How a Flesh-Eating Bacteria that Nearly Triggered the Amputation of My Wife’s Toes Brought About a Powerful Healing Discovery that Will Change Your Life — and Your Health — for the Better…Forever!

Thanks to a very serious and rare infection that nearly triggered the amputation of my wife Kathy’s pretty toes…

you can now produce all of the high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver you’ll ever need — for less than 36 cents a quart — with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator!

Here’s how you can be a healthy, happy money-saving beneficiary of our incredible life-changing experience with a dangerous, flesh-eating bacteria…

by Steve Barwick

The incredible infection-fighting power of colloidal silver helped save my wife Kathy’s toes after her doctor sent her to a surgeon to have them removed. They’re still cute, aren’t they? But scroll down to see what they looked like when she was afflicted with ulcerative osteomyelitis

You might be surprised to know that it was way back in March 1995 that my wife Kathy and I first began to learn about the awesome healing power of colloidal silver.

Steve Barwick, President of The Silver Edge and author of The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, appearing here in the brand new 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video.

Back then, Kathy and I had just returned from an appointment with her doctor — a small-town orthodox medical practitioner with a typical, arrogant, God-in-a-white-coat attitude.

He had cavalierly told us that Kathy needed to schedule an appointment with a surgeon — immediately — to see about having several of the infected toes on her right foot amputated.

We were both shaken to the core by the doctor’s cold, matter-of-fact demeanor. And even more so by his verdict:

“Go See a Surgeon…I Can’t Stop the Infection!”

“Go see a surgeon. There’s nothing more I can do for you,” he said forthrightly. “I can’t stop the infection. It looks like you’re going to lose a couple of toes. Go see the surgeon today,” he stated emphatically, while scribbling the name of the surgeon on a small, square sheet of paper from a prescription pad.

Kathy had just finished her third course of prescription antibiotic drugs under his care – this time a seven day intravenous course of cefalex that required a home nurse to come in once a day to administer.

We were trying desperately to stop the unknown infection between two of her toes that was literally eating away the flesh and continuously oozing foul smelling pus that itched and burned constantly.

Each day, twice a day for the previous 20 days I had cleansed the infected wound for her, frequently having to take a small, sterilized pair of scissors to trim away the dead, necrotizing flesh around the gaping hole between her toes, which was now nearly big enough for me to fit the tip of my little finger into.

And so it was that, upon returning home from the doctor’s office after receiving the bad news, we both walked straight into our bedroom, kneeled down and began to pray for help. Kathy didn’t want to lose her toes. That of course would mean loss of mobility.

We had been married for less than a year. And we both enjoyed our long evening walks together far too much to allow that to happen.

So I vowed to do whatever it might take to help save her toes from the surgeon’s knife. All we needed was a little guidance from above.

Expect the Unexpected? Absolutely!

Had you told us at that very moment that everything was going to turn out great…

…and that a strange series of events would begin to take place during which Kathy would be healed of her malady and her infected toes would be saved…

…and that as a direct result I too would experience a profound healing from a health challenge that had plagued me for nearly two decades…

…and that all of this would be thanks to a mysterious substance called colloidal silver…there’s little doubt we’d have probably looked at you as if you’d just stepped off the mother ship.

And if you’d have told us that within only a few short months afterwards we would be forming a company that would go on to become one of the largest and most successful distributors of colloidal silver generators on the face of the planet, and that a subsequent company we would form would help better the lives of more people than perhaps any other company of its kind on earth, we’d have probably laughed you right out of the room.

We might have even chased you down the street with broom sticks until we were sure you weren’t coming back.

Yecch! Ulcerative osteomyelitis like this can result in the need for surgical removal of the toes if left untreated. Kathy’s infected toes looked very much like the ulcerated toes in this stock photo, before she started using colloidal silver.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened. In fact, our life-changing experience with colloidal silver put us into a very unique position through which we can literally help you change your life, and your health, for the better, forever!

Here’s the rest of our story…

How Colloidal Silver Helped Save
Kathy’s Infected Toes from the Surgeon’s Knife!

The very day after we had received the bad news about Kathy’s toes from the doctor, and prayed about it, an interesting series of events began to take place.

First, when the mail arrived, there was a copy of a newsletter called The Bio-Tech News mixed in with the bills and junk mail.

Swiss researcher Von Naegeli, often referred to as the “father of modern medicine,” discovered the oligodynamic effect of colloidal silver, demonstrating conclusively that it was the silver ion that provided the anti-microbial killing power of the mineral.

I was not a subscriber. But as a natural health journalist by trade, I was quite familiar with the newsletter, having written articles for it in the past, on the topic of natural healing. But this month’s feature article was one I had not written. And it was about a wondrous, natural healing substance I had never heard of at the time: colloidal silver.

