Update: Colloidal Silver and the Growing Problem of Contaminated Meat

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse in regards to the epidemic of food-borne illness and disease, they do! The deadly MRSA pathogen is now being found in increasing numbers in the U.S meat supply. Fortunately, there’s a safe, simple and extremely effective solution: colloidal silver!

Not too long ago, in an article you can read here, I discuss the alarming findings that the U.S. meat supply is contaminated with MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant pathogen that now kills more people each year in the U.S. than AIDs.

Unfortunately, according to recent reports, the deadly MRSA super pathogen is now being found in increasingly greater numbers in our US meat supply, especially in beef and pork.

I pointed out in the previous article that a recent Canadian study showed nearly 14% of pork chops (about one in seven) and 6.3% of ground pork sold in supermarkets was contaminated with MRSA – taken together, 9.6% of all pork samples.

Additionally, 5.6% of the beef and 1.2% of the poultry carried the potentially deadly pathogen. The bacterium was also found in veal, lamb and other popular meats.

Another report, by Louisiana State University, found 5.5% of pork samples and 3.3% of beef samples taken from local supermarkets were contaminated.

Of course, if you’re a big hamburger eater you might have reason to be even more concerned.

After all, unlike a package of steaks or pork chops which generally come from the same animal, hamburger meat is “batch processed,” meaning it takes numerous cows to make up a single batch of hamburger for packaging.

According to Dr. Eve Riser-Roberts, Ph.D., “Meat from as many as 1,000 cows may go into a single batch of hamburger, any one of which can infect the whole batch, exposing as many as 400,000 people to the infectious agent over a very short period of time.”

49% of Swine (Destined for Your Dinner Table)
Now Test Positive for MRSA!

Worse yet, a recent study has led many critics to believe that the official numbers for MRSA contamination of meats may be quite low…

Dr. Tara Smith, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Iowa, led a new study and ended up discovering a new strain of MRSA running rampant throughout pig farms in the Midwest.

Dr. Smith’s study tested approximately 87,000 live animals and found that a whopping 49% of swine tested positively for MRSA, and 45% of the farmworkers tested positive, as well!

Interestingly, 36% of the adult swine were positive, but 100% of piglets between the ages of nine and twelve weeks received a positive test result for MRSA.

Some of these pigs were shipped off to food processing plants and went on to supermarkets and grocery stores all over the country.

Do you really want to take the chance of finding out if they made it to your grocery store or dinner table?

Dr. Smith states that her findings constitute a grim reminder of the urgent need for safe food handling and cooking procedures, saying:

“It’s likely that cooking will kill any MRSA present on the surface of meats. But anyone handling raw meats should be careful about cross-contamination of cooking areas or other food products, and should make sure hands are washed before touching one’s face, nose, lips, etc.”

In other words, while cooking the meat may kill the pathogen, it can get spread all over your kitchen first, contaminating countertops and cutting boards and kitchen utensils (and your own body) while you’re preparing the meat for cooking.

MRSA Facts You Need to Know!

According to Stuart Levy, MD, a Tufts University professor of microbiology and medicine, “Cooking does kill the microbe, but MRSA thrives on skin, so you can contract it by touching infected raw meat and it can go invasive if you have a cut on your hand.

Indeed, according to the Infectious Disease Society of America, MRSA is now responsible for about 60% of skin infections seen in emergency departments.

And the CDC now reports that MRSA infections kill 18,000 Americans a year, out of the estimated 94,360 people per year who develop serious (i.e., invasive) MRSA infections after their skin is infected.

What’s more, according to CBS News, children are now at greater risk of MRSA infection than ever before. In their May 2010 report, they pointed out:

“The number of children hospitalized with dangerous drug-resistant staph infections surged 10-fold in recent years, a study found.

Disease incidence increased from two cases to 21 cases per 1,000 hospital admissions from 1999 to 2008. Most infections were caught in the community, not in the hospital.”

A Solution on the Horizon?

So where does this leave the average carnivore?

Giving up one’s daily supply of animal protein is not an option for most individuals. But do we have to play Russian roulette every time we want to enjoy a nice grilled steak or some pork chops?

This is another good reason why it is vital in the long run for innovative new products like the silver-lined butcher paper I wrote about several weeks ago be rushed into production and utilized in meatpacking plants and supermarkets as soon as possible.

Simply wrapping the meats in butcher paper infused with silver nanoparticles will go a long way toward limiting the amount of contaminated meats that reach the marketplace.

After all, studies demonstrate conclusively that silver literally decimates the MRSA pathogen.

Unfortunately, just as I predicted in my article several weeks ago, the radical anti-silver environmentalists are already throwing a massive snit-fit over the idea of using food wrapping paper impregnated with silver nanoparticles.

They claim, with no evidence whatsoever, that silver use in consumer products is somehow going to cause a massive environmental catastrophe.

I’ll write about that topic in an upcoming issue of this ezine, I promise.

