The Profound Wound-Healing Properties of Colloidal Silver

by Steve Barwick, author, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

Isn’t it funny how the ancient physicians knew about healing modalities in the “backward” days of old that modern medical science is only recently catching up to?

For example, some 1,940 years ago, in the year 78 A.D., the respected physician known as Pliny the Elder wrote, “Silver slag has healing properties as an ingredient in plasters [bandages], being extremely effective in causing wounds to close up.”

In other words, by treating a wound with silver slag (a byproduct of silver smelting) and then putting a plaster (i.e., a bandage) over it, the wound tends to heal up wondrously.

Flash Forward to Modern Times

Now, flash forward to 2007 to see what modern medical science have finally discovered about the wound-healing properties of silver:

“Published studies of silver nanoparticles on wound healing are sparse, and the mechanism of action remains unknown.

Herein we report that silver nanoparticles can promote wound healing and reduce scar appearance in a dose-dependent manner.

Furthermore, our studies show that silver nanoparticles act by decreasing inflammation through cytokine modulation.

The potential benefits of silver nanoparticles in all wounds can therefore be enormous.”

— Topical Delivery of Silver Nanoparticles Promotes Wound Healing, ChemMedChem 2007, 2, 129 – 136, K. K. Y. Wong et al.

Yes, it took nearly 2,000 years, but modern researchers have finally caught up to the knowledge of Pliny the Elder in 78 A.D., and now acknowledge silver’s profound wound-healing properties, part of which are due to silver’s powerful antimicrobial properties, and part of which are due to its ability to reduce excessive inflammation that generally characterizes serious wounds.

According to the researchers behind the above study, “silver nanoparticles can promote wound healing and reduce scar appearance in a dose-dependent manner.” In other words, the more silver you use on the wound, the faster it heals!

Silver and Wound-Healing: Testimonials

Last week, I wrote about my personal experience using colloidal silver to heal the rather severe surgical wounds on my 15-year old pet German Shepherd, Lady Belle (if you missed it, you can see the article here).

But I’ve received numerous testimonials from people who have used colloidal silver to heal their own wounds, some of which were quite severe.

For example, I recently received the following testimonial from a lady who’d been battling an open, infected wound for a full year before she tried colloidal silver in a gel form. Here’s what she had to say:

“I’ve finally conquered a pseudomonas infection in a wound that I’ve battled for a year. A YEAR.

Been going to Wound Clinic twice a week; they treat and dress a wound that has been resistant to healing. They tried silver dressings (at my request) but said it didn’t make much difference.

But… at the same time they were using so many topical chemicals, ointments, antibiotics, etc. And it would burn for 3 hours after each treatment.

My primary Doc went on vacation a month ago. After a week, I said to HECK with it. And on my own at home when I changed the dressings 5 time a week, I discontinued the chemicals that caused redness and burning, and started using colloidal silver gel. Immediately I noticed NO MORE BURN.

Next, over a few days, all the redness and swelling disappeared. The year-old wound finally started to heal over and slowly shrink. All this time, the substitute Doc didn’t ask me what I was using at home. So…I didn’t fess up.

Today my regular Doc was back, and astonished and happy at my progress!! She asked me what I was using on the wound at home. Gulp. I fessed up and told her about the silver gel.

She thought about it, and said to continue doing what I was doing! I went from a gaping wound that went all around my shin to the back of my leg, to a little quarter sized hole that is on the way to finally closing up. Yay for colloidal silver!

Thank you, Steve, for continuing to get the word out about colloidal silver. Now I’m off to find your article about how to make my own silver gel. https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/f4c/1/16/1f642.png:-)”

[For anyone interested, you can read my article on colloidal silver gels and creams at this link, and my video on how to make your own colloidal silver gel, at this link.]

Here’s another personal anecdotal account about silver and wound-healing that I think you’ll find fascinating:

Wound Caused by Demon Cat from Hell Healed by Colloidal Silver

“DG here. I use the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, and wanted to share my story.  Just a thought:  When relocating a feral cat, wearing welding gloves would be a GOOD idea!! 

Big wild cat problem in the area, so traps are in order. After containing said cat for the local dog catcher for humane removal I let myself get in a not so good position; the cat attacked the back of my hand sinking his teeth to the bone, and my not so flimsy gloves were NO match for such an animal.