The article began by describing the incredible medical history of the mineral silver, explaining how it had been used for centuries to prevent and heal infections in a variety of ways.

For example, it revealed that soldiers in the Roman legions would always put a silver coin into their water containers on their long marches into battle, to help prevent the water from becoming bacterially contaminated.

It said they would also beat pure silver into a thin foil, and wrap the silver foil around wounds received in battle, to help prevent the wounds from becoming infected, and thus allowing them to recover quickly to fight again.

The article went on to document how, after Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and the modern era of household electricity began, clever scientists figured out how to put metallic silver rods into pure water, and run electricity through them in order to sinter off tiny microscopic particles of the silver into the water.

They discovered that the microscopic silver particles would actually remain suspended in the water, in a state of Brownian Motion, thanks to the electrical charge imparted to them as they were sintered off the silver rod by the electrical current.

With a liquid silver solution like this – which scientists began calling “colloidal silver” — external wounds could literally be bathed in silver particles to help prevent infection from setting in.

As early as 1893, Dr. W. S. Halsted, one of the founding fathers of modern surgery, advocated the use of silver foil dressings to prevent infections in surgical wounds. He created the Halstead Silver Foil Bandage. Today’s silver-based wound dressings are in large part due to Dr. Halsted’s pioneering work in recognizing and utilizing the infection-fighting qualities of silver.

Researchers also found that the microscopic, electrically generated silver particles in such a liquid solution could be safely ingested in order to heal a startling variety of maladies, including internal infections such as colds and flu, food poisoning, urinary tract infections, candida yeast infections, infections of the internal organs such as the kidneys and liver, sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea, tetanus, and even deadly diseases like bubonic plague, anthrax disease (aka anthrax) and numerous others.

Indeed, it was discovered that there were hardly any infectious organisms in existence which were not subject to the incredible antimicrobial qualities of colloidal silver! In laboratory tests, over 650 different infectious microorganisms were found to be no match for colloidal silver!

What’s more, as research into colloidal silver progressed over the years, it was discovered that many forms of chronic degenerative disease also responded positively to this wondrous mineral, including cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s colitis, Type II diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Wegener’s disease, and collagen-vascular diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

Researchers also learned that when used internally colloidal silver had a profound effect on the human immune system. For example, they found that it dramatically boosts white blood cell counts. Of course, white blood cells are used by the body to destroy cancer cells, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Researchers also discovered that the presence of silver in the human body appears to “prime” white blood cells to go on the offensive against cancers, pathogens, toxins and other invaders, which may be why so many chronic degenerative diseases seemed to respond so well to colloidal silver. .

They also found that colloidal silver, much like iron, has the ability to carry nascent oxygen throughout the body, wherever extra oxygen might be needed. Additionally, it has the ability to boost the production of red blood cells, which are the body’s main carriers of oxygen to the tissues and organs.

Even the prestigious Wall Street Journal has caught on to the infection-fighting power of silver!

Researchers soon discovered that colloidal silver helps boost the body’s ability to cleanse itself of toxins, wastes and other harmful material by stimulating the reticulo-endothelial system (RES), which is a sub-set of the body’s lymphatic system.

Finally, in more recent years, it was discovered that colloidal silver stimulates the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), and thus dramatically increased the immune system’s ability to rid the body of noxious elements and toxins through the process of oxidation.

After reading the article, I told Kathy about everything I had just learned, and then immediately drove to our local health food store and purchased a bottle of this strange elixir. I brought it straight home.

As usual, Kathy was in severe pain from the infected toes. Not only did the pus oozing from the infection itch and burn constantly as it slowly ate away at the flesh between her toes, but her entire foot, which was constantly red and inflamed, ached horribly due to the inflammation. What’s more, the constantly growing ulceration between her toes was extremely painful.

I gingerly squirted some of the colloidal silver from the plastic bottle into the gaping hole between her toes. And like magic, the itching and burning and pain stopped instantly.

For a brief moment, Kathy was stunned. No matter what we had tried previously, there had been no relief whatsoever from the slow burning and itching torture for the past 20 days. And even 800 mg. Motrin did not seem to stop the pain. But suddenly, in a split second, it was completely gone.

“Give me that!” she demanded, squirting some more of it onto the wound between her toes. “Ahh… relief,” she said. It was the first time she had smiled so broadly in nearly a month. And now, I could finally smile, too. It was a pleasure to see her receiving respite from all of the pain, and a ray of hope coming back into her eyes as well.

Kathy Takes Charge of Her Own Health,
and Small Miracles Begin to Happen!

After Kathy began using colloidal silver by drinking several ounces a day and also spraying it directly onto the ulcerous and infected wound, it miraculously began to get better and better.

