A New Colloidal Silver “Blue Man” Becomes a Media Darling

by Steve Barwick

Blue Man – ArgyriaIn early 2008 television news reports began being broadcast about a man named Paul Karason, who had, by his own admission, turned blue after drinking excessively large amounts of colloidal silver daily for over 12 years.

The first televised reports appeared on CNN. They were a bit sketchy in detail. But in subsequent interviews with other television stations Mr. Karason explained that he had been drinking as many as 10 ounces of colloidal silver per day, sometimes doing so twice a day, for years on end. He also began rubbing it into his skin each day, in an attempt to eradicate an apparently self-diagnosed case of dermatitis.

After a number of television appearances, he ended up on Oprah, where he was interviewed by Oprah and her personal physician Dr. Oz. This resulted in a number of news articles being written about him, with headlines such as “Colloidal Silver Blue Man Enjoying His Newfound Celebrity.”

If you haven’t yet seen the original CNN news video of the so-called colloidal silver “blue man,” you should probably go online as soon as possible, before it is no longer available, and watch it. You can find it simply by using the Google search engine and typing in “colloidal silver blue man.” As of this writing, the video is still on dozens of web sites across the internet.

Meanwhile, here are four interesting articles on the “blue man” which were written by yours truly for the Colloidal Silver Secrets blog, which can be found at www.ColloidalSilverSecrets.Blogspot.com.

Blog Post #1:
Man Turns Blue (Really Blue) From Drinking Colloidal Silver

Several things about this CNN news story that strike me as odd right off the bat:

First of all, the man is really blue. I mean really blue. When people contract argyria (i.e., skin graying) from ingesting excessive amounts of colloidal silver over long periods of time, they usually turn grey, not blue. That’s because the excessive silver buildup in their body has worked its way to the skin (the human body’s largest organ of elimination), and when the sun strikes the skin it tarnishes the large number of silver particles lodged there, turning the skin slate grey.

It is quite possible this man actually has a heart disease resulting in cyanosis (skin bluing from oxygen deficiency in the blood). Nevertheless, he says his condition is the result of taking colloidal silver for the past 14 years, so we have to take his word for it.

Why Excessive Usage of Colloidal Silver, Over Long Periods of Time, Causes Argyria

As I have been warning for the past 12 years, drinking excessive amounts of colloidal silver on a daily basis for long periods of time will indeed result in argyria for many people, particularly those with poor kidney and liver function.

That’s because the excessive daily intake of silver particles is more than their kidneys and liver can expel at any one time. This can result in a residual buildup of the silver particles in the body’s tissues each time a person drinks more silver than their excretory organs can expel.

Eventually, over time, the body tries to push this residual buildup of silver from the tissues out toward the skin, at which point the skin turns grey upon exposure to sunlight.

The Key Information CNN Failed to Mention

Also, the original CNN news story doesn’t tell us how much colloidal silver this man was taking daily. This is a typical ploy of the corporate news media. They want you to believe that any amount of colloidal silver is potentially dangerous, when that is in reality the farthest thing from the truth. But to create the illusion, they don’t bother to tell you how much colloidal silver was taken each day for those 14 years, even though that is the most critical factor in the story!

As one experienced colloidal silver user stated in a blog regarding this news video, “This idiot would had to have drank colloidal silver by the gallon to have that happen to him!” While we disavow the name-calling, the point is well taken. You have to try real hard to discolor your skin by drinking colloidal silver. It is actually easier to turn your skin orange from drinking too much carrot juice than it is to turn your skin gray (or blue) from drinking colloidal silver.

Conventional Colloidal Silver Generators v/s The New Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator

We also noticed that in the original news video of this story from CNN, the man is shown using a conventional colloidal silver generator. We are familiar with the company that makes the exact generator displayed in the news video, and personally like the people behind the company. We have spoken with them several times in the past, and they are clearly very sincere about helping, educating and empowering people to be responsible for their own health.

But as we have warned you for many years now, most conventional colloidal silver generators produce overly-high levels of silver (i.e., ppm, or silver by weight) in every batch, and the particle size of the silver is also often overly-large. So you have to be very careful if you are using a conventional colloidal silver generator.

This is precisely the reason why we developed the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, which allows you to produce silver particles so small it takes a Transmission Electron Microscope operating at a whopping 175,000x magnification to see them.

In comparison, silver particles produced by conventional colloidal silver generators can generally be seen under a standard microscope operating at only 20,000x magnification.

This means the silver particles produced by the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator are an astonishing 875% smaller than those produced by conventional colloidal silver units. In other words, they are far smaller than any blood cell, blood vessel, virus, bacteria, or fungus.

You can see a Transmission Electron Microscope photograph of these tiny sub-microscopic silver particles by going to www.TheSilverEdge.com and scrolling down until you get near the bottom of the page, where you will see it on the right-hand side.

As you will see, the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator produces silver particles as small as .0008 microns, which is eight ten-thousandths of a single micron. As far as we know, these are the smallest silver particles produced by any low-voltage colloidal silver generator on the face of the earth. This is probably why the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator is now the world’s #1 most popular colloidal silver generator.

