Ebola Mania: Round II

Ebola Mania: Round IIThe hysteria over Ebola continues unabated. Yet when you run the numbers, there’s about as much reason to panic over the Ebola “crisis” as there is to panic over the flu. In fact, even less.

As I’ll demonstrate for you below, even if you lived in West Africa where Ebola is said to be “raging,” you’d have a 44 times greater chance of contracting a deadly flu infection than you would a deadly Ebola infection.

I’ll show you the official numbers, in proper perspective. And I’ll repeat what I said last week: Colloidal silver is, to date, the only substance clinically demonstrated to be effective against the Ebola virus. But there are a number of unknown factors, and I explain them all, below.

Here’s what you need to know…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

The hype and hysteria over Ebola has reached far greater “epidemic” proportions than the disease itself.

Just think about it. The population of West Africa, where Ebola has now been “raging” since March 2014, is 250 million people.

But so far, in the five months since the current outbreak started, less than 1,900 people are said to have been infected with the virus. And just over 900 of these victims have died. Is that really a “raging, out-of-control” outbreak?

Looking at it historically, over the course of the past 38 years since the very first Ebola outbreak in Sudan in 1976, there have been a grand total of only 3,431 confirmed Ebola infections.

Of these, there have been 2,151 confirmed deaths, including those from the current outbreak — these facts being courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in a table on their website titled, “Chronology of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreaks.”

Now those deaths are tragic, no doubt. And I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of the disease itself. The death rate is extremely high for all those infected.

Only 57 Ebola Deaths Per Year, on Average

But when you have only 3,431 people infected, leading to 2,151 deaths over the course of 38 years, and out of a population density of some 250 million people, it’s NOT a world-class crisis.

It’s only 57 deaths per year, on average.

In that same population density, you’d have thousands of deaths each and every year from flu and pneumonia infections.

Here in the U.S., for example, with a population of some 320 million, the CDC says we have over 3,000 flu deaths per year during weak flu outbreaks, and up to 40,000 flu deaths per year during severe flu outbreaks.

So by comparison, the Ebola “crisis,” with its 57 deaths per year on average, in a total population of some 250 million people, is a great big hype. Even the common flu is a far worse killer, year after year after year.

Reality v/s the Hype Machine

Here’s the reality:

For a disease that supposedly “spreads like wildfire” through the population, Ebola has simply not proven to be a serious threat.

You see, West Africa is an area of the world that’s been decimated for a long time with ongoing wars, poverty, malnutrition, starvation, contaminated water supplies and massive exposure to toxic industrial chemicals, among other things.

Therefore, it’s a place where you’d expect disease to be rampant and easily spread, right?

But if Ebola is so virulent, why have only 3,431 people been infected over the past 38 years, in a population of 250 MILLION?

When you consider the fact that many of these people are living in dire poverty, with contaminated water, weakened immune systems and poor overall health, I’d have to say it’s an amazingly small number of infected individuals for a disease that’s supposed to be so virulent.

Clearly, we’re seeing a LOT of rank sensationalism on this topic — especially in the network news broadcasts that make it sound as if the entire population of the U.S. would be wiped out in a matter of weeks were Ebola to come to this country.

It’s just plain nonsense. Don’t fall for it.

Here Comes the Boogey Man

As I stated in my article last week, the powers-that-be need a boogey man right now to frighten the population of the western world half to death so we’ll be willing to trade away what’s left of our freedoms for supposed “safety”.

Ebola is the perfect boogey man, because of the very scary symptoms, i.e., the supposed rapid spread, the explosive bleeding, the raging fever, etc.

As author Jon Rappaport of NoMoreFakeNews.com has pointed out, the U.S. government conducts psychological operations (psy-ops) campaigns against its citizens in order to induce panic and justify over-stepping the boundaries of its power. And medical-related crises always work best. He states:

“Medical propaganda ops are, in the long run, the most dangerous. They appear to be neutral. They wave no political banners. They claim to be science.

For these reasons, they can accomplish the goals of overt fascism without arousing suspicion. The ‘pandemic’ is a high-value strategy in the medical psyop playbook.”

We’ve seen this with the post-9-11 anthrax scare. We’ve seen it with the so-called Bird Flu scare, and afterwards, the Swine Flu scare. But the current Ebola psy-ops campaign is one of the most audacious yet.