It’s funny what pain can do to a person. Frequently, it blocks rational thought. When you’re afflicted with constant pain, it takes all of your “mental juices” so to speak, just to function. And so, it becomes very difficult to think through ideas or even make important decisions.

And that holds true not just for the person in pain, but frequently, for everyone around that person. That’s because of the feeling of utter helplessness that takes over when a loved one is suddenly afflicted with an unknown malady, and the doctors you put your trust in are unable to bring about relief and healing.

But amazingly, when the pain is removed, the ability to think clearly returns rather quickly, for everyone. Such was the case with Kathy’s pain. Almost from the moment the colloidal silver was squirted onto her gaping, infected wound and the incessant itching and horrific pain disappeared, we both began to think more clearly. It was as if a dark cloud had been removed from our minds.

“That idiot doctor is going to cost me my toes,” Kathy exclaimed. “There’s got to be some way around this.”

We had no idea whether or not the colloidal silver would prove to be an actual cure for the infection. We only knew it was helping tremendously at the time, in terms of relief from the horrific itching and pain.

“This article says you can drink colloidal silver, too,” I told her. “You should start drinking some every day, until we figure out what to do.”

We were wary of drinking the stuff, because the lady at the health food store told me we could “turn grey” from drinking too much. But Kathy began drinking a small amount of the colloidal silver each day, starting with about a tablespoonful and gradually building up to several ounces a day, all the while continuing to squirt it directly onto the gaping wound between her toes. Thankfully, the inflammation and redness around the gaping wound between her toes got better and better after she began drinking the colloidal silver. And continuing to squirt the silver water directly onto the ulcerated wound several times each day kept the pain and itching completely at bay!

By the end of the first week, Kathy could walk on the foot without excessive pain. And while the gaping hole between her toes did not appear to be closing yet, for the first time in over a month it was not getting worse either. The hole was not getting any larger. The redness and swelling were substantially reduced. And there was no more of that dead, necrotizing flesh appearing on the wound site, which believe me was a tremendous relief to both of us.

At tiny 4-ounce bottle of colloidal silver like this can be very costly, ranging in price from $20 to $40! But as we quickly discovered, you can make eight times that amount for about 36 cents with a high-quality colloidal silver generator!

A Life-Changing Experience
You Can Learn a Lot From…

But we quickly discovered how expensive it was to continue using colloidal silver on a daily basis.

At that time, colloidal silver was nearly $40 for a tiny four-ounce bottle at our local health food store. (Today it’s a little bit cheaper – often running between $20 and $40 for a four ounce bottle in most health food stores and online sources.)

Kathy was drinking an ounce in the morning and an ounce in the evening, plus squirting another ounce directly onto the wound during the course of the day. This meant each bottle was lasting only about one day and small portion of the next.

Indeed, we spent over $200 on colloidal silver that first week – an amount that was just a little too steep for a couple like us who had only been married for a year, and were just beginning to get on our feet financially when this mysterious infection struck.

Since we didn’t know whether or not the colloidal silver would turn out to be an actual cure for the infection, and because we were finally able to think a little more clearly due to the fact that Kathy’s pain and suffering had been so significantly diminished since she had begun using colloidal silver, we began to form a game plan to save Kathy’s toes. After all, we couldn’t go on spending over $200 a week on colloidal silver for an indefinite length of time.

So Kathy called her medical insurance company and said, as politely as she possibly could, “Look, this dimwit local doctor has nearly cost me my toes. If he had his way, they’d be hacked off already. You need to find me a specialist who can figure out what this infection is, and figure out how to cure it. Otherwise, you’re going to be paying my medical bills for the next 20 or 30 months after the amputation, and you’re going to end up having to pay me quite a settlement for the loss of my toes.”

Obviously, Kathy doesn’t like to mince words. And apparently, there’s nothing like the very real threat of potential financial loss to motivate a medical insurance company, because within half an hour they called back with an appointment for Kathy with an out-of-town infectious disease specialist. To make a long story short, we went to see him, and he took some cultures of the gaping wound between her toes and discovered that Kathy had a rare but serious hidden bone infection in the foot called ulcerative osteomylitis.

Though we told the specialist about the profound relief Kathy had experienced since she began using colloidal silver, and how the gaping hole between her toes had quit growing larger and the flesh around it had quit dying and necrotizing, he shrugged it off and prescribed Kathy a powerful antibiotic called Cipro, which was from a then-new class of antibiotics called quinolones that were known to eradicate this rare disease with ease. (Today, it is a very well-known antibiotic due to its use in treating anthrax during the 2001 anthrax scare.)

And within ten days of starting the Cipro, Kathy was completely healed.

Now I know that’s not the story everyone wants to hear. You’re might even be thinking, “Why didn’t Kathy just stick with colloidal silver and see if it completely healed her?” But we couldn’t, for the obvious financial reasons. At a whopping $40 for a tiny four-ounce bottle, colloidal silver was just too expensive for us, for long-term daily use.

