Colloidal Silver Beats Fungal Infections Fast

I’m frequently asked if there’s any clinical evidence that colloidal silver is helpful at eradicating stubborn fungal infections.

The answer is a great, big “YES!”

There’s plenty of clinical evidence for the effectiveness of colloidal silver against fungal pathogens. And lots of anecdotal evidence for it, as well.

Here’s what you need to know…

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Fungal infections are some of the hardest infections to get rid of, often requiring weeks or even months of treatment with harsh antifungal drugs known to cause liver damage and other side effects.

But colloidal silver is VERY effective against fungal pathogens. And when used properly it has none of the potentially serious side effects of the prescription antifungal drugs.

Numerous Clinical Studies

Indeed, numerous clinical studies going back to the 1970’s have demonstrated the profound effectiveness of colloidal silver against a wide variety of fungal pathogens. For example:

At the above link you can read the classic, 1976 clinical study by Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. and colleagues, who demonstrated that electrically generated silver ions at less than 2 ppm concentration have greater fungicidal properties than much more concentrated silver compounds such as silver sulfadiazine and silver nitrate.

Dr. Becker and his colleagues concluded, “All (fungal) organisms were inhibited by a silver concentration of 4.7 ug/ml or less, and the fungicidal concentration of silver was as low as 1.9 ug/ml.”

(Editor’s note: “ug/ml” is the same as ppm). So some fungal pathogens were inhibited at silver ion concentrations as low as 1.9 ppm, and all fungal organisms tested were inhibited at 4.7 ppm.)

At the above link, you can read a much newer study published in the Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnolgy in August, 2008.

This study demonstrated that silver nanoparticles exert “considerable antifungal activity” against Candida albicans (i.e., the cause of Candida yeast infections) and Trichophyton mentagrophytes (i.e., the cause of many fungal infections of the hair, skin and nails).

Indeed, the researchers demonstrated that antimicrobial silver was comparable in effectiveness to Amphotericin B, one of the most powerful prescription antifungal drugs. And the silver was actually superior in effectiveness to the well-known anti-fungal drug fluconazole (i.e., Diflucan).

This study is further discussed at this link.

In the breakthrough study above, published in the March 2010 issue of the journal Mycobiology, researchers found that colloidal silver handily demolishes Sclerotium cepivorum, a fungi known to infect and destroy crops and other plants.

Indeed, the researchers found that applying varying levels of silver nanoparticles to the roots of green onion plants completely eradicated the fungal infections. The researchers concluded:

“Nano-silver liquid for the prevention of various plant pathogenic fungi is highly recommended to farmers.

Additionally, the use of nano-silver does not cause any harm to human beings, and it is safe for the environment and agricultural products.

In conclusion, we can say that by using nano-silver liquid, environmental pollution and the excessive use of chemical compounds in the field can be reduced.

It is expected that the application of nano-silver at low concentrations will be economic, eco friendly, and decrease farm management costs.”

In this 2010 clinical study published in Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance it was demonstrated that embedding antimicrobial silver into fabric such as that used for hospital gowns, medical uniforms and wound dressings gave the fabric demonstrable antifungal properties.

When the silver-impregnated fabric was tested against fungi such as Candida albicans, researchers noted “measurable zones of inhibition,” whereas untreated fabric produced no such zones of inhibition.

The researchers concluded that hospital gowns, uniforms and wound dressings treated with antimicrobial silver would have significant antifungal properties.

In the above study, published in 2011 in the journal Biofouling, researchers demonstrated that antimicrobial silver not only has a profound antifungal effect on two forms of Candida yeast fungus, but is also effective in destroying the biofilms produced by these fungal pathogens.

Biofilms allow fungal pathogens to adhere to cell walls and form tiny “fortresses” similar to plaque. This helps protect the fungal pathogens from antifungal drugs, as well as from the immune system and from any other natural predators in the human body.

So this is an important new study, because in many cases fungal biofilms are what stymie modern drug-based therapies from actually reaching the fungal pathogens.

Thankfully, silver seems to have no problem busting through these fungal biofilms.