The cat proceeded to teach me a lesson that I will not soon forget. The back of my hand was bleeding profusely by the time I got loose, it seemed like an eternity!!

I ran to the kitchen and quickly poured a quart of colloidal silver in a Pyrex bowl and started milking the back of my hand for about 10 minutes, the silver made the wounds very easy to see, The bowl was turning a stunning red, NOT pretty! The blood was an impressive color, my HAND was NOT!! 

I filled a surgical glove with a few ounces of silver and wore it for the rest of the day then let it dry for a few hours and refilled the glove with a few ounces and used some rubber bands around the wrist to keep it from leaking through the night as I slept.

I showed the wounds to my neighbor, a local nurse, and she told me to get to the hospital right away for medical attention and a tetanus shot. I so wish I would have taken pictures for you but that was of low priority at the time.

I showed my nurse friend my hand 3 days later and she could NOT believe how fast it was healing. It’s been a week now and ALL the scratches are gone and just a slight hint of some signs of the deep puncture wounds. 

She still cannot believe the speed I healed myself with no assistance from the medical community and NO adverse side effects. 

I have not told her that I have shown some of the other nurses in the area how to make colloidal silver. They seem to want to keep mum about such things for fear of reprimand? Yet, I have SEEN the Doctors using silver salve and solutions in a skilled nursing facility locally to obtain great results for conditions like bed sores, fistula, etc. Go figger!! Stay well my Friend.” 

Now my friendly nurse/neighbor wants me to show her how to make your micro-particle colloidal silver!!”

— D.G., (Alive and doing well!)

Here’s another first-hand testimonial that’s sure to blow your mind; if it doesn’t, then I’d have to venture to say that your mind just can’t be blown:

Knee Cut to the Bone During Hunting Trip Healed with Colloidal Silver

“I’ve had my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator for at least 5 years. My wife and I use it and haven’t had a cold, flu or sinus infection for the entire time.  We use it on scrapes and cuts, it helps to heal them faster .

…I take my generator with me when I go hunting in Colorado. I make about 5 gallons while I’m there. It all goes home with my friends. 

One of the guys cut his knee to the bone, and his knee and leg swelled up real bad. When we got back to camp, we cleaned up the cut, then soaked a cotton pad with colloid silver, put it on the cut, and wrapped it with a bandage. 

The next morning the swelling was gone, the redness was gone and the cut had started to heal. We replaced the cotton bandage with silver and he went hunting. Two days later when he changed the bandage the cut had healed shut. It saved us a trip off the mountain and a 45 minute trip to the hospital in Gunnerson, Colorado. Thanks to colloidal silver, all the guys were impressed! 

One my friends, who is diabetic, smashed his thumb real bad, 7 or 8 days before he got to hunting camp. It just wouldn’t heal. So we used a cotton pad soaked with colloidal silver, wrapped it up, and the very next day it had started to heal. Three days later it was healed. He takes a gallon home every year now! 

…Anyway we are very happy to be able to have a Micro-Particle-colloidal Silver Generator. I would like to thank the Silver Edge for letting me know about colloidal silver and being able to buy a micro-particle generator. My wife just told me that my niece bought one of the generators. By the way I’m 77 years old. Thanking you…” 

— J.H.K., Maricopa, AZ

And if the above testimonial wasn’t enough to blow your mind, check out this first-hand account:

Saved My Arm From Amputation! 

“In 1963 I had surgery for cancer in my left elbow (due to a previous skiing accident). The doctor saved my elbow but I have had troubles with my arm ever since. 

Five years ago I went to two specialists here at home because the elbow started to disintegrate. One specialist cleaned up debris while the other treated me for ‘chronic infection.’ 

After a year of many visits with the local infection laboratory I was advised that the elbow area was probably not going to improve satisfactorily and that I should consider having the arm removed so as to avoid the dangers of the infection spreading. 

At about this same time I had read about the curing capabilities of colloidal silver, so I requested your kit for producing micro-particle colloidal silver. Silver Edge responded promptly, and within three weeks of taking regular 3-oz doses (one dose each day), my wound stopped draining and began to heal

Today I continue to drink about 2-oz portions per day. I have a hand and wrist that I can use, and I won’t complain about not having an elbow. 

Another wonderful and unexpected bonus I attribute to these four years of colloidal silver treatments is that my eyes have improved greatly over that period. My eye specialist had been preparing me for blindness with some help possible with cornea transplants. 