In the 1970’s Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., of Syracuse Medical University and author of the best-selling books The Body Electric and Cross Currents, proved that electrically generated silver ions can cure osteomyelitis and kill numerous antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

Besides, we had only weeks earlier been introduced to this amazing natural substance, and didn’t know for sure whether the fascinating and dramatic stories about its infection-fighting qualities were part exaggeration, or were the whole raw truth. So we had no way of knowing for an absolute certainty whether or not it would have cured the osteomylitis by itself.

Nevertheless, during the course of my later journalistic research into the phenomenal healing power of colloidal silver, we would find out that way back in the 1970’s Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D., while doing medical research at Syracuse Medical University, had already discovered that electrically generated silver ions such as those found in colloidal silver did indeed cure osteomylitis!

So we can attest with great fervor how phenomenally helpful colloidal silver was, and how using it literally bought us the time we needed to find a way to save Kathy’s toes from the surgeon’s knife. In fact, if it weren’t for colloidal silver, she would have lost those toes.

Finding out about colloidal silver in such a dramatic way, and experiencing its miraculous healing benefits, was a life-changing experience for both of us, to say the least!

Our goal is to show you how you can easily and dramatically benefit from our experience, so please stick with me here just a moment or two longer.

My Own Stunning Cure

As a natural health journalist, I was absolutely fascinated by what we had experienced. So much so, that I too began drinking several ounces of colloidal silver each day, adding it to my daily regimen of vitamins, minerals and immune-boosting nutritional supplements. I did this in hopes that it might help with the chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia symptoms I’d been battling with only moderate success for some 18 years.

I gradually began to realize that the colloidal silver was working – apparently supplying my body with the last missing element it had needed all along to conquer the debilitating chronic fatigue “crashes” that had struck me a number of times throughout the previous 18 years.

Steve Barwick, pictured here with his dog Brownie, was cured of chronic fatigue syndrome thanks in large part to the powerful healing benefits of colloidal silver!

In fact, chronic fatigue syndrome had frequently left me laid up in bed and without any strength for weeks at a time.

During these periods of time, I was frequently unable to work at all. In many instances, the simple act of walking from the bedroom to the bathroom would utterly exhaust me.

But within a month of beginning to use the colloidal silver, I was doing back-to-back 12 and 16 hour workdays like they were nothing.

What’s more, I have not had a serious chronic fatigue attack in over 12 years since I first began taking colloidal silver!

My Journalistic Crusade
On Behalf of Colloidal Silver Begins…

In the course of my journalistic research into the subject of colloidal silver, I also discovered that there was a better and far less expensive way to acquire colloidal silver.

In fact, I found out that you didn’t have to purchase it at exorbitant costs through health food stores. Instead, you could make it yourself for only pennies per quart, with a small countertop device called a colloidal silver generator.

What’s more, I discovered that it was so inexpensive to make colloidal silver on your own that you could literally afford to bathe in it if you wanted to. As a natural health journalist, the idea of making all of the colloidal silver I could ever want for only pennies a quart opened up a whole new world of possibilities in my mind!

That’s when I wrote my first article on colloidal silver and colloidal silver generators, and began what has since turned into a 12 year journalistic research and writing crusade on behalf of this amazing infection-fighting natural substance. I decided to make it my personal mission as a natural health journalist to tell the world about this phenomenal natural healing substance, and the fact that you can make it yourself for only pennies per quart!

The Amazing Dr. Bob Beck
and His Original Colloidal Silver Generator!

You see, what I had discovered through the course of my journalistic research was that a very bright physicist named Dr. Bob Beck (no relation to Dr. Robert O. Becker above) had invented a tiny, palm-sized device he called a “home colloidal silver generator.”

This device could be run on three small, nine-volt batteries, available at any hardware store, or even at Wal-Mart. And what it did was allow you – the end user – to make all of the colloidal silver you could ever need, at any time you wanted it, for just pennies.

Dr. Bob Beck, Ph.D, noted lecturer, inventor, electro-medical researcher, and developer of the original home colloidal silver generator. Dr. Beck was a long-time colloidal silver advocate who frequently urged his followers “Take back your health!”

All you needed was this little generator – a device that was so small it could fit into your shirt pocket – along with some distilled water and two six-inch strands of pure, .9999 fine silver wire, referred to in the trade as “silver electrodes,” or “silver rods” for short.

To make it work, you simply dangled the two silver rods into a glass of distilled water, hooked the little generator up to them with a pair of alligator clips that came with the generator, and let it run.

The electrical current from the generator would then flow through the silver rods and drive microscopic pieces of silver into the distilled water, suspending them there with an electrical charge. The end result was a solution of pure colloidal silver – just about as pure as you could get in any health food store, but for a mere fraction of the cost.

