Ease Discomfort From Bug Bites & Stings with Colloidal Silver!

dad and son use spray on mosquito bite - Ease Bug Bite & Sting Discomfort with Colloidal Silver!Did you know colloidal silver can be used to help ease the pain and inflammation from itchy, stinging, or painful insect bites or stings?

You’re about to read personal stories from folks who experienced relief from all kinds of insect bites and stings (including spider, ant, mosquito, and even scorpion stings!) by using colloidal silver!

Here’s what you need to know…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

Yes! Colloidal silver can indeed be used to help stop the pain and inflammation from insect bites of all kinds. That’s because silver helps modulate cytokine expression, i.e., the chemical messengers in your body that trigger inflammation and its resulting pain after a bite.

And it works like magic. For example, colloidal silver user Kathyn, from Singapore, wrote:

“I’d like to share with you a recent successful experience a friend of mine had using colloidal silver to heal red, swollen hands and arms from sand fly bites.”

Eddy, a friend, came over one evening. He was in considerable distress with bites from sand flies to his hands and arms.

He had been out the evening before doing some photography on the beach. His arms and hands were red and swollen from the bites. Apparently, the bites are worse than bee stings and can take a couple of weeks to recover from!

I immediately soaked some ‘cotton wool’ with the colloidal silver made with my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, and applied it to the red areas.

After a short time the stinging sensation subsided. I gave him some more colloidal silver to take home. He applied cotton wool soaked in the colloidal silver to the bites, using surgical tape to adhere it overnight.

In the morning the swollen areas had subsided and the redness and swelling was gone. He was truly impressed and very grateful for the immense relief.

This may be one more application that colloidal silver can help, in terms of relieving great discomfort and suffering.”

Beats Pain from Spider Bites, Too

Well, I’ve never experienced sand fly bites. But this does remind me of a trip to St. John’s Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands my wife and I took over 15 years ago, to attend our daughter’s wedding.

We ended up in a hotel room that was just a tad overrun with tiny spiders that were so small, you didn’t even know they were there until they bit you. By the time I woke up after our first night there, my legs were full of painful spider bites, each of which were swollen and felt like hot needles in my skin.

I immediately began spraying 10 ppm colloidal silver over the affected areas of my skin, and allowing it to air dry. And within 10 to 15 minutes the pain began to subside as well as the inflammation around the bites.

I had to spray the bites five or six times the first day to keep the pain away. But by the second day, I only had to spray them two or three times for relief. Thanks to colloidal silver, I could travel with the family and take the island tours without too much discomfort.

I can only wonder at this point how much better it might have been if I’d have thought to soak some cotton or wool fiber cloth with colloidal silver and simply wrapped it around the areas of my legs where the bites were most prominent.

Kathyn’s idea above (i.e., tape cotton balls soaked in colloidal silver to the bite), which worked for the painful sand fly bites, might have provided even more relief had I known about it. But I’m not complaining. Colloidal silver truly did save the day for me, just as it did for Kathyn’s friend and his sand fly bites!

Most importantly, recent anecdotal accounts demonstrate that colloidal silver can help heal even serious spider bites, such as those from Brown Recluse Spiders.

For many victims of this potentially deadly spider, the skin itself begins to necrotize, meaning it begins to rot right on your body. Learn how experienced colloidal silver users have solved the problem and healed their Brown Recluse Spider bites, here: Colloidal Silver and Spider Bites

Tick Bites

Another colloidal silver user wrote in to say:

“I have since used colloidal silver on tick bites. After making the ticks back out with dish soap, I applied silver directly on the bites (2 ticks) and the bumps disappeared after 2 applications of the silver.”

— (Mike T., Idaho)

Ant Bites

This gentleman was sure happy to have plenty of colloidal silver on hand when his son was bit on the legs, repeatedly, by some fire ants:

“My 9 year old son is very sensitive to ant bites. He was playing outside and didn’t realize he was on a bed of fire ants. He ended up with 12 bites on his legs, each of which flared up to the size of dimes.

