Healing Stomach Pain & Ailments with Colloidal Silver

woman with health stomach - Healing Stomach Pain & Ailments with Colloidal SilverDid you know that colloidal silver has been found by some experienced users to help heal and relieve stomach pains and ailments?

For everything from “tummy bugs” to chronic and recurrent stomach pain, and “stomach flu” to food poisoning, colloidal silver has been the “go-to” solution for many people.

Here’s what people are saying about their experiences with using colloidal silver for a wide variety of stomach ailments…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

Many years ago a thirty-something young woman who was the wife of my tax adviser told me colloidal silver was the only thing that stopped her chronic recurrent stomach pain.

She said that after numerous tests and probes, including a colonoscopy, no doctor had been able to find the source of her stomach pain. Yet it often got so bad it left her doubled over in excruciating cramps and unable to work. This periodic debilitation had gone on for years.

A friend told her about colloidal silver and she reluctantly agreed to try it. After that, no more stomach pain.

Indeed, any time even the slightest twinge of stomach pain began, she’d swig down an ounce or so of colloidal silver, and “nip it in the bud” as she put it. She says it worked for her every time.

Another Colloidal Silver Success Story

A female family member of mine has had a similar experience. For some reason, any time she ate greasy, creamy, or overly-fatty foods her stomach would over-react, resulting in debilitating cramps that would last 24 hours or longer.

In fact, we once attended a local outdoor fair together, where we both ate a fairly sloppy barbecue beef sandwich dripping in barbecue sauce. Afterward, I was fine, but she ended up rolling the grass in intense pain, unable to get up. It was all I could do to get her to the car, to bring her home.

That’s when I introduced her to colloidal silver. She downed a four-ounce glassful of 10 ppm strength colloidal silver and lay back down. Within half an hour she began to feel better, and within an hour the intense stomach pain was completely gone.

Important Warning

Stomach pain can be indicative of a number of problems, including some very serious ones such as cancer, bleeding ulcers, intestinal blockages, appendicitis, appendagitis, Crohn’s disease, other inflammatory bowel diseases, and more.

So colloidal silver should not be used as a substitute for getting to the source of the problem and getting it properly treated. One’s doctor should always be told about such issues – especially if they’re chronic or recurrent – so the proper testing can be conducted in order to get to the bottom of it and get it treated.

But that does not negate the fact that in many cases colloidal silver has provided simple yet very dramatic relief from a wide variety of stomach ailments, for many people.

Colloidal Silver and the Dreaded “Stomach Flu”

Contrary to popular belief, there’s really no such thing as the “stomach flu.” Food poisoning and other stomach infections can be caused by a wide variety of pathogens ranging from Campylobacter to Salmonella to E. coli, Shigella, Listeria, Clostridium (i.e., Botulism), and others.

Almost all adults have experienced symptoms of food poisoning – often erroneously referred to as the “stomach flu” – at one time or another in their lives.

In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Each year, roughly one in every six Americans get sick from foodborne disease – that’s 48 million people, 128,000 of which are hospitalized and 3,000 of which die.”

Symptoms of food poisoning can range from mild intestinal discomfort and nausea to vomiting, diarrhea, and physical malaise.

In more serious cases, there can be painful stomach cramping, intense nausea, projectile vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and even severe dehydration due to the uncontrolled loss of fluids and concurrent inability to keep any food or liquids down.

Life Threatening?

While food poisoning is relatively common and generally not life-threatening, it can at times become life-threatening, particularly when young children, the elderly, or immune-compromised individuals are exposed to a stronger than usual bacterial or viral strain.

For example, in June 2011 multiple outbreaks of E. coli food poisoning struck throughout Europe and within two U.S. states (see my article, here). Thousands of people were sickened and 30 people died across Europe. And here in the U.S., over a dozen people were sickened, with only one death.

Point being, food poisoning can be very serious, and a doctor’s care is always recommended whenever it’s suspected.

But Will Colloidal Silver Work?

I’ve pointed out in previous articles that colloidal silver has been found by researchers to be effective against some of the major food poisoning bacteria. But these were in vitro clinical studies (i.e., test-tube studies) and not in vivo (i.e., no human or animal test subjects).

For example, these four clinical studies (see here, here, here, and here) all demonstrate colloidal silver or other forms of antimicrobial silver to be effective against E. coli, which of course is one of the most well-known food poisoning bacteria.

And this study demonstrates silver nanoparticles to be effective against multidrug-resistant strains of E. coli.

Similarly, colloidal silver (or other forms of antimicrobial silver) have been demonstrated by researchers to be effective against Salmonella – another serious food-poisoning pathogen – as well.