Can Rubbing Colloidal Silver On Your Skin Turn Your Blue?

<pFinally, this gentleman’s contention that his skin turned blue from rubbing colloidal silver on it, rather than from drinking it, is in our opinion…well…rubbish.

If the colloidal silver actually did cause his condition, then it was from drinking it in excessive quantities over long periods of time. If he rubbed anything on his skin and turned it blue, I can assure you it was not colloidal silver. This man is apparently blue nearly from head to toe. It is highly unlikely he was rubbing colloidal silver all over his body. And even if he was, it would not have turned him into a Smurf.

One final point : He claims that he was rubbing colloidal silver into his skin because of a dermatitis he contracted years earlier. My goodness, if you can’t cure a case of dermatitis in a week or so, you really need to switch remedies. Rubbing colloidal silver into the skin for years on end is not a sound remedy…it’s an obsession.

10 Million Colloidal Silver Users, But the Media Trumpets the 2 or 3 Who Turned Blue

Also I would be extremely remiss if I didn’t point out one more vital fact in regards to this news video: Out of the estimated seven to 10 million regular colloidal silver users in the United States alone, this is only the second or third person the news media have been able to find in the last 20 years (to my knowledge, anyway) who has “turned blue.”

I still find it absolutely amazing that the news media will find two or three people who get this benign but unsightly skin condition out of the literally millions of regular colloidal silver users in the U.S. and Canada, and then broadcast it from the rooftops as if it were the norm.

But guess what? The news media sure won’t mention the astonishing 2.2 million people who suffer serious and quite often life-threatening adverse reactions from prescription drug use every single year, or the 100,000 Americans KILLED each year from prescription drug use, which is 30 times more than all of the U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war! Let’s see now: two or three people turning blue in 20 years from excessive colloidal silver usage, versus 100,000 people a year being flat-out put into their graves from using common drugs their doctors prescribed them. Which is more newsworthy? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Would You Eat Half a Bottle of Vitamins a Day?

This man’s case is obviously an extremely rare one. But it is a good example of what we have been saying for years: In much the same way you wouldn’t eat a half a bottle of vitamins a day unless you want to endure some potentially nasty side effects over time, you also can’t take excessive amounts of colloidal silver daily without eventually provoking a nasty side effect called argyria.

Most colloidal silver users are intelligent enough not to take the kind of huge daily dosages that would be necessary to stain your skin like this man has apparently done over the course of the past 14 years. But there are still many web sites out there that claim colloidal silver has “no side effects whatsoever” and that you can “drink all you want with no risk.” Those are blatantly untrue statements. And we have been sounding the alarm against such statements for years.

Again, just as you can’t take all of the vitamins you want every day without risk, so you can’t drink all of the colloidal silver you want each day without risk. If you take excessive quantities of colloidal silver daily for long periods of time, you do indeed risk contracting argyria (i.e., skin graying). It is not a guarantee you will become argyric. But it is a very real risk.

The Key to Avoiding Side Effects

The key to avoiding side effects from colloidal silver, or from any other natural supplement for that matter, is the same one your mother taught you when you were a little child: “Don’t overdo it; use MODERATION in all things.”

In other words, if an ounce or two of colloidal silver a day works good for you, then for goodness sakes don’t start thinking that maybe 16 ounces a day will be even better. It is that “more must be even better” mentality that ultimately produces these rare cases of side effects which the news media in turns capitalizes on in order to scare people away from using this otherwise safe and powerfully effective all-natural infection-fighting agent and immune system booster, which has been used by tens of millions of people worldwide since it was first invented in the late 1800’s shortly after Edison harnessed electricity.

Learn the Safest Daily Dosage for Your Own Body Weight

For those interested in learning more about colloidal silver dosage, you can visit www.TheSilverEdge.com and download a FREE special report titled “What’s the “Safest” Daily Dosage for Colloidal Silver?” which uses the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) own figures to determine how much colloidal silver is safe to take daily. Just use the link located in the upper left-hand corner of the home page.

What’s more, that web site will explain how The Silver Edge became the largest colloidal silver generator distributor in the world, and it also reveals their role in helping develop the world’s most popular colloidal silver generator – the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator – which produces silver particles so infinitesimally small the human body is able to absorb, utilize, and successfully excrete them with greater ease than any of the silver solutions produced by conventional colloidal silver generators. This superior absorption, utilization and excretion alleviates the need to take huge daily quantities of colloidal silver, giving you all of the benefits of this powerful natural infection-fighting agent and immune system booster without the risk associated with excessive and prolonged usage.

The Colloidal Silver Secrets Video

Finally, if you want to learn even more about the safe usage of colloidal silver, I am happy to announce that Life & Health Research Group has recently placed their one-hour, studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video on sale for under twenty bucks.

It features yours truly being interviewed relentlessly by television personality Kristyn Burtt on just about every aspect of colloidal silver usage you can imagine.

