Colloidal Silver, Rational Environmentalism and Radical Environmentalism

Why colloidal silver and other silver-based antimicrobial products will sooner or later be regulated by the EPA as “environmental toxins”…

A member of the Colloidal Silver Secrets Community on Facebook recently posted a question, asking what the difference is between the EPA and the anti-silver environmentalists I so frequently write about.

Since the EPA and the radical environmentalists are joined at the hips in an incestuous relationship that could ultimately spell doom for colloidal silver and other silver-based consumer products, I thought readers of this ezine might be interested in reading my reply.

Rational Environmentalists
v/s Radical Environmentalists

The EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency. They are a federal government agency commissioned, essentially, to regulate pollution and toxins and protect the environment from being harmed.

Environmentalists, on the other hand, are (generally speaking) well-meaning people who believe we should each live our lives in such a way that we don’t destroy the very environment we depend upon for our existence and sustenance.

However, environmentalists range from what I call the RATIONAL to the RADICAL. I’m always careful to distinguish between the two, since I consider myself a rational environmentalist.

For example, rational environmentalists want people to voluntarily do things like:

  • plant more trees
  • recycle aluminum cans and plastic beverage bottles
  • garden, and mulch your food scraps rather than discard them
  • buy energy-efficient appliances wherever possible
  • put insulation around your home water heater so it doesn’t use so much electricity or gas
  • separate your trash into different categories so it can be more efficiently disposed of

On the other hand, radical environmentalists are all about raw force and power. They want to hyper-regulate and micro-manage every aspect of your daily life with rules and regulations, including rules for what temperature you can put your thermometer on at home…

…how much electricity or gas you can use each month in your home, how far you can drive each day (i.e., fuel consumption), how much trash you can put in your dumpster each week, even how much toilet paper you can use when you wipe your rectum.

The radical environmentalists are all about control.

What’s more, they’re heavily agenda-driven. And much of their agenda is based upon the needs of whichever corporations they’re receiving the largest grants and donations from.

In other words, they cry about the environment, but they are in reality front men for whoever is paying them the most money.

These are the environmentalists who scream to high heaven about the “toxicity” of antimicrobial silver, and rail against its use in consumer products such as colloidal silver, or toothbrushes, computer keyboards, kitchen contact surfaces, clothing, etc.

They claim – with no convincing evidence whatsoever – that the use of antimicrobial silver will eventually destroy the environment (even though the silver comes from the environment in the first place, which they never bother to mention).

Radical Environmentalism
And the Colloidal Silver Wars

Radical environmentalists are very politically oriented, and frequently work hand-in-hand with the EPA to get regulatory policies adopted that are consistent with their own agenda.

In 2009, for example, a consortium of these radical environmentalists petitioned the EPA to pull products containing silver nanoparticles — including colloidal silver – from the market until they could be studied to determine if they posed a threat to the environment.

They claimed silver is a dangerous “pesticide” that might harm “ecologically sensitive microorganisms” if enough of it “escaped into the environment” from commercial products.

The EPA asked for public comments before making a decision.

So, while the radical environmentalists rallied their followers to send comments to the EPA questioning the environmental safety of silver-based consumer products –

– I rallied colloidal silver users from around the country and we bombarded the EPA with emails, letters and phone calls telling the environmental bureaucrats to keep their hands off colloidal silver.

This took the EPA and the radical anti-silver environmentalists completely by surprise! They thought their plan to have silver-based products pulled from the market was a slam-dunk sure thing.

In fact, they were so sure of victory, they had attached an appendix to their petition to the EPA, naming 300 silver-based products – including the top five brands of colloidal silver – as products needing to be pulled from the market immediately.

For a running account of this battle against the radical environmentalist groups seeking to convince the EPA to regulate antimicrobial silver as a “pesticide,” see my following ezine articles from 2009 and early 2010:

Switching Tactics

Seeing they were losing the battle to push the EPA to hyper-regulate antimicrobial silver in commercial products using the “pesticide” angle, the radical environmentalists switched tactics.

They’re now waging an ongoing public relations campaign designed to scare the bejabbers out of the American public. They want the public to believe silver is a “dangerous toxin” that threatens to destroy the environment, including plants, animals and yes, even people.

