Is Big Pharma Funding the Radical Anti-Silver Environmentalist Groups?

At least one reader feels I’m not doing a very good job of exposing the idea that Big Pharma is manipulating or even orchestrating the radical environmental groups that have been attacking antimicrobial silver. I’ll let you decide…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

After publication of my latest article, “How Many Scare Tactics and Lies About Antimicrobial Nanosilver Can Friends of the Earth Cram Into a Single Email?” (see article here) several readers wrote to politely chastise me.

One felt that my article was too long and laborious to read, and that I needed to give a short series of “action steps” instead of so many details.

I wrote back explaining that the time to take action was long past…

…that I’d written many, many articles since late 2008 urging colloidal silver users to act against the egregious tactics of the radical environmentalists who have been trying to force the EPA to restrict the public’s access to silver-based products…

…and in those articles I’ve provided a number of “action steps” that could be taken, particularly when public comments on the matter were being requested by the EPA.

Finally, I explained that there’s not much left to do now but sit back and wait as the EPA wrangles over new regulations for products containing antimicrobial silver.

Will the new regulations affect the sale of safe, natural colloidal silver?

We simply don’t know yet, because the EPA and the radical environmentalist groups behind the drive to regulate silver as a “pesticide” have become very tight-lipped about it…

…ever since they got their hands slapped by colloidal silver users during the initial stages of the campaign to force the EPA to regulate silver-based products as “pesticides.”

My best guess at the moment is that the EPA will implement new rules and regulations regarding the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products such as computer keyboards, kitchen cutting boards, toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps, etc. But I’m betting they’ll initially leave colloidal silver out of the fray.

However, after the regulations have been set in stone, I have little doubt the radical environmentalists will start pushing the EPA to include over-the-counter colloidal silver products in their regulations, in accord with the Friends of the Earth White Paper that recommended all colloidal silver products be either banned, or regulated as “drugs.”

Big Pharma’s Influence

Another reader felt I have failed to drive home the contention that the radical environmental groups behind the campaign to regulate silver-based products are being orchestrated by Big Pharma.

Here’s my response to that charge…

Back in early 2009 I wrote an article voicing my strong suspicions that Big Pharma might be funding the radical environmental groups that were working so hard to remove all products containing antimicrobial silver – including colloidal silver – from the marketplace:

“The environmental groups behind the petition to regulate silver particles as ‘pesticides’ get the bulk of their funding, to the tune of millions of dollars a year, from donations from corporate and individual sponsors, as well as from government grants.

My best guess is that Big Pharma is funding these groups through one or more surreptitious pathways to pursue this avenue of silver regulation.

After all, who stands to benefit more than Big Pharma from restricting silver’s availability to the general public?”

I later published an article by intrepid natural health journalist Tony Isaacs, who exposed how Big Pharma appeared to be using its charitable foundations to fund the radical environmentalists.

In the preface to that article, I wrote:

“Boy did we hit the nail on the head. It now appears that at least two big drug companies – Merck and Pfiizer – have for many years been using charitable foundations to pour tens of thousands of dollars…

…and in some cases even millions of dollars worth of funding into some of the very environmental groups now actively engaged in promoting the petition to have ‘nano-silver’ products regulated as ‘pesticides’.”

Tony’s article, which you can read at the link above, went on to expose exactly how the radical anti-silver environmentalists were being funded to the tune of millions of dollars in some cases, by certain charitable foundations associated with Big Pharma.

Finally, in October of 2009 I wrote an article about the lawsuit threat received by natural health journalist Tony Isaacs for exposing the links between the radical environmentalists and Big Pharma’s charitable foundations.

Here’s an excerpt from my lead to that article:

“In a recent twist in the battle between environmental groups and colloidal silver users, a spokesman for the International Center for Technology Assessment (ICTA) has not-so-subtly threatened to sue investigative reporter Tony Isaacs over his articles…

…in which he reported finding funding links between charitable foundations associated with major drug companies such as Merck and Pfizer, and environmental groups directly associated with the petition to force the EPA to regulate silver-based products, including some of the leading brands of colloidal silver.”

Since that time, I’ve referenced and linked to these articles on numerous occasions.

Nevertheless, at least one reader feels I’m not doing a good enough job of hammering home the idea that Big Pharma appears to be orchestrating the environmentalist campaign to have antimicrobial silver more stringently regulated by the EPA.