I even demonstrates how to make a crude, emergency colloidal silver generator out of common household implements in under two minutes. I don’t know how long they will keep this great 60-minute long video (available in DVD or VHS) available at such a low price, so you should check it out now at https://www.LifeandHealthResearchGroup.com

Blog Post #2:
The Colloidal Silver “Blue Man” and Argyria, Revisited

A recent internet article on the so-called colloidal silver “blue man,” which was written by the good folks at SOTA Instruments in Canada, goes to show that what I have been saying all along about colloidal silver is true: the key to safe and sane colloidal silver usage is in the dosage.

According to the article, the so-called “blue man” was apparently taking upwards of 20 ounces a day, and at one point was adding baking soda and/or salt to increase the concentration. Yes, apparently for years on end. This is WAY too much colloidal silver to be taking daily, for such long periods of time.

In my opinion, this kind of reckless colloidal silver usage is the direct result of all of the colloidal silver web site operators out there claiming that it is impossible to contract argyria from “properly made colloidal silver,” and that you can drink all you want and never have any side effects.

But the truth is, it is strictly a matter of ingesting more mineral silver on a regular basis than the liver and kidneys can expel. If you drink more colloidal silver than your normal channels of elimination can handle, your body will store the excess silver, and, over time, will push it out to your skin, which is your third major organ of elimination. And when the sun hits it, it will “tarnish” your skin.

Moderation is the Key

Using colloidal silver with in MODERATION and with common sense is the key. Just like mother used to say, “All things in moderation.” We all know this, almost innately. Yet for some reason when it comes to colloidal silver usage some people become absolutely obsessed with the idea that more is always better. They seem to think that if an ounce a day is helpful, then 16 or 20 ounces a day must be incredibly helpful.

This always amazes me, because these same people probably take a daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, and they have probably received significant benefit from it. Yet they wouldn’t think of taking the whole bottle of vitamins and minerals every day.

Common sense alone would tell you that there will be significant problems if you take such an excessive amount of vitamins on a daily basis. Yet it never occurs to them that drinking 16 to 20 ounces a day of colloidal silver for weeks, months or even years on end is excessive.

A Plethora of Misleading Information About Colloidal Silver

Again, I believe this is because of the plethora of misleading information that can be found on the internet.

For example, one well-known colloidal silver advocate used to write that when colloidal silver doesn’t work for you, the problem is not that it didn’t work, but that you simply aren’t taking enough. How could he possibly know this?

He advocated taking as much as 16 ounces a day or more. When I interviewed him at a health show about eight years ago, he bragged about drinking a half a gallon of colloidal silver the night before.

Interestingly, after reports surfaced that his advice had caused at least two people to contract argyria, his web site disappeared from the internet. He apparently took it down. He has apparently also moved out of the country. But a number of colloidal silver vendors continue to post his articles to their web sites, advocating these unnecessary and excessively high levels of daily colloidal silver intake.

I have been a long-time dedicated user of colloidal silver, ever since it helped save my wife’s toes from amputation nearly 13 years ago (see our story at www.TheSilverEdge.com), and helped me resolve a long-standing case of chronic fatigue syndrome that would frequently leave me debilitated for weeks and sometimes even months every year. So please don’t mistake what I am saying here as being negative toward colloidal silver. What I am negative toward is misleading information about colloidal silver dosage.

The bottom line is that we have to keep all of this in perspective. There are many other beneficial all-natural substances out there that can cause harm in excessive dosages, yet we don’t eschew the use of these substances. We just take them in moderation and with common sense, in order to take advantage of their healing benefits.

As I stated in a previous blog entry:

“No Substance on Earth is Safe in Excessive Dosages”

You’ve got to realize that there is no substance on earth that does not have very real side effects when used in excess. For example:

  • Sugar: Diabetes, pancreatitis and heart disease are very real side effects of excessive usage of sugar.
  • Iron: Cirrhosis of the liver and heart failure are very real side effects of the excessive usage of iron supplements.
  • Calcium: Kidney malfunction, calcification of soft tissue within the body, cellular toxicity and impaired immune function are very real side effects of excess usage of calcium.
  • Vitamin A: Muscle pain, fatigue, irritability, depression, schizophrenia, fever, liver damage and anemia are very real side effects of the excessive usage of Vitamin A.
  • Water: What’s more, DEATH is a very real side effect of the excessive usage of…water (it’s called “drowning”).

None of those side effects justify being afraid to use the substances mentioned.

Why? Because the key phrase involved in each one is “excessive use.” When used in moderation, these substances are not only benign, but helpful. When used in excess, they can cause serious health consequences.

It is exactly the same with colloidal silver. If you use it in moderation it is completely harmless, and in fact extremely beneficial for boosting immunity and warding off infections of all sorts. It even helps the body heal from chronic degenerative diseases such as lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and a host of others that often are caused by underlying hidden infections.

But if used in excess daily over long periods of time, the result can be argyria, or skin-staining. It is a harmless, but cosmetically unappealing condition resulting from silver particles being pushed to the skin (the body’s third major organ of elimination) at which point they oxidize (or tarnish) from exposure to the sun.

Out of the estimated 10 million users of colloidal silver throughout North America, only a very small handful have been naive, ignorant or ill-informed enough to take such excessive quantities over such long periods of time to result in skin-staining. It is ridiculous to blame the substance for the misuse by the person. That’s kind of like saying water is terrible for you because several thousand people a year die in it due to drowning.

