20 years of interviewing colloidal silver users, this was the first time I’d ever heard of it being used to remove moles.


Pictorially Documented


But colloidal silver user Diane R. tells me she had a similar experience.  And she supplied the photos to prove it. 


Here, we see the mole on Diane’s neck.  It appears from the picture to be a typical mole. 


But Diane says it was actually quite “suspicious” looking, being black in color, and raised, pitted, flakey and itchy to the point of being irritating. 


In fact, it was the constant itching of the mole that drove her to look for an alternative means of getting rid of it.   


Diane wrote, “Not really thinking about it I rubbed some magnesium oil with MSM onto the black, pitted, raised, itchy, flakey mole.  This was approximately on December 2, 2014 (because it was itchy).  It seem to relieve the itching.

Less than a week later, the mole apparently began itching again.  So this time Diane tried a colloidal silver plaster (i.e., moistening a bandage with colloidal silver and applying it over the mole overnight).  Here’s what she wrote:


Approximately the 7th/8th of December I thought I’d try 25 ppm colloidal silver on a plaster, overnight. 


I did so for the next few days, on and off.  I could see the mole started withdrawing from the sides. 


It became white, gooey, weepy and red around edges with tiny blood scabs on the edges.

Once Diane began to see progress with the silver, she knew she was on to something big. 


So she continued the process, periodically, over the next four days.  Here’s what she wrote: 

I put the 25 ppm colloidal silver on a few times, probably 4 times, and could see more progress.  But it irritated the mole a bit. 


So on December 11, I switched to using a commercial product containing colloidal silver and MSM.  (See here.)


The very next day, December 12th, the mole had turned jelly white.”

Diane says she left off using the colloidal silver and MSM drops for several days.  And by the 14th, she noticed the mole was turning “dry and hard, bloody, scabby, shriveled and shrunken-looking.” 

So she started adding the silver and MSM drops on the night of the 14th.  And in morning the mole was “soft and a bit tender,” but it began to itch again when she put more of the silver and MSM drops on it. 


Diane continued using the colloidal silver and MSM drops on the mole, and by the 16th – some eight days from the start of her adventure -- the mole was getting “sore, itchy and weepy” again, so she once more stopped using the drops.


By the 17th the mole was dry again, but still itchy.  So she sprayed some plain, 20 ppm colloidal silver on it to help relieve the itching. 



Finally, by December 18th the mole appeared to be “flat and dry and pink looking.” 


Using her finger she rubbed off the last of the flaky mole surface.  And the itching finally stopped. 




By the 20th of December, the mole was basically gone.  Diane says she was able to stop using the colloidal silver products at that point. 


All that’s was left of the mole was a light spot where it had once been. 


The bottom line is that it took from December 7th to December 20th to be completely rid of the problematic mole. 


Diane tells me she generally only used the silver once per day on the mole. 


Compared to Dan F.’s benign “belly moles” mentioned at the beginning of this article,

Diane’s mole was obviously a pretty tough one. 


And because of the incessant itching she experienced, there was obviously something going on there.  Was it perhaps cancerous?  Or was it a “viral mole” (i.e., a wart that had the appearance of a mole)?  There’s no way to know because no medical tests were performed on it.

What’s clear is that the colloidal silver worked for both Dan F.’s benign “belly moles” and for Diane’s potentially problematic mole as well. 


My Own Experience

I’ll have to admit that I tried this technique on a flat mole on top of my head, which my local dermatologist once informed me had “six of the eight signs of being potentially cancerous.” 


Now, I’m not too worried about his pronouncement, because I’ve had that mole on top of my head for at least three decades.  And it’s never bothered me.  Nor has it ever showed any signs of changing shape, or growing larger, etc. 

But I thought I’d give the colloidal silver treatment a try.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.  Maybe because it was a flat mole, rather than a raised mole.  I just don’t know. 


I tried my own homemade colloidal silver.  I tried a commercial brand.  And I even ordered some of the same brand of colloidal silver plus MSM drops that Diane told me she used on her mole, and tried that for a couple of weeks.  It didn’t work.  There was no change at all in the mole on my head. 

So…clearly silver works on some moles, but not on others.  Which tells me there are different kinds of moles with varying degrees of sensitivity to silver.

More About Moles


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “the vast majority of moles are benign.” says, “It is normal to have between 10-40 moles by adulthood.”


WebMD says, “Moles occur when cells in the skin grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. These cells are called melanocytes, and they make the pigment that gives skin its natural color. Moles may darken after exposure to the sun, during the teenage years, and during pregnancy.”


The Mayo Clinic says moles are “a common type of growth on the skin” that “often appears as a small, dark brown spot caused by clusters of pigmented cells.”  Mayo Clinic also reports, “Most moles are harmless. Rarely, they become cancerous.”

So mole removal is often done more for cosmetic purposes, than health purposes. 


Most authoritative sources say the actual cause of moles (i.e., in other words, what causes the pigmented cells to grow in a cluster on the skin) is unknown. 


Some researchers theorize that moles appearing on the body after birth might be caused by sunlight exposure.  They base this on the notion that moles frequently occur on areas of the skin that tend to get exposed to sunlight (arms, legs, back, neck) but rarely occur on the buttocks. 


However, one website (written by people with no medical credentials) claims “Moles, warts and skin tags are skin infections caused by specific viruses – wart viruses.” 


Of course, medical researchers tend to agree that warts are generally caused by a virus – particularly the Human Papilloma Virus.  But I’ve seen no medical evidence that moles are caused by a virus. 


If some types of moles are indeed caused by a virus, while other types have non-viral causes, that might explain why colloidal silver appears to be helpful against some moles but not against others.  After all, silver is highly antiviral; see the Colloidal Silver Kills Viruses website for documentation.


However, to date there’s no significant medical evidence that moles are caused by a virus like warts.  Nevertheless, long-time colloidal silver researcher Dr. Robert C. Beck, Ph.D. has written in the past that “…some moles and warts vanish when colloidal silver is sprayed on body after bathing.”


To further complicate matters, some warts – including some viral warts -- can look suspiciously similar to moles, which might be a reason why silver seems to work on some “moles” and not others. It turns out that warts, in general, are often more easily eradicated through natural means than moles. 


Finally, since silver ions have repeatedly been demonstrated by medical researchers such as Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. to help stimulate healing of wounds in human tissue, this could be the mechanism through which silver appears to help eradicate some moles, since they’re basically composed of damaged skin tissue.  But even that notion is quite speculative.


The bottom line is that Dan F. and Diane R. were able to get rid of their moles simply by applying colloidal silver to them.  And if you’re minded to do the same, it just *might* work for you, as well.

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Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another great article on colloidal silver….


Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,


Steve Barwick, author
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