Getting Colloidal Silver into the Lungs When You Don’t Have the Proper Equipment

Cobalt Spray BottleHow to use a glass pump spray bottle to deliver colloidal silver into the lungs in order to help the body stave off a budding lung infection…

I’ve written in the past on methods I’ve used personally – and quite successfully – for getting colloidal silver into my lungs, to help fend off a budding lung infection.

One of those methods was using a device called a nebulizer. And an alternative method was using a device called a cool mist vaporizer. You can read about those methods at the links in this paragraph.

But what if you don’t have immediate access to a nebulizer, or a cool mist vaporizer, but feel an upper respiratory infection starting and want to get some silver into your lungs as quickly as possible for protection?

The Pump Spray Bottle Method

If you need to get colloidal silver down into your lungs right away to help your body stop a budding upper respiratory infection, but you don’t have access to a medical nebulizer, consider obtaining an inexpensive glass pump spray bottle with a fine mist nozzle, like the one pictured. Make sure it’s labeled as having a “fine mist spray nozzle.”

This is nowhere near as good as a nebulizer, or even a cool mist vaporizer. Not at all. But it will do, in a pinch, for getting silver into the lungs when you’re trying to help your body stave off a budding upper respiratory infection.

✓ All you have to do is fill the bottle with colloidal silver, then hold the nozzle up to your open mouth as you begin rapidly pumping the spraying mechanism with your forefinger.

✓ As you pump the spraying mechanism, you simultaneously “huff” the fine mist of colloidal silver coming out of the nozzle deeply into your lungs. In other words, you breathe in as strongly and deeply as you can while spraying the colloidal silver into your mouth with rapid pumps of the fine mist spray nozzle. That way, the colloidal silver mist from the spray nozzle gets deep down into the lungs.

✓ You might do five or six quick pumps, while inhaling the colloidal silver mist as deeply into your lungs as possible. There’s no need to do any more than five or six pumps of the spray nozzle, at one time. These fine mist pump spray bottles deliver LOTS more colloidal silver to the lungs than a nebulizer does. So for goodness sake, don’t overdo it. (I’ll explain more, below.)

Potential Issues to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that this simple method is not a permanent substitute for using a nebulizer, by any stretch of the imagination.

Instead, it’s a very temporary substitute, useful solely during emergencies when, for example, a nebulizer might not be available, but you desperately need to get some colloidal silver into your lungs fast enough to help your body fend off a budding upper respiratory infection.

It’s also very important to understand that unlike a nebulizer, this method of delivering colloidal silver into the lungs doesn’t sonicate or heat the liquid colloidal silver and turn it into an aerosol vapor. It’s just spraying the colloidal silver liquid through a fine mist nozzle. So it actually delivers way more colloidal silver to the lungs than a nebulizer would. And I mean way more.

In fact, I’d liken it more to spraying your lungs with a water hose full of colloidal silver than to inhaling the aerosol vapor or mist from a nebulizer. So keep that in mind. Don’t overdo it. This method puts a lot of colloidal silver into your lungs.

I’ve used this method a number of times in the past when I didn’t have a nebulizer available, and have never had a problem with it. It’s always worked for me.

But, I have to tell you in advance that there *might* be potential risks involved, in terms of over-usage or long-term usage of this method. There just haven’t been any studies done to determine how much colloidal silver can be delivered safely into the lungs through this method, how long it can be used, and how much might be unsafe.

So, buyer beware. Use only with caution.

Moderation in All Things, Please…

You might remember from my original article on how to nebulize colloidal silver into the lungs that when researchers put lab rats into an environment where they had to breathe an atomized mist of colloidal silver every day for 30 straight days, they discovered that the lab rats showed minor lung scarring after the completion of 30 days of inhaling the atomized silver particles.

Obviously, that’s not good.

But it would be an astonishingly rare situation in which colloidal silver would have to be breathed into the lungs every day for 30 full days. Usually, it’s just several times a day, for five to 15 minutes per session, for three or four days when trying to stop an upper respiratory infection.

So, as with all things, moderation seems to be the key when using colloidal silver in this fashion to help stave off a budding lung infection. This is not a method that should be used every day for weeks on end. Okay?

Based on my own experiences, and on the experiences of others I’ve interviewed over the years, doing this three or four times a day, for three or four days, starting directly after the first signs of an upper respiratory infection, appears to be very safe and often knocks the budding infection completely out before it really gets started.

And that’s all you’re trying to do. Help your body stop a budding infection before it can spread.

So please don’t let this become some faddish method of using colloidal silver on a regular daily basis. Leave that kind of nonsense to the lunatic fringe who never seem to know when to stop.

I apologize in advance for the dire warnings. But what should be common sense for everybody simply isn’t for some. There are, unfortunately, some really dumb people out there who won’t listen to reason but instead use colloidal silver indiscriminately and to great excess.

Please don’t be one of them.

Learning More Is the Best Form of Preparation…

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The bottom line is this: There are effective natural ways to help protect yourself and your family from the potential ravages of a virus. And colloidal silver is widely considered to be #1 among them.

With colloidal silver in your corner, worrying is counter-productive, and victory over infections of all kinds is at hand.

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
Steve Barwick Signature
Steve “Clear Lungs” Barwick, author
The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

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