In a 2012 study published in Letters in Applied Microbiology, researchers looked at the use of different sizes of silver nanoparticles to determine their anti-fungal properties against Candida albicans and Candida glabrata.

The researchers determined that a simple mouthwash containing silver nanoparticles could quite easily resolve stubborn oral fungal infections.

The two yeasts studied are common causes of oral thrush and dental stomatitis (i.e., a painful infection affecting seven out of ten denture wearers).

Infections like these are particularly difficult to treat because the fungal microorganisms involved form protective biofilms that prevent prescription antifungal drugs from working.

The researchers found that all sizes of silver nanoparticles tested were “equally effective at killing the yeasts.”

They concluded,

“With the emergence of Candida infections which are frequently resistant to the traditional antifungal therapies, there is an increasing need for alternative approaches…

…Silver nanoparticles appear to be a new potential strategy to combat these infections. As the nanoparticles are relatively stable in liquid medium they could be developed into a mouthwash solution in the near future.”

In the above study, published in the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics in March 2013, researchers focused on determining whether or not silver nanoparticles could be used as an effective treatment for fungal infections of the eyes.

Fungal keratitis, for example, is emerging as a “major cause of vision loss” in developing nations due largely to the unavailability of effective antifungal drugs.

Over 200 different strains of ocular fungal pathogens were studied – chiefly strains of Fusarium spp., Aspergillus spp., and Alternaria alternate. Antimicrobial silver was found to be effective against all of them.

According to the study authors,

“Susceptibility tests were performed against 216 strains of fungi isolated from patients with fungal keratitis…silver nanoparticles exhibit potent in vitro activity against ocular pathogenic filamentous fungi.”

Anecdotal Evidence

In addition to all of the clinical evidence demonstrating how powerfully effective antimicrobial silver is against pathogenic fungi, there’s also tons of anecdotal evidence for colloidal silver’s profound effectiveness against fungal pathogens.

Indeed, thousands of colloidal silver users have demonstrated colloidal silver’s effectiveness against fungal infections for themselves, and have documented their accounts. For example:

  • Toenail Fungus — Colloidal silver has been demonstrated, anecdotally, to work against toenail fungus. You can read an article documenting one such case, and explaining in a step-by-step fashion how it was done, here.
  • Athlete’s Foot and Other Topical Fungal Infections — Colloidal silver has also been demonstrated, anecdotally, to work against athlete’s foot fungus and other topical fungal infections, as well. Read the real-life anecdotal accounts of successful treatments with colloidal silver here.
  • Valley Fever Fungus — Colloidal silver has even been demonstrated, anecdotally, to work against the potentially deadly fungus behind Valley Fever, known as Coccidioides, of which there are now an estimated 150,000 cases per year in the U.S. Learn how others have used colloidal silver against Valley Fever fungal infections here.
  • Dandruff — Colloidal silver has also been demonstrated anecdotally to work against the fungus that causes dandruff. Learn how dandruff sufferers have ended their suffering for good, in the article at this link.
  • Mildew and Mold — Many people also use colloidal silver around the home as a disinfectant, in order to keep mildew, mold and bacteria at bay. See the article “20 Top Ways to Use Colloidal Silver Around the House” at this link.

So silver has long been known by researchers to have profound antifungal properties. And colloidal silver users have documented its often profound effectiveness against fungal infections, anecdotally, as well.

As one reader who battled a stubborn fungal infection of the sinuses for nearly a year recently wrote:

“I finally retired, and moved into a new house…Approximately 8 months to a year after I moved in the house, I had a bad sinus infection which required surgery…

After surgery, I felt better for a few weeks, then about 6 weeks later, the infection was back even worse.

My ENT told me he did not think this was a sinus issue. He said it looked more like a fungus. I asked why I had fungus in my sinus and what caused it? He replied, “It’s caused by breathing mold or mildew.”

He asked if there was mold in my house. I replied that I purchased a new house and it couldn’t possibly have mold in it. But I checked the outside of my home and found evidence that did point to the possibility of mold.

Since the house was still under warranty, I requested the developer make appropriate repairs. But he refused to admit anything was wrong with the house.

A culture sent off by my doctor indeed confirmed it was fungus caused by mold. I then hired a contractor to replace all window facings that had mold or rotten spots that could be detected.

