Dr. Oz Endorses Colloidal Silver, TV Show Alcatraz Features It, Rap Song Memorializes It

Has hell frozen over? Is colloidal silver finally going mainstream? Since the first of the year, Dr. Oz has endorsed colloidal silver as a sore throat remedy, and the hit television show Alcatraz has featured it for its powerful immune-boosting and anti-aging properties.

And now it turns out that a hit 2008 rap song by RZA also memorializes its immune-boosting and anti-viral properties! What next? I guess it was too much to expect colloidal silver to be mentioned on the final episode of the hit TV medical drama House. But if we’re lucky, maybe it will be featured in an upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

You might remember that it was Dr. Oz back in 2008 on The Oprah Show who decried the use of colloidal silver as “old-fashioned,” and said it was an “out-of-date” remedy that’s potentially dangerous.

That was when Oprah was interviewing Paul Karason, the so-called “colloidal silver blue man,” who had contracted a bad case of argyria by drinking excessive daily quantities of highly-concentrated colloidal silver for years on end.

So it was quite a surprise to hear that on the February 9, 2012 broadcast of Dr. Oz’ new show, called appropriately The Dr. Oz Show, he actually endorsed the use of colloidal silver.

Apparently, while taking questions from the audience, a lady named Mary from Canada told Dr Oz that she constantly got sore throats during cold season, but found that the throat lozenges she took were not very helpful.

Dr. Oz then stated that throat lozenges often don’t work because they don’t address the root cause of the sore throat, which of course is bacteria or viruses.

He then went on to explain that colloidal silver can be used as an effective sore throat remedy. According to Dr. Oz, you just spray it into your mouth and use it as a gargle, taking as much as one teaspoonful, two or three times a day!

No Drug Company Influence

So how can we account for Dr. Oz’ positive turnabout on colloidal silver?

Easy. His new show is largely about natural healing, and it doesn’t have all of the drug company advertising Oprah’s show had. So he can pretty much say whatever he wants.

You might remember the article I wrote back on February 20, 2008 titled, Why Oprah Can’t Put a Responsible Colloidal Silver Advocate on Her Show, in which I explained that television celebrities like Oprah have only limited control over which guests they can have on their shows, or what they can say on their shows. And it’s often the advertisers that set those limits.

After all, if a pharmaceutical company is paying you a million dollars to run his drug ads during your TV show, and you’re bringing on guests telling your audience to use a natural substance instead of drugs, that advertiser isn’t going to stick around very long. And he’s going to take his advertising dollars with him.

So I’m glad to see that Dr. Oz has apparently left the dark side (hopefully, for good) and is now telling the truth about nutritional supplements like colloidal silver. After all, it’s pretty powerful testimony when the Vice-Chair of the Department of Surgery at Columbia University comes out in favor of colloidal silver usage!

Testimonial From Dr. Oz Fan

By the way, here’s a testimonial I found online from a died-in-the-wool Dr. Oz fan who apparently took his advice and tried colloidal silver as a spray to treat a sinus infection:

“I decided to try colloidal silver nasal spray after suffering from a sinus infection/cold for over two weeks.

I happened to be watching the Dr. Oz show and he was discussing his remedies for the common cold. As I am not one to try drugs I was happy to see him discussing items like pineapple for congestion and capsaicin spray for sinus headache.

When he got to colloidal silver I was convinced to try it. I feel Dr. Oz is more conservative than many doctors I trust, but more progressive than most mainstream doctors. And if he used it himself then I probably could use it successfully, too.

I bought the colloidal silver nasal spray this weekend and have used it conservatively for the past two days. I noticed a difference almost immediately and slept throughout the night without congestion; something I had not been able to do for weeks.

I will continue to use the spray for the next day or two making sure to use the lowest dose. I think colloidal silver nasal spray has received a thumbs-up from me.”

Sweet! Another convert to colloidal silver…and in this case it’s all thanks to Dr. Oz!

(For anyone interested, here’s an article about four effective ways to use colloidal silver to knock out pesky sinus infections. And here’s an article about how to use colloidal silver to heal eye infections.)

Colloidal Silver, Alcatraz and Immune Blood?

Not only was colloidal silver featured on Dr. Oz, but it was also featured in the March 5, 2012 “Sonny Burnett” episode of the hit TV series Alcatraz, starring Sam Neil, Sarah Jones, Leon Rippy and a host of great character actors.

The show is about investigators from a secret government agency tasked with capturing 302 prisoners who had mysteriously disappeared from Alcatraz Island prison back in 1963, and then began resurfacing in the present day to wreak murderous havoc on society.

More importantly, many of these prisoners – a handful of which have recently been re-captured or killed by the investigators — appear to have defied all signs of aging, and to be immune to all illness, in spite of having been missing for over four decades!

In this particular episode, investigator Emerson Hauser, who heads up the secret agency working to re-capture the prisoners, is working closely with Dr. Milton Beauregard, a doctor who was employed at Alcatraz during the 1963 prisoner disappearance.