FREE Safe Dosage Report

For anyone interested in learning about safe and common sense colloidal silver usage, please visit TheSilverEdge.com and download a copy of the FREE special report titled “What’s the “Safest” Daily Dosage for Colloidal Silver?” which uses the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) own figures to determine how much colloidal silver is safe to take daily, based upon your weight. Just use the link in the located in the upper left-hand corner of the home page.

Also, if you want to learn even more about the safe usage of colloidal silver, Life & Health Research Group has recently placed their one-hour, studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video on sale for under twenty bucks. If features myself, Steve Barwick (aka Spencer Jones) being interviewed relentlessly by television personality Kristyn Burtt on just about every aspect of colloidal silver usage you can imagine. Check it out now at https://www.LifeandHealthResearchGroup.com.

Blog Post #3:
Why Oprah Can’t Put a Colloidal Silver Advocate on Her Show

Ever since Oprah featured the so-called colloidal silver “blue man” on her show, a number of people have written to ask me why I haven’t contacted Oprah and asked to be allowed to go on her show in order to give the “other side of the story,” so to speak, about colloidal silver and its many benefits.

You can rest assured, I certainly will be sending her a copy of my new 547-page book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual (published by Life & Health Research Group, LLC – https://www.LifeandHealthResearchGroup.com) along with a request to go on her show and set the record straight on colloidal silver usage.

However, I don’t expect to hear back from her. As well-meaning as Oprah may be, and as much as she may want to host a fair and balanced television show, the decision over whether or not to have a responsible and articulate colloidal silver advocate on her show is really out of her hands.

Limited Control

Why? You may not realize this, but television celebrities have only limited control over which guests they can have on their shows. They have even less control over what can be said on their shows. The truth is, in many cases a television show’s commercial sponsors (i.e., the companies who run their expensive commercial advertisements on the show) have more sway over the show’s contents than the host of the show does.

That’s because these big advertisers spend tens of millions of dollars annually to run their product advertising on those shows. And it is those millions of dollars in advertising revenues that pay the bills for the show.

Oprah’s salary, for example, is paid out of that advertising revenue. The broadcast time for the show is purchased from the major networks with that advertising revenue. The expensive sets and props are paid for with that advertising revenue. Transportation costs and lodging for all of her guests are paid for out of that advertising revenue. All of Oprah’s “giveaways” (free cars, anyone?) are paid for with that advertising revenue.

In short, that ad revenue pays for everything. Without it, the show could not be broadcast. So there is no way on earth the show’s producers are going to allow anyone or anything on that show if it conflicts with the message the show’s advertisers are trying to impart to its vast television audience. Mainstream America is only allowed to hear what the show’s advertisers want them to hear.

Sponsored by Prescription Drug Ads

The bottom line is that a good portion of all major network television programs are sponsored, at least in part, by prescription drug advertising. So there is no way Oprah or any of the other popular television shows the so-called “blue man” has appeared on recently can feature people on their shows who will stand up and present evidence demonstrating the fact that colloidal silver is frequently more effective, and actually much better for your health and well-being, than prescription antibiotic drugs.

Even if I were to offer to give away free colloidal silver generators to everyone in Oprah’s audience, or free copies of my new Colloidal Silver Secrets video (https://www.LifeandHealthResearchGroup.com), I’d never get on that show.

Why? Because if a responsible and articulate colloidal silver advocate were allowed on her show, a good portion of her commercial sponsors (i.e., any drug company sponsors) would drop her show in a heartbeat. They simply would not stand still for anyone to appear on the show and discuss, for example, the four latest clinical studies proving that colloidal silver kills the deadly antibiotic MRSA infections.

In short, they would not allow anyone to appear on that show and point out that a safe, natural alternative to prescription antibiotic drugs exists, and that it can be made for 36 cents a quart, in the comfort and privacy of your own home with a tiny device called a colloidal silver generator, and that it can heal deadly infections better than many prescription drugs.

How I Learned “He Who Pays the Bills Makes the Rules”

When I was a young freelance writer just starting my career about 30 years ago, I wrote a magazine article for new parents on how to make your own baby food at a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared baby foods. I interviewed experts for the article and learned everything there was to know about making safe, healthy baby food in your own kitchen, with a simple blender and a few other kitchen implements. And in my article, I explained that it would be ten times more nutritious to feed your baby healthy foods you had made yourself from scratch, than for the youngsters to be raised up on commercial preparations that are pumped full of sugar and salt and chemical preservatives.

When I finished the article, I sent it in “over the transom” (i.e., an old freelancer’s term meaning it was submitted without having been commissioned by any particular publication) to the ten largest magazines covering the subjects of new mothers, raising babies, and parenthood in general. And my article was quickly rejected by all ten magazines.

Fortunately, one of the editors who had rejected my article wrote back complimenting it very highly. She stated that if I wanted to submit additional articles to her magazine on topics that didn’t conflict with the magazine’s commercial advertising sponsors I should feel free to do so, as she liked my writing style a lot, and she appreciated the depth of information I provided.