Now, at age 78yrs., I am clearly more comfortable and happy due to colloidal silver. Yours very truly…” 

— Patricia S., MI

That’s pretty unusual, of course. But then again, others have had similar experiences, such as this lady who claims colloidal silver saved her foot from amputation:

Saved My Foot From Amputation! 

“Micro-particle colloidal silver has been has been very important to me on many occasions, but none more so than this instance: 

Something was growing in my foot, under the left ankle. It was painful, swollen and precluded my wearing most shoes. When I had finished all my tests and biopsy, my orthopedist said I had a cancer. Of course that’s the magic terror word and I was in the hospital ‘toot sweet’ for surgery. 

At the time of this incident, I was staying with my son and daughter-in-law in Michigan and of course they did their best to take care of me. Unfortunately, I developed a Staph infection. 

After months of stays in the hospital, daily two hour intensive I.V. treatments and MUCH pain and suffering, they said my foot needed to come off. I came home to get well by myself or just meet my Maker. 

My little colloidal silver generator, (which I always take with me now) went into action and I started drinking two ounces of silver water four times a day and dousing the still open and draining wound with it. 

In a little over three weeks there was no more draining and the wound started to heal! 

That aftermath of surgery cost me and my insurance company thousands of dollars and I didn’t get well from anything done by the doctors. It was the micro-particle colloidal silver that did the trick! 

Yet still, when I told my doctor the above story, all he could say was how lucky I was that I hadn’t harmed myself. And he looked at me like I was a not a very bright child.” 

— Clara B., Arkansas

And here’s another example of how colloidal silver has been used to help heal a wound, in this case, neutralizing the need for a skin graft:

“Works Miracles Closing and Healing Wounds!”

“The silver water has worked miracles closing and healing any wounds, cuts and nasty abrasions I’ve encountered. In fact one of my doctors who wanted to do a skin graft on a nasty wound I had was amazed that I healed it myself with the silver water in such a short time. He called me ‘phenomenal.’ The silver water has also healed any sore throats or flu that may have been coming on.”

— Dorothy M., Clay, NY

And that’s not the half of it. Here are some shorter yet equally as powerful testimonials on the amazing wound-healing qualities of colloidal silver:

Even More Testimonials

There are many, many more first-hand accounts that demonstrate the almost miraculous healing qualities of colloidal silver when used on wounds. For example:

I have used colloidal silver for myself and my horses, dogs and cats. It has always surpassed the results I was expecting. I was dealing with some awful wounds with the animals and colloidal silver was so incredibly effective with the healing process. I have fibromyalgia and I take silver every day. I feel so much… better. Less fatigue, less pain, more memory and no depression, my irritable bowel syndrome has been helped as well.” — Cindy S.

And another:

“About a month ago, March of 2010 my daughter had got this wound that wasn’t healing. It was like that for four days straight and not making any progress. Finally I told her to put some of the silver water on a band aid, and to put that on her shoulder. The wound finally started healing within 2 days. Now it is fully healed and nothing wrong with it.  — G. Maki, MI

And yet another:

I’m diabetic, which means cuts and scratches in the leg or feet are sometimes difficult to heal. If I get a scratch or a cut on my legs, I rub colloidal silver up and down where the wound is. The silver heals the wound twice as fast. I also use the colloidal silver for athlete’s foot — clears it up immediately.” — Mike T., Challis, ID

And finally, one more:

My daughter and I always grab the colloidal silver for my grandkids every time they get a cut on the playground – – in fact, they will come to us and tell us their boo-boo needs silver on it (ages 5 & 8 – even children know a good thing!)” — N.O., Oklahoma

As you can see, among experienced colloidal silver users one thing almost unanimously agreed upon is how quickly and effectively it helps heal wounds of all kinds, from normal cuts and scratches to even more serious wounds.

Dr. Robert O. Becker’s Experiences with Silver and Wound-Healing

As you’ve seen, silver’s wound-healing properties are nothing new. They were known of in 78 A.D. when Pliny the Elder wrote about them, and they’ve been re-discovered many times, over the long course of history.

Indeed, back in the 1970’s Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., a pioneering surgeon at Syracuse Medical University, made a startling discover after he started using electrically generated silver ions to heal severe cases of osteomyelitis, a bone infection that can open up large wounds in a patient’s flesh.

