British Press Praises Healing Benefits of Silver

17476765_s 2.jpgWhy is it that for the best information on the healing and infection-fighting benefits of silver, you have to find it in the foreign press?

And why is it that, generally speaking, you can’t find anything but negative information on silver in the American press?

It seems that in the U.S., the medical authorities in the FDA, AMA, CDC and other medical agencies and organizations want to keep a tight lock on positive information about the many healing benefits of silver – this, even though new medical studies over the past ten years have documented those benefits beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Here’s the story you won’t hear in the American press…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

The British press is often far more open to discussing the healing benefits of silver than the American press.

Here are some excerpts from an interesting news article that appeared in the UK Daily Mail back in February 2010, which was titled, “Shining Secret that Makes Silver Precious for Your Health”:

“Before the discovery of antibiotics, surgeons used to stitch wounds with thread woven with silver as they believed it helped to prevent infection. Meanwhile, bandages were laced with silver in the First World War, as it was thought to help save lives. And they were right. As shown in more than a thousand medical studies, silver has powerful antiseptic and wound-healing properties.”

The article went on to state:

“‘Research has shown that silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent that is non-irritating and non-toxic,’ says Valerie Edwards Jones, professor of microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University.

‘Recent studies have shown that silver can kill up to 650 species of pathogenic microbes. ‘The metal consists of thousands of tiny silver ions,’ she says. ‘These prevent bacteria, viruses and fungi from spreading by entering the cell and deactivating proteins. The microbes cannot reproduce and die, so the spread of infection is prevented.’

There has been a resurgence of medical interest in silver, according to Prof Edwards Jones, because it effectively kills antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA.”

The article even discussed silver’s ability to aid in wound healing, burn healing, infection prevention, and suppression of inflammation in skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis:

“Silver is also emerging as an effective tool for the treatment of skin conditions, burns and wounds.

‘Silver dressings are now widely used to aid wound healing. In the treatment of burns, where there is a high risk of irritation and infection, it has been very successful,’ says Prof Edwards Jones.

‘Silver could also combat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis – topical cream containing one per cent silver can suppress the kind of inflammation found in these allergic skin conditions.'”

The article further discussed silver’s use as an underarm deodorant (i.e., “Silver ions kill underarm bacteria responsible for causing bad odor and are non-irritating”), as well as in foot care (i.e., “Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital developed socks containing silver to combat infection and blistering in a foot disease called epidermolysis bullosa”).

It also discussed silver’s use as an antibacterial hand wash…in plasters (i.e., wound dressings like patches and poultices) to “reduce the risk of infection and speed healing”)…and as an antibacterial spray for skin wounds.

Finally, the UK Daily Mail article also mentioned that silver is being studied by orthodox medicine for internal usage, stating that, “…silver may also one day be used as an internal antibiotic. In a study at the University of Texas, silver particles killed 100 per cent of the HIV virus within three hours. It also killed the flu virus as well as the antibiotic resistant superbug, MRSA.”

Strictly Verboten

Of course, here in the U.S., making such statements is generally verboten. In fact, one of the most common claims you’ll hear from the anti-colloidal silver crowd in the U.S. is “There are no clinical studies on the use of colloidal silver.”

But of course, when the medical community studies antimicrobial silver, they generally don’t call it research into “colloidal silver.” After all, colloidal silver is a nutritional supplement. Instead, they call it research into “nanosilver” or “silver nanoparticles.” And they study it for use as a drug, and not a nutritional supplement.

So the claim that there are no clinical studies is disingenuous. There are no clinical studies on silver’s use as a nutritional supplement, because the big drug companies don’t want to do any. They want people using prescription antibiotic drugs, and not safe, natural and relatively inexpensive colloidal silver. But there are a plethora of clinical studies – ranging from lab studies to animal studies – for the use of silver as a “drug.” (See over 100 clinical studies documenting the antimicrobial qualities of silver, here.)

More Great Quotes
From the British Press

In a more recent article in the UK Daily Mail, titled “Alternative Cures for Sunburn and Bed-Wetting,” health reporter Susan Clark was quoted as saying:

“If your child has been sun burned, spray the affected area with colloidal silver to promote rapid tissue healing.”

The article went on to state:

“A colloid is a substance that consists of ultra-fine particles suspended in a different medium (in this case, water). The particles are so small that colloidal silver is completely safe to use both internally and externally.

Although nobody knows exactly how it works, the most accepted theory is that it disables the enzymes which many forms of bacteria, fungi and viruses need for their own metabolism and survival.

