Get Ready for Flu Season with Colloidal Silver!

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Flu season is rapidly approaching, and one of the best ways to keep you, your family, and your home healthy is by including colloidal silver in your flu-fighting arsenal.

Here’s how my family prepares, and how you can too…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

According to the CDC, “The timing of flu is unpredictable and can vary in different parts of the country and from season to season.” The CDC also notes that flu season can begin as early as October and can last all the way through May, peaking between December-February.

Personally – with how nasty flu season can be – I think it’s never too early to start preparing…especially with how unpredictable flu season is.

So if you’re a fan of using natural means to keep your family healthy and infection-free, the best way to prepare is to act now, before your household is affected.

Here are 7 vital steps you should consider taking right now – before colds, flu and upper respiratory infections strike in your household.

By following these simple steps, you can indeed help protect yourself and your family against cold and flu viruses (and any bacterial pathogens, as well) during the winter cold and flu season:

Step #1: Stock Up on Colloidal Silver

Monster batches of colloidal silver for flu seasonDuring severe flu seasons such as the one now rapidly moving in upon us, health food stores are often quickly stripped bare of commercial brands of colloidal silver. That’s because colloidal silver is one of the world’s best, all-natural flu-fighting remedies. And it tends to fly off the shelves once the flu begins to strike in earnest.

Owning a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to produce quart after quart of colloidal silver for the rest of your life, anytime you need it, for less than 36 cents per quart.

Making Monster-Sized Batches of Colloidal Silver
During Cold and Flu Season

If you have a colloidal silver generator and you let your friends, neighbors and co-workers know about it, you’re definitely going to be the “go-to” person in your area when cold and flu season strikes.

My wife and I give away gallons of colloidal silver every flu season, and since our own colloidal silver usage is substantial, that means we have to make multiple gallons at a time in order to assure we don’t run out.

We start every flu season by brewing up 4.5 gallons worth of colloidal silver over a weekend. It’s always a certainty that we’ll be giving a lot of it away over the next few weeks and months as flu season gets worse so we make sure to have plenty on hand.

Normally, we “brew” batches of colloidal silver for three hours per each quart, in order to get a 10 ppm solution, but when fighting the flu we pull out the proverbial “big guns” (and in this case, they’re big jars).

We use two massive 2.25-gallon glass cookie jars for production containers (see photo above), which hold 9 quarts. A “normal” 10ppm batch in our big jars would brew for 27 hours.

But to make our big flu season batches, we use our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator to brew these batches for 48 hours per container to ensure double-strength colloidal silver.

After these massive 2.25-gallon double-strength batches are done, we carefully decant them into our usual 1 quart, wide-mouth amber mason jars with plastic lids and label them with their batch strength. Always make sure you label your double-strength flu season colloidal silver jars so that you know what strength you’re using.

Some of these containers will end up under the cabinets in our bathrooms and kitchen, so we can more easily refill the various spray bottles we use (more on that below).

We keep the rest of our jars aside in a cabinet ready for family, friends, and neighbors to come knocking when they inevitably come calling with the sniffles.

Some years we only do this at the start of the season, but there have been many previous flu seasons where we’ve had to make several monster-sized batches due to the severity of the spread.

Remember, micro-particle colloidal silver can be stored for months or even years…so even if you end up with leftovers at the end of the season, you can still use it up without worry.

To see a great video on how easy it is to brew these monster-batches, click here.

Step #2: Stock Up on Steam-distilled Water

Steam Distilled WaterIf you want the very best colloidal silver, you need pure steam-distilled water.

Make sure you get at least four or five gallons to keep aside, so you can make plenty of colloidal silver for family members, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. should the flu season become especially bad.

Distilled water keeps for months or even years at a time. You don’t have to worry about it going bad. Just store it in a closet, pantry, or cabinet so it’s readily available to use as you need it to make colloidal silver over the course of the flu season.

Steam-distilled water is available from just about any major chain supermarket for well under $2 a gallon. We generally have good luck with the pure steam-distilled water from Walmart, which is even cheaper, averaging about a buck a gallon in most parts of the country.

For more details about how to ensure you’re buying the correct water for making colloidal silver, read my recent article, “Which Water Should Be Used to Make Colloidal Silver?“.

Step #3: Get Several Small, Fine-mist Pump Spray Bottles

Fine Mist Spray Bottle with Colloidal SilverPump spray bottles are important because they’re so versatile. First of all, they allow you to spray a fine colloidal silver “mist” over areas such as countertops, door knobs, toilet handles, knobs and faucets or any other high contact surface areas where bacteria, viruses and other pathogens can concentrate and ultimately infect others.

The tiny silver particles air dry to the surface, and provide many hours of protection. During a health crisis, do this every time a visitor comes and goes from your house.

Secondly, you can use a pump spray bottle to lightly “mist” the air in your home with colloidal silver, walking from room to room and spraying toward the ceilings in order to let the ambient air carry the light silver mist throughout the room.

(For more about using colloidal silver to keep a healthy home, see my recent article, “Disinfect Your Household Naturally with Colloidal Silver“.)