But suffice it to say for now that it’s always astonishing to me when these radical environmentalist are more concerned about the strictly theoretical environmental impact of a clearly beneficial new product like silver-impregnated butcher paper –

– than they are about the very real and present danger families like yours and mine are facing from this potentially deadly new source of food-borne illness and disease.

Apparently, the literally millions of people who end up dying from food-borne infections worldwide each and every year mean nothing to the radical environmentalists, who seem to be more concerned that some “ecologically sensitive microbes” in a landfill might someday be harmed if they come into contact with a piece of discarded silver-impregnated wrapping paper.

How To Protect Yourself
With Colloidal Silver!

That’s why it’s so important to learn how to protect yourself with safe, natural colloidal silver. You simply can’t afford to wait for the meat processing industry and the environmentalists at the EPA to work out their differences.

Colloidal silver annihilates the potentially fatal MRSA pathogen, as you can verify for yourself from the four clinical studies discussed at this site, or in some of the clinical studies you can find on this web page.

As you’ve seen above, experts say that cooking the raw meat to a well-done state will kill any MRSA on the meat itself. But they also agree that MRSA can easily be transferred to the hands of the person preparing the meat –

– as well as to other contact surfaces in the kitchen such as countertops, cutting boards, sink faucets or anywhere the food preparer touches.

Knives and other utensils used to trim fat from the meat or cut the meat into smaller portions can also be contaminated.

Washing your hands in warm soapy water, and then washing down the cutting board, the kitchen countertop, and any utensils involved in the meat preparation process will help clean MRSA pathogens away, to a great extent.

But for maximum protection, spraying one’s hands with colloidal silver after washing, and then spraying the kitchen cutting board, countertop, utensils, sink and other contact surfaces with colloidal silver, and allowing it to air dry will provide a powerful added layer of protection that will let you sleep soundly at night.

Simply by keeping a pump spray bottle next to your kitchen food preparation area, and using it when preparing meats and other foods, you can do much to protect your home and your family from potential MRSA infection, as well as other nasty food-borne illnesses.

Plus, if you or a family member were to ever contract a nasty MRSA infection (God forbid!) due to food contamination, you’ll likely be able to cure it yourself with your homemade colloidal silver, just like the colloidal silver users described directly below have done!

Does Colloidal Silver
Really Work Against MRSA Infections?

As I’ve mentioned above, clinical studies demonstrate clearly that colloidal silver is highly effective against MRSA.

But…is there any real-life evidence for colloidal silver’s effectiveness against MRSA infections in humans?

Indeed there is. Here are just a few of the real-life success stories we’ve received in recent weeks and months:

Cured Dying Doctor of
a Deadly MRSA Infection!

“In November 2009 I was in the morning breakfast hot spot and as usual I was talking to a friend about his health challenges, unaware that a doctor’s wife was listening.

After my friend left, the doctor’s wife asked me if I knew anything that would cure MRSA. I told her that I made something that should help. She told me that her husband was a doctor and he had MRSA. I offered to give her some of my homemade colloidal silver the next day.

When I arrived at the nursing home and met her she was very upset. The doctors overseeing her husband’s case had told her earlier that morning that she needed to let him go because there was nothing more that they could do for him, and that they were withdrawing all his medications. He also had a feeding tube.

I told her that I could not tell her what to do for him, but I could tell her what I would do for myself if I were in the same situation. I gave her a dropper bottle of the colloidal silver and said if it were me I’d put two droppers of colloidal silver under my tongue every hour as long as I was awake.

The next day, and thereafter, I would do it every two hours while I was awake. If I had a feeding tube I would apply one tablespoon through the tube three times a day.

After four days she called and said that they had retested him for MRSA and he tested negative. She was one happy lady! I think everyone should own a Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Generator.”

– T. K. Keith, Oklahoma

Here’s another dramatic success story, which demonstrates how powerful and effective micro-particle colloidal silver can truly be…

Healed Deadly MRSA Infection and
Saved My Friend’s Leg from Amputation!

“I have a dear friend who is well over 500 pounds. My car is the only one that he can ride comfortably in AND tow the trailer with his enormous electric chair.

For that reason, I’m the one that takes him to his VA appointments (105 miles away) and his doctor appointments (45 miles away).He suffered from MRSA in bedsores on his leg that had not healed for 8 years.

At a doctor appointment, his doctor said we needed to think about amputation of his lower leg to keep the MRSA at bay. So I asked the doctor to let me try something for one month and he just said, “At this point we have nothing to lose except his leg.” He said he was going to call in a prescription for another high strength antibiotic (Zithromax).

History showed us that as long as he stayed on the antibiotics, the progression of the MRSA would slow down. But within two weeks of getting off of it, he would get very ill again.

As we drove home, I explained my colloidal silver idea to my friend. This was on a Thursday, I believe. I gave him a quart of the colloidal silver to drink and a quart for his wounds. I told him to ‘drink approximately 1/4 cup twice a day.’ I also asked him to have his home health nurse (who’d been working with him for years) to soak the bandage with the colloidal silver when she redressed his sores.