While most antibiotics disinfect only about half a dozen germs, silver has been reported to disinfect well over 600 different strains. Even better, infections which can become resistant to antibiotics cannot develop the same defense against silver, making it an excellent alternative to antibiotics too.”

In an older Daily Mail news article titled “Silver’s As Good As Gold,” the newspaper once again wrote about colloidal silver in a very positive light, stating:

“A solution containing silver could soon become as highly prized as the metal itself – for its antibacterial qualities.

Colloidal silver, a solution of the metal suspended in water, kills virtually all bacteria, viruses or fungi – even if exposed to only minute traces of it.

Research has shown that it is effective on more than 650 disease organisms. Most antibiotics kill only about six.

Colloidal silver has been known for centuries to kill germs and was favoured by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Earlier this century it was used by doctors to treat septicaemia, whooping cough, cystitis and shingles. But when antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver were discarded and it is only recently that its benefits are being rediscovered.

Available from most health shops, it can also be applied externally to skin conditions such as acne, eczema and ringworm, as well as to burns, cuts and grazes.”

Once again, the British press celebrates the use of colloidal silver, whereas in the U.S. news media you rarely read anything but negative articles on the subject, such as the Consumer Reports article from several years ago in which the popular magazine referred to colloidal silver (with no evidence at all, mind you) as “one of the 12 nutritional supplements you need to avoid at all costs.”

Even the venerable BBC (i.e., British Broadcasting Company) weighed in with positive comments on the medicinal properties of silver in one of their “Smart Planet” episodes on April 18, 2012, stating:

“The medicinal properties of silver has been known since at least the times of Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek “father of medicine”, and rely on its toxic effects on pathogens, including bacteria and fungi. Silver ions kill pathogens by binding to proteins in their cells, making silver compounds ideal for use in antiseptics and wound dressings.

Nanoparticles of silver are even woven into socks and other clothing to reduce bacterial and fungal growth – and the odours that arise. Silver is also used in heart valves and catheters, and researchers are now investigating silver’s potential in killing cancer cells…says Alan Lansdown, an expert in medicinal uses for silver at Imperial College London. “There aren’t really any effective and safe replacements for silver, except synthetic antibiotics.”

And going back to the UK Daily Mail, we find this fascinating statement from their June 23, 2013 edition, in an article titled “Silver Really Could Be the New Weapon Against Superbugs”:

“A new study from Boston University revealed that adding silver to antibiotics enhanced the drugs’ abilities to fight off lethal infections in mice.

…Through their tests, the team showed that just a small amount of silver made E. coli bacteria between 10 and 1,000 times more sensitive to commonly prescribed antibiotics, such as penicillin.

…Most importantly, the researchers showed that silver helped the antibiotic tetracycline fight a previously resilient strain of E. coli. This signified that the combination of silver and antibiotics could be used to re-sensitize antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

‘Overall, what we show is that small amounts of silver, non-toxic levels, can be used in conjunction with commonly used antibiotics to treat persistent infection and to treat bio-film based infections, which are problematic for medical implants,’ Collins said.'”

Works Against Cancer, Too!

In a February 2012 article, the UK Daily Mail wrote about new research into silver as a cancer treatment. Their article, titled “Silver Bullet for Cancer: Metal Can Kill Some Tumors Better than Chemotherapy with Fewer Side Effects,” stated:

“Silver can kill some cancers as effectively as chemotherapy and with potentially fewer side effects, new research claims. Scientists say that old wives tales about the precious metal being a ‘silver bullet’ to beat the Big C could be true.

The metal already has a wide range of medicinal uses and is a common antiseptic, antibiotic and means of purifying water in the third world. And British researchers now say that silver compounds are as effective at killing certain cancer cells as a leading chemotherapy drug, but with potentially far fewer side-effects…

…The [researchers] compared it to Cisplatin, currently used to treat a wide variety of cancers, but known to have harsh side effects including nausea, vomiting and even kidney damage. Silver is used already in everyday products such as deodorant with no known side-effects, and could make for a potentially cheaper alternative to platinum-based Cisplatin…

…Researchers from the University of Leeds conducted lab tests which exposed breast and colon cancer cells to various silver-based chemicals over a six day period. Results, published in journal Dalton Transactions, showed that these silver-compounds were ‘as effective as Cisplatin’ at killing cancer with potentially fewer side effects.

While the team are still unsure about how exactly silver battles cancer, they think its effectiveness may be caused by the structure surrounding silver atoms, known as its ligand. They think this may help release the silver ion into cells when it enters the body, killing any cancer.”

Kills Viruses

And in October 2010, the British Telegraph stated, in an article titled “Bacteria Turned into Silver Bullet to Combat Flu”:

“Scientists have discovered that they can attach tiny studs of silver onto the surface of otherwise harmless bacteria, giving them the ability to destroy viruses.