Indeed, in the well-known studies conducted by microbiologist David A. Revelli and Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Biology Dr. Ron W. Leavitt, Ph.D. at Brigham Young University in May 1999, a colloidal silver solution was able to kill two different strains of the Salmonella food-poisoning pathogen, at extremely low concentrations.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what the researchers discovered:

  • Salmonella arizona (Food poisoning, etc.) inhibited @ 2.5 ppm and killed @ 5 ppm. 1/28/99 BYU Report.
  • Salmonella typhimurium (Food poisoning and enteric fever) inhibited and killed at a concentration of 2.5 ppm. 6/7/99 BYU Report.

You can read more about the effectiveness of colloidal silver against the Salmonella food poisoning bug in my previous article at this link.

Interestingly, small concentrations of colloidal silver (i.e., in the form of ionic silver) have also been demonstrated in water disinfection studies to kill food poisoning bacteria such as Listeria, Rotavirus (a cause of infectious diarrhea), Enterococcus, Salmonella and E. coli (see my article here).

And British research conducted in association with international drug-makers Janssen as well as Johnson & Johnson has demonstrated silver’s effectiveness against the food poisoning viruses, Norovirus and Rotavirus (see my article here).

Additionally, independent research has also demonstrated colloidal silver to be effective against a variety of food poisoning pathogens. For example:

“Several years ago we conducted some rather extensive evaluations of various protocols promising effective results against various pathogenic agents which cause ‘food poisoning’.

The one protocol, effective against ALL agents evaluated, was colloidal silver. A 5 ppm solution proved effective against all pathogens tested; yielding complete control within 6 to 8 minutes…..regardless of concentration of the pathogenic agent.

Control was effected in some solutions as weak as one part of 5 ppm colloidal silver to 50,000 parts contaminated solution. Among the many agents tested were botulinum, campyobacter, salmonella and listeria (bacterial agents); and norwalk-like viruses and hepatitus A (viral agents).”

— Brooks Bradley, Harbone Research Foundation

What’s more, according to the Wall Street Journal (June 6, 2006), in an article titled The War Against Germs Has a Silver Lining, silver has indeed been demonstrated to kill food-borne pathogens such as E. coli:

“Silver, in the form of a metal or as dissolved ions, fights microorganisms by interfering with processes such as how they breathe and reproduce. Tests show that silver ions kill microorganisms ranging from harmful strains of E. coli that cause food-borne diseases to the staphylococcus bacteria responsible for serious infections.”

Furthermore, for centuries people from developing nations such as India have regularly consumed small amounts of silver along with their foods as a means of preventing food-borne infection and disease. As Keith Moeller of American Biotech Labs points out in a white paper titled “The Safety of Using Silver Solutions and the Risk of Argyria”:

“It is estimated that the Indian tradition of eating candy and cakes wrapped in metallic silver foil (eaten foil and all) came from their historically gained knowledge that in their warm, moist climate with little refrigeration of foods, eating the silver-covered candy and cakes after meals would kill the bacteria consumed with the food, before it had a chance to do damage to their body systems.”

And as Dr. Nenah Sylver, Ph.D. has stated in her book The Rife Handbook, “…colloidal silver traveling directly to a relatively empty gut, with no stool to block its passage, can kill unwanted microorganisms there that cause food poisoning and dysentery.”

Finally, topical commercial disinfectants that are composed chiefly of colloidal silver (i.e., stabilized ionic silver solutions) such as Axen 30 and others have been EPA approved for effectiveness against Campylobacter jejuni and other food poisoning pathogens.

To gain such approval from the EPA, the product must be proven in clinical studies to kill the tested microbe on 10 out of 10 inoculated carriers or the label claims cannot be approved for the product.

So there’s little doubt of the ability of colloidal silver to kill food poisoning pathogens, including some of the most virulent ones. The question is, can it do so in the human body?

Eye-Opening Anecdotal Accounts

Here’s what a number of people have said about their personal experiences with stomach ailments and the relief they’ve experienced when using colloidal silver:

“Stomach Flu: Results So Immediate I Was Amazed!”

“I recently purchased a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and had made up a batch using the device.

Later that night I got the stomach flu and had been vomiting all night. My throat and mouth were very sore to the point that, even being exhausted, I hurt so much I couldn’t sleep.

I thought of the colloidal silver I had made and said to myself “Hey…let’s try this and see if it works!”

Well, the results were so immediate I was amazed. All the soreness was gone and my stomach settled down and I was finally able to get some sleep.”

— Renee, Oregon

“BAM – Food Poisoning Stopped Immediately!”

“One evening I stopped to have a cheeseburger at America’s second biggest chain.

On the way home I began to feel queasy with stomach pains & gas – I have had it before and I know the signs of food poisoning.

I got home and drank four ounces of silver water – BAM food poisoning stopped immediately!”

— Dan F., Naples, FL

“Cured Unusual Stomach Ailment, Restored Lost Appetite!”