Third, you can use a pump spray bottle to “huff” colloidal silver. In other words, if you’ve been around a person you think may have been infected, you can go home, open your mouth and spray a light mist of colloidal silver directly into your mouth while simultaneously breathing in deeply in order to get the tiny silver particles deep down into your lungs where viruses may have lodged.

Fourth, knowing that viruses and other pathogens often enter through the eyes and ears, you can use your pump spray bottle to lightly spray the outside of your ear, behind your ear, and even directly into your eyes.

(Learn more about using colloidal silver in the eyes, in this short video. Learn more about using colloidal silver in the ears, in this short video.)

Additionally, pump spray bottles are great for spraying colloidal silver onto open sores, cuts, burns or other wounds, in order to keep them infection-free. Simply spray lightly over the affected area, and then let it air dry. Do this three or four times a day. The tiny particles of colloidal silver will adhere to the affected area, and protect it, also decreasing healing time, which is vital when infections of any kind are rampant.

You can use plastic or glass pump spray bottles. Glass is always preferable if you plan on storing colloidal silver in the pump spray bottle for months at a time. But plastic will work just fine for shorter periods of time between refills, such as a few weeks to a month at a time.

Pump spray bottles can easily be found on Amazon. You can also usually find them at your local Wal-Mart. Check the travel section for empty, travel-sized spray bottles, or in the gardening department for larger misting bottles.

If they’re sold out, go to the over-the-counter medicines department in your local pharmacy, and buy a pump spray bottle full of Chloraseptic, or Triaminic, or any other “sore throat spray.”

You can take the bottle home, dump the contents, clean the bottle out thoroughly with soap and warm water, and then rinse again thoroughly with warm water. Then fill it with colloidal silver.

And if you have any trouble finding a good source, check out some of the additional online sources in the following article, “Online Sources for Glass Containers for Making, Storing and Using Colloidal Silver.”

Step #4: Get a Small Nasal “Pump Spray” Bottle

Nasal Spray BottleThese nasal pump spray bottles can be filled with colloidal silver so you can spray colloidal silver up your nose and get it deeply into your sinuses, should you feel an infection coming on, or should you be exposed to a person who may be infected.

Carry this in your pocket or purse, or in your car, with you at all times, especially during cold and flu season. These little nasal “squeeze spray” bottles are generally available online, at Amazon, or at any local Walmart or pharmacy.

Or, for about a dollar, you can go to any local pharmacy and purchase a tiny, two-ounce plastic nasal spray bottle full of saline solution, which is used by allergy sufferers to clean their nasal passages and sinuses.

Simply open the lid, pull the little plastic spray tip off the top of the bottle, dump the saline solution out, rinse the inside of the bottle thoroughly with warm water, and then re-fill it with colloidal silver.

Filling the bottle only half-way actually makes it “mist” better when you spray it up your nose; you want that fine mist because it carries the tiny silver particles deep into the sinuses and even into the lungs, where any hidden viruses can be dealt with).

Step #5: Get a Couple of Eye-Dropper Bottles

Eyedropper bottleBelieve it or not, eye-dropper bottles can be incredibly helpful during flu season. Why? Cutting edge researchers say viruses and other pathogens often enter the body at the eyes and ears.

For example, when you shake hands with an infected person, or touch a countertop, door handle, or other surface which have viruses on them, and then inadvertently touch your finger to your eye or ear, you can easily become infected.

But you can often stop the infection dead in its tracks, before it gets started, simply by applying a few drops of colloidal silver to the eyes or ears.

During cold and flu season, I apply a drop or two of colloidal silver to my eyes up to several times a day, anytime I’ve been out in public where people have been coughing around me.

And under those same circumstances, I’ll put a drop or two into my ear canal at night, when I lay down to sleep.

For more information, see my short video on how to use colloidal silver in the ears.

Step #6: Get a Few Pump Bottles of Liquid Hand Soap

Hand soap pump bottleAdd some colloidal silver to liquid hand soap in order to make your own antimicrobial hand soap.

As you know, health authorities always emphasize that washing your hands repeatedly during the day is of utmost importance during a serious flu outbreak. And they’re right.

Using a good, high-quality antimicrobial soap is vital for keeping the flu bug from spreading from person to person, and from contact surface to contact surface.

This is why doctors in hospital environments use antimicrobial soap every single day. So making your own antimicrobial soap with colloidal silver, for use during cold and flu season, is just plain smart.

See this short “how to” video, demonstrating how to make your own colloidal silver gel and colloidal silver soap.

Short of that, simply use your pump spray bottle (see Step #3 above) to lightly spray your hands with colloidal silver after washing and drying them.

Then let them air dry by waving your hands in the air for a moment. The tiny silver particles will adhere to your skin and provide an added layer of protection against pathogens of all sorts.

Step #7: Read Up on the Best Ways to Use
Colloidal Silver to Help Fight the Flu

Colloidal silver has incredible infection-fighting qualities, but you need to be armed with the knowledge to use it properly.

Here are some of the best articles on how to use colloidal silver to keep you and your family healthy during flu season:

The Bottom Line…

By following these seven simple steps, you can indeed help protect your family safely and naturally during cold and flu season. They key is to be prepared in advance, before the season starts in earnest.

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Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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