Indeed, the way Americans have been worked up into a frothing lather of fear over Ebola, the federal government would have little resistance whatsoever from the populace should even a single case of Ebola be found in this country and martial law be instituted, along with travel restrictions, gun confiscations and more (see here, for example).

The people would simply accept it – gratefully. They would think they were being “saved” by the government’s “quick action.” And that’s what the mainstream news media would tell them, day in and day out.

Already, as the sensationalistic news stories about the “spread of Ebola” continue, the federal government is quietly passing restrictive new regulations they can institute any time they want. Of course, it’s all “for our own protection.”

Now, all they need is one single organic case of Ebola in this country, and you’ll see the government taking sweeping powers upon themselves to restrict and control the movement of every individual.

That’s what it’s all about, folks. And there’s probably not a thing we can do about it, except refuse to fall for the hype.

Work the Numbers

So let’s be realistic about it: Keep in mind that even if Ebola does end up coming to America, we have a population of some 320 million relatively healthy people.

That, compared to the 250 million people of West Africa, where war, poverty, starvation, poor sanitation and rampant disease are a daily way of life in many areas.

Yet, as the Centers for Disease Control documents, the West Africans have had, on average, only 57 Ebola deaths per year for the past 38 years, even if you include the numbers from the current severe outbreak.

So if you were in West Africa, with all of its poverty and poor living conditions, your annual chances of dying from Ebola would be about one in every 4.4 million people (i.e., 57 deaths per year on average, in a population of 250 million people).

But right now, your annual chances of dying from the flu in the United States of America are about one in every 100,000 people (i.e., a minimum of 3,000-plus flu deaths per year, each and every year, in a population of about 300-plus million).

You face a far greater risk of dying from the flu every single year here in America. Yet you never freak out about it, even though that risk is about 44 times greater than you would have of dying from Ebola were you living in West Africa.

Were Ebola to come here to the U.S., where there’s no war, very little poverty, plenty of relatively clean water, phenomenal sanitation, and where our health is comparatively superior in every way to that of the war-and-poverty stricken people of West Africa, your chances of contracting a deadly Ebola infection would be next to nothing compared to your chances of dying from the flu.

But your loss of liberty from government manipulation of the overblown crisis would be devastating. Just think about it. And make up your mind to quit being manipulated and herded like cattle by sensationalistic news broadcasts being promulgated by the government/news media axis.

Colloidal Silver?

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not colloidal silver would be effective against Ebola should the current outbreak in West Africa somehow spread to the U.S.

So directly below I’m going to repost the same information I posted last week. If you’ve already read it, you don’t need to read any further.

The bottom line is that to the best of my knowledge, antimicrobial silver is the only substance that’s ever been clinically demonstrated to be effective against Ebola. But there are some great big “ifs” which are thoroughly explained below.

Here, then, is a reprint of the section from last week’s article about silver and Ebola, which includes a link to the government-sponsored 2008 study which demonstrated the effectiveness of antimicrobial silver against Ebola:

Colloidal Silver and Ebola:

What We Know So Far

Back in 2008, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) in conjunction with several other federal agencies quietly conducted clinical research into the use of silver nanoparticles against Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses.

And what they found was astonishing. They discovered that silver nanoparticles were highly effective against these deadly viruses, including the Ebola virus.

They later presented their findings to federal health regulators and other national health authorities. But it was all kept top secret. The presentation was called “Silver Nanoparticles Neutralize Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses.”

And the gist of the presentation was that silver nanoparticles displayed “powerful neutralizing effects against hemorrhagic fever viruses,” including Arenavirus and Filovirus (i.e., Ebola).

This clinical presentation was conducted under the auspices of the DOD’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction.

And the presentation was given by researchers from the Applied Biotechnology Branch, 711th Human Performance Wing of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

In other words, those are the big guns, folks! Which is to say, those are the very people responsible for keeping this nation safe from outside threats like bioterrorism.

That clinical presentation, made to federal regulators and national health authorities, was later summarized in a printed document, de-classified, and cleared for public release.

But there was no news media hoopla surrounding the release of this information. Not a peep.

And to this very day, to my knowledge, there still hasn’t been a single report in the mainstream news media on the release of this important information, in spite of the fact that Department of Defense researchers found antimicrobial silver to be profoundly effective against Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses, under certain circumstances which we’ll discuss below.

