Colloidal Silver for Mosquito Control

Toxic insecticide chemicals are being sprayed on people in mosquito-heavy areas of the country on a regular basis. 

Yet recent research has demonstrated that these toxic chemical insecticides are of low effectiveness against mosquitoes, and have the potential to harm humans and animals.

Thankfully, there’s a brand new solution.  Recent research over the past seven years has demonstrated silver nanoparticles to be toxic to mosquito larvae without harming surrounding wildlife.

This is actually something farmers and wildlife experts have known for decades. But modern science is finally verifying it.  Here’s the story you won’t find anywhere else…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

According to a Reuters News article, directly after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, TX with massive flooding, the state government immediately “launched aerial attacks on mosquitoes swarming coastal regions of the state and threatening to spread disease.”

And how did government officials attack the mosquitoes?  Again, according to Reuters:

U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo planes began spraying insecticides over three eastern Texas counties… Officials hope the spraying can avoid outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases.”

The article goes on to say that “fogging trucks” were also brought in to spray insecticides over large swathes of the affected counties.  Yet later in the article, the Texas Department of State Health Services admits, “Most mosquitoes that appear after floods are not the disease-carrying varieties but can hurt recovery operations by swarming residents and disaster workers during cleanup efforts.”

In other words, the entire populations of three counties in Texas were sprayed with toxic chemical insecticides, known to cause neurological damage in humans, because the government wanted to prevent relatively harmless mosquitoes from buzzing around the faces of rescue workers.

They brought in Air Force C-130 cargo planes to spray the populace with potentially toxic chemical insecticides.  Then they brought in fogging trucks to spray some more.

These chemicals, called Pyrethroids, affect the human nervous system and have been linked with liver and thyroid problems, and can also interfere with the immune and endocrine systems.  (More on that later in the artcle.)

According to a science news report on, other ingredients in chemical insecticides commonly used to control mosquitoes have been classified by the EPA as possible human carcinogens.

And a 2014 study by scientists at the University of California, Davis found that pregnant women living within a few miles of farms where similar pesticides had been sprayed had a 60 percent increased risk of their child developing autism.

So is there an easier and less potentially harmful way to solve the mosquito problem?  Yes, there is.  And yes, you guessed it:  The answer is silver.

Colloidal Silver for Mosquito Control

It’s been known for years that colloidal silver can stop the larvae stage of mosquitoes simply by adding it to water sources where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs.

As Australian author and wildlife expert Lynda Staker has pointed out in her book, The Complete Guide to the Care of Macropods, mosquitoes lay their eggs in outdoor water receptacles.  But mosquitoes will avoid laying their eggs in water that’s had colloidal silver added to it:

We can all do our part in the eradication of mosquitoes, by ensuring that unnecessary containers where water may lie are not available for mosquito breeding.  Colloidal silver placed in animals’ drinking water will prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water…Use 500 mls of made-up colloidal silver to a 50 litre container of water.”

– page 90 and page 386, The Complete Guide to the Care of Macropods

What’s more, in the book Plant Responses to Xenobiotics by Anita Singh, the author writes that adding nanosilver (very small particles of colloidal silver) to water that already has mosquito larvae growing in it, will kill the larvae. She writes:

Advanced research has also highlighted the wide application of nanosilver particles for insecticidal application to kill mosquitoes and flies…There are tremendous new research studies investigating the efficacies of plant-synthesized silver nanoparticles as mosquito larvidicalagents against different species of mosquitoes…suggesting that biologically produced silver nanoparticles …can be used as an ideal eco-friendly approach for their control.”

8 Studies Prove Silver Stops Mosquito Larvae

Indeed, eight different clinical studies I know of have demonstrated the fact that silver will flat-out kill mosquito larvae if the larvae are already living in the water supply, and will do so without harming other aquatic creatures in the process.

But each of these studies used other substances in combination with silver. Why?  Because researchers are always looking for what they refer to as a “novel” innovation they can patent and monopolize as a drug.  They know that using plain colloidal silver can’t be patented and monopolized, so they always add another substance to the silver first to make it unique.

