Q&A: Can Drinking Colloidal Silver Deplete Copper Levels in Your Body?

Close up thirsty beautiful middle aged woman drinking colloidal silver - Q&A: Can Drinking Colloidal Silver Deplete Copper Levels in Your Body?Have you seen the medical report posted recently in the Colloidal Silver Secrets Community on Facebook about a woman whose colloidal silver usage was linked by her doctors to severely depleted copper levels?

I wanted to find out the real scoop because obviously if true, this could be of great concern to all users of colloidal silver.

So I did what I always do…I investigated.

Below, you’ll read the real story about this medical report, and find out exactly what I discovered…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

A member of the Colloidal Silver Secrets Community on FB posted a link to a medical report in which a woman who had been using colloidal silver was found to have excessively low copper levels that were causing her some serious health issues.

Her doctors had speculated that her daily colloidal silver usage was the cause of the depleted copper levels and subsequent serious health problems she was experiencing.

The person who posted the link to this medical report asked, “Is it true that colloidal silver can deplete copper levels in the body?”

Well, the answer is both yes, and no. And as per usual, it all boils down to one thing: dosage.

According to the researchers who wrote the medical report, the lady being examined had a blood concentration of silver that was approximately 1,000-fold higher than normal, clearly indicating she had been drinking ungodly amounts of colloidal silver on a regular basis.

The write-up says she was drinking 15 ounces per day for eight months, whereas a normal daily dose is 1 ounce per day (unless fighting an active infection, then it’s more per day for short periods, depending on the illness. For more info on safe dosages see the Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report).

So, she was taking 15x the normal daily amount, for eight months. And that doesn’t even take into account the concentration she was drinking. We don’t know if the concentration she used was a typical 10 ppm solution, or 50 ppm, or 100 ppm, or 500 ppm or 1,000 ppm. The bottom line is that she could easily have been taking 20, 30 or even 40 or more times the normal daily dosage, once the concentration she used is factored in.

Could this excessive daily colloidal silver intake for eight months straight have lowered her copper levels? It’s hard to say, because so many things we ingest can lower copper levels. I’ll reveal some of them, in just a moment.

It’s important to note that normally, in nature, copper displaces silver, not vice-versa. According to Wiley, the online medical library, “Silver is less reactive than that of copper and cannot displace copper from its solution.”

However, there’s a single medical report demonstrating that “multiple intravenous colloidal silver infusions may cause severe illness, including profound copper deficiency-induced anemia and hepatic toxicity.”

The researchers wrote in that report, “there appears to be no significant excretory pathway for colloidal silver administered intravenously, and a severe and unusual form of persistent anemia and some degree of neutropenia is a consequence.”

In other words, it’s the “multiple intravenous injections” of colloidal silver that caused the problems. (Silver has to be made into an isotonic solution, in order to be infused safely into the bloodstream.)

Why did these “multiple intravenous colloidal silver infusions” cause a copper deficiency?

The researchers speculate that so many intravenous infusions of colloidal silver were given to the patient, that it “triggered the excessive production of metallothionein-like proteins…which bind copper.”

Well, actually, metallothionein binds silver, too. And zinc. And other metallic ions.

Indeed, metallothionein is used as part of the body’s normal process of binding to and successfully escorting orally-ingested colloidal silver through the harsh environment of the gastrointestinal tract, and into the bloodstream and then back out of the body through the normal channels of elimination.

But if the folks taking the colloidal silver injections already had low copper levels (Dr. Mercola says most folks do not have high enough levels of copper in their bodies, these days), and then started taking the colloidal silver intravenously, the silver would have triggered the body’s release of metalloproteins, such as metallothionein, to act as escorts for the excessive levels of silver. And the metalloproteins could have ended up binding not just the silver but the already-low levels of copper in the body, turning the situation into a copper deficiency.

But it’s important to understand that other commonly ingested substances can also cause a copper deficiency. Not just intravenous colloidal silver injections. For example:

  • According to MountSinai.org, “Zinc reduces the amount of copper your body absorbs, and high doses of zinc can cause a copper deficiency.” They also state, “High dietary intakes of zinc can interfere with copper absorption, lowering copper levels, and excessive use of zinc supplements can lead to copper deficiency.”
  • According to PubMed, “Ascorbic acid [aka vitamin C — ED] is known to inhibit the absorption of copper” leading to copper deficiencies.
  • And in another study, researchers found that magnesium and selenium dietary supplementation resulted in “increased apparent fecal losses of copper.” In other words, magnesium and selenium caused the body to lose more copper than usual, through bowel movements.
  • According to PubMed, copper absorption can be affected by “supplemental calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium and potassium.” The researchers behind this paper say calcium and potassium supplements actually help the body retain copper. But the other minerals lowered copper levels, except for manganese which had no effect on copper levels.

So, there are a lot of substances – even quite healthful ones – that can displace copper in the body, and cause a copper deficiency.

Back to the original medical report about the lady who ingested 15 ounces of colloidal silver per day for eight months and developed a copper deficiency:

The same thing could have happened to her, as happened with the folks in the other study who had been given “multiple colloidal silver intravenous infusions.”

You see, if the excessive oral daily silver intake started causing the lady’s body to produce lots of metalloproteins to deal with the overly-high silver levels, then some of those metalloproteins could have bonded to her body’s store of copper (since metalloproteins bind other metal ions than silver) and gradually lowered it until it became a deficiency.

The good news is that copper deficiencies are generally easy to fix – you simply take a copper supplement, or take a daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that includes 2 to 5 mg of copper!

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Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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