Of course, as soon as we found out about it, Kathy and I were immediately fascinated with the potential of this amazing device. We realized that if we’d have had one of these little generators only a few months earlier when she was still battling the mysterious infection in her foot, she’d have been able to afford to continue taking colloidal silver regularly, and may have even been able to cure the infection in her foot all by herself.

After all, making colloidal silver yourself for only pennies per quart, rather than paying a whopping $30 or $40 for a tiny four-ounce bottle at our local health food store, made it very affordable.

In fact, with a little “Beck”-style generator, it would have cost only about a penny and a half an ounce to make our own colloidal silver, which means Kathy could have continued using three ounces a day, and it would have cost her less than a nickel a day to do so. In contrast, the commercial brand from the health food store was costing about $8 an ounce, or $24 to use three ounces a day.

Anyway, we were still buying our colloidal silver from the local health food store, whenever we could afford it. But the more I learned about colloidal silver, and the more positive healing benefits I saw in my own life from taking small daily amounts, the more fascinated I became with the idea of owning one of the little “Beck” generators so we could make our own colloidal silver inexpensively.

I continued my journalistic research on the subject of colloidal silver with great fervor, eventually writing and marketing a small 85-page booklet called The Colloidal Silver Manual, which was the precursor to the 500-page book I would write and publish some 12 years later called The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual.

And as money came in from the sale of that small manual, Kathy and I were finally able to acquire several of the amazing “Beck”-style battery-operated units, and began making our own colloidal silver and using it for a wide variety of purposes on a daily basis.

How Colloidal Silver Usage Changed Our Lives…

Gradually, we realized that we were suffering with fewer bouts of cold and flu. And if we did get sick, instead of being laid up in bed for a week or two as was always the case in the past, we generally now recovered in just a matter of days.

Oftentimes, by using colloidal silver, we could knock out an upper respiratory infection in a single day or two, simply by increasing our dosage from one ounce a day to three or four ounces, for short periods of time.

We discovered that a nasty sinus infection could be knocked out in a single afternoon, simply by sniffing some colloidal silver up the nose using a little plastic nasal spray bottle.

The bottom line was that common illnesses afflicted us far less frequently than ever before! And if we did get sick, the duration of the illnesses was a fraction of the time compared to past instances. All of this, thanks to the wonderful elixir called colloidal silver!

What was most fascinating to us was when family members would get sick. Generally, they would refuse to take any colloidal silver because they were unfamiliar with it. But they slowly began to notice that Kathy and I seemed to be impervious to the usual bouts of cold and flu everyone else were being afflicted with.

After awhile, it became obvious to everybody in our extended family that colloidal silver was truly remarkable. It was allowing us to stay pretty much infection-free all year long.

Within a year, most of our family members were taking colloidal silver regularly, too. (And today, some twelve years later, every one of them still uses it!)

Even our tax advisor and his wife noticed how healthy Kathy and I seemed to be, and began using colloidal silver and giving it to their school-age children. And when they began telling their friends and family members about how their children weren’t coming home sick from school any longer, even greater numbers of people in our community began using it.

Word began to spread rapidly. Our chiropractor and his family noticed our increased health, and soon began making their own colloidal silver. And within a year, most of our close friends and associates were all using colloidal silver, and telling their friends about it too.

The Unexpected “Fly” in the Colloidal Silver “Ointment”

As we continued making and using our own colloidal silver, I also continued to research the subject of colloidal silver and colloidal silver generators – interviewing experts from around the country whose names I’d found in medical literature or in natural health articles.

And I soon learned that there were some small but potentially serious flaws with the little “Beck”-style battery-operated colloidal silver generators.

First of all, they frequently ran on excessively high electrical currents. Even though the current was low-voltage DC battery power, rather than high-voltage AC, it was still far higher than the tiny electrical micro-currents Dr. Robert O. Becker had used during his research into the healing effects of electrically generated silver ions at Syracuse Medical University.

I learned that the higher the electrical current – in particular, the higher the milliamps – the faster the silver particles would be driven from the silver rods, and the larger the particles would be.

This is an old-fashioned “Beck”-style battery-operated colloidal silver generator. Because of the overly-high electrical current produced by these units, the silver particles are often excessively large, and the silver concentrations are frequently higher than necessary, which is why they are usually referred to as “mudmakers” by experienced and knowledgeable colloidal silver users. This fact led natural health journalist Steve Barwick to warn as far back as 1995 of their potential for causing the cosmetically unsightly skin-graying condition known as argyria due to the excessively high levels of colloidal silver some people were making and consuming.