“My intro to colloidal silver happened about 4 years ago when I suddenly could not eat. It went on for about a month. I had all kinds of tests done (endoscopy, CT scans, blood work, ultrasound) and nothing showed up.

A friend brought over some colloidal silver she had made and suggested I take 1 ounce. Within hours I felt like eating. I gradually improved and kept taking 1 or 2 ounces per day of colloidal silver.

I went through some type of detoxing event also. My estimation of what happened is that I had acquired some type of bacterial infection and the colloidal silver cleared it up.

No doctor ever had any explanation. This sold me on colloidal silver as it was quite odd for me not to eat. All I had for almost two months was toast. No food looked appealing. The colloidal silver gave me back by normal appetite.”

— Doryan J.

“Stopped Bleeding Stomach Ulcer in its Tracks!”

“I love my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator! Recently, I developed a bleeding stomach ulcer. I found that out when I was recovering from effects of the flu.

So, I thought about colloidal silver’s healing qualities and decided to try it. I made a new batch, standard 3 hours generation time.

Then I took 2 tbsp., 2 times a day, and by the end of 2 weeks I had no stomach pain or burning and no vomiting stomach acid with blood. It’s been 2 months since that time. What a RELIEF!!”

— S. Pfau, Freeport, MN

“I Was Sick to My Stomach, But I’m Just Fine After Taking Colloidal Silver!”

“I was sick to my stomach a few hours ago, I drank some micro-particle colloidal silver and now I’m just fine!

This stuff works almost instantaneously. Within a few hours I was feeling so much better I couldn’t believe it.”

— Kathy S., Las Vegas, NV

“Stops Upset Stomach with Only One-Eighth Cup of Colloidal Silver!”

“…for upset stomach, I swallow 1/8 cup of 10 ppm colloidal silver every time the cramping or nausea hits. It’s amazing.

It gives me hope for being able to care for my family as healthcare in this country is becoming more controlled by government.”

— C.R., Highland, Utah

“Upset Stomach Goes Away Within Seconds or Minutes!”

“My personal experience is when I’ve had upset stomach and use colloidal silver for it, the pain goes away within seconds or minutes.”

— Bob L., Napa CA

“Sipping on Colloidal Silver Solves My Stomach Problems”

“I keep a jar of colloidal silver with me all the time and when I feel stomach problems coming on – I sip on it while I am working.

Some days it is all that saves me from going home early! It keeps the Dr away!

I don’t like seeing Dr’s – I am a Natural Health Care Practitioner also. I am sharing the news about your Micro-Particle machine…”

— Mary

Of course, any kind of “tummy bug” can cause stomach discomfort, nausea, pain, or even diarrhea. But when this happens, many people simply ingest an ounce or two of colloidal silver orally for fast, safe relief – often within minutes. Here are a few interesting examples:

“Cures My Kids Tummy Bugs!”

“When my kids were school age, they occasionally came down with tummy bugs. I don’t know if it was the cafeteria food, or what.

But I’d give them a few ounces of our homemade colloidal silver from The Silver Edge Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, and it always did the trick.

Sometimes even within a few minutes they’d be feeling better. I’ve used it myself for the same reason, and it always seems to work well.”

— M.B., CA

“Upset Stomach or Diarrhea Goes Away Quickly!”

“An upset stomach or diarrhea goes away quickly using colloidal silver.

Depending how bad it is, I have taken 2-4 ounces at a time, up to 4 times a day. It works great!”

— Diane L., Erie, MI

“Everyone Is Amazed at the Quickness of Their Healing!”

“I give colloidal silver to my clients that have any colds, flu, stomach upsets, aching joints, lethargy, or have any open cuts.

Everyone has given me a good report back that they are amazed by the quickness of their healing!”

— Ava C., Clearwater, FL

“My Constipation Is Gone After One Big Dose of Colloidal Silver”

“I’ve used colloidal silver for constipation on several occasions, to very good effect. But I have found that small amounts don’t really help much for that problem.

If constipated, I generally end up taking six or eight ounces at once. That seems to really get the bowels moving again. I generally only need to do it for a single day.

The next day I drink plenty of water to flush out any excess silver accumulation. And of course take a good probiotic supplement like lactobacillus acidophilus in order to make up for any beneficial intestinal bacteria that may have been killed off by the larger dose of colloidal silver.

Of course, taking six or eight ounces of colloidal silver at once can be an expensive proposition if you are buying colloidal silver commercially. But if you are making your own colloidal silver it is very inexpensive – just a few cents.”

— S. Jones, Peoria, AZ

“My Irritable Bowel Syndrome Is Much Better After Using Colloidal Silver Daily”

“I started using colloidal silver about 10 months ago. Within a week I started to feel much better so have stayed with it since then.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I think the IBS control is about 8. Most of the time I feel good – far better than I did for the last 3 years.