And they’re working tirelessly to drum up public pressure on the EPA to institute strict regulations against the use of antimicrobial silver in commercial products, in order to “save the environment.”

First they issued a “white paper” calling for an outright ban on colloidal silver and all silver-based products, claiming silver will harm children. You can see my article exposing the fraudulent nature of their claims here.

Then they began having their environmentalist cronies in the news media print articles decrying silver as a “dangerous environmental toxin.”

And they’ve cajoled environmentalist researchers at several universities into doing laboratory studies attempting to “prove” antimicrobial silver is somehow “toxic” to the environment.

Over the months since they’ve undertaken this new tactic, I’ve worked relentlessly to expose these planted media reports and agenda-driven laboratory studies as junk science and rank sensationalism.

You can read some of my articles exposing the anti-silver agenda of the radical environmentalists, here:

Threats and Rank Sensationalism

The radical environmentalists even threatened a fellow natural health journalist for exposing the millions of dollars in grant money they had been taking from Big Pharma before trying to have silver-based antimicrobial products regulated as dangerous “pesticides” and “toxins.” You can see my article about this blatant threat, here.

And now the radical environmentalists are actually claiming that earth is DOOMED because of the use of silver in commercial products like silver-impregnated stockings that help prevent stinky feet.

I’m not kidding you. That’s the mentality we’re dealing with.

The radical environmentalists are using the worse kind of hyperbolic sensationalism in order to scare the public into thinking silver is a threat to man and his environment. You can read my article exposing their false claims of an impending environmental apocalypse here.

EPA Holds Hearings on
The Use of Antimicrobial Silver

By using these over-the-top tactics, the radical environmentalists have convinced the EPA to continue holding hearings on the growing use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products, and to develop stringent new regulations limiting the use of silver in all consumer products.

The EPA now appears to be leaning toward the radical environmentalist position against the use of silver in consumer products, even though pro-silver groups like the Silver Nanotechnology Working Group (SNWG) have been attending these meetings and vying earnestly to put the true facts about silver and its safety in front of the EPA panel. You can read my latest article on this, here.

Naturally, the EPA, being a government bureaucracy, leans more toward the radical environmentalist position, because it will give them more regulatory power over business and industry, and over what consumers can and can’t buy in regards to silver-based products.

You’ve never known a government bureaucracy to turn down more power and authority, have you? After all, government bureaucracies are all about empire-building. So I certainly don’t expect them to listen to reason in this case, either. They are simply acting true to kind.

So far, the EPA hearings have pretty much been stacked with the agenda of the radical environmentalists.

And in my humble opinion, it is only a matter of time before anti-silver regulations demanded by the radical environmentalists will be adopted by the EPA. Perhaps slowly at first. But they will be adopted.

Continuing to Expose the Anti-Silver
Agenda Of the Radical Environmentalists

Colloidal silver is probably responsible for more healings of serious illnesses and more saved lives than any other natural remedy in existence. That’s why I continue to take a bold stand on its behalf.

I’ll continue to do my part to expose the deceptive and sensationalistic nature of the anti-silver agenda of the radical environmentalists. And I hope you’ll help too, by passing along these posts to others as I write them.

In an upcoming blog post starting late next week, I’ll expose how the radical environmentalists are even opposing the commercial use of potentially life-saving products like silver-impregnated butcher paper.

Yes, they claim the antimicrobial paper will clog up waste disposal sites, and the silver will leach into the environment and harm sensitive microbes!

Of course, silver-impregnated butcher paper – a recent invention – would dramatically cut down on food-borne illness and disease, saving literally hundreds of thousands of human lives each year and eliminating billions of dollars in health care costs in this country alone.

It appears the radical environmentalists don’t care in the least about saving human lives or eliminating billions of dollars in health care costs. Apparently, they think of man as a worthless blight on this planet, and the more of us that die of food-borne illness and disease, the better.

I simply cannot fathom how they can call themselves “environmentalists” and in the same breath oppose such a simple and profoundly effective solution to the growing problem of bacterially contaminated food – especially since the deadly MRSA pathogen has now been found in the U.S. meat supply.

But…they are indeed opposing this safe natural innovation that could literally change the world almost overnight. Be sure to watch for my blog post on this topic over the next few weeks.

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