Before we get into the results of this research, as documented in the published version of the DOD presentation, it’s important to note that one of the main tasks of the DOD’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency is to “anticipate and mitigate future threats long before they have a chance to harm the United States and our allies.”

In other words, the researchers were specifically looking for ways to stop Ebola or other hemorrhagic fever viruses from damaging our national security.

And the results they found when using silver nanoparticles for that precise purpose were strikingly positive — enough so to warrant not just the presentation to health and regulatory authorities, but its later publication and public release.

What Researchers Discovered

The researchers tested silver nanoparticles of several different sizes and concentrations on infected cells in vitro (meaning, in the test tube).

And they concluded that silver nanoparticles were able to neutralize hemorrhagic fever viruses inside the cells by “decreasing S segment gene expression and concomitantly decreasing progeny virus production.”

Translation: Silver stops the Ebola virus and related hemorrhagic fever viruses from replicating inside the cells. And when there’s no viral replication inside the cells, there’s no spread of infection!

The researchers had discovered the holy grail Ebola treatments. But they also discovered that neutralization of the virus by silver occurs during the early phases of viral replication.

Therefore, they pointed out that for antimicrobial silver to be effective against Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses, the treatment would have to be administered PRIOR to viral infection or at least within the first few hours after initial exposure to the virus.

In other words, for antimicrobial silver to be effective, an exposed person would need to have already been taking it, or at the very least would have to start taking it within a few short hours of exposure to an infected individual.

Another interesting thing the researchers discovered is that while an enzymatic protein called Cathepsin B has been shown to play an essential role in Ebola virus replication, silver nanoparticles work to decrease cathepsin activity, thus further limiting viral replication in the cell and subsequent spread of the virus to other cells.

And by far the most interesting thing the researchers discovered (at least, to me) is that only very low concentrations of silver nanoparticles were necessary to prevent replication of the virus.

Indeed, low concentrations of 10 ppm nanosilver appears to have worked better than higher concentrations of 25 ppm or 50 ppm nanosilver. This means there’s no need for overly high silver concentrations.

What’s more, the smallest silver particles tested by the researchers worked far better than the larger silver particles tested.

This demonstrates once more that the use of very small silver particles is far more important than the “ppm” or concentration of the colloidal silver solution one is using.

Simply put, smaller silver particles penetrate cells and tissues easier, and are therefore better able to get to the point of infection before the virus spreads.

Here’s a link to the printed version of the DOD clinical presentation, so you can scroll through it and read it for yourself. It’s technical. But if you take your time it’s relatively understandable.

Thinking Out Loud:
Here’s What I’d Do in Case of Ebola

People have written to ask me, “Steve, how much colloidal silver would you have to take in order to protect yourself from an Ebola infection?”

And of course, the answer is, no one knows for sure. As I mentioned, the DOD research discussed above was in vitro (i.e., laboratory test tube) research.

And while it demonstrated that very small particles of silver at surprisingly low concentrations could stop the Ebola virus in infected cells from replicating and spreading, it in no way gives us so much as a clue as to how much colloidal silver a living human being would have to take in order to achieve the same results.

Now I know that’s probably not what you want to hear. But just as I refuse to join in with all of the doom-and-gloom hype about the supposed coming worldwide Ebola apocalypse, in like manner I also refuse to join in with those making blanket statements that colloidal silver is the sure-fire “cure” for Ebola.

Under real-life conditions, it might, or might not prove to be effective.

And if colloidal silver did prove to be effective, the research seems to indicate it would depend upon getting the right dose of very small silver particles into your body, early enough in the infective process to stop viral replication.

Indeed, it appears that to have the very best chance of protection, utilizing colloidal silver in small amounts on a daily basis would be the way to go.

In other words, based on the DOD study, daily prophylactic dosing with colloidal silver before exposure to the Ebola virus would appear to provide better protection than dosing after exposure.

This is just one reason why I continue to take my usual one-ounce per day dosage of colloidal silver, which is just about right for my body weight.

(See “How Much Colloidal Silver Can You Take Safely Each Day?” to learn the simple formula for determining your safe daily colloidal silver dosage, based on your body weight and the ppm of the colloidal silver solution you’re using.)

But again, since there’s been no in vivo testing that we know of (i.e., no testing of colloidal silver usage in a real-life human being infected with Ebola) there’s simply no way to know for an absolute certainty if regular oral use of colloidal silver would provide an adequate amount of protection upon exposure to the Ebola virus.

