Green Groups Suing EPA (Again) to Ban Nanosilver Products

Green Groups Suing EPA (Again) to Ban Nanosilver ProductsHere we go again. The radical environmental loonies are once again screaming from the rooftops about the supposed “dangers” of nanosilver in consumer products.

Once more, they’re suing the EPA in order to force the regulatory agency to set in place stricter and stricter regulations against the use of nanosilver in consumer products.

And of course, as always, they’re calling for a total ban on all consumer products containing nanosilver, until it can be proven those products won’t “harm the environment” –

– this, even though the silver came from the environment in the first place, and the normal use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products has never in 120 years been demonstrated to harm the environment.

Here’s the latest update to this strange and twisted saga in which radical environmental groups tied at the hip (financially) with Big Pharma are working to stop consumers from utilizing the protective benefits of antimicrobial silver…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

If you’ve been following my articles for any length of time now, you know that in 2008 a coalition of radical environmental groups sued the EPA, forcing them to classify the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer goods as a “pesticide.”

This, so consumer products that utilize antimicrobial silver in their makeup could be more strictly regulated under the EPAs extremely strict FIRFA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) regulations.

Since that time, it’s been getting harder and harder for manufacturers to obtain EPA approval to bring consumer goods containing antimicrobial silver to the market.

In just a moment, I’ll tell you about the latest lawsuit filed by the radical environmentalists against the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products. But first, let’s take a quick look at how the market for silver-based consumer products has been impacted since the first lawsuit back in 2008:

Disappearing Products

Before 2008, a computer keyboard infused with antimicrobial silver to help prevent the buildup of germs on the surface was considered to be a typical consumer product.

But after 2008 it must be considered to be a “pesticidal” product, and the manufacturer must seek EPA approval before it can be sold to the general public.

As such, the product is required by the EPA to pass an astonishing array of expensive toxicity tests in order to be approved for sale to the general public.

Indeed, to be approved for sale to the public a consumer product such as a computer keyboard that utilizes antimicrobial silver in its makeup must be tested for:

Fish toxicity…bird toxicity…algal toxicity…human toxicity…inhalation toxicity… dermal toxicity…repeated dose toxicity…environmental toxicity…genetic toxicity …as well as “environmental fate” toxicity tests and a host of other toxicity tests

For a full list of the required regulatory tests manufacturers have had to jump through since 2008 in order to get a new silver-based consumer product approved by the EPA, see my previous article “How Environmentalists are Destroying the Market for Antimicrobial Silver“.

For additional background information on some of the potentially life-saving consumer products you’ll probably never see come to market now, thanks to the actions of the radical environmentalists, you might also want to read “In Defense of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles: It’s Time to Kick Some Environmentalist Butt.”

This is why you no longer see computer keyboards infused with nanosilver being widely sold in computer stores. If you do see one, it’s usually a bootleg product being sold online by an overseas company that simply doesn’t acknowledge the EPA regulations, and can’t be fined by them.

The bottom line is that the extensive amount of testing now required in order to demonstrate silver’s environmental safety in consumer products is so expensive it would as much as double the cost of a computer keyboard. The silver itself is far less expensive than the required testing!

So without any evidence of environmental harm whatsoever, the silver-imbedded antimicrobial computer keyboards are no longer being manufactured and sold in the U.S. Neither are the silver-embedded kitchen cutting boards…the silver-based deodorant sprays…the silver-enmeshed bathroom and kitchen towels…the silver-impregnated food storage containers…etc.

This was the plan of the radical environmentalists all along, of course. They knew if they could make it too expensive for manufacturers to produce consumer goods protected by antimicrobial silver, the manufacturers would simply drop them from their product line.

This has resulted in the loss of hundreds upon hundreds of once-existing consumer products that provide astonishing levels of protection against germs by having small amounts of antimicrobial silver woven or otherwise enmeshed into their makeup.

Could Coca Cola Get Approved?

With such a litany of toxicity tests to pass, it’s quite a wonder that any new silver-containing products make it through the initial EPA proposal phase, much less get approved to be marketed to the public.

