Colloidal Silver Banned in Europe, Part I

Colloidal Silver Banned in Europe, Part ILate last week our good friends at Life & Health Research Group mailed a copy of their Colloidal Silver Update newsletter to their 60,000 readers, warning them that colloidal silver was on the verge of being banned in Europe.

Little did they know that while their analysis of the situation was amazingly prescient, the expected ban had already taken place as of January 1, 2010.

Yes, you read that right: Colloidal silver has now officially been banned throughout the European Union! It can no longer be legally sold in any health food store or by any internet vendor in the EU as a nutritional supplement.

A few short days from now I’ll publish the details of the ban on this blog, in an exclusive report which will include important new information from one of Europe’s leading health freedom groups.

I’ll also explain how the ban was passed while the European public slept right through it, completely oblivious to what was happening right before their eyes.

In the meantime, with the kind permission of Life & Health Research Group, I’ve reproduced below the text of the latest issue of Colloidal Silver Update newsletter which was mailed late last week to its readers.

Be sure to read it in its entirety, so you’ll have the necessary background information for my upcoming report on the European ban on colloidal silver, and how it will ultimately affect the health freedom rights of all Americans, and all colloidal silver users like you throughout the United States, Canada and the rest of the world!


Steve Barwick

The Worldwide Battle to Ban Colloidal Silver and How You Can Help Us Stop It…For Good!

A worldwide battle to ban colloidal silver is heating up…and your right to use colloidal silver as you see fit hangs in the balance! Would you help us fight for your right to continue to use safe, natural colloidal silver?

Dear Fellow Colloidal Silver Advocate,

Yesterday I received this letter from a contact in Sweden (see below) detailing the attempts to ban the sale of colloidal silver, not only in Sweden, but throughout the European Union.

Hi Steve,

My name is Anders Sultan and I am part owner of Sweden’s largest producer of colloidal silver. We call our brand Ionosil. We are currently battling the authorities in Sweden and the EU in regards to all of the disinformation that keeps coming out about colloidal silver. It’s an uphill battle. And the EU food authorities here, the EFSA, are probably banning the product sometime in early 2010. They are bound to blame this on safety issues and claim that there is no bioavailability data available for colloidal silver products. Supposedly, Natural Immunogenics is doing a bioavailability study on their product, but we will see if that is enough. I really enjoy your newsletter! Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Anders Sultan

Unfortunately, over the past few weeks and months I’ve received similar letters from our contacts throughout Europe, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more.

In short, there is a concerted worldwide effort to either ban colloidal silver completely, or to so heavily regulate it as a “toxin” or “pesticide” that you would need a prescription or permit to use it.

Codex Alimentarius

This is all part of the looming one-world plot to “harmonize” all nutritional supplement laws on a global basis, and dramatically restrict your rights to use natural substances like colloidal silver as you see fit.

It’s called Codex Alimentarius, which simply means “food law” or “food code.”

And while the looming Codex agreement consists chiefly at this point of thousands of pages of rules and regulations creating new uniform global standards for such things as pickling cucumbers (yes, there are 11 pages of stringent regulations in the Codex for pickling cucumbers), the real threat to health freedom comes in the sections of the Codex governing nutritional supplements.

Are Your Supplements Actually “Toxins”?

You see, under the Codex regulations most nutritional supplements will be labeled as “toxins” and either banned or have their dosage levels strictly limited to “non-toxic” levels.

This, of course, is merely a ploy by the global medical bureaucrats to make sure therapeutic levels of nutrients are simply not available to consumers, except through a doctor’s prescription.

All “approved” nutrients will be given “Nutrient Reference Value Upper Daily Intake Limits,” which severely restricts the amount of each active nutrient ingredient that supplement manufacturers can put in a capsule or tablet. These new daily intake limits are so low they are incapable of preventing nutritional deficiencies much less healing illness or disease.

For example, under the draft regulations made public so far, only 5 ug daily of Vitamin D will be allowed in any supplement (most people take 500 ug to 1,000 ug or more daily). Only 45 mg. of Vitamin C will be allowed (most people take 500 to 5,000 mg. or more daily). And only 1.5 mg. of Vitamin B-6 will be allowed (most people take up to 100 mg. daily for cardiovascular health, for example).