By generating silver ions directly into open infected wounds through the use of a small, battery operated colloidal silver generator operating at 0.9 volts, he found that not only did the silver effectively kill the infectious microorganisms responsible for the disease, but it also triggered amazing and quite unexpected re-growth of human tissue and bone at the site of the infection.

In other words, Becker discovered that silver caused astonishing cellular repair, resulting in dramatic healing of damaged tissues. Becker became the first modern-day researcher to discover that electrically generated silver ions have the power to not only kill pathogens and heal infections, but also to stimulate tissue and bone re-growth.

Here’s a pertinent quote from his study titled, “Effects of Electrically Generated Silver Ions on Human Cells and Wound Healing,” published in the journal Electro- and Magnetobiology, describing what he discovered when he used small micro-currents of electricity to drive silver ions directly into damaged and infected wounds:

“A standardized technique was evolved using silver nylon fabric placed as the anode in open osteomyelitic lesions with the application of 0.9 volt DC between the fabric and a cathode of carbon-impregnated rubber.

The electrical current was provided by a simply battery-operated DC generator limited to 0.9 volts output. Initial treatments were limited to 4-hour periods twice a day.

As the bacteriologic monitoring revealed useful results and no overt local or systemic side effects were noted, the treatment time was gradually extended to be continuous, with once daily electrode removal and replacement with a new silver nylon anode.

…As the clinical study progressed, improvements in electrical generator design and the silver nylon fabric were made, with a resulting increase in antibacterial effect and the appearance of several unexpected clinical phenomena.

A profuse, sterile exudates began to appear in the wound during the second and fourth day of treatment.

Shortly thereafter it became evident that an enhancement of wound healing was occurring beyond that which could be attributed to infection control. Open cavities began to fill with abundant, healthy granulation tissue, producing rapid coverage of exposed bone surfaces.

This was followed by rapid ingrowth of full thickness, innervated skin and healing of bony non-unions. These observations have been under evaluation since 1979.”

Becker concluded his study by stating:

Exposure of normal human cells in wounds to electrically generated free silver ions results in the production of an exudate containing approximately 10-15% of cells with the same primitive morphological characteristics (as stem cells).

Healing rates in these wounds are significantly accelerated and are accompanied by enhanced healing of bone, soft tissue, nerve and skin, with replacement of missing tissues by histologically normal tissues.”

In other words, tissue damaged by the infection was repaired, and grew back normally, in the presence of the electrically generated silver ions.

In a later study, “Induced Dedifferentiation: A Possible Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cell Transplants,” Becker wrote of his results:

“Induction of local tissue regeneration in humans would best be accomplished if the patient’s own cells at the desired site could be caused to dedifferentiate into the required embryonic stem cells.

A system involving the electric iontophoretic introduction of free silver ions into human wounds for their antibiotic effect has been in clinical use since 1975.

…The technique was found to produce the regeneration of all local tissues, apparently by stimulating dedifferentiation of mature human cells.

…Both silver ion treatment methods used have been shown to be safe and lacking significant side effects.”

In short, Becker proved that even when silver ions were electrically driven straight into damaged tissues, massive healing took place as mature human cells were triggered to become healing stem cells, resulting in the complete regeneration of injured tissue!

Becker continued to carry out his work on using electrically generated silver ions to stimulate wound healing and trigger re-growth of tissue throughout the 1970’s and 80’s.

This work included the development of astonishing new methods using electrically generated silver ions to trigger the re-growth of tissues, limbs and even organs in living creatures such as rats.

Becker later published two books documenting his amazing research, including his successes using electrically generated silver ions to heal wounds and re-grow tissues and bone, as well as his research into limb and organ regeneration.

The first book, titled The Body Electric, became a national bestseller in the 1980’s, as did his second book, Cross Currents.

Both books are highly recommended for anyone wanting to know more about the astonishing regenerative capabilities of electrically generated silver ions in regards to tissue growth and wound healing.

Another Becker Success Story With Silver

In another case, Dr. Becker was astonished when he attempted to use electrically generated silver ions to heal the infection in a patient’s horrifically infected leg bone and gaping tissue wound.

He had expected the infected bone to recede as the microbes were killed by the electrically generated silver ions.

Instead, he discovered that not only were all of the pathogens killed, but brand new tissue and new bone began to grow in, creating a strong union in the bone where previously there had been none.

As Dr. Becker later recounted:

“…I debrided the wound, removing the dead tissue and all grossly infected or dead bone. There wasn’t much left afterward. It was an enormous excavation running almost from his knee to his ankle.

