Colloidal Silver: the Safe, Natural Mouthwash

Can colloidal silver be used as an all-natural mouthwash, in place of commercial mouthwashes?

The answer, of course, is a great, big resounding “Yes!”

In fact, colloidal silver is nature’s perfect mouthwash. And it’s far better for you than chemical-laden commercial mouthwash products that have been linked clinically to the risk of oral cancers.

Here’s what you need to know…

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As a recent article on Dr. Michael Cutler’s website points out, a bacterium called Streptococcus mutans, which lives on your teeth and gums and can cause dental cavities and plaque, can also make its way to your heart and cause dangerous cardiac infections.

According to Dr. Cutler:

“Bacteria that normally live in gum tissue in the mouth may invade the heart, leading to a dangerous infection known as endocarditis.

The bacteria, known as Streptococcus mutans causes cavities and lives in dental plaque.

But, according to research at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York, if it is released into the blood stream after a dental procedure or even after an enthusiastic flossing, it can colonize heart tissue and cause a deadly inflammation of heart valves.”

As microbiologist Dr. Jacqueline Abranches, Ph.D., points out, the situation can be quite serious, and taking steps to limit the number of colonies of this pathogen in your mouth can be a boon to your health.

She writes,

“…the smaller the number of Streptococcus mutans in your mouth, the healthier you’ll be…”

The Trouble with Commercial Mouthwashes

Unfortunately, commercial mouthwashes being sold to the public as a means of reducing oral bacteria contain alcohol and other chemicals that have been linked to oral cancers.

According to natural health journalist Angela Kaelin, clinical studies demonstrate that alcohol-containing commercial mouthwashes increase the risk of oral cancer so strongly, some researchers say they should be pulled from the shelves. She writes:

“Alcohol is the primary disinfecting agent in most commercial mouthwashes. A recent study in The Australian Dental Journal points to alcohol-containing commercial mouthwashes as a cause of oral cancer.

The research concluded that health care professionals should not recommend them for long-term use.

The author of this study, Professor McCullough of Melbourne University, says these products are so dangerous they should be pulled from shelves or, at least, come with a warning label.”

What’s more, according to Kaelin, commercial mouthwashes are not very good at killing bacteria, anyway.

Indeed, some commercial mouthwash products have been recalled after health authorities discovered they were contaminated with overly high levels of bacteria. As Kaelin warns:

“According to a recent article, a few U.K. companies were forced to recall thousands of mouthwash products after discovering they were contaminated with aerobic mesophile, a dangerous bacteria that can cause lung infections in people with respiratory conditions or poorly functioning immune systems.

Similar incidents have occurred in the U.S., such as the 2005 Food and Drug Administration’s recall of mouthwashes infected with Burkholderia cepacia, another bacteria that causes respiratory illness.

Of course, the stated purpose of commercial mouthwashes is to destroy bacteria. But the fact that such recalls have occurred seems to demonstrate not only their ineffectiveness, but the recklessness of the companies that produce them.”

Colloidal Silver to the Rescue!

So can using colloidal silver as a mouthwash help keep populations of Streptococcus mutans (and other oral pathogens) from growing out of control in your mouth?

You bet it can!

In fact, according to a 1999 study conducted at Brigham Young University, the bacterium Streptococcus mutans was inhibited and destroyed using a relatively weak concentration of just 5 ppm of colloidal silver.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what the researchers discovered:

  • Streptococcus mutans – a major cause of dental plaque and tooth decay, and implicated in infective endocarditis (i.e., infection of the heart valves). Inhibited and killed @ 5 ppm colloidal silver.
  • Streptococcus gordonii – also causes tooth decay, and also implicated in infective endocarditis. Inhibited and killed @ 5 ppm colloidal silver.
  • Streptococcus pyogenes – causes strep throat, skin infections, upper respiratory infections, impetigo, hospital-acquired infections, Scarlet Fever and more. Inhibited and killed @ 1.25 ppm colloidal silver.
  • Streptococcus pneumoniae – causes pneumonia, meningitis, sinusitis, otitis media (ear infection). Inhibited @ 2.5 ppm and killed @ 5 ppm colloidal silver.
  • Streptococcus faecalis – causes urinary tract infections, endocarditis and wound infections. Inhibited @ 2.5 ppm and killed @ 5 ppm colloidal silver.

In fact, in the Brigham Young study, colloidal silver was demonstrated to be as good at destroying Streptococcus mutans and other Streptococcus pathogens as five different classes of antibiotics, including:

  • the tetracyclines
  • fluorinated quinolones (Ofloxacin)
  • the penicillins
  • the cephalosporins (Cefaperazone)
  • and the macrolides (Erythromycin)

Antimicrobial silver has also been demonstrated to stop the growth of plaque (which is often caused by Streptococcus mutans), and has been used successfully by many people specifically for that purpose.

Most people tell me that for use as an oral mouthwash, they simply swish a little bit of 10 ppm colloidal silver around in their mouth, vigorously, for several minutes after each brushing – and voila’ – no more dental plaque…no more tooth decay…no more bad breath…no more gum infections.

And by the way, where there’s no dental plaque, tooth decay or gum infections, there’s no Streptococcus mutans!

Colloidal Silver Kills Mouth Fungus, Too!

Recent studies have demonstrated that antimicrobial silver is also extremely effective against oral fungal pathogens that can cause mouth infections – so much so, clinical researchers are now looking at developing a commercial mouthwash containing silver as the main active ingredient.

According to

“A new study published in the Society for Applied Microbiology journal Letters in Applied Microbiology reveals that silver is fully capable of killing yeast-based mouth infections caused by Candida albicansandCandida glabrata.