I wrote back and asked her, “What do you mean when you say I should submit articles that don’t “conflict with your magazine’s commercial advertising sponsors?” And this kind editor responded by telling me to get a copy of her magazine, and go through it very carefully looking at all of the advertisements. So I did. And I found that a good 30-40% of the ads in that magazine were for commercially prepared baby foods, such as Gerber’s. I was slowly beginning to understand why these magazines had rejected my article on how to make your own baby food.

She further explained that her magazine made millions of dollars a year in advertising revenue by running those advertisements for companies that manufacture and sell commercially prepared baby foods. And she revealed that it was the money made from those advertisements that paid everybody’s salaries at the magazine, and allowed them to have nice offices and perks, and occasional pay raises, etc. So the magazine simply could not print any articles that would conflict with their commercial advertising sponsors, or they would risk losing the sponsors, and thus losing all of that money.

That’s why my “how to make your own baby food” article was rejected by every single parenting magazine I submitted it to. Even though the article was well-written and informative, and the readers of the magazine would have benefited greatly from learning how simple it is to make your own baby food at a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared baby foods, no magazine wanted to incur the wrath of even one of their advertising sponsors by publishing it.

It’s Exactly the Same With TV Shows And Television Networks

Unfortunately, it’s pretty much exactly the same with television shows and their networks. It is the commercial sponsors of the shows – i.e., the advertisers – who have the real power to decide what can be broadcast, and what can’t.

For example, we all think Oprah decides who is going to be on her shows. But that is only true to a certain extent. She can have any guest she wants, as long as that guest’s basic message does not conflict with the messages being promoted by her commercial advertising sponsors (such as drug companies).

If Oprah, or any other big television star for that matter, rebelled against an advertising sponsor and did a show on a topic that might cause one of them to suffer loss of sales from their advertisements, that sponsor would in turn pull millions of dollars worth of advertising revenue away from the show, and give it to some other competing show that is more willing to “play ball,” so to speak.

Another Dirty Little Secret

Another dirty little secret most people don’t realize is that from time to time, commercial advertisers strongly “suggest” to a show’s producer that a certain story needs to be covered.

In other words, if there’s a story that would benefit a commercial advertiser, that story is brought to the attention of the show’s producer. And the show’s producer is, shall we say, persuaded to run that story.

You can bet your bottom dollar the show’s producer is going to do whatever it takes to please the advertiser. If there is any way possible, the story being “suggested” by the advertiser will be run. And the slant given to that story will be designed to bring maximum benefit to the commercial advertiser, who, of course, will be running his commercial advertisements during the breaks while that highly beneficial story is airing.

Now, Simply Follow the Money

So when people ask me, “Why are all of these big network shows, like Oprah and the Today Show, and others, running this blue man story?” I answer very simply, “Follow the money.”

Or better stated, ask yourself “Cuo bono?” (i.e., Who benefits?).

The blue man story is beneficial to absolutely no one but the major drug companies. Why? Because this story makes colloidal silver look bad. It frightens the average mainstream American away from using it.

After all, colloidal silver is one of the main all-natural competitors to the prescription antibiotic drugs being produced by the major pharmaceutical companies. And “big pharma” is not about to allow a substance that can be made for 36 cents a quart with a simple home colloidal silver generator interfere with the sales of their expensive prescription antibiotic drugs.

The manufacturing and sales of prescription antibiotic drugs is a multi-billion dollar per year business. And the big drug companies are not going to let anything get in the way of those kinds of profits.

Drug Companies on the Ropes?

The reality is this: the big drug companies are reeling from the effects of a long string of medical journal reports revealing that their prescription antibiotic drugs are no longer working against even some of the most common pathogens, such as staph.

Thirty years ago, for example, it took very little penicillin to kill a serious staph infection. Then the staph germ began to mutate and started becoming resistant to penicillin. Soon, it took many times the normal dosage of penicillin to kill a serious staph infection. And now, penicillin no longer works at all against staph.

So the drug companies had to come up with stronger forms of penicillin, which they called ampicillin and amoxicillin. And both of these worked great against the mutating microbes, for awhile. But now these drugs too are becoming increasingly ineffective against many microbes, including staph.

In fact, today, even the strongest form of penicillin – methicillin – is losing the battle against staph. That’s what all the talk in the medical journals regarding the deadly MRSA infections is about. You see, MRSA stands for “methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureaus.” In short, even powerful methicillin can’t kill these deadly staph infections any longer. Tens of thousands of people are now dying of these infections annually. In fact, annual deaths from MRSA infections recently surpassed annual deaths from AIDS infections! And the drug companies are scared.

One More Big Problem for the Big Drug Companies

On the other hand, four recent clinical studies have demonstrated that certain forms of silver – including colloidal silver – absolutely slaughters staph. Even the deadly methicillin-resistant form (MRSA) is killed by silver!

You can read about these four studies by looking through the Blog Archive on the Colloidal Silver Secrets blog at www.ColloidalSilverSecrets.Blogspot.com and finding my previous article titled, “Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA Infections.”

What’s more, these new clinical studies have demonstrated that silver kills a number of other antibiotic-resistant pathogens too!