Nevertheless, as you’ll see as your browse through these study synopses, silver is clearly the active ingredient doing the work against the mosquito larvae.  Here’s a brief synopsis of each of these eight studies which prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that silver is an effective larvicidal agent against mosquito larvae:

  • In one clinical study, published in January, 2012 in the journal Parasitology Research, titled “Efficacy of fungus mediated silver and gold nanoparticles against aedes aegypti larvae,” the clinical researchers went so far as to make both gold and silver nanoparticles through a chemical process that included a pathogenic fungus (Chrysoporium tropicum).

The resulting synthesized gold and silver nanoparticles were then tested against mosquito larvae (Aedes aegypti) and shown to be extremely effective at killing them (i.e., larvicidal).

However, it was found that the synthesized gold nanoparticles needed to be used in a concentration at least three times higher than the synthesized silver nanoparticles in order to kill the mosquito larvae, demonstrating that silver has the superior larvacidal activity.

Why didn’t the researchers simply use colloidal silver instead of silver nanoparticles synthesized with a fungus?  Again, it’s quite simple.  Silver can’t be patented and monopolized.  For a product to be patented and monopolized, it has to be “novel” (i.e., something new and unique).  So the researchers came up with this Frankensteinish concoction of silver synthesized using a fungus, which nevertheless demonstrates that silver kills mosquito larvae.

  • In another study, also published in the journal Parasitology Research in February 2013, and titled “Studies on the impact of biosynthesized silver nanoparticles in relation to malaria and filariasis vector control against Anopheles Stephensi Liston and Culex Quinquefasciatus,” clinical researchers used a plant leaf extract (Vinca rosea) to synthesize silver nanoparticles, and then tested the silver nanoparticles against the larvae of mosquitoes that carry the malaria pathogen.

After 72 hours the synthesized silver nanoparticles demonstrated a 100% mortality rate against the mosquito larvae.  The researchers wrote: “These results suggest that synthesized silver nanoparticles have the potential to be used as an ideal eco-friendly approach for the control of A. stephensi and C. quinquefasciatus” (i.e., two different kinds of mosquito larvae that carry the malaria pathogen).

Again, we see here the researchers synthesizing silver nanoparticles through a chemical process using a plant leaf extract instead of simply using safe, natural colloidal silver.

Nevertheless, the study demonstrates silver’s unique ability to kill mosquito larvae, and this is all the more remarkable because the specific mosquito larvae used were the larvae of mosquitoes that carry the malaria pathogen.

  • In yet another clinical study, this one published in the journal Experimental Parasitology in 2016, and titled “Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles fabricated using Anisomeles indica: Mosquitocidal potential against malaria, dengue and Japanese encephalitis vectors,” silver nanoparticles were synthesized in a chemical process using a leaf extract of Anisomeles indica (i.e., the catmint plant).

The researchers wrote that these synthesized silver nanoparticles were tested and evaluated against larvae of three different types of mosquitoes known to carry dangerous pathogens, i.e., the malaria vector Anopheles subpictus, the dengue vector Aedes albopictus and the Japanese encephalitis vector Culex tritaeniorhync

According to the researchers, the silver was able to kill the larvae of “all tested mosquito species.”

  • In still another clinical study, published in June 2011 in the journal Acta Tropica, and titled “Larvicidal activity of synthesized silver nanoparticles using eclipta prostrata leaf extract against filariasis and malaria vectors,” researchers demonstrated that silver nanoparticles synthesized using an extract from the plant Eclipta prostrata (i.e., the False Daisy plant) were able to kill the larvae of mosquitos known to carry the filariasis parasite (which causes the disfiguring disease Elephantitis) and the malaria pathogen (which, of course, causes malaria).
  • In another study, published in September 2012 in the journal Parasitology Research, and titled “Biolarvicidal and pupicidal potential of silver nanoparticles synthesized using euphorbia hirta against Anopheles Stephensi Liston,” researchers demonstrated that silver nanoparticles that were chemically synthesized using an extract of the tropical weed Euphorbia hirta (i.e., known as the “asthma plant” for its use against bronchitis and asthma) were effective against both the larvae stage and the pupae stage of the mosquito Anopheles stephensi, which carries the malaria parasite.
  • In a study published in 2017 in the journal Hydrobiologia, titled “Chitosan-fabricated Ag nanoparticles and larvivorous fishes: a novel route to control the coastal malaria vector Anopheles sundaicus?” researchers from Bharathiar University in India demonstrated that silver nanoparticles synthesized from chitosan (a sugar obtained from crab shells), when sprayed in reservoirs known to contain mosquito larvae that carry the malaria pathogen, were able to kill the mosquito larvae stage as well as the pupae stage.