By adjusting the voltage and amperage of the little colloidal silver units in my possession, I could demonstrate this phenomenon clearly for myself. The higher I raised the current, the faster colloidal silver particles were produced, and the larger they turned out to be. But the lower I dropped the current, the slower the colloidal silver particles were produced, and the smaller they turned out to be.

I also learned that – in spite of denials from some so-called colloidal silver experts — the larger silver particles being produced by the little “Beck” units were potentially useless against a number of types of very tiny but highly infectious pathogens that are frequently referred to as “stealth pathogens.”

These are nasty little disease-causing pathogens that like to hide deep inside the cells, tissues and organs of the human body where larger particles of colloidal silver simply cannot be absorbed effectively or in sufficient enough quantities.

These pathogens are known by medical science to be triggers or co-factors in the onset of a number of chronic degenerative diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), certain forms of heart disease and cancer, and much more.

But to get at these tiny disease-causing pathogens, you have to use colloidal silver of a far smaller particle size than what the little “Beck”-style units were capable of producing.

What’s more, I learned that even many expensive store-bought brands of colloidal silver had this very same problem. Indeed, sometimes the silver particles in these store bought colloidal silver products were so large the vast majority of them dropped out of solution over time, falling to the bottom of the bottle and leaving a fine grey coating there.

I further learned that such “large particle” colloidal silver was much better suited for use on external infections of the skin and scalp, or infections on internal body surfaces that could be easily reached, such as is the case with sore throats, nasal passages and sinuses, or even in the eyes and ears.

I also learned it is excellent for simple digestive tract ailments like upset stomach or even food poisoning where absorption of the silver particles into the cells, tissues and organs of the body was not required in order for the silver to come into contact with the pathogens and work its magic.

But to successfully provide nutritional support with colloidal silver for more complex underlying infections and the chronic degenerative diseases they can cause, I learned you have to use very small particles of colloidal silver that can be absorbed deeply into the cells and tissues and organs of the human body where these insidious disease-causing “stealth pathogens” like to hide.

The bottom line is that very few large silver particles are ever absorbed into the cells, tissues and organs of the body where colonies of disease-causing pathogens so frequently form. The body simply rejects and expels the vast majority of these larger particles, much as it rejects and expels dirt when it is eaten by a young child.

In fact, as little as 10% of the silver particles produced by the little “Beck”-style colloidal silver generators ever gets absorbed. This means, in cases where “stealth pathogens” are involved and you want to provide nutritional support for your body in the form of colloidal silver, you have to drink absolutely huge quantities of colloidal silver each day in order for enough silver particles to be absorbed into the cells and tissues to do any good.

This is apparently why so many colloidal silver vendors who sell the little “Beck”-style units recklessly recommend that people drink as much as 16 ounces or more of colloidal silver a day, for many weeks, months or even years on end!

“Skin graying, also known as argyria, is a relatively rare phenomena caused by the excessive intake of colloidal silver over long periods of time…Out of the estimated 10 million regular users of colloidal silver throughout North America today, there have been fewer than 120 documented cases of argyria in the past 50 years. Most of these were caused by the ingestion of liquid chemical compounds of silver, rather than properly made, electrically generated colloidal silver.”

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual (at over 500-pages, this is the most comprehensive publication on colloidal silver in the world; published by Life & Health Research Group, LLC; 1-888-846-9029.) Learn more by clicking here.

Why Using Excessive Amounts of Colloidal Silver Can Cause Skin Graying…

Of course, when silver in any form is taken in such excessive quantities over long periods of time, it can gradually build up in tissues and organs of the human body. And after many months or even years this excessive accumulation of silver particles gets pushed by the body from the tissues and organs where it is stored, out toward the skin.

This is the body’s last ditch attempt to mitigate the excessive internal buildup. In other words, the body is protecting itself internally, by trying to get rid of the stored silver particles through the third major organ of elimination – the skin!

The problem is that during the course of this protective process the skin of the colloidal silver user can actually turn gray due to the accumulated silver particles.

In fact, it can result in a harmless and extremely rare but very unsightly cosmetic skin condition called argyria, in which small sections of skin on the face and hands can turn a grayish complexion. In some very rare extreme cases, nearly all of the skin on a person’s body can turn grey!

Now I must emphasize that this happens only very rarely. The vast majority of people are able to eliminate colloidal silver from their bodies quite efficiently, just as they are able to eliminate iron, copper, chromium and other metallic mineral supplements.

Taking colloidal silver responsibly, in moderation rather than in excessive quantities for long periods of time, appears to be the key to avoiding this very rare problem altogether.

Indeed, the now famous Altman Study, which is appropriately titled Colloidal Silver: Where Does It Go When You Drink It, and How Long Does It Stay There? conclusively demonstrates that over 90% of ingested colloidal silver is expelled through the human body’s normal channels of elimination in just two or three days, with the rest being eliminated over a period of weeks. Other studies have borne out this same conclusion.

