Colloidal Silver and E. Coli

ecoli.jpgAs of this writing (June 2011) practically the entire European Union is now being affected by the deadly drug-resistant E. coli superbug that has apparently contaminated food crops.

Well over a dozen people have been killed, and thousands more sickened throughout the EU.

Too bad the EU outlawed the sale of colloidal silver in January 2010. As you’ll see below, numerous clinical studies demonstrate the fact that silver-based antimicrobials are one of the few substances left on the face of the earth that are still effective against drug-resistant forms of E. coli.

Here’s what you need to know now, so you can protect yourself and your family…

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The outbreak of E. coli bacteria now sweeping through the European Union is already considered the third-largest involving E. coli in recent world history, and according to Associated Press it may also be the deadliest.

The new superbug, which researchers believe is food-borne, has killed at least 18 people, sickened more than 1,600 and spread to least 10 European countries.

Why is this new superbug wreaking such havoc and costing so many lives? Because it is extremely drug-resistant, meaning Big Pharma’s antibiotic drugs simply don’t work against it.

The good news, of course, is that colloidal silver has been clinically demonstrated to be effective against E. coli – even against some antibiotic-resistant strains of the pathogen! I’ll demonstrate that fact for you – conclusively – in just a moment, by showing you seven of the best studies on this subject.

The bad news, unfortunately, is that the European Union has banned colloidal silver from sale as a nutritional supplement in January 2010, leaving European citizens virtually helpless against the current onslaught of the deadly antibiotic-resistant E. coli.

It seems like every time a safe, natural and highly effective substance like colloidal silver is outlawed by the medical bureaucrats as they seek to protect drug company profits, there are, sadly, subsequent dire consequences for the millions of men, women and children left defenseless against the super-pathogens.

The European Loophole

For our European readers, it’s very important for you to know that some enterprising colloidal silver vendors based in European countries have re-labeled their product as a “water disinfectant” rather than a nutritional supplement, making it legal for European health food stores and online vendors to continue selling their colloidal silver products.

This loophole will allow you to purchase colloidal silver in the European Union. You’ll have to check with your local health food store or do a Google search for online vendors in Europe who might still be carrying colloidal silver.

One such European colloidal silver vendor is our good friend Anders Sultan, Sweden’s largest colloidal silver manufacturer, maker of the Ionosil brand of colloidal silver.

Or, better still, if you can’t find colloidal silver commercially, order a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from so you can make all of the high-quality colloidal silver you want – any time you want – in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

When you own the means of colloidal silver production, you can make your own high-quality colloidal silver for a tiny fraction of the cost you’d have to spend on store-bought brands. And by making your own colloidal silver, you bypass the bureaucrats and will never have to worry about scrambling to find a reliable source for colloidal silver again!

If colloidal silver turns out to be effective against this virulent new strain of E. coli – and based upon the clinical research I’ll show you below in just a moment, there’s no reason to believe it won’t – it may well be your only effective defense since antibiotic drugs simply aren’t able to do the job against this very dangerous pathogen.

Still Legal in America!

Fortunately, colloidal silver is still legal to sell as a nutritional supplement in America, even though the radical anti-silver environmentalists are doing everything in their power to have colloidal silver banned here, too.

There are numerous brands of colloidal silver available online and in local health food stores (some of our favorites are Sovereign Silver, ASAP Colloidal Silver Solution, Utopia Silver, Nutra-Silver, Silver 100 and R-Garden brand).

If you’re unfamiliar with colloidal silver usage, you can read for free how dozens of experienced colloidal silver users are curing their own infections and boosting their health and well-being by using colloidal silver, at the Colloidal Silver Success Stories web site.

Or, learn how easy it is to make your own high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver – for about 36 cents a quart – by watching this short, 3-minute video:

But Is Colloidal Silver Really Effective Against E. coli?

There are at least seven different clinical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of silver-based products – including silver ions, silver nanoparticles and colloidal silver – against E. coli.

Check out the following studies located on the “Colloidal Silver Clinical Studies” page of web site, and see for yourself why colloidal silver may well turn out to be your last and most effective all-natural line of defense against the deadly E. coli pathogen:

The Effect Of Silver Ions On The Respiratory Chain Of Escherichia Coli

In this clinical study, conducted by the Department of Biochemistry at the University of British Columbia, and published in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology, researchers demonstrated that silver ions inhibit the respiratory chain of E. coli, effectively killing the pathogen. This study was conducted in 1974, meaning medical science has known about the effectiveness of silver against E. coli for over 37 years!

A Mechanistic Study of the Antibacterial Effects of Silver Ions on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

In this clinical study, conducted by the Department of Biological Science and Biotechnology at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, researchers discovered that one of the most powerful ways silver ions destroy pathogens like E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus is by attaching to the DNA of the pathogen and preventing it from replicating. No replication, no infection!

Antibacterial Activity and Mechanism of Action of the Silver Ion in Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

In this clinical study, researchers from Department of Microbiology1 and KRF Zoonotic Disease Priority Research Institute at Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea, found that electrically generated silver ions cause significant reductions in bacterial counts of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, and that even the pathogens that survive exposure to silver ions become “non-cultivable,” meaning they are no longer able to reproduce, and eventually die. Of course, if they can’t reproduce, they can’t infect.