Indeed, one well-known colloidal silver manufacturer has repeatedly written me, politely chastising me for failing to do a good enough job of exposing what he believes to be the manipulation of environmental groups by Big Pharma in a quest to censor and heavily regulate silver-based products.

Here’s his most recent email, which I received after posting my latest article titled “How Many Scare Tactics and Lies About Antimicrobial Nanosilver Can Friends of the Earth Cram Into a Single Email?”:

“Hi Steve,

Another superbly written and very passionate piece you’ve written here.

And another well-intended, equally passionate suggestion from me. This time it’s very concise and to the point:

I wish to God your pieces on this subject all focused heavily on the core – CORE – issue behind all this, which is that big pharma is funding and orchestrating all of this and using the environmental groups as their front men…

…and the reason for this drive is solely to keep the “information flow” censored about the far-reaching antimicrobial benefits of silver…

…because that information allows colloidal/ionic silver manufacturers (and consumers who make it themselves) to compete with the multi-billion-dollar antibiotic industry.

It could readily get out of control with more information flow and cost them billions of dollars, with a big B.


THAT is what this is all about, and that’s what you should be saying from the rooftops in these pieces.

Everything else you’re saying is also of course vital and priceless.

BUT it still seems like “maybe” they’re right and “maybe” you’re just disgruntled for competitive reasons (some people think environmental groups are generally genuine, man)…

…UNTIL you shine the spotlight on that one core bottom-line fact, at which point it all falls right into place!

People then understand that the money that the environmental groups are taking from big pharma has a direct motivation and thus clearly a direct tainting effect on those groups.

They understand that the cries from the environmental groups should now, therefore, suddenly be taken with an enormous grain of salt for that reason alone (without having to digest, research, and make judgments about all the other phenomenal supportive things you point out, or, better yet, in addition to it).

And, they see by virtue of understanding that core issue that, indeed, it is the very benefits that silver provides that is so incredibly threatening to big pharma in the first place…

…hence their elaborately orchestrated campaign to ultimately do one thing and that is censor what was becoming an out-of-control flow of information enlightening the public about the antimicrobial benefits of silver.

Your articles on this subject should have ten times the impact with that core issue spelled out clearly and repeatedly.

I hope that resonates this time.


– Name withheld”

Have I Failed to Cover All of the Bases?

Well, there you have it.

I’m not particularly convinced I’ve done a bad job reporting on the craziness being perpetrated by radical environmental groups who’ve been working overtime to push the EPA to more stringently regulate commercial products that incorporate antimicrobial silver into their makeup.

And frankly, I don’t see anyone else out there writing the number of articles I’ve written on this subject.

Furthermore, I believe there’s much more to the story than the glaring likelihood that these environmental groups are being manipulated, orchestrated or otherwise influenced by Big Pharma.

For example, I believe it’s important to cover the numerous lies the environmentalist groups have told…

…the unbelievable levels of sensationalism they’ve engaged in…

…the dirty tricks they’ve pulled…

…the two-faced way they’ve operated…

…the ridiculous scare tactics they’ve engaged in…

…the poorly constructed studies they’ve touted…

…and much more.

Each of these topics are, in my opinion, vital parts of the story that need to be told.

Here are just a few of the articles I’ve written since the radical environmentalist groups first unleashed their campaign against antimicrobial silver in late 2008:

In the future, I’ll continue to do my part and cover this evolving story with the attention to detail I feel it deserves.

And I’ll continue to voice my opinion on the idea that the radical environmentalists are – wittingly or unwittingly – doing the work of Big Pharma in their attempts to restrict access to antimicrobial silver…

and that integrating antimicrobial silver into commercial products is in my opinion the ONLY sure-fire answer to the growing infectious disease crisis faced by this nation as well as the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, Big Pharma views antimicrobial silver as the #1 competition to their failing prescription antibiotic drugs.

And as we all know, they’ve worked diligently to prevent the public from learning more about the many healing benefits of antimicrobial silver.

So for that reason alone I’ll continue to write about colloidal silver…

…and the many phenomenal infection-fighting benefits of antimicrobial silver in general…

…as well as the radical environmentalist crusade to prevent the general public from having access to commercial products that utilize antimicrobial silver…

…and the ongoing battle to prevent the people from learning more about the many healing and protective benefits of colloidal silver.

I know I can’t please everyone. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. But I’ll do the very best I can.

And hopefully in the meantime, rather than merely criticize, others might step in and pick up the slack where they feel I fall short.

So until the next issue, I remain…

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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Steve Barwick, author
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