What the contractor found was my entire bedroom outside wall was horribly molded. The wafer board had just dissolved inside the wall and I had been breathing it for 2 years by the time it was repaired.

The doctor immediately put me on an aggressive treatment of 3 drugs mixed with saline solution in a nebulizer, plus the strongest antifungal pill he could prescribe to treat fungus. (30 days of the pills cost $3,000.00, my insurance only paid $2500.00. I had to pay the $500. Per month!)

This treatment went on for about a year, but the fungus was not going away. Meanwhile, my son had been trying to get me to try silver water. I was ready to try something different, so I ordered the generator. I stopped all other treatments and started using the silver water.

When I went back to my doctor 6 weeks later, I told him what I had done. After doing a scope, he said the lining in my sinus area was showing some signs of improvement, and to keep using the silver water. Four or five months later he released me, saying, “Continue to use silver water.”

I have now gone 7 months without having to see him. I drink 1 ounce of silver water every morning and every night. The silver water saved my life, and it has kept me from catching the flu or stomach bug from people I am around, Thank you, thank you!”

And as another reader recently wrote in to say:

“We love our new Silver making it love it..I have been using it on all kind of things…

…the neatest so far was this: I made a 6 hour batch of colloidal silver and sprayed enough to just make it wet on some mold that had formed in the earth around a house plant.

All signs of the mold are still gone after 4 days. Before, that mold would have killed the plant.

I’m sure I’ll be finding all kinds of uses for it…thanks!”

And as a reader from Littlerock, CA explained:

“I use the colloidal silver for many things.

I’m a farrier and I give it to customers for clearing up thrush [i.e., yeast infections] in horse’s feet. It has controlled chronic thrush infections in a number of horses I treat.

It’s also been successful in treating summer itch which is a fungal infection that horses get in warmer weather.

I also use it myself for athlete’s foot, skin injuries, as a mouth wash, and just about any external injury.”

And as reader Nancy S. from Topeka, KS wrote:

“My 25 yr old daughter had been treating a foot fungus with many different over-the-counter products, with no luck in clearing up the fungus.

She had suffered with the pain and itching for almost a month. I encouraged her to dab on some silver water. She did and immediately the itching stopped.

I sent her home with a small bottle. The next day she called me….she had applied it several times that day. The pain was gone and the deep redness had changed to a pale pink. In 3 days after first application…..fungus was gone!!

I am no longer skeptical about it.”

As you can see, anecdotal accounts of colloidal silver effectiveness against stubborn fungal infections abound. You can read more accounts of successful colloidal silver usage against fungal, bacterial and viral infections of all kinds at the Colloidal Silver Testimonials page.

Making Your Own High-Quality Colloidal Silver

If you’d like to know how to make your own high-quality colloidal silver, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and for less than 36 cents a quart (compared to health food store prices of $20 to $30 for a tiny, four-ounce bottle), just check out the information at link in this sentence.

Making your own colloidal silver is not only quick and easy and extremely inexpensive, it’s actually better than purchasing over-priced health food store brands. Here are 7 Good Reasons to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver.

And here’s a short, 4-step tutorial demonstrating exactly how easy it is to use a home colloidal silver generator like the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, to make your own high-quality colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver not only works astonishingly well on fungal infections, but bacterial and viral infections, too. As one reader from southern California recently wrote:

“When my new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator arrived I was down for the count, having caught some kind of virus.

While my head was plugged up and body aching, I hurriedly created my first batch of Colloidal Silver.

I took 4 ounces the first day and felt 50% better in less than 8 hours! The second, day I again took 4 ounces; incredibly I felt the same overwhelming results.

By the third day, I had risen from my bed and returned to work! The massive amount of energy I now receive from taking an ounce a day has brought new life to this old 53 year old man!

If I had never purchased your video I would never have known about this wonderful elixir.

Thank you so much for your research, newsletters and providing me with the best Colloidal Silver Generator on the planet! I am driving my friends crazy telling them about it!”

You can read more about making your own high-quality colloidal silver by clicking the link in this sentence.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another great article about colloidal silver…

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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