The drug companies are well aware of the fact that over the past 20 years colloidal silver has gone from being a fringe “nutritional supplement” used by a relatively small handful of people across North America, to a major powerhouse of a supplement with an estimated 10 million users across North America.

In short, people are flocking to colloidal silver usage in droves, and walking away from antibiotic usage, particularly as antibiotics continue to lose their power over a wider and wider number of deadly pathogens.

Think Blue Man “Freak Show”

That’s why the corporate-controlled media is now playing up the so-called colloidal silver “blue man” story. And that’s why even Oprah has had to feature him on her show, along with the Today Show and a half a dozen other shows from the major networks.

They are parading the poor guy around like a carnival sideshow freak. And in his innocent zeal to gain his 15 minutes of fame, he seems to be oblivious to the fact that he is being used.

The major drug company advertisers on these television networks have insisted that the blue man be trotted out over and over again, on every network. They want mainstream America to think “freak show” any time they hear about colloidal silver. The bottom line is that they want to bring to a screeching halt the explosive growth in the sales of colloidal silver. But only time will tell whether their “blue man” strategy is working.

Make Your Own High-Quality Colloidal Silver for Pennies

If you can see the handwriting on the wall, then you know this is all part of a larger campaign to eventually ban the sale of colloidal silver – a campaign that started back in 1999 when the FDA wrote their notorious “Final Ruling” on colloidal silver, which in effect stopped distributors from telling their customers about the profound infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver.

Distributors of colloidal silver products had to remove phrases such as “natural antibiotic” or “infection-fighting agent” from their labeling. And the FDA has since that time even extended the ban to conventional advertising, issuing threatening “compliance” letters to colloidal silver vendors who dare mention the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver in print advertisements or on the internet.

What’s more, only recently, Health Canada, the Canadian equivalent of the FDA, began a campaign designed to take colloidal silver off the market in that country. And the FDA is beginning to make noises about re-visiting their 1999 “Final Ruling” to see if its strictures against telling Americans about the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver need to be toughened even further.

That’s why I urge you to put the means of colloidal silver production into your own hands by getting a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator today.

With a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, you’ll be able to make all of the colloidal silver you want, any time you want, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for about 36 cents a quart, compared to up to $29 for a tiny 4-oz. bottle in health food stores. You’ll never again have to pay exorbitant prices for bottled colloidal silver from health food stores and internet vendors. And when the FDA finally tightens the noose on colloidal silver vendors, you won’t be affected in the least.

Why? Because when you own the means of colloidal silver production, you own it for life.

You can make gallons and gallons of the stuff. And you can make it so inexpensively, you can literally afford to give it away to sick neighbors, friends, co-workers, church members, or whoever is in need. (Many of our customers do exactly that. We even have customers who are missionaries operating in the deepest reaches of South America and Africa, who have selflessly dedicated their lives to helping heal thousands of natives of serious infections. And they are able to do so because our line of high-quality colloidal silver generators allows them to produce all of the colloidal silver they could ever need, any time they need it.)

You see, the colloidal silver generator represents one of the last bastions of freedom against governmental interference in the colloidal silver marketplace, and particularly against government interference in your right to make your own decisions about your personal and family health care issues.

The Colloidal Silver Secrets Video: What Oprah Can’t Tell You!

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Blog Post #4:
Colloidal Silver “Blue Man” Returns to the Today Show

The so-called colloidal silver “blue man,” Paul Karason, was back on the Today show this week.

He had previously appeared on the show and had promised to allow blood tests to be administered to himself in order to ascertain if his excessive colloidal silver consumption had caused any health or medical problems other than the argyric skin staining.

While it is still available, you can view the video replay of the “blue man’s” return to the Today show at https://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&vid=d6a1779b-2830-4b59-950f-dea99cb7ff44&playlist=videoByTag:mk:u

All Blood Test Results Were Perfectly Normal

According to Today show host Matt Lauer, Mr. Karason’s blood tests were all within normal limits, meaning so far no damage to his organs has been found. Blood cell counts were all normal, and heart, lung, kidney and liver function were all perfectly normal, to boot.

This turns out to be a far cry from the “silver toxicity” and “silver poisoning” some of the medical talking heads on various television shows have recently assured their viewers Mr. Karason would have. Based on these blood tests, he actually seems to be as healthy as a horse.

It is also a testament to the general safety and lack of toxicity in silver-based products such as colloidal silver. Even when overdosing for years on end, as Mr. Karason obviously did, there has still been no apparent damage to his blood cells, and no disruption whatsoever of heart, liver or kidney function.

His blood tests were performed by Dr. Seth Uresky at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York. According to the doctor, “Based upon these results, I would say that Mr. Karason is in good physical and medical condition. However, final judgment should be reserved until blood silver level results are available.”

Host Matt Lauer stated that the Today show would have Mr. Karason back on when the results from his blood silver level tests were available. And he asked Mr. Karason whether or not he was worried about the remaining test results.

The “blue man” replied that he was not in the least bit worried because all previous tests for silver levels in his blood have turned out to be normal as well.