If I go off the silver for more than 3 to 4 days the IBS seems to return. I would be keen to hear from others who may be using colloidal silver for this condition. I currently drink 25 mls per day of approx 5ppm, homemade colloidal silver…”

— From online IBS forum

My Note: I find it interesting that IBS is an inflammatory bowel condition. Way back in the early 1900’s the anti-inflammatory benefits of colloidal silver were noted by pioneering colloidal silver medical researchers such as Britain’s Sir Malcolm Morris, who wrote in the British Medical Journal in 1917:

“…instead of producing irritation it has a distinctly soothing effect. It rapidly subdues inflammation and promotes healing of the lesions, it can be used with remarkable results in enlarged prostate with irritation of the bladder, in pruritis ani, and perineal eczema, and in haemorrhoids.”

— British Medical Journal (May 12, 1917), Sir Malcom Morris

Based on other anecdotal accounts, colloidal silver can work wonders for a number of other serious stomach ailments, as well. Here are a few more interesting examples:

“Stomach Cramps, Frightening Diarrhea GONE After Taking Colloidal Silver!”

“I can attest to the miracle of colloidal silver. I got food poisoning Friday night. Woke up Saturday at 1am with horrible stomach cramps and frightening diarrhea.

I make my own silver with the machine I purchased from The Silver Edge. I immediately started taking about one ounce of 10 ppm micro-particle colloidal silver every 1/2 hour.

By morning 8:00am, I could tell it was over. I truly believe that if I had not started taking it when I did, I would have ended up in the hospital!

I think EVERYONE should own one of your generators!!! Mine has seen me through many health issues in the 3 years I’ve had it!

…Thank you Steve for making this machine available to all of us, and I wouldn’t take a million dollars for my machine.

I use the silver for absolutely everything, from disinfecting my house, to adding it to my baths, and lotions and dishwasher. All my children use it, as well as my grandkids to help ward off those nasty winter flues…God Bless!”

— Jennifer F., New Franklin, MO

“Second Time This Year I’ve Used Colloidal Silver Against a Stomach Virus!”

“My girlfriend and I developed either a bad case of stomach flu and/or food poisoning not to long after our Valentine’s Day dinner.

Unfortunately she wasn’t able to keep anything down at all, including the colloidal silver. As for me, I immediately began taking about an ounce of colloidal silver every half hour. Within about 4 hours of this routine I was feeling in the “clear” zone.

I thought for certain that I’d be reaching the point of no return and rushing to the bathroom. Thank God this didn’t occur. By the very next day I’d say I was feeling about 95% better.

I’m very thankful for this wonderful natural substance and for having had purchased the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and having it arrive just in perfect timing to assist in overcoming this obstacle.

This actually makes the 2nd time in this year I’ve used colloidal silver against a stomach virus.

Previously I had used a commercial store bought brand and that time I only suffered for about 24 hours while my family battled it for over a week. They listen closely now when I mention using colloidal silver.”

— Phillip P., Gettysburg, PA

I hope you find these real-life anecdotal accounts helpful, keeping in mind of course that “testimonials” are not the equivalent of medical evidence, and should never be relied upon in place of direction and guidance from your medical doctor or other licensed physician.

And that goes double when serious stomach ailments are suspected, or are being experienced. So don’t neglect to see your doctor and let him or her know what’s going on.

One More Note: Colloidal Silver as a Digestive Aid

Some natural health advocates point out that silver also works as a fabulous digestive aid for people with slow bowel transit, by stopping the fermentation of foods in the bowels:

“Colloidal Silver is also effective as a digestive aid when taken with meals as it stops fermentation of food in the stomach and intestines.

Fermentation can occur if food sits there for too long and this can lead gas, bloating, pain, indigestion and reflux, so taking silver can help avoid all these unpleasant symptoms which a lot of people suffer with after meals.”

— www.herbwisdom.com

Marvin Robey, a long-time colloidal silver advocate, says people afflicted with flatulence after meals have only to ingest a little bit of colloidal silver with their meals in order to resolve the problem. He writes:

“Place 5ml of colloidal silver, or as determined by titration, into a beverage of your choice accompanying your meal. As the food is digested, the presence of colloidal silver will keep the food from putrefying in the digestive tract, while killing all germs ingested with the food. There will be no flatulence with this method.”

— Marvin Robey, “A Safe and Simple Treatment for Aids”

As you can see, based on both anecdotal accounts and independent research, colloidal silver appears to be a safe and highly effective aid for stomach ailments of all kinds, ranging from simple digestive upset to “tummy bugs” to more serious stomach issues.

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If you’d like to learn more about the often astonishing effectiveness of colloidal silver for stomach issues, here are a few more articles you might want to read:

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