A product like Coca Cola could not get approved if it had to be tested for so many “toxicities” today. Neither could charcoal fluid. Neither could gasoline. Neither could motor oil. Neither could dish soap. Neither could hair color products. Neither could any of the typical insecticides on the market today. Neither could most commercial shampoo products.

Heck, neither could most packaged foods with all of the potentially toxic chemicals being used to extend their shelf lives.

In fact, half the consumer products on the market would probably have to be removed if they had to undergo such rigorous toxicity testing before being sold to the American public.

But silver is what the radical environmental groups are focusing on.

And because of that, you’ll see no lawsuits being filed by the greenies against the EPA for allowing prescription drug levels in half the nation’s water supply to climb above detectable levels. You’ll see no lawsuits being filed against the use of toxic Roundup on farm crops.

You’ll also see no lawsuits over the rising worldwide levels of radiation from Fukishima. And what about those toxic chemicals leaching from plastic bottles we drink sodas and juices from every day? You guessed it: No lawsuits, even though newborn babies are now being born with those toxic chemicals inside their bodies.

But according to the radical environmentalists, the use of natural silver – which comes from the environment in the first place, and which has never been demonstrated in real-life to cause environmental harm – must be stopped at all costs.

Indeed, the EPA approval process set in place after the 2008 lawsuit by the radical environmental groups appears to be purposely constructed to make sure silver-based products never make it to the consumer.

No Harm in Over 120 Years

What’s not understood by the general public about this concerted effort on behalf of radical environmental groups to restrict the public from obtaining consumer goods protected by antimicrobial silver is that there are ZERO studies showing any real-life harm whatsoever from nanosilver to the environment, or to animals, or to plants, or to humans.

For example, this study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology in 2011, demonstrated that in over 120 years of use of nanosilver by consumers – in everything ranging from swimming pools and hot tubs, to municipal water disinfection plants and in hundreds of consumer products – there has been no environmental harm whatsoever.

And in another new study conducted by scientists at the University of Cincinnati and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, titled “The Impact of Silver Nanoparticles on the Composting of Municipal Solid Waste,” published in December 2013 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, it was conclusively demonstrated that no harm was caused to the environment, or to plants, or animals or even little microscopic critters needed to help plants grow.

Similarly, a March 2010 study published in the journal Mycobiology, demonstrated that crops treated with nanosilver not only grew larger and were far healthier than control crops, but the nanosilver protected the crops against common plant fungal infections.

Finally, in another study titled “Effects of Aqueous Exposure to Silver Nanoparticles of Different Sizes in Rainbow Trout,” published in the journal Toxicological Sciences in 2010, scientists studying rainbow trout exposed to nanosilver in a real-life environmental scenario found no harm to the fish.

So real-life studies demonstrate conclusively that nanosilver is not harmful to humans, animals, plants or to any other aspect of the environment (after all, it came from the environment in the first place).

Manipulating Study Results

Yet the radical environmentalists tout study after study demonstrating silver’s alleged “toxicity” to everything from plants, to animals to humans. How can this be?

It’s because in virtually every case, the studies being touted by the greenie groups turn out to be test tube laboratory studies purposely constructed to obtain negative results, rather than real-life studies.

In other words, when the environmental researchers can’t find real-life harm from the use of nanosilver in consumer products, they set out to create laboratory conditions conducive to harm from nanosilver.

For example, in one case researchers soaked tiny Flathead Minnows in an aquatic habitat containing nanosilver in order to demonstrate that the tiny silver particles could cause harm to aquatic life such as fish.

When no harm was found, the researchers eliminated from the fish habitat all plant life, all sand and all mineral content, etc.


Because in nature, silver has a high affinity for natural substances such as biological silica, salts, sulfur and other common soil and water minerals.

In other words, silver bonds with these organic substances, and as a result its powerful antimicrobial qualities are largely neutralized as the silver returns to its natural environmental form.

Yes, antimicrobial silver becomes largely inert (i.e., harmless to nature) pretty much as soon as it comes into contact with other natural organic substances. It becomes just as harmless as it was before it was originally taken from the environment and used in a consumer product.

However, when the tiny minnows still showed no harm from the nanosilver after all organic materials were removed from their habitat, the researchers then sonicated the water constantly, so that the silver particles could not settle to the bottom, but instead, remained in suspension in high concentrations, and in constant contact with the tiny fish.