What’s more, the researchers tested the silver/chitosan solution on fish and found that it did not harm them or any other underwater animals.  This means the synthesized silver nanoparticles were demonstrated to be safe to use in waterways where aquatic animals live.

The researchers also found the synthesized silver nanoparticles to inhibit the grown of water-borne pathogens such as Bacillus subtilisEscherichia coliKlebsiella pneumoniae and Proteus vulgaris – adding another big plus to the use of silver nanoparticles in waterways where mosquitoes breed and lay eggs.

The researchers concluded: “This research highlighted that chitosan-fabricated AgNP (silver nanoparticles) are easy to produce, stable over time, and can be employed at low dosages to strongly reduce populations of the malaria vector A. sundaicus without detrimental effects on the predation of natural mosquito enemies, such as goldfish. It also effectively inhibits important bacterial pathogens of public health relevance.”

  • In still yet another clinical study, this one published in the journal Vector Borne Zoonotic Diseases in March 2012, and titled “Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles for the Control of Mosquito Vectors of Malaria, Filariasis, and Dengue,” the researchers wrote, “A biological method was used to synthesize stable silver nanoparticles that were tested as mosquito larvicides against Aedes aegyptiAnopheles stephensi, and Culex quinquefasciatus.”

These researchers discovered that very low concentrations of synthesized silver nanoparticles were needed to kill the mosquito larvae.  Indeed, mosquito larvae were killed by as low as .30 ppm (less than one-third ppm), .41 ppm (less than one-half ppm) and 2.12 ppm silver nanoparticles.

Even mosquito larvae exposed to a mere .1 ppm silver nanoparticles – a tiny fraction of a single ppm — had their life spans (in days) reduced by 30%.  What’s more, it turned out that female mosquitoes that lived after being exposed as larvae to only .1 ppm of colloidal silver had their adult egg-laying capacity reduced by 36%!

  • Finally, in still another clinical study, this one published in the journal Parasitology Research in 2011, and titled “Synthesis of pediculocidal and larvicidal silver nanoparticles by leaf extract from heartleaf moonseed plant, tinospora cordifolia miers,” researchers tested silver nanoparticles (synthesized using an extract of the Heart-leaved Moonseed vine) against both head lice larvae, the malaria vector mosquito larvae and the filariasis parasite vector mosquito larvae.

The researchers found that 33% mortality was achieved against the mosquito and head lice larvae at 5 minutes exposure…67% mortality was achieved at 15 minutes…and 100% mortality was achieved after one hour of exposure to the silver.

The researchers concluded, “The findings revealed that synthesized AgNPs (i.e., silver nanoparticles) possess excellent anti­-lice and mosquito larvicidal activity…[and] have the potential to be used as an ideal ecofriendly approach for the control of head lice and [larval mosquito] vectors.”

So, from 2011 to 2017 clinical research has demonstrated eight times what farmers and wildlife experts have known for decades, i.e., adding silver to water where mosquito larvae are growing will kill the mosquito larvae, thus providing a safe means of mosquito control and eradication without having to use toxic chemical insecticides.

And There’s More…

And those are not the only studies on this subject.  There are others, as well.  In the book Nanoparticles in the Fight Against Parasites, author Heinz Mehlhorn reports on a number of similar studies, including one demonstrating that:

“…all larval stages of Cx. Quinquefasciatus [i.e., southern house mosquito] were found to be susceptible to the synthesized silver nanoparticles,”

 He also reports on another study conducted on the same type of mosquito showing there to be an astonishing “100% mortality to the synthesized AgNs (silver nanoparticles) after one hour of exposure…”

Likewise, on the website, in an article titled “Nanoparticles Wipe Out Filariasis Mosquitoes,” it states:

“Researchers have discovered that silver and carbon nanoparticles can separately kill the larvae and pupae of Culex quinquefasciatus— mosquitoes that transmit lymphatic-filariasis-causing parasites to humans. These nanoparticles could potentially be useful for checking the spread of filariasis in humans.”

The article goes on to say,

“The silver and carbon nanoparticles were found to be toxic to Cx. quinquefasciatus [i.e., southern house mosquito] larvae and pupae.