I immediately sprayed some 10 ppm colloidal silver on the bites and allowed it to air dry. Within 15 or 20 minutes he was no longer fussing from the itching and burning.

But the bites still looked inflamed and seemed to grow redder. So I broke out some colloidal silver gel and slathered it onto the bites.

The look of added relief on his face when I applied the silver gel was priceless. It really does work fast. And it only needs to be applied to the bites three or four times in the course of a day for real healing to begin. Within two days he was practically back to normal.”

— Ryan P., Detroit, MI

Mosquito Bites

And another colloidal silver user wrote in to explain how effective she found colloidal silver to be against mosquito bites. She stated:

“I am a mosquito magnet. My husband and I go places and he gets no bites, but I get LOTS. So I carry a little bottle of colloidal silver in my pocket and put a drop of it onto the bites. Most never itch again. If some continue to itch, I give it 5 or 10 minutes and apply another dab of colloidal silver water.

Sometimes a bite will begin to itch again the next day and I simply dab on a little more colloidal silver water. I used to scratch the mosquito bites until they scabbed and left marks for weeks. I never have a problem, now.”

— M.H., Schnel

A woman whose mom experienced multiple spider bites wrote in to say:

“My Mom had several spider bites on her legs last summer…My sister-in-law soaked cotton balls in the *silver*, taped it to her legs where the bites were…and within 3 days she was all healed up!!!”

Wasp Bites

And a colloidal silver user also found that it works well for treating wasp bites. She wrote:

“A few days ago I was attacked by a nest of wasps. I was bit 4 times. In the past, I have ended up in the ER over bites.

But, all evening long I compressed the wasp bites by soaking some cotton balls in colloidal silver and then taping the wet cotton balls directly over the bite sites. I changed them out every hour or so with freshly soaked cotton balls.

I also took 1 tbsp of colloidal silver, orally, directly after the attack, and another tbsp before bed. And guess what? No welts, no balloon arms – barely noticeable the next day!”

Scorpion Sting

Finally, a nice lady wrote in to explain how she used colloidal silver on a scorpion sting. She stated:

“I was barefoot and stepped on the scorpion in the dark. When I got the light on it was standing facing me with its tail raised as if to dare me to try that again. I was able to capture it and looked it up on the internet, to find a photo identifying it as the most dangerous scorpion in Arizona and recommendation to go to the ER.

Pain, swelling and redness at the bite site began to spread. But at that particular time I was getting ready to move and had turned off my phone and sold the car. So, having no way to get to emergency care, I put colloidal silver in a dish big enough to fit my toes in, settled down to Facebook, and sat the rest of the night with the front part of my foot dangled in the colloidal silver.

Just as a precaution, I emptied the dish twice during the night and refilled it with fresh silver. By morning the spreading pain, swelling and redness was gone. The sting continued healing on its own with no further treatment and did not leave a scar.”

So, there you have it. If you get a scorpion sting and you’ve got no way to get to an emergency care facility, this nifty little idea might buy you the time you need, or even save you from an evening of growing pain and inflammation.

The Bottom Line

You can expect dramatic and quick relief from bug bites simply by spraying 10 ppm strength colloidal silver directly onto the bites and allowing it to air dry.

Or, you can simply moisten a cotton ball with colloidal silver and place it on the bite, then cover it with a bandage to keep it in place, changing it out several times a day as the cotton ball loses its moisture.

Better yet is to use a good, high-quality colloidal silver gel or cream directly on the bite (see Germ-Busting Colloidal Silver Gels and Creams).

Or, for seriously problematic bites, you can mix some colloidal silver with bentonite clay powder to make a poultice. After applying the poultice to the bug bite, the clay will help draw any poison out, and the silver will help heal the skin irritation and inflammation, and prevent infection from setting in. (See video demonstrations of how to make your own colloidal silver poultice and how to make your own colloidal silver gel.)

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Where to Find Colloidal Silver

If you’re brand new to colloidal silver usage and are wondering where to buy it, it’s important to know that you can find it in just about any well-stocked health food store in America.

It’s also available on Amazon and numerous other websites.

