Colloidal Silver and Nasal Polyps: What You Need to Know…

Relaxed girl breathing outdoors in winter - Colloidal Silver and Nasal Polyps: What You Need to Know...As you might know, nasal polyps can result from fungal infections, and since colloidal silver has powerful anti-fungal properties…could it help heal them?

Here’s what you need to know…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

Because nasal polyps are often triggered by fungal infections of the sinus – usually an allergic reaction to airborne fungus – many people have written to ask me if colloidal silver would be helpful in reducing the size of their nasal polyps or eliminating them altogether.

After all, colloidal silver is a very effective anti-fungal agent. However, the polyps that grow in the nasal passages due to fungal infections are not themselves fungal. They’re composed of human tissue, which is to say, human cells that are triggered by the underlying fungal infection to become inflamed and over-grow.

In past years it was thought that colloidal silver, used in the nasal passages as a wash (via a neti pot, or via a nasal spray bottle or similar implement) would not have any significant effect on the polyp itself, even though it would probably eradicate the underlying fungal infection.

That’s potentially changed, however, with the advent of a new study demonstrating that “respiratory epithelial cell inflammation” can be tamed using nanosilver.

While the new information has not yet been fully confirmed in humans because the study was a simple laboratory test tube study and not a human study, a number of people are claiming they’re experiencing profound relief from nasal polyp size or growth simply by washing their nasal passages with colloidal silver.

Here’s what we know so far…

A clinical study published in the journal International Immunopharmacology in November 2011, conducted by researchers from the Catholic University of Daegu School of Medicine in South Korea, demonstrated that nanosilver has anti-inflammatory affects on “respiratory epithelial cell inflammation,” i.e., nasal polyp cells.

That basically means nanosilver can reduce the inflammation of nasal polyp cells, which is often caused by allergic reactions to fungal spores breathed in through the nose.

This, of course, was a test tube study, and not a real-life human study. But here’s what the researchers said:

“Nano-silver is well known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, however the anti-inflammatory effects of nano-silver have not been well studied…

…In this study, three common pathogenic materials were used to initiate the inflammatory response in nasal epithelial cells. This study was undertaken to investigate the potential clinical usefulness of nano-silver on respiratory epithelial cell inflammation.

Nasal polyps were obtained from eight patients undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery [and] the nasal polyp epithelial cells were isolated using protease digestion methods.”

After the nasal polyp cells were taken from nasal polyps, isolated, and then stimulated using chemicals known to induce nasal polyp cell inflammation (i.e., known as cytokine production), the researchers found that nanosilver, at only 1 ppm, produced a whopping 90% reduction in cell inflammation. They wrote:

“…cytokine production was inhibited by 90% at concentrations of 1 ppm of nano-silver.”

The researchers further found that when nanosilver concentrations were raised above 10 ppm, the inflamed nasal polyp cells died. They wrote:

“…cell survival was found to be significantly decreased at nano-silver concentrations exceeding 10 ppm.”

According to the researchers:

“…at safe concentrations [i.e., 1 ppm] nanosilver can inhibit the activation of NPECs [i.e., nasal polyp epithelial cells – ED].

This finding suggests a novel pharmacological rationale for the treatment of airway inflammation and/or immunological disease.”

So the bottom line is this: At lower concentrations of nanosilver (1 ppm), inflammation of chemically stimulated nasal polyp cells was inhibited. And at higher nanosilver concentrations (i.e., over 10 ppm), it appears the chemically stimulated nasal polyp cells were killed.

The researchers concluded that:

“Respiratory epithelial cells are the first mucosal cells exposed to environmental stimuli associated with airway inflammation.

Fungi have often been associated with allergic bronchial and sinonasal diseases, their proteolytic activity leads to the production of proinflammatory cytokines by direct activation of the epithelial cells.

Silver is one of the most effective antibiotic substances known and has been used to treat human ailments due to its natural antibacterial and nontoxic properties.

[The nanosilver was demonstrated to] effectively inhibit the inflammation associated with allergy and infections. The chemical mediator production was strongly inhibited at concentrations over 1 ppm of nano-silver.”

Overall, this appears to be good news for those whose nasal polyp growth or inflammation is being stimulated by allergic reactions to things like fungal pathogen spores breathed into the nose.