The water bug Lethocerus indicus, which lives in the same habitat as the mosquitoes, naturally devours the larvae and pupae…The scientists found that low doses of the silver nanoparticles reduced the motility of the mosquito larvae and pupae, allowing the water bug to devour them more efficiently. 

The nanoparticles did not detrimentally affect the behaviour of other aquatic animals living in the same environment, suggesting that they could be used to reduce the larval and pupal populations of filariasis-spreading mosquitoes, the researchers say.”

Dangers of Chemical Insecticides
Used for Mosquito Control

So the obvious question is this:

Now that it’s been proven in clinical studies that relatively low levels of silver nanoparticles added to water will destroy mosquito larvae, stopping them from developing to become disease carrying mosquitoes without causing harm to surrounding wildlife…

when on God’s green earth are the authorities going to stop spraying the population with neurotoxic insecticides and simply start adding small concentrations of otherwise safe, natural silver to areas of standing water where mosquitoes breed?

It’s an important question, because of the known toxicity of chemical insecticides used to control mosquitoes.  As Cynthia Perkins of the blog states regarding the toxicity of the most commonly used mosquito insecticides:

Pyrethroids or permethrins are a powerful neurotoxin and are listed even by the EPA as being ‘likely’ carcinogenic.

In rats it causes hyperactivity, tremors, salivation, hyperexcitability, urination, defecation and incoordination and liver damage. Baby rats are much more susceptible than adult rats and exhibit more severe symptoms.

Other animals exposed may experience numbness of the lip and tongue, diarrhea, nausea, convulsions, aggression, seizures. paralysis, respiratory failure and death.

It also kills indiscriminately, meaning in addition to the bug you’re trying to get rid of, it also kills a variety of beneficial insects, including bees, aquatic life and small mammals like mice. It is highly toxic to cats, honey bees and other beneficial insects and is considered mildly toxic to birds like mallards.

Common reactions in the human population include itching, burning and prickling sensations of the skin, headaches, convulsions, tremors, facial flushing and selling, asthma, sneezing and nasal congestion and nausea.

Permethrins and pyrethrums have been linked to a variety of serious health conditions like autism, Parkinson’s, birth defects, depression, breast cancer, thyroid damage and disease, liver disease, kidney problems and damage to the immune, endocrine and nervous systems.

Permethrins and pyrethrums kill their victim by modifying the normal biochemistry and physiology of the membrane sodium channels and altering the nerve function. In other words it paralyzes the nervous system.

Additionally, the half life of permethrins in soil is 30 days. This means that in order to completely break down were talking a good 6 months. In 60 days there is still 25% left, in 90 days 12% is still present and even at 210 days there is still 3% present on the soil.

Now if all this isn’t bad enough, here’s the real kicker in regard to mosquito fogging. Permethrins are only effective at knocking down and paralyzing its intended victim; it doesn’t kill them. So another chemical is added with permethrins to give it more killing power called piperonylbutoxide.

Piperonyl butoxide is a suspected carcinogen and believed to be highly toxic to the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal, reproductive and nervous systems. It is suspected of being connected to symptoms and conditions such as coma, convulsions, renal damage, hyperexcitability, prenatal damage, vomiting, weight loss, anorexia and many more. It too is toxic to birds, fish and other aquatic life.

Piperonyl butoxide works by inhibiting the detoxification pathways of its victim, which means the pesticide is then permitted to remain in its victim for a longer period of time, so that permethrins can kill it. In humans this detox pathway is in the liver, this means this chemical targets the liver.

So these two chemicals together knock down the intended victim by attacking its nervous system and then render it unable to detox the chemical out of its body by inhibiting its detox pathways.

Make no mistake, folks, this is exactly what these chemicals do to the human body as well — attacks the nervous system and inhibits detox pathways.

So there you have it.  Silver is relatively non-toxic to wildlife and humans, particularly in the tiny concentrations needed to stop mosquitoes from developing from their larval stage into adults.  And the toxic chemical insecticides currently used to control mosquitoes are potentially quite dangerous neurotoxins.

I call on the scientific and medical community to look further into the use of silver nanoparticles for mosquito control.

And I urge readers who live in mosquito-infested areas of the country to add some colloidal silver to areas containing standing water where mosquitoes breed and lay eggs, and see for yourself how quickly the situation is abated.

One Final Important Thought…

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Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,

Steve Barwick, author
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