This is probably why, out of the estimated 10 million enthusiastic users of colloidal silver throughout North America today, only a small handful of cases of argyria – several dozen cases in all — have been reported in the medical literature.

Compare that to common prescription drugs that literally kill 106,000 Americans a year, and maim or worsen the conditions of hundreds of thousands of others, and you’ll get some perspective on the situation.

“Serendipity” Steps in Again…

Nevertheless, as I learned more about this issue, and as I began writing about it in a variety of newsletters and health reports, “serendipity” began to bring us into contact with electrical appliance manufacturers and electronics engineers who had the skills and background knowledge needed to manufacture high-quality colloidal silver generators that produced far smaller silver particles than did the little “Beck”-style generators.

We immediately informed these experts of our concerns regarding the primitive battery-operated “Beck”-style units being manufactured and sold by other companies, explaining that we believed the excessively high quantities of colloidal silver being ingested by many users could, over the course of time, potentially lead to an excessive buildup of silver particles in the human body.

I explained that we wanted to help mitigate that potential problem as much as humanly possible, by developing a colloidal silver generator that would consistently produce significantly smaller silver particles which, by virtue of their small size, would have greater absorbability into the human body, so smaller daily dosages could be taken with great effect.

These bright engineers then went to work discovering how to properly balance the electrical current used by colloidal silver generators – which is to say, they worked on balancing the voltage and the amperage in such a way that the silver particles trickled slowly off the silver rods in significantly smaller sizes, rather than being “blown” off the rods by higher electrical currents which resulted in much larger particle sizes.

This meant that colloidal silver could be made with much smaller particles that would not require the user to take such high dosages when attempting to aid the body in fighting off serious underlying infections, or when supporting the body with colloidal silver in order to help mitigate a chronic degenerative disease.

By 1996 the electrical engineers we were in contact with had discovered how to dramatically limit the particle size produced by the small “Beck”-style battery-operated colloidal silver generators.

Not only that, but they had discovered how to do the same thing with line-powered colloidal silver generators, which is to say, with colloidal silver generators that ran on standard household electricity rather than batteries.

In short, they had invented the first low-voltage DC-operated portable colloidal silver generators that produced significantly smaller silver particles than the original “Beck”-style units which were at that time being sold worldwide by a variety of distributors, and in fact, still are.

Silver Bullet Enterprises:
Our First Big Venture into the Colloidal Silver Generator Business

I soon formed a company called Silver Bullet Enterprises and began purchasing these new, more sophisticated units directly from the manufacturer, and marketing them to the general public.

In the advertising materials, I carefully explained my concerns about the potential problems involved with ingesting overly high quantities and overly-high concentrations of colloidal silver.

And I continually emphasized the need for responsible colloidal silver usage.

After all, as I mentioned earlier, some distributors of colloidal silver generators were advocating daily dosages as high as 16 ounces a day – or even higher — for many weeks, months or even years on end. Others were saying you could “safely drink all you want, any time you want” – a statement that is patently false on its face, unless you enjoy the idea of potentially contracting argyria and turning gray.

What’s more, some distributors of the little “Beck”-style units weren’t even warning their customers about the need to use distilled water during the colloidal silver-making process, in order to help prevent the production of excessively concentrated batches with overly large silver particles. They were actually promoting the production of colloidal silver through the use of tap water – a tremendous and potentially hazardous error due to the variety of chemicals that can be frequently found in tap water.

I knew this was utterly irresponsible behavior on behalf of these rogue operators. And I publicly said so.

This public stand has since caused me to endure a lot of flack — particularly from those in the colloidal silver manufacturing community who simply do not want to take the time or foot the bill for the added expense required to produce higher quality colloidal silver generators.

Apparently, the owners of these companies would prefer to continue manufacturing the crude, old-fashioned colloidal silver generators based on the original “Beck” design that produced such overly-large silver particles and required users to ingest huge daily amounts of colloidal silver.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I’m not ragging on Dr. Beck here. In my opinion, he was a genius. And he was a brave humanitarian who faced down the medical bureaucrats when they tried to stop him from producing his colloidal silver generators.

Dr. Beck even allowed the plans for his original crude but effective battery-operated unit to be published freely on the internet, so that anyone with a modicum of electronics skills could make a colloidal silver generator for themselves. (See The Colloidal Silver Secrets video for a demonstration of how to make your own primitive but effective low-cost colloidal silver generator. This 60-minute, studio-quality video which regularly sells for $39.95 is available in both VHS and DVD, and is currently on sale for only $19.95 from Life & Health Research Group, LLC, 1-888-846-9029.)

And there is no doubt in my mind that Beck’s little invention is helping change the world – literally allowing people to “take back their health,” as he so frequently challenged his followers to do.