And this is altogether fascinating to me, because, while low levels of colloidal silver are known to be safe and even protective for healthy cells (see here), silver is also known to have an affinity for killing cells that are growing out of control (such as cancer cells – see here).

Indeed, there have been some fifty different clinical lab and animal studies demonstrating silver to cause the death of cancer cells or reductions in the size of cancer tumors, while causing relatively little harm to surrounding healthy cells (for more information on this topic, see my newly updated book, Colloidal Silver & Cancer: a Surprising Look).

So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to find – at least in test tube studies – that silver at low concentrations (i.e., 1 ppm) is effective against the inflammation of cells that make up nasal polyps, and at higher concentrations (i.e., over 10 ppm) might be effective against the growth and proliferation of such cells.

Naturally, much more clinical research will have to be conducted before this idea can be considered conclusive. And because the additional research has yet to be done, no one knows for sure how much, or how long, colloidal silver would have to be used in the nasal passages of people with nasal polyps to see significant shrinkage of nasal polyp size, or even eradication of the polyps, or if it’s even at all possible.

There are safety issues that remain undetermined, as well. After all, the long-term effects of coating the sinuses with silver particles day-after-day have simply not been determined. So there might be deleterious effects, over the long-term.

That’s why I always advocate for the safe, sane and responsible usage of colloidal silver. Overuse of silver, over long periods of time, has been known to cause problems ranging from argyric skin-staining to potential neurological damage.

What People Are Saying…

Nevertheless, some people with nasal polyps have been experimenting with the idea of using colloidal silver as a nasal wash for their nasal congestion and polyps, and here’s what a few of them are saying in online forums:

According to a writer on, colloidal silver can indeed be used for nasal polyps that have an infectious basis. He wrote:

“By using on a regular basis colloidal silver to knock out the oft-occuring sinus infections we can keep the sinus cleared of the congestion, postnasal drip and running nose because those three are the by- products of the infection.

The polyps will not grow or will die off with constant irrigation of a silver solution. I use silver in my sinus cavity whenever I feel any sign of post nasal drip or runny nose; sign of a cold; congestion like a stuffy nose.

I use an ear syringe to squirt the colloidal silver (gently) into my sinus cavity and there will be a stinging on the dominantly infected side.”

And according to a writer on

“I have to say that the colloidal silver did offer me some relief and also my nasal polyp on the right has decreased dramatically (or enough to where I can’t see or feel it).

I am still congested (mostly in the mornings) but I do have some airflow through both nasal passages and my sinus pressure (while still considerable in the am) is nowhere near as bad.

I had gotten used to waking up every morning and feeling as though someone was shoving a knife into my eye sockets. Monday night I went to bed and for the 1st time in a long time, I was able to breathe through my nose w/ my mouth shut.”

According to a writer on, some people also use colloidal silver after having nasal polyp surgery, in order to prevent any recurrence of the fungal infection (and, I assume, to help stop polyps from coming back). He wrote:

“I was plagued with sinus infections before I had surgery to remove a few thousand polyps. Afterwards, I still got infections and had to watch myself carefully so as not to get too far gone before starting antibiotics.

Later, I discovered colloidal silver, which totally knocks out a sinus infection almost immediately. I swear by it and it’s all I use. I haven’t used antibiotics for many years now.

In my experience, the neti pot [used with colloidal silver] is good to keep infections away simply because it keeps you clean but once an infection takes hold, the neti pot alone has not been enough to cure an infection. A couple of good shots of Afrin works, too, but the colloidal silver is the best by far, in my opinion.”

As you can see, some people are using colloidal silver to wash their nasal passages in order to help reduce the size of nasal polyps, and others are doing the same in order to help prevent re-infection and stop nasal polyp development from being triggered again.

Using Colloidal Silver in the Sinuses

There are a number of informational resources one might want to view on the topic of using colloidal silver in the sinuses, including the following two articles and two short “how to” videos:

None of the above information should be taken as “prescriptive” in nature, of course. It’s just news, and experiential accounts, for now. But I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for any more evidence that silver might be effective against nasal polyps.

Meanwhile, if you have nasal polyps that are blocking normal air flow and/or fluid drainage, or causing other potentially serious problems, be sure to see a specialist.

Have You Used Colloidal Silver for Nasal Polyps?

If you’ve had success using colloidal silver to heal nasal polyps, let us know! If you haven’t already, please join the Colloidal Silver Secrets Community on Facebook and share with the group!

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