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Blog Post #5:
Using the “Blue Man” to Discredit Colloidal Silver Usage

People have written to ask me what I think will happen next, in regards to the colloidal silver “blue man” story.

The saga of the colloidal silver “blue man” will likely continue to play out, as long as the corporate-controlled news media are getting what they want out of it.

As mentioned in the blog posts above, the corporate-controlled media are using this single example of a man with a very unusual side effect from taking excessive daily dosages of colloidal silver for years on end in order to completely discredit colloidal silver usage.

Indeed, it is obvious to everyone but the most myopic of viewers that the only beneficiaries of the colloidal silver “blue man” sideshow are the major drug companies and the corporate-controlled media who rake in hundreds of millions of dollars a year running prescription drug ads for them.

Battling Against Colloidal Silver Since 1999

The drug companies have battled against colloidal silver usage for years, through their front men in the FDA. In 1999 they even tried to have colloidal silver banned by the FDA, but failed.

And every time they have attacked colloidal silver, it has only served to shine the spotlight of truth on this remarkable natural infection-fighting and immune-boosting substance. As a result, to date, the drug companies and their bureaucratic enforcement arm (FDA) have failed to stop the colloidal silver juggernaut. Indeed, today there are now an estimated 10 million colloidal silver users throughout North America alone and millions more around the world. And the numbers are growing daily.

This is why the medicrats have switched gears. They have finally figured out that they have to be more subtle (actually, more subtil, i.e., sneaky) in their approach if they are to ever get their ban on colloidal silver through.

Emotionally-Laden Propaganda Tactics

So now they are now using emotionally-laden corporate propaganda tactics. They know they have to reach the public emotionally in order to scare them away from colloidal silver so that once they propose to ban this powerful natural infection-fighting agent again, there won’t be much resistance to the idea from the general public.

As part of this new tactic, several years back the various media shills for the medical bureaucrats started pushing the story of the Montana “blue man,” Stan Jones – even going so far as to doctor photos of him to look blue, when in reality he merely had some small patches of skin graying on his face and under his fingernails at the time.

You can read an interview with Mr. Jones on my web site which we conducted with him several years ago. Just click on the “Did Colloidal Silver Turn This Man Blue?” link, and you’ll see how the news media purposely distorted the story for their own ends and caused Mr. Jones to lose the election to the Montana Senate seat he was running for at the time, as the Libertarian Party candidate.

Gray Skin, No Eyes

Then, shortly afterward, the shills for the drug companies began posting photos of a small handful of argyria victims on certain medical web sites across the internet. But they purposely cut the eyes out of the people in the photos so that the argyria victims looked a hundred times more ghastly than they otherwise would have.

There was absolutely no reason to doctor those photos by cutting out the people’s eyes except that it made them look like they came right out of some horrific zombie movie. It increased the emotional impact of the photos by a hundredfold.

If they had wanted to simply preserve the personal privacy of the argyria victims in the photos, they could have easily used the traditional black bar across the eyes or used pixelation on the face to hide the people’s identities. But instead, they did what had the most emotional impact on the viewers of those photos.

Then, they got certain “quackwatch”-style web sites to post links to these photos, publicizing them and claiming the argyria portrayed was the direct result of colloidal silver usage. A little detective work, however, reveals that these particular cases of argyria were caused by the usage of chemical-based prescription silver compounds such as silver nitrate, rather than properly made, electrically generated colloidal silver.

How to Manipulate the Public

Tactics like this are right out of the “how to manipulate the public” propaganda handbooks.

And so today, on mainstream internet sites such as the Yahoo “Ask” pages, and many others, you can see people linking to those scary-looking photos of argyria victims, while posting wild warnings about the “dangers” of using colloidal silver. Yet not one of those victims of argyria portrayed in those photos had used properly made, electrically generated colloidal silver.

Now the drug companies have the benefit of the new “blue man,” Paul Karason. He’s an affable fellow. In fact, after listening to him for a while, you can’t help but like him. And it is certainly very cool the way he continues to advocate colloidal silver.

But it is also clear the corporate media is using him to promote the idea that colloidal silver usage is dangerous, will “turn you blue,” and only “kooky” people like Paul would ever dare risk using it, much less continuing to use it after they turn blue from it.

Kooks and Recluses

Have you noticed, for example, that in every single television interview with Mr. Karason, the host inevitably leads him to talk about his life-long tendency toward reclusiveness?

This is very purposeful, and a very powerful tactic. In fact, it is an emotionally-laden public relations propaganda tactic designed to impact the public psyche. It is like the “lone nut” killers they always trot out for public consumption when there are assassination attempts against major public figures, such as the JFK assassination.

By constantly harping on Paul Karason’s lifelong “reclusiveness” the general public is left with the impression that only kooky “recluses” use things like colloidal silver, and they get what they deserve for not joining in with the multitudes and trusting in mainstream medicine.

And of course, the television hosts always conveniently fail to mention the fact that there has never been a recorded death or serious injury, or even a serious adverse event, from colloidal silver usage, other than the half dozen or so people every few decades who take it in excessive amounts and stain their skin.