But like everything in life, a time comes when, for the benefit of society, it is necessary to admit the drawbacks of a product and make the needed changes. And since no one else was willing to do it, we did.

Thankfully, in spite of all of the flak and negativity directed at me by disgruntled competitors who preferred to continue producing the crude but effective “Beck”-style units, people across the country took to my message of smaller particle size and responsible colloidal silver usage wholeheartedly.

Indeed, they flocked to our little company in droves. And Silver Bullet Enterprises quickly became the second largest distributor of colloidal silver generators in the United States.

The new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator is the latest breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology, producing silver particles as small as .0008 microns. This gives you far greater absorption of silver into the cells, tissues and organs of the human body, so you never have to ingest excessively large quantities!

Click here to read what owners of the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator are saying about it!

The Silver Edge: Joining the Nanoparticle Revolution and Bringing High-Quality Colloidal Silver Generators to the World!

Seven years later, in 2002, after building Silver Bullet Enterprises into the second largest distributor of colloidal silver generators in the United States, we sold that company and dedicated ourselves to finding someone brilliant enough to develop a brand new kind of colloidal silver generator that could produce even smaller silver particles, which is to say, true silver micro-particles.

Our goal was to put a high-quality colloidal silver generator into the hands of every family in America at an affordable price.

But we knew that in order to accomplish this grand goal, we would have to offer something quite extraordinary. The new unit would have to be so efficient it would be able to pay for itself after the very first batch.

And it would have to produce silver particles as small as a single nanometer in size, rather than the 20 to 100 nanometer sized particles produced by most “Beck”-style colloidal silver generators, or even the 10 to 20 nanometer sized particles produced by the colloidal silver generators we had previously been selling when we owned our first company.

The reason we wanted to be able to offer a unit that could provide such small silver particles is because this allows you to achieve maximum absorption into the cells and tissues of the human body (where “stealth pathogens” like to hide) without having to drink excessively high quantities of colloidal silver to do so.

A year later the brilliant engineers we worked with were successful. In fact, they absolutely outdid themselves!

They produced a completely new kind of colloidal silver generator that runs on standard household electricity, but converts it to a simple low-voltage DC current that is so gentle, it allows the silver particles to barely trickle off the silver electrodes over a three hour period, thereby producing uncommonly small silver particles as low as .0008 microns in size (see Transmission Electron Microscope slide photo-reproduction below). You probably know that .0008 microns is .8 nanometers, which means these tiny particles of silver are actually a fraction of a single nanometer. We had more than met our goal!

Now you hear a lot in the news today about the incredible power of nanoparticles being harnessed by science and medicine.

According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), this term usually refers to tiny particles of beneficial substances that are as large as one hundred nanometers.

But in the case of the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, we are talking – quite literally – about the production of sub-nanoparticle colloidal silver, which is to say, smaller than a single nanometer!

To bring this phenomenal new breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology to the world, we helped form a brand new company called The Silver Edge (a division of The Silver Bullet Health & Nutritionals, Inc.) that would purchase these unique new generators directly from the manufacturer, and market and distribute them worldwide.

And that’s how we came to distribute the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator discussed in such great detail on our web site. (Click here to learn more about this amazing breakthrough in colloidal silver-making technology. Or click here to see what owners of the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator are saying about it.)

The new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator is now literally the world’s most popular colloidal silver generator, with more units sold each year than any other type of colloidal silver generator on the face of the earth.

We don’t say that to brag. We are humbled by the loyalty and enthusiasm of our company’s 50,000 customers. And we must admit, we are still a far cry from reaching our goal of putting a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator into the hands of every American family.

Nevertheless, there is literally nothing else like the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator being offered anywhere. It does what no other colloidal silver generator can. And that’s why it has captured the hearts and imaginations of so many colloidal silver users worldwide.

So that’s Our Story…

And that’s the story of how a serious infection that nearly triggered the amputation of my wife Kathy’s toes led us to discover the powerful infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver, and go on to become the largest distributor of colloidal silver generators in the world.

If there is a moral to our story, I suppose it’s that sometimes you have to follow the path in life that “serendipity” has carved out for you – especially if you are being called upon to bring into this world something that’s so beneficial it has the potential to literally change people’s lives, for the better…forever.

So whether you choose to purchase a colloidal silver generator from us, or from someone else, we hope you find the same life-changing benefits from colloidal silver usage that we have.

And we hope you will do the same important favor for your friends and family members that we have done for ours over the past 12 years, by telling them all about it.

May you enjoy great health and bounteous energy always!

Click the image above to learn more about the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator that allows you to make high-quality colloidal silver for less than 36 cents a quart, and is so easy to use, even my 88 year old mom uses one!

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