Professor Mariana Henriques and her colleagues from the University of Minho in Portugal evaluated the effects of a silver nanoparticle solution on oral thrush, dental stomatitis, and various other mouth infections caused by the two aforementioned strains of yeast.

They came to the conclusion that, in all cases, the silver solution was effective at combating these infection-causing yeast strains, even when the size of the silver particles used varied dramatically.”

Professor Henriques later commented on her study:

“With the emergence of Candida infections which are frequently resistant to the traditional antifungal therapies, there is an increasing need for alternative approaches.

So, silver nanoparticles appear to be a new potential strategy to combat these infections.

As the nanoparticles are relatively stable in liquid medium they could be developed into a mouthwash solution in the near future.”

In other words, the researchers are actually looking at developing a silver-based mouthwash to combat mouth infections caused by oral fungi.

A New Discovery?

But is this really a new discovery?

Truth be told, experienced colloidal silver users have long known that simply swishing a little bit of colloidal silver around in the mouth for several minutes after each brushing can promote superb oral hygiene and produce phenomenal healing benefits in the teeth and gums as well.

So the bottom line is this: If you already have access to safe, natural colloidal silver, you really don’t need an expensive commercial mouthwash containing silver. After all, you’ve already got one!

And since you can make all of the high-quality colloidal silver you’ll ever need, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and for less than 36 cents a quart by owning a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from, the whole idea of having to buy bottle after bottle of an expensive silver-based mouthwash for the rest of your life is just ludicrous.

Learn more about making your own colloidal silver for just pennies per quart, at the link in this sentence.

What Colloidal Silver Users Say

I get emails and Facebook posts from colloidal silver users every single day. Here’s what some of them have to say about using colloidal silver as a mouthwash for their oral health and well-being:

“For one, a week or so before I made my first batch of colloidal silver, my gums were getting very swollen and they would bleed easily and it would hurt to eat food sometimes. I’ve always had gum issues but not like this!

Well after using the micro-particle colloidal silver for like 2 days, swishing the stuff around in my mouth before swallowing it, it was completely gone and I could brush my teeth without it bleeding.

And there was no pain – I could even apply firm pressure while brushing, and it was fine!”

– Curt S.

“A lady I work with had a daughter that had some major gum disease (to the tune of over $6000 of her Mom’s money in dental bills).

The daughter kept getting infection, maybe partially due to bad dental habits and the failure of the medicines given.

I told her about colloidal silver and had her do some reading on it, offering her some of the liquid if she then decided to try it.

About a week later she asked for some and her daughter’s mouth has now pretty much cleared up from the infection, simply by taking some twice a day and holding it in her mouth for several minutes.”

– Todd, Ohio

“I had a dry socket in my mouth after having a tooth pulled.

An infection set in and nothing was working. The pain was horrifying.

My friend brought me some of the colloidal silver. I put it in my mouth and let it stay for a few moments and spit it out. Within 30 minutes my fever was gone and so was the pain.

I put drops of colloidal silver from a syringe directly on the tooth every 20 minutes for 2 hours and never looked back. I am now a believer in Colloidal Silver.”

– Alton from Mississippi

“My Mom is 85 years old…she has been losing her teeth and had very sore gums… antibiotics never worked long term.

I give her colloidal silver three times a day and tell her to swish it around her mouth and hold it in her mouth for as long as she can. It has worked miracles for her.

I am so grateful for this product. I have a hundred other stories from friends and family.”

– Jill S.

“My name is Roger Fink. I live in MN. I am 82 years old (as of May 10, 2010). I have had my colloidal silver generator for 3 years.

10 ppm is the concentration I use. I daily take ½ oz. of the solution…First I swish it around in my mouth, then I gargle with it and swallow it.

I have not had a serious cough, cold or sore throat since doing this.”

– R. Fink, MN

“Someone recommended using 1 ounce/day and swishing the solution around in the mouth for a minute or so.

I increased my usage to a “shot a day”, swishing it around my mouth.

I feel my oral hygiene has greatly improved. I work outside the home as a school crossing guard and have not had a cold in 2 years.”

– T. Opp, Irving, TX

“Before brushing, I spray a little bit of my homemade colloidal silver onto my toothbrush and toothpaste.

Then, after brushing, I thoroughly rinse my mouth with a mouthful of the 10 ppm colloidal silver.

Then I use one of those tiny plastic “interdental” soft-picks (called G-U-M Soft-Picks; available at Walgreen’s) designed for getting at plaque in between hard-to-reach teeth and up on the gum line.

Before using, I spray the tiny, soft rubber “bristles” of the soft-pick with colloidal silver and then use it between each tooth in place of flossing.

After that, I rinse my mouth thoroughly with colloidal silver once more. I haven’t had any problem with dental plaque or bleeding gums since.”

– S.B., Phoenix, AZ

Learn More…

Would you like to learn more about using colloidal silver to help keep oral pathogens like Streptococcus mutans and others at bay, for superior oral hygiene (and heart protection, as well)?

Here are several resources you might want to check out:

One Final, Important Note…

Finally, it’s important to understand that researchers now claim the same
oral pathogens that can infect your heart can also infect your brain, resulting in various stages of dementia and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Considering this, it would seem more important than ever to use colloidal silver as a mouthwash for maximum oral health.

Learn more about the link between mental confusion, dementia and poor oral hygiene (and how colloidal silver can help) here.

And be sure to read some of the real-life accounts on the Colloidal Silver Testimonials page at demonstrating how experienced colloidal silver users have healed themselves of dozens of different illnesses, infections and diseases.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another great article on the powerful, infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver…

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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