Other supplements such as colloidal silver will likely be outlawed altogether, on the premise there is no “scientific consensus” for their effectiveness or no evidence of their “safety.”

Who Benefits?

The beneficiary of all of this Codex pseudo-science is, of course, the global pharmaceutical industry – aka Big Pharma – which has waged war for decades now against nutritional supplements in general, and colloidal silver in particular.

As Congressman Ron Paul, an ardent health freedom fighter, has stated:

“Soon, all European Union countries will unify their food supplement laws to conform with rules established by a United Nations commission called Codex Alimentarius, which calls for strict regulatory control of dietary supplements. Under the Codex rules, Europeans will need a doctor’s prescription to obtain even basic levels of vitamins. Americans may soon find their supplements similarly restricted in an attempt to harmonize the regulatory playing field between the U.S. and Europe.”

Already Happening in the U.S.

Congressman Paul is correct. But what’s already happening here in the U.S. is much more subtle and underhanded than what’s happening in Europe.

You see, here in the U.S. the bureaucrats are quietly re-categorizing supplements into a variety of regulatory categories they’ve never before been under.

For example, one of the most active forms of Vitamin B-6, pyridoxamine, was recently re-categorized as a “drug” by the FDA, even though it’s been sold as a nutritional supplement since the 1980’s. With the stroke of a pen, pyridoxamine was simply banned from ever being sold as a nutritional supplement again.

You probably didn’t realize it, but moves are now afoot to re-categorize weight loss claims as “disease claims.” Why? So weight loss supplements can also be re-categorized and regulated as “drugs.”

What’s more, there’s a growing move afoot to re-categorize supplements that contain finely “micronized” particles for better absorption. The medical bureaucrats want to call them “nano substances.” Why? So they can be treated as “unapproved new drugs” rather than nutritional supplements!

The EPA and Their Drive to Re-Categorize Silver as a “Pesticide”

What does this have to do with colloidal silver?

As we’ve been reporting in online blog posts and in printed newsletters since February 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency is now being pressed by a coalition of radical environmental groups to re-categorize products containing silver – including colloidal silver – as “pesticides” so they can be regulated as potential environmental threats.

Indeed, here in the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is meeting regularly to consider the fate of all silver-based products, including colloidal silver.

We firmly believe these efforts to re-categorize nutritional supplements is nothing more than a backdoor approach to harmonizing U.S. supplement laws with the proposed global Codex regulations.

How You Can Help Stop the Madness (and it Won’t Cost You a Penny!)

We’re now in the process – in a BIG way – of taking a leading role in the battle to stop the bureaucrats from restricting your rights to use colloidal silver and other nutritional supplements as you see fit. And we need your help to win it.

Of course, it won’t cost you a penny. We’re not trying to become a fundraising organization or anything like that. We’re just infuriated at the tactics being used by the bureaucrats to destroy your health freedom rights. And we’re determined to make a huge difference in the battle to protect your health freedom rights.

In fact, we know we can play a large and effective role in beating back these health freedom threats, but only if we can bring together under one umbrella enough health-conscious, freedom-loving Americans willing to stand firmly against the bureaucrats who are doing the bidding of Big Pharma.

The problem is, this is a fast-moving battle. And trying to contact you by regular mail like this dramatically limits our ability to wage effective warfare against the forces that are out to destroy your health freedom rights and restrict you from using nutritional supplements like colloidal silver and others as you see fit.

Defeating the “Dark Side” Requires Speed

Indeed, it can take up to three weeks from the time we hear about an important issue affecting your health freedoms, to the time that a printed newsletter can be written and printed, envelopes addressed, stamps affixed, and the information delivered to your doorstep by the U.S. mail.

That’s way too long. You simply can’t wage effective warfare against the “dark side” if it takes you three weeks just to get your message out to your troops!

On the other hand, if we had your email address on file, we could contact you in practically an instant whenever there’s important, fast-breaking news that affects your health freedom rights or your ability to obtain and use nutritional supplements freely and without restriction.