And they certainly won’t tell the public that in contrast, over 120,000 people a year are flat out killed (some would say murdered) by mainstream medicine’s prescription drugs, and hundreds of thousands more are injured or suffer from serious adverse events (i.e., side effects), oftentimes permanently.

Scare Tactics: They Use Them Because They Work

The entire idea behind the “blue man” propaganda saturation campaign is to leave the public believing that mainstream medicine is for “normal” people and is always good for you, whereas natural health is for “nuts,” “kooks” and “recluses,” and will ultimately hurt you.

They know they have to scare people away from even trying natural health remedies if they are to stop the growing exodus of people from mainstream medicine. And to do so, they must portray natural health advocates as “nutty” and “kooky” and “reclusive.”

And so they use these emotional P.R. and propaganda tactics because they work better than raw force (i.e., such as outright product bans) which always triggers public resistance and resentment.

The Coming Ban on Colloidal Silver

Ultimately, however, the colloidal silver ban will come. They are just softening up the public, first. They are reducing resistance to a ban on colloidal silver, by portraying it as a substance only mentally challenged “lone nuts” would partake of.

Right now, Health Canada (the Canadian version of the FDA) is sending out public warnings about commercially sold colloidal silver products, and actively soliciting “adverse events” reports on colloidal silver from the public.

This means two things: One, they don’t have any significant adverse events reports on colloidal silver in their files, so they have to actively solicit them. Two, once they have compiled some “adverse events” reports, they are planning on using them. In short, they are planning a ban on colloidal silver, and are trying to amass the “evidence” they need in support of a ban, in advance.

Of course, under normal circumstances, product bans are usually the result of real “adverse events” reports that come in spontaneously and unsolicited from the public over a period of time. These reports are then investigated, and if there is evidence that the substance in question poses a danger to the public, then action is taken against that substance.

But in this case, the medical bureaucrats in Canada have no significant evidence against colloidal silver. So they are actually prodding the public to provide them with some.

Here in the U.S. things are getting equally dodgy behind the scenes. For example, the medical bureaucrats are going after our good friends over at Utopia Silver, trying to set them up and use them as a test case in order to go after other colloidal silver vendors later.

This is called “setting up a precedent,” and it is almost always the harbinger of additional bureaucratic harassment and legal maneuvering to come.

The bottom line is that colloidal silver is once again under attack. Only this time, it is from a completely different angle than the outright strong-arm attempt to ban it in 1999. This time they are using a combination of long-term emotional public relations and propaganda tactics combined with seemingly unrelated “enforcement” actions.

Codex Alimentarius and the Global “Harmonization” of Supplement Laws

My personal belief is that ultimately, this all has to do with the Codex Alimentarius process of globally “harmonizing” bureaucratic regulations concerning nutritional supplements, as well as with the coming so-called “North American Union” in which the economies and laws of Canada and the U.S. are to be merged, followed by Mexico, then Central and South America, until the corporate globalists have achieved a complete economic “Union of the Americas” that can compete with the European Union.

I know it is difficult for most people to widen their views and see things from a larger global perspective. Most people are too caught up in their daily personal lives, or in trying to figure out who is going to lose in the next episode of American Idol, to see the bigger picture. But the corporate globalists – particularly the big international drug companies – want complete control over you, as well as your personal health and medical choices. And they are taking it, one step at a time.

I’ve stated this before, but it bears repeating: Only ten short years ago, when I used to attend the big health shows in major cities where all of the natural health companies came together to display their wares, most of the companies who came were run by former hippies, or herbalists, or were little “mom and pop” natural health care operations, or were otherwise really laid-back individuals who had a sincere interest in promoting natural health as a means of changing the world for the better.

Today, when I attend these same big health shows, they are filled with nothing but corporate suits and stuffed shirts. I’d wager that half of the companies displaying their wares at these big “natural health” events are subsidiaries of the major drug companies.

The old-timers, and the mom-and-poppers, and the sincere “Dr. Christopher” herbalist types are all being squeezed out of the picture.

Soon, the very people responsible for today’s institutional medical nightmare are going to be responsible for your natural health care choices, too. And you will only be able to get what they want to offer you. And they won’t offer you anything that competes with their pharmaceutical industry “upline.”

Okay. Enough ranting. The handwriting is already on the wall for those who care to see it.

In the meantime, my personal goal is to help put the means of colloidal silver production into the hands of as many American families as possible, before commercially sold colloidal silver preparations are banned altogether.

And believe me, that ban is coming.

But once you own the means of colloidal silver production, the medical bureaucrats can never take colloidal silver away from you. You can make all you want, any time you want, for just pennies per quart. In fact, you can make it so cheaply, you can literally afford to give it away to people around you who may be in need, such as friends, family members, co-workers, members of your church or fellowship, etc.

That’s why I urge everybody to own a colloidal silver generator, whether you buy one from The Silver Edge, or from someone else’s company. Just do yourself a favor, and get one.

As Dr. Bob Beck used to say, the only way to “take back your health” is to own the means of production. That’s why he invented so many self-treatment devices. Same with Hulda Clark.

In short, once you own the means to protect your health, you are no longer completely dependent upon the whims of the medical bureaucrats who can ban any substance, at just about any time.

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