Nebulizing Colloidal Silver

Some people have pointed out that in the event of exposure to the Ebola virus, immediately nebulizing with colloidal silver (i.e., inhaling an atomized mist of colloidal silver into the lungs, using a device called a medical nebulizer) would be a potentially effective way to get colloidal silver into the bloodstream, cells and tissues of the human body quickly and effectively.

And that’s a very good possibility. Why? Because just about anything inhaled into the lungs has a far better chance of making it into the bloodstream, cells and tissues of the body faster than oral ingestion.

Indeed, were I to suspect that I’d just been exposed to a person infected with Ebola, probably the first thing I’d do would be to high-tail it back home, break out my medical nebulizer, fill the little basin with very small particle size colloidal silver of 10 ppm concentration, turn the machine on and inhale the colloidal silver mist into my lungs for five or six minutes.

And I’d probably repeat the process every few hours for up to five or six times.

(See “Using Colloidal Silver With a Nebulizer” to learn what the experts say about nebulizing colloidal silver, including a brief video demonstration of how easy it is to use a medical nebulizer.)

After that, if the colloidal silver didn’t work, it would be too late anyway, as the viral replication kicks into high gear after several hours, and antimicrobial silver only works during the first few hours according to the DOD report.

Now all of that is pure layman’s speculation on my part in terms of what might work. I’m just talking off the top of my head. I’m no doctor. And I’m not “prescribing” for anyone else, of course.

After all, nobody’s ever had to do this before. So use of oral doses of colloidal silver for Ebola is an unknown factor in terms of knowing how much to use, how to use it effectively, and when to use it.

But based on the DOD research, it would seem to me that the key would be quick action utilizing 10 ppm colloidal silver with a very small particle size, and getting it into the cells and tissues of the body as quickly as possible.

Even more preferable, the research suggests, would be to take a small amount of colloidal silver prophylactically (i.e., before the fact), on a daily basis, so it’s already in the body in the event of exposure to Ebola.

One More Interesting Thought

My good friend Skip W. wrote to say that if he were in an area where Ebola virus outbreaks were taking place, one thing he’d do is wear a protective face mask any time he had to go out into the public, such as to the supermarket or mall.

I believe he’s talking about the white surgical face masks, for example, like those you see doctors wearing in the surgical ward. These light-weight surgical masks are often available on various survivalist-oriented or “prepper” websites.

In fact, I just now went to Amazon.com, and using their search engine I typed in the search terms “surgical face mask” and “antimicrobial face mask.” Those two search terms brought up an amazing array of such masks, at fairly reasonable prices.

Skip also pointed out that he’d saturate the mask on both sides with a fine mist of colloidal silver and allow it to air dry before putting it on to go out into the public.

And he said he’d also lightly spray his hands and face with colloidal silver at the same time, and allow it to air dry, as well.

Skip explained “I’m asthmatic, and I’ve done this before as a precautionary measure when going out into the public during flu outbreaks, for example. I may look a bit strange but I seldom ever get the flu.”

Obviously, Skip is a forward thinker. And it’s probably not a bad idea to take such precautions should the situation ever truly warrant it. At this point in time, however, it does not.

In Conclusion

To sum up, at this point in time (August 2014) in the United States the so-called “Ebola crisis” is the modern-day equivalent of Shakespeare’s “Much ado about nothing.”

While Ebola is a very real danger should one become exposed to the disease, the threat of exposure is not yet very realistic. In fact, the threat is pretty much nil here in the U.S. where all of the unnecessary panic is nevertheless taking place.

The only thing this manufactured panic will serve at this point is the very real threat of the federal government stepping in and using the panic to institute even greater restrictions on our fundamental freedoms and liberties.

As Obama’s old mentor Rahm Emanuel so famously stated, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The federal government is certainly following that advice.

Compared to the very realistic threat of acquiring a superbug infection such as MRSA, the threat of Ebola pales in comparison.

Nevertheless, should Ebola ever become an actual threat in this country the DOD report described above gives us some very good hope that colloidal silver could be a bona-fide first-line of defense if used quickly enough at 10 ppm concentration, and in very small particle size.

  • To learn more about why it’s so important to utilize the smallest colloidal silver particles possible for maximum effectiveness, rather than high concentrations of colloidal silver, see the article “Why Higher PPM Is Not Always Better.”

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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Steve Barwick, author
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