Unfortunately, we currently have the email addresses of only 5,000 readers – a tiny fraction of our 60,000-plus active readership base. Nevertheless, even with our small email list, we’ve been extremely effective at stopping the bureaucrats.

For example, earlier this year, when the EPA was considering a legal demand to have silver immediately re-classified as a “pesticide,” we were able to send email alerts to our 5,000 email readers, and warn them of the threat at hand. Those email alerts helped generate thousands upon thousands of phone calls, emails, and letters to the EPA demanding that they keep their hands off of colloidal silver.

The result? The EPA is still reeling from that experience. The thousands of unexpected phone calls, letters and emails we unleashed upon them forced them to beat a hasty retreat. They quickly claimed they would have to “study the issue” longer before making a final decision about products containing silver sometime in 2010.

Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine what we could have accomplished if we had the email addresses of all 60,000 of our readers, instead of only 5,000?

That’s why I’m writing you now. I’m asking each of our 60,000-plus readers to sign up on the web site at to be notified by email whenever an urgent threat to your health freedom rights exists.

Of course, we’ll completely respect your privacy rights. We’ll never give out your email address to anyone. We’ll only use it when we need to contact you quickly about fast-moving issues affecting your health freedoms.

What You Can Do Right Now!

Here’s all you have to do to join us in this battle to stop the bureaucrats from regulating colloidal silver into oblivion, and to help preserve your health freedom rights:

Go to our web site at and click on the link in the upper left-hand corner of the page that says, “Click here for your FREE Colloidal Silver dosage report and email alerts – a $59 value!”

Then fill in your email address and check the box saying you want to receive our FREE health freedom email alerts.

That way, we can quickly and easily contact you and keep you updated whenever fast action is needed to stop the bureaucrats from regulating colloidal silver, or any other nutritional supplement for that matter.

As I mentioned above, it takes over 3 weeks to get a printed newsletter out to our 60,000 readers from the moment we have breaking news to the moment the newsletter arrives to you. But it only takes a few brief moments for us to send you an urgent email alert. We need that decisive edge in this fight to preserve your health freedom rights against the minions of Big Pharma!

That’s it! We’ll do the rest. We’ll stay on top of the crucial health freedom issues for you – including the EPA plan to regulate silver as a “pesticide” – and we’ll report to you by email in a timely manner every time an urgent issue exists, and suggest an effective course of action.

And it’s absolutely FREE to you. It won’t cost you a penny. We’ll put in all of the legwork, so you can stay fully informed on the crucial health freedom issues that affect you the most.

The Most Important Thing…

But here’s the most important thing: By going to our web site at and signing up for the FREE email alerts, you’ll be able to act quickly and decisively to defend your health freedom rights.

Your right to use nutritional supplements such as colloidal silver and many others is under attack today more so than at any point in history.

In fact, in early 2010 the EPA is expected to start formulating its new regulations on all products containing silver, including colloidal silver. And on another front, throughout 2010 the global medical bureaucrats will be working to “harmonize” (with emphasis on harm) U.S. nutritional supplement laws with those of the rest of the world, under the restrictive new global Codex regulations.

We intend to be at the forefront of these battles. And with your help, these battles can be won. We’ve sent the bureaucrats packing once already. But the battle is heating up again, quickly.

Won’t you please join us in working to defeat the forces of Big Pharma once and for all times, and to protect your rights to use nutritional supplements such as colloidal silver as you see fit? Just go to and sign up for our FREE health alerts by clicking the link in the upper left-hand corner of the home page.

Tired of the Growing Attacks on Colloidal Silver?

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Steve Barwick, Editor

P.S. Whatever you do, please don’t forget to go to and click on the link in the upper left-hand corner of the home page that says “Click here for your FREE Colloidal Silver dosage report and email alerts – a $59 value!” Fill in your email address and check the box saying you want to receive our FREE health freedom email alerts.

That way, whenever there’s fast-breaking news on the battle to stop the bureaucrats from banning colloidal silver and other natural substances, we can quickly and easily contact you and keep you updated. Again, I give you my personal pledge that your email address will never be misused. We won’t “rent” it or give it out to anyone else. It will be used solely for important communications between me and you, in regards to colloidal silver, natural health and the very serious health freedom issues discussed earlier in this newsletter.

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