In the operating room we soaked a big piece of silver nylon in saline solution and laid it over the wound…wrapped the leg, and connected the battery unit. By the end of the week…all of our bacterial cultures were sterile.

The soft healing tissue, called granulation tissue, was spreading out and covering the bone. In two weeks, the whole base of the wound, which had over eight square inches of raw bone, was covered by this friendly pink carpet. The skin was beginning to grow in too, so we could forget about the grafts we thought we’d need to do…

…I decided to take an X-ray to see how much bone he’d lost…I could hardly believe the picture. There was clearly some bone re-growth!

I removed the cast, felt the leg, and found that the pieces were all stuck together. The patient watched, and when I was done he lifted his leg into the air triumphantly. I’d never so much enjoyed being wrong.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Becker’s work in the 1970’s and 1980’s was largely ignored for many years. Indeed, his grant to continue his work was cancelled. And Becker had to write his two books in order to document his findings for history.

But as word of his work slowly spread over the years, thanks largely to his two best-selling books, other researchers became interested and began studying silver’s effectiveness on healing wounds, as well.

This ultimately led to the development of silver-impregnated bandages — a modern-day version of Pliny the Elder’s silver “plasters” from 78 A.D. Silver-impregnated bandages are now widely used in hospital surgical wards throughout the world.

What Other Experts Say…

Many experts now acknowledge the profound wound-healing benefits of colloidal silver. Here are quotes from just a few:

“In the United States, colloidal silver is not approved for medical use. Companies that sell colloidal silver or the equipment to make it are forbidden by the FDA to tell their customers about colloidal silver’s healing properties.

Interestingly, this has not stopped major pharmaceutical companies from producing other silver products that are approved for medical purposes.

These products include silver gels, for cuts, burns and wounds (silver sulfadiazine cream, a compound, is extensively used); silver coated bandages, widely and successfully used in hospital burn units; and various silver compounds, for other purposes.

The existence of these products makes it difficult for government agencies to deny the health benefits of silver any longer.”

— Nenah Sylver, Ph.D, The Rife Handbook – Chapter 3 excerpt, “Colloidal Silver”

“Today, colloidal silver is widely used in British hospitals, especially in intensive care where it is used in bandages to treat burns and infected wounds. As a UK-based company, we are happy to support British medical science that permits the use of this non-toxic alternative to common antibiotics.”

— Julie Gabriel, author of The Green Beauty Guide

“While silver and its compounds have been medically used for thousands of years, the recent research focus on this element has led to a resurgence in interest, particularly in the field of wound care product development.

…There is now a rationale for the judicious use of suitable topical antisepsis in certain colonized, critically colonized, and infected wounds. The increasing evidence available on products containing silver suggests that this element can fulfill a valuable role in wound care.

This review of the history of silver as an antibacterial covers the mode of action of preparations containing silver and concludes with a focus on silver as a component of the modern wound management products: Arglaes, Acticoat, Actisorb Silver 220 and Avance.”

— Richard J. White, British Journal of Community Nursing, Vol. 6, Iss. 8 (Silver Suppl 1), 03 Aug 2001, pp 3-8

“…Silver also has played an important role in the development of radiology and in improving wound healing…Silver was the most important antimicrobial agent available before the introduction of antibiotics.

Historically, silver has been a major therapeutic agent in medicine, especially in infectious disease, including surgical infections. Its risk:benefit ratio is advantageous.”

— Alexander J.W., Department of Surgery, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0558, USA, Surg Infect (Larchmt). 2009 Jun;10(3):289-92.

Ionic silver is also a powerful tissue-healing agent, so much so that it has been used topically for decades in burn centers and currently represents one of the fastest growing sectors – if not the fastest growing sector – in wound care today.”

— Herbert Slavin, M.D., founder and director of the Institute of Advanced Medicine, Lauderhill, Florida

As you can see, the experts agree that silver’s wound-healing properties are often astonishing. Best yet, research has documented the fact that silver is as safe as it is effective!

Learn More About Silver’s Dramatic Wound-Healing Properties

Here are a few very interesting articles, studies and white papers you might want to glance through if you’d like to learn more about silver’s profound wound-healing properties:

As you can see, there are tons of uses for colloidal silver with pets. The list is almost too long to enumerate. And the savings in veterinarian bills can be staggering.