Antibacterial Efficacy Studies of Silver Nanoparticles Against Escherichia coli ATCC-15224

Here’s a clinical study demonstrating that silver nanoparticles dramatically reduce E. coli bacterial counts. The study showed that the silver nanoparticles not only adhered to the cell walls of the E. coli microbes, but also penetrated the cell walls resulting in death of the microorganisms. The researchers concluded the deaths of the E. coli pathogens were ultimately caused by the release of silver ions from the silver nanoparticles.

Colloidal Silver As a New Antimicrobial Agent

In this clinical study, published in the International Journal of Biological Research in 2010, it was found that colloidal silver exhibited “powerful antimicrobial activity” against multi-drug resistant pathogens including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aregnosa and Salmonella typhi. The study authors state that colloidal silver showed antibacterial activity “against all tested pathogens.”

Antibacterial Efficacy of Colloidal Silver Alone and in Combination With Other Antibiotics on Isolates from Wound Infections

In this clinical study, conducted by researchers from the Department of Applied Microbiology at Ebonyi State University in Abakaliki, Nigeria, it was found that even low dose colloidal silver kills antibiotic-resistant E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus pathogens, whether used alone or used in conjunction with prescription antibiotics. The study also found that colloidal silver does not interfere with the therapeutic efficacy of the prescription antibiotics tested, but in many cases enhances their effectiveness!

Bactericidal effect of silver nanoparticles against multidrug-resistant bacteria (including E. coli)

In this study, published in the World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology [(2010) 26:615-621], clinical researchers challenged different drug-resistant pathogens, including E. coli O157:H7, with silver nanoparticles. They found that the silver nanoparticles inactivated both drug-resistant and drug-susceptible bacteria (Gram positive and Gram negative), through a powerful bactericidal mechanism, and actually began inhibiting the bacterial growth rate from the very first moment of contact between the bacteria and the silver nanoparticles.

Silver-Based Antimicrobials ROCK!

As you can clearly see, colloidal silver, silver nanoparticles and silver ions have been clinically demonstrated to be highly effective against E. coli – including multi-drug-resistant strains of the pathogen!

In other words, silver-based antimicrobials ROCK against E. coli – even the deadly drug-resistant forms! The research is conclusive.

Yet in January 2010 the European Union banned the sale of over-the-counter nutritional supplement products containing any form of silver. And now the European Union is in crisis, with thousands of people ill and nearly two dozen dead, because their prescription antibiotic drugs are proving to be next to worthless against the latest strain of E. coli which is infecting the European food supply.

What Next?

According to Agence France Presse, in just the past few weeks here in the United States there have already been three suspected cases of people infected with the new drug-resistant form of E. coli reported.

Here’s the AFP report, which begins with this startling paragraph: “Health officials said Thursday three people in the United States are suspected to have fallen ill from e-coli bacteria after traveling to Germany where the mystery outbreak has killed 17.”

So the superbug appears to have jumped “across the pond,” as our European cousins like to say, to America.

This, on top of the already out-of-control medical crisis here in the U.S., with the spread of the deadly drug-resistant staph pathogen known as MRSA, which now kills more people in the U.S. each year than AIDs.

Worse yet, MRSA has recently been discovered to be spreading through the U.S. food supply, with studies showing that as much as 50% of all meat is now contaminated by the drug-resistant MRSA pathogen.

(Thankfully, colloidal silver also kills MRSA, as many colloidal silver users have gratefully attested.)

And of course, we can’t forget the growing new medical crisis with CRPK, the drug-resistant form of the highly infectious pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae, which has already infected some 315 people in the Los Angeles area alone in recent months!

(Again, thankfully, silver-based antimicrobials are highly effective against many strains of Klebsiella pneumoniae, including forms that are often resistant to Big Pharma’s flagship antibiotic drugs.)

What This Means…

Obviously, silver-based antimicrobials are one of the last (and most highly effective) lines of defense against the growing legions of drug-resistant pathogens.

What this means is that it’s now more important than ever to have colloidal silver readily available.

In this Age of Strange Diseases in which we live, nothing could be more important than to include colloidal silver in your natural health-care arsenal, and learn how to use it effectively for your own personal health and well-being as well as that of your family and friends…

…particularly now that deadly, drug-resistant strains of E. coli are contaminating food crops, and equally deadly strains of MRSA are now contaminating the U.S. meat supply.

To start learning more about colloidal silver, be sure to first learn how easy it is to make your own colloidal silver.

And if you’re still not sure colloidal silver is right for you, read these real-life testimonials from people who have resolved numerous illnesses and infectious diseases through the simple, judicious use of colloidal silver.

You can also learn the basics of colloidal silver usage in under one hour through the inexpensive new Colloidal Silver Secrets Video from Life & Health Research Group.

And of course, if you’d like encyclopedic knowledge of colloidal silver and its usage – including specific dosages for a myriad of specific diseases – consider getting a copy of my 547-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until it’s too late to learn more. The super-pathogens are spreading. And Big Pharma’s antibiotic drugs simply aren’t able to stem the growing tide.

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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