They have tested the silver-impregnated bacteria against norovirus, which causes winter vomiting outbreaks, and found that they leave the virus unable to cause infections.

The researchers now believe the same technique could help to combat other viruses, including influenza and those responsible for causing the common cold.

Professor Willy Verstraete, a microbiologist from the University of Ghent, Belgium, unveiled the findings at a meeting of the Society for Applied Microbiology in London last week.

He said: ‘We are using silver nanoparticles, which are extremely small but give a large amount of surface area as they can clump around the virus, increasing the inhibiting effect.’

Dr Michael Dempsey, a biologist at Manchester Metropolitan University who has studied the effects of silver nanoparticles on microorganisms, said: ‘A nanoparticle contains around 15,000 atoms of silver according to some recent research from China on how they work…This means a high concentration of silver atoms come into contact with the micro-organism, punch a hole in its wall and destroy it.'”

Obliterates Acne

And in a November 2014 article in the UK Daily Mail, titled “Woman Left Suicidal by Acne So Bad She Was Mistaken for a Burns Victim Now Has Clear Skin and Is Engaged – Thanks To a Cream Containing SILVER,” we read:

“Every night, Liene Berzina would lie awake in agony from the red and swollen spots covering her entire face. She was suffering from acne that not only made her face sore and blistered, but feeling so repulsive and depressed that she felt suicidal.

Her skin condition had left her feeling she had nothing to live for – having lost her job and her boyfriend over it…

Now, however, thanks to a cream containing silver, her skin has improved dramatically – and she can finally look forward to her wedding next year.

…’At one stage my acne was so bad that the spots were blistering and eventually the skin on my chin fell off leaving me with an open sore. ‘I was becoming more and more depressed about the state of my skin. ‘I was angry every day. I was dreading it every time I left the house, going to the shop…A social life was out of the question.’

She said: ‘When I was at my worst, you have a dream when you wake up with normal skin. Now I’m living the dream – my skin is normal and my life has completely changed. ‘I have six years worth of scarring, but I’m happy to be left with my battle scars. I didn’t ever care about perfect skin, I just wanted to be normal. Now I’m back to normal.'”

The Daily Mail article went on to discuss the silver cream used by the woman with severe acne, as well as silver’s profound antimicrobial properties, stating:

“Silver Serum contains anti-microbial silver, a well known anti-bacterial agent.

Silver is used in by the NHS in some medical dressing for treating infected skin ulcers.

It is also used by NASA for keeping water supplies for crew members free from bacteria while in space.

Manufacturers claim Silver Serum works on acne by destroying ‘bad’ acne-causing bacteria. However it also preserves ‘good’ skin bacteria that helps keep skin strong and fights infection, they say.”

Of course, there are plenty of silver-based skin creams and gels sold in the U.S. that contain therapeutic levels of silver (see Germ-Busting Colloidal Silver Gels and Creams) for topical use. But the American press won’t report on it like the British press does.

The American press also won’t report on the fact that plain old liquid colloidal silver found in most health food stores works just as well as the creams and gels for topical issues such as healing infections, acne, cuts, burns, bites, and more. Plus, liquid colloidal silver can also be orally ingested to help the body fight off stomach infections, colds, flu and even more serious infections, as well (see A Colloidal Silver Primer and What In the World Is Colloidal Silver Used For?).

Indeed, the bottom line is that most Americans don’t know a thing about the healing and infection-fighting qualities of safe, natural colloidal silver – whether in liquid form or gel – because the American press won’t cover the story. Critics believe this is largely due to the underlying bias held by the American press against natural health products, which is a direct result of their dependency upon pharmaceutical company advertising.

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver for Pennies

Colloidal silver can be purchased at just about any local health food store, or through a number of online sources including

However, it’s quite literally one of the most expensive and heavily marked-up nutritional supplements in existence.

Health food store owners, for example, often charge as much as $20-$30 for a tiny four-ounce bottle. Yet the cost to manufacture four ounces of colloidal silver is about 12 cents. Yes, I said twelve cents.

Of course, people are willing to pay through the nose for colloidal silver, since it’s safe and natural, and works so well against bacteria, viruses and even fungus.

But thankfully, there’s no need to pay such exorbitant prices for colloidal silver, when you can make your own, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for about 36 cents a quart.

Yes, you can make it yourself for its actual cost, and altogether skip the sky-high mark-ups charged by health food stores!

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own high-quality colloidal silver at home, for about 36 cents a quart, here are some additional short articles you might want to take a look at:

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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