C:\Users\Barwick\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\44373021_s.jpgImportant Addendum: Where to Find Colloidal Silver

If you’re brand new to colloidal silver usage and are wondering where to buy it, it’s important to know that you can find it in just about any well-stocked health food store in America.  It’s also available on Amazon and numerous other websites.

But it can be extremely expensive. In fact, because colloidal silver works so well against numerous forms of infection and disease, it has the highest price mark-up of any nutritional supplement in existence.

The amount of actual silver in a four-ounce bottle of colloidal silver is about five to 12 cents worth.  (Yes, I said five to twelve cents.)

Yet because that small amount of silver is all it takes to decimate so many different kinds of infections, the manufacturers mark it up about 16,000%, charging a whopping $20 or $30 per bottle.

What’s more, manufacturers promoting the latest faddish colloidal silver product often charge far more per bottle – sometimes $35 to $50 for a tiny four-ounce bottle.

And people are more than willing to pay through the nose for these commercial colloidal silver products at health food stores because colloidal silver does indeed heal infections and prevent the spread of germs and disease faster and better than any other natural supplement on the planet!

So, commercially speaking, the retail price of colloidal silver at health food stores reflects its value to the consumer far more so than its true cost to produce. But here’s the good news:

MPG TRANSPARENT BY STEVE.jpgMake Your Own High-Quality
Colloidal Silver for Pennies!

As I mentioned, typical health food store prices for colloidal silver can range from $20 to $30 for a tiny, four-ounce bottle.

But with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you can make your own safe, pure, high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for about 36 cents a quart!  In other words, you can make it at actual cost, just like the big colloidal silver bottlers do.

Compared to typical health food store prices, your first two one-quart batches literally pay for the entire cost of your new generator!  Do you know of any other health product that literally pays for itself the very first few times you use it? The savings are absolutely astonishing!

In fact, by making your own high-quality colloidal silver with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you’ll be as close to having FREE colloidal silver as you can get, and for the rest of your life!

You’ll never have to pay those exorbitant health food store prices again!

The new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator is now the world’s #1 best-selling colloidal silver generator. Here are just a few reasons why you should own one…

  • It pays for itself after your very first batch or two — your total cost to make your first one-quart batch is about 36 cents, compared to the $240 you’d pay at a health food store if you bought an equivalent amount (i.e., eight of those little 4-ounce bottles they normally sell for $30 apiece)!
  • Safe, simple to operate…No special skills needed…You just set the handy timer, plug it in, walk away, and three hours later you have a perfect batch of therapeutic quality micro-particle colloidal silver…every time!  Here’s a short pictorial demonstrating how astonishingly easy it is to use a new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge:

Step 1 with caption.PNG

Step 2 with caption.PNG
Step 3 with caption.PNG
Step 4 with caption.PNG

  • Produces uncommonly small silver micro-particles as low as .8 nm. That’s a fraction of a single nanometer. Compare that to health food store colloidal silver which can contain silver particles as large as 200 nm to 1,000 nm (or even larger), and you’ll see why micro-particle colloidal silver is the very best there is!  Smaller particles mean your body can absorb and utilize up to 99% of the colloidal silver you take, compared to maybe 30% or 40% with many health food store brands!
  • Runs on standard household electricity, but uses less power than a tiny Christmas tree bulb – you won’t even see a blip on your electric bill!
  • Produces uniform, crystal clear batches every single time that store for months, or even years, without losing potency!
  • Cannot produce silver chloride or unsafe substances – you get pure, therapeutic-quality micro-particle colloidal silver every time!

Just read through some of the testimonials below to see for yourself how you’ll save literally thousands of dollars per year by making your own colloidal silver with your brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge!

Customer Testimonials

Here’s what one customer recently wrote to tell us:

https://thesilveredge.com/are-low-silver-levels-in-food-and-water-making-you-sick_files/image019.jpg“Owning a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge has given us the luxury of being able to use high-quality colloidal silver any time we need it.  And we never have to worry about the costs because it only costs a few pennies per quart to make!  It is without a doubt the single-best money-saving appliance in my entire house!

Best of all, the machine is very easy to use, and easy to store. I was concerned about ease-of-use, but my fears were unfounded. After I got mine and used it, I immediately bought one and sent it to my 83 year old mom, and she uses it regularly as well.