Dr. Beauregard explains to investigator Hauser that the reason some of the prisoners now appear to enjoy dramatically heightened immunity and lack of aging, is that they had received experimental infusions of blood that had been treated with colloidal silver during their stay in Alcatraz back in 1963.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the dialogue:

Dr. Beauregard: You remember when you brought in Mr. Cobb? The injury he sustained to his hand?

Hauser: I shot him.

Dr. Beauregard: An injury of that nature should take months to fully heal. Cobb’s took weeks.

Hauser: What are you saying?

Dr. Beauregard: Well, the 63’s you’ve been rounding up, they’re all in perfect health. And I mean straight from God’s own factory floor. Any ailments they used to have are now gone.

Hauser: How?

Dr. Beauregard: Well, in addition to plasma and platelets, their blood contains a third interloper: colloidal silver, which has been known to have healing properties going back to Hippocrates.

Hauser: Is that what you were doing on Alcatraz?

Dr. Beauregard: Well, I merely decanted the vital fluid from the prisoners, sir. What became of it after, God and the warden only know. But here they are, with blood that seems to keep their murderous bodies in tip-top shape. Blood that could be transfused into a less than healthy body.

It’s In the Blood

In short, the prison inmates infused with the colloidal silver-treated blood now show up some 40 years later in perfect health and without having aged.

What’s more, in a follow-up episode of the show, when one of the prisoners is captured, a sample of his colloidal silver-infused blood is taken. And afterwards it’s given intravenously to comatose patient, Dr. Lucy Banerjee, a former Alcatraz psychiatrist who had been shot in the chest while working to help investigator Hauser recover the prisoners.

Though she was on her death bed, the colloidal silver-infused blood brings her out of her coma and restores her to perfect health, after which she re-joins Hauser and helps him catch another one of the prisoners!

(Whew! Did you get all of that? If the show sounds a bit like a combination between a daytime TV soap opera, a nighttime TV prison drama and a slightly exaggerated medical drama, that’s because it is!)

So now we have two recent TV shows, The Dr. Oz Show, and Alcatraz, both in their own unique ways bringing knowledge of colloidal silver’s powerful immune-boosting and infection-fighting properties to the general public! What more could you ask for?

Rappers for Colloidal Silver?

Well, hold on to your hat because it only gets better!

A few short weeks after the airing of those two shows, I received an email from a member of the Colloidal Silver Secrets Community on Facebook explaining that one of his favorite recording artists had recorded a song that prominently mentions colloidal silver and its powerful antiviral and immune-boosting properties.

The rap song is by RZA, also known as Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, the famous Wu-Tang Clan member who is also a Grammy award-winning music producer, multi-instrumentalist, author, emcee, and occasional actor, director, and screenwriter. The name of his song is Try Ya Ya Ya. Here’s a peek at the relevant lyrics:

Sip colloidal silver, immune cells get fed

Deflecting viruses, I’m overcoming biases

True lion of Judah, bout to reclaim the lioness

Devil expiration date, time to set the nation straight

You should pay attention to the words I articulate

Okay then…there you have it! Colloidal silver recommended by Dr. Oz…featured on the hit show Alcatraz…and memorialized in a popular rap song by a Grammy award-winning music producer, singer and actor.

What’s Going On Here?

So what’s going on here? Is colloidal silver going mainstream?

Well, I wouldn’t count on it…at least, not yet. Indeed, I notice that most other news and entertainment websites that have covered
the mentions of colloidal silver on The Dr. Oz Show and on Alcatraz have spouted the same tired old canards about colloidal silver usage being “dangerous,” “unproven” and “risky”.

And of course, anytime colloidal silver is touted as a “cure all” in the mainstream media, it plays right into the hands of the FDA and the EPA, as well as the so-called “quackbusters” and “skeptics” who are always looking for reasons to denigrate its very real healing qualities by painting it as a modern-day version of “snake oil.”

So in spite of the sensationalistic way a TV drama might portray colloidal silver, we have to be careful to stick to the medical and scientific evidence for it, and continue to work to educate people as best we can to the facts about this most astonishing natural healing substance.

Nevertheless, it’s definitely exciting to see colloidal silver making these kinds of inroads into popular culture. And I certainly hope to see more of it. We’ll correct the misconceptions and deal with the naysayers as the situations arise.

True Blood and Colloidal Silver

In case you’ve forgotten, it was only two years ago that colloidal silver was mentioned prominently in the hit TV series True Blood.

And to the best of my knowledge, it hasn’t been mentioned on TV since that time, until this year.

So maybe two big mainstream media mentions in the first half of 2012 bodes well for more people waking up to the powerful immune-boosting and infection-fighting qualities of the world’s most powerful natural antibiotic, colloidal silver!

Indeed, maybe next we’ll hear colloidal silver being featured on the ABC medical drama, Private Practice, or NBC’s new upcoming hospital drama Saving Hope!

Meanwhile, you can learn more about the powerfully effective immune-boosting and infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver by clicking the link.

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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Steve Barwick, author
The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

P.S. I failed to mention that in the hit summer movie, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, honest Abe’s secret weapon against the vampires was – drum roll, please – silver! I don’t want to spoil the movie, so I won’t give any more details. But if you enjoy a good, old-fashioned vampire yarn as much as I do, be sure to check this movie out!

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