Then, more and more nanosilver was added, until the researchers could demonstrate harm to the fish from the nanosilver. Only by shrewdly manipulating the aquatic habitat until all that was left were extremely high levels of silver suspended in the water with no organic matter for it to bond to could any harm from the nanosilver be demonstrated.

In other words, in order to demonstrate “environmental harm” from nanosilver, the researchers had to create laboratory conditions that don’t exist anywhere in nature.

Once the study results were released, screaming news headlines reading, “Researchers prove nanosilver harmful to fish in environment” were published all over the internet.

The general public, of course, was completely oblivious to all of the manipulations and contortions that had to be made during the course of the study in order for the researchers to reach the preconceived results.

In real-life, none of this kind of environmental harm has ever been found from the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products.

And that’s because when silver returns to the environment, it bonds with organic minerals and materials like sulfur, silica, salts and even rotting plant life, becoming a normal (and harmless) part of the very same environment from which it was taken out of in the first place.

New Lawsuit and Renewed Calls for a Ban on Silver

Unfortunately, the radical environmental groups that originally sued the EPA in 2008 now claim the EPA has not yet done enough to regulate the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer goods.

And you can rest assured, they’ll never be happy, until every last consumer product containing nanosilver has been driven off the market, which was their original intent.

So they do what radical environmentalist groups always do when they don’t get their way, i.e., they file more lawsuits.

This time, a coalition of radical environmentalist groups are suing the EPA once again – see here and here – in an attempt to force the federal agency to make it even more difficult than ever before to get silver-based antimicrobial products approved, and to force the EPA to ban silver-based consumer products already on the market.

As Bloomberg has reported:

“A lawsuit filed against the Environmental Protection Agency over its regulation of antimicrobial products containing nanosilver could, if successful, force companies to take hundreds of products off the shelves.”

According to the Bloomberg news article:

There are still currently several hundred products already on the market that contain the nanoscale substance.”

“These products should be recalled if they’re already on the market,” George Kimbrell, a senior attorney with the Center for Food Safety, the lead plaintiff in the case, told Bloomberg BNA.

Drug Company Links?

And yes, in case you’re wondering, these are some of the very same radical environmentalist groups that were caught red-handed in 2008 taking hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even millions of dollars in some cases, from charitable foundations set up by Big Pharma.

In other words, in the years before the radical environmentalists first started petitioning the EPA to outlaw the use of antimicrobial silver in consumer products such as computer keyboards or kitchen cutting boards, they had been financially joined at the hips with Big Pharma through these charitable foundations (see “Big Drug Companies Fund Groups Behind Plot to Regulate Nano-Silver“).

When this was pointed out, of course, spokesmen for the environmental groups screamed bloody murder, even threatening one journalist with lawsuits if he didn’t remove the evidence he’d published (see “Enviro Group Bullies Reporter; Denies Drug Company Funding“).

But the documentation was irrefutable. And the reporters involved refused to back down to the radical environmentalists.

So there you have it. The radical environmentalists are now back. And this time they’re really going for the gusto.

They’re attempting to force the EPA to become so restrictive in its testing requirements against the use of nanosilver in consumer products that it will be too expensive for manufacturers to ever again consider it.

And they want all existing consumer products containing antimicrobial silver off the market, as well.

As Center for Food Safety policy director Jaydee Hanson has stated, “We want these (products) ordered off the market, and we want the EPA to fine these companies for marketing non-approved products.”

Well, the American consumer wants antimicrobial protection on products like kitchen cutting boards, computer keyboards, smart phone touch surfaces, bathroom countertops, toilet seats, etc. They’ve proven it by voting for it with their wallets and pocketbooks.

On the other hand, the radical environmentalists – acting at the behest of Big Pharma – do not want the American public to have this safe and completely natural protection against the spread of potentially dangerous microbes. They apparently want to leave us completely dependent upon Big Pharma and the big chemical companies for protection against the spread of microbes.

Who will win? At the moment, it’s a toss-up. But I’ll keep you informed as the latest iteration of this ongoing story continues to unfold.

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