Now that I have a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, I can use colloidal silver for everything — disinfecting the kitchen sinks, countertops, and the cutting board… spraying the toilet bowls, and the bathroom countertops and sinks… spraying it on my toothbrush to prevent bacterial growth…rinsing my mouth with it to prevent cavities and gum disease…you name it.

I even put it in the laundry rinse cycle when I do my linens, towels and kitchen rags, so I don’t have to wash them as frequently. It really keeps them fresh, and there’s never any mold or mildew anywhere in our house.

I also put some in the cat’s water bowl each day, and the dog’s too.  We use it in the bathtub for skin problems.  And of course we drink it when our tummies are queasy, or when we feel a cold or flu coming on.  We also gargle with it in order to get rid of sore throats, and sniff it up our noses to get rid of sinus problems.

My husband even sprays it on his hair in the mornings, and has completely eliminated his lifelong dandruff problem.  And he sprays a little bit in his eyes from time to time, and now has no more recurrent problems with sties.”

— K. Sullivan, NM

And here’s what another happy customer wrote to say about the tremendous savings she’s achieved by no longer having to purchase her colloidal silver through health food stores:

pexels-photo-254069 marie wilkey clone.jpeg“We make a quart of colloidal silver at least once a week with the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from the Silver Edge. I finally sat down and figured out how much this machine has been saving us. By making our own colloidal silver we’ve saved $11,503.20 this year alone, compared to the cost of colloidal silver at our local health food store.

The cost for colloidal silver at our local health food store is $30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle. But with my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, I can make eight times that amount (i.e., a full quart) for about 35 cents total cost.

If I were to purchase a quart of colloidal silver at the health food store, which would be eight of those tiny, four-ounce bottles, the cost would be a whopping $240 (i.e., 8 x $30 = $240) compared to the 35 cents I now spend to make a full quart!

Here’s the breakdown of our costs to make a full quart of colloidal silver with our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator: It costs us about a dollar for a gallon of steam-distilled water at Walmart. So a quart of the steam-distilled water costs about 25 cents. And I estimate we use maybe a nickel’s worth of electricity and maybe another nickel’s worth of silver from the silver rods for every one-quart batch of colloidal silver we make. So that’s 35 cents a quart, all told, for each quart of micro-particle colloidal silver we make!

And frankly, considering how long the .999 fine silver rods have lasted (over a year and a half, so far, for the most recent set), I think it’s probably even cheaper than that. But it’s the lifetime savings we’ve experienced that’s just mind-boggling to me.

For example, we’ve had our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver unit for nearly five years now. And as I mentioned we make one quart per week, and we spend about 35 cents a week on making colloidal silver.

This means we save about $239.65 a week by not having to purchase a quart’s worth of colloidal silver at our local health food store.  So do the math: In just one month, the savings is $958.60…in one year, the savings is $11,503.20…and in five years we’ve saved approximately $57,516.00!

When you put pencil to paper and figure it out, it definitely takes you by surprise. You just think ‘No way. I must have multiplied that wrong.’

But it’s true. The savings is legitimately well over $11,000 a year over health food store prices for colloidal silver, if you make and use a quart of colloidal silver a week like we do!  And we reap that incredible savings from the very reasonable $250 investment we made in purchasing our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator.

In their advertising literature, The Silver Edge says the unit completely pays for itself after your first couple of one-quart batches. But really, that’s quite an understatement when you realize the true extent of your savings!

Of course, once you start making your own colloidal silver with a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you don’t really think about how much you’re saving compared to health food store prices, because it just becomes a normal part of your everyday life. But the savings is nevertheless astonishing when you reflect on it.

What’s especially nice is being able to produce a significantly higher-quality colloidal silver than what’s generally available to the public through health food stores, especially at such a tiny, tiny fraction of the cost.”

— Marie Wilkey, SC

The Bottom Line…

With a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you’ll never again have to pay exorbitant health food store or internet vendor prices for high-quality colloidal silver!

Indeed, your first batch or two will indeed completely pay for the entire cost of your generator, compared to health food store prices!

What’s more, you’ll be able to give colloidal silver away FREE to family members, friends and neighbors, because you’ll be making it — literally — for only a few pennies per batch!

Simply click on this link to learn more about this phenomenal new breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology, including our current, time-limited, money-saving offers that can save you up to $100 if you act quickly and decisively!

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,


Steve Barwick, author

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

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