But it can be extremely expensive. In fact, because colloidal silver works so well against numerous forms of infection and disease, it has the highest price mark-up of any nutritional supplement in existence.

The amount of actual silver in a four-ounce bottle of colloidal silver is about five to 12 cents worth. (Yes, I said five to twelve cents.)

Yet because that small amount of silver is all it takes to decimate so many different kinds of infections, the manufacturers mark it up about 16,000%, charging a whopping $20 or $30 per bottle.

What’s more, manufacturers promoting the latest faddish colloidal silver product often charge far more per bottle – sometimes $35 to $50 for a tiny four-ounce bottle.

And people are more than willing to pay through the nose for these commercial colloidal silver products at health food stores because colloidal silver does indeed heal infections and prevent the spread of germs and disease faster and better than any other natural supplement on the planet!

So, commercially speaking, the retail price of colloidal silver at health food stores reflects its value to the consumer far more so than its true cost to produce. But here’s the good news:

Make Your Own High-Quality Colloidal Silver for Pennies!

Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver GeneratorAs I mentioned, typical health food store prices for colloidal silver can range from $20 to $30 for a tiny, four-ounce bottle.

But with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you can make your own safe, pure, high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for about 36 cents a quart! In other words, you can make it at actual cost, just like the big colloidal silver bottlers do.

Compared to health food store prices, your first two one-quart batches literally pay for the entire cost of your new generator! Do you know of any other health product that literally pays for itself the very first few times you use it? The savings are absolutely astonishing!

In fact, by making your own high-quality colloidal silver with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you’ll be as close to having FREE colloidal silver as you can get, and for the rest of your life!

You’ll never have to pay those exorbitant health food store prices again!

The new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator is now the world’s #1 best-selling colloidal silver generator. Here are just a few reasons why you should own one…

  • It pays for itself after your very first batch or two – your total cost to make your first one-quart batch is about 36 cents, compared to the $240 you’d pay at a health food store if you bought an equivalent amount (i.e., eight of those little 4-ounce bottles they normally sell for $30 apiece)!
  • Safe, simple to operate…No special skills needed…You just set the handy timer, plug it in, walk away, and three hours later you have a perfect batch of therapeutic quality micro-particle colloidal silver…every time! Here’s a short pictorial demonstrating how astonishingly easy it is to use a new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge:

How To Use the Micro-Particle CS Generator from The Silver Edge – Step 1 - Bountiful Crop Yields in Your Garden with Colloidal Silver!
How To Use the Micro-Particle CS Generator from The Silver Edge – Step 2
How To Use the Micro-Particle CS Generator from The Silver Edge – Step 3
How To Use the Micro-Particle CS Generator from The Silver Edge – Step 4

  • Produces uncommonly small silver micro-particles as low as .8 nm. That’s a fraction of a single nanometer. Compare that to health food store colloidal silver which can contain silver particles as large as 200 nm to 1,000 nm (or even larger), and you’ll see why micro-particle colloidal silver is the very best there is! Smaller particles mean your body can absorb and utilize up to 99% of the colloidal silver you take, compared to maybe 30% or 40% with many health food store brands!
  • Runs on standard household electricity, but uses less power than a tiny Christmas tree bulb – you won’t even see a blip on your electric bill!
  • Produces uniform, crystal clear batches every single time that store for months, or even years, without losing potency!
  • Cannot produce silver chloride or unsafe substances – you get pure, therapeutic-quality micro-particle colloidal silver every time, with nothing added and nothing to limit its effectiveness!

Just read through these positive reviews and see for yourself how you’ll save literally thousands of dollars per year by making your own colloidal silver with your brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge!

The Bottom Line…

Woman using The Silver Edge Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver GeneratorWith a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you’ll never again have to pay exorbitant health food store or internet vendor prices for high-quality colloidal silver!

Indeed, your first batch or two will indeed completely pay for the entire cost of your generator, compared to health food store prices!

What’s more, you’ll be able to give colloidal silver away FREE to family members, friends and neighbors, because you’ll be making it – literally – for only a few pennies per batch!

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Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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