On the following Monday, he called the doctor’s office to find out why they hadn’t called in the antibiotics. The nurse got on the phone and asked why he wasn’t in the hospital. The doctor had assumed that he was going directly to the hospital when we left his office.

The nurse told my friend that he needed to get to the hospital right away as the blood work done in the office at his last appointment showed he only had days left to live!!!!

He called me and we rushed over to the hospital and you know what they found? NO MRSA! The doctor couldn’t believe it. Over the next few weeks, the home health nurse saw his wounds closing up. She was amazed that the skin was granulating again. It only took 4 days for his blood work to go from system-wide Septicemia with MRSA to ‘No Detectable Infection’.”

– Gina

Over the past few years, we’ve had many people report stories in which friends or loved ones experienced dramatic recoveries from MRSA or other serious infections after starting to use colloidal silver –

– only to see those recoveries nosedive after some smug doctor or concerned family member took their colloidal silver away.

Here’s one example with a happy ending thanks to micro-particle colloidal silver:

She Was Dying, Until She Used
the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver!

“Last year, my sister, Miriam, had extensive dental work done, which caused her to become infected with MRSA. This led to a heart attack. She was dying. The antibiotics and other medications being administered by her doctors were not working and she was getting weaker by the day.

In desperation, we looked up information on MRSA on the internet, and references to colloidal silver repeatedly came up, so we looked into that and found your colloidal silver generators along with all the information about them.

At the same time, we met a lady who had been using one of your generators for many years and was very willing to share the colloidal silver and her knowledge with us until we could order our own generator.

We felt that God had led us to this information and this lady. Immediately, we got the colloidal silver to my sister and she began taking it. Almost at once, her condition improved. She was gaining strength until she told her doctor that she was taking colloidal silver. He reacted so negatively, that my brother-in-law became fearful and refused to allow my sister to have it.

She then relapsed and became so sick that she couldn’t even talk coherently. So weak that she couldn’t eat or take care of herself at all. Again she was dying.

It was then that my brother-in-law was called away on an emergency. We took colloidal silver to my sister and within two days, when her husband returned, she had made such a remarkable recovery that he could not deny the truth.

Colloidal silver, with God’s guidance, saved her life.”

– Wynona Sue Hill, CA

10 Million Colloidal Silver Users
Can’t Be Wrong!

An estimated ten million people across North America now use colloidal silver regularly.

But why pay anywhere between $19 to $39 at your local health food store for a tiny four-ounce bottle of colloidal silver that probably won’t last a week during a protracted health crisis such as a MRSA infection –

– when instead, you can make a full QUART at a time – over and over and over again for the rest of your life – for about thirty-six cents with a brand new Micro-Particle Home Colloidal Silver Generator from our good friends at The Silver Edge?

The choice is up to you.

Eventually, the medical bureaucrats will ban colloidal silver completely at the behest of big business and the drug industry.

Indeed, in 2010, colloidal silver was banned throughout the European Union, much to the chagrin of millions of satisfied colloidal silver users there.

(You can read about this unprecedented attack on colloidal silver by globalist medical bureaucrats on The Silver Edge web site at this link.)

What’s more, the Canadian version of the FDA, Health Canada, is now working toward a colloidal silver ban.

And in the U.S. colloidal silver vendors on the internet continue to be harassed regularly by the FDA, while the corporate news media is awash with stories attempting to scare people away from colloidal silver usage.

What’s going on?

The truth is, the major drug companies simply don’t want the competition from such a safe, inexpensive, all-natural infection-fighting substance as colloidal silver.

After all, if word gets around that people are curing potentially deadly MRSA infections with a few dollars worth of colloidal silver, the pharmaceutical companies stand to lose billions of dollars in sales of their failing prescription antibiotic drugs!

Instead, the drug industry wants you to continue to use their prescription antibiotic drugs, rather than using the safest and most effective all-natural infection-fighting agent known to man.

Owning the Means of Colloidal Silver Production
Puts You In the Driver’s Seat For the Rest of Your Life!

As I’ve emphasized over and over again for the past five years, once you own the means of colloidal silver production, they can’t take it away from you.

Even if they ban colloidal silver in the U.S., you’ll be able to produce your own high-quality, micro-particle colloidal silver for the rest of your life, for only pennies per batch – thanks to the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge.

You’ll literally be able to afford to give it away to sick relatives and friends…gargle with it to stop a sore throat in its tracks…

…swish it around in your mouth to eliminate bacterial plaque on teeth and gums…drink a few ounces daily to resolve intestinal infections or cure food poisoning…

…knock out upper respiratory infections such as colds and the flu…eliminate urinary tract infections…beat Candida yeast infections with ease…and much more!

Cutting edge doctors have demonstrated that when colloidal silver is used internally it even works on deep-seated infections that, left untreated –

– can result in chronic degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Lupus, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other serious conditions!

So be absolutely sure to read more about the brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, and order one right away.

There won’t be a day you’ll regret your decision, I promise!

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