Beating the Winter Cold and Flu Season With Colloidal Silver

If there’s one nutritional supplement that should be in everybody’s natural health care arsenal for the cold winter months, it’s definitely colloidal silver – nature’s safest and most effective all-around immune-boosting and infection-fighting substance!

Here’s a number of eye-opening ways to use colloidal silver to get your family through the winter cold and flu season as unscathed by infection as possible.

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

As you know, the winter cold and flu season is on its way.

And along with it we’ll all experience to one degree or another the challenges of the change-of-season, including lowered immunity, fatigue, congestion, runny nose, earache, colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and more.

And while colloidal silver is not a “cure all” for these conditions, much of the misery brought about by these conditions can nevertheless be alleviated through nutritional intervention with colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver and Immunity

Take lowered immunity, for example. Everyone’s immunity seems to drop a bit in the winter. Some people more so than others.

But back in the 1970’s, when Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., conducted his groundbreaking research at Syracuse Medical University into electrically generated silver ions, he discovered that people who are prone to frequent and severe colds, flu and infections tend to have the lowest levels of silver in their bodies.

What’s more, he found that people who have fewer and less severe colds, flu and infections tend to have the highest levels of silver in their bodies.

He also found that people with lower levels of silver in their bodies tended stay sick longer during an infection episode than people with higher levels of silver in their bodies.

In other words, even if you do get sick, having higher levels of silver in your body appears to help slash the duration and severity of the illness, in comparison to people with lower levels of silver in their bodies.

How does this work?

In one clinical study, titled Treatment of Orthopedic Infections with Electrically Generated Silver Ions, Dr. Becker demonstrated that silver ions give a healthy boost to human blood cell production, including white blood cells, which are an integral part of the human immune system.

And in the 1980’s researchers Berger, Marino and Spadaro also confirmed that electrically generated silver ions boost human blood cell production.

As I stated in my book, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, these findings lead to the obvious conclusion that while a low white blood cell count can open the door to serious immune system risks, and a low red blood cell count can lead to oxygen starvation of the body’s tissues and organs, electrically generated silver ions may help successfully counter these risks by stimulating both white and red blood cell production.

Dr. Becker concluded that silver was a vital component of the immune system, and that whether or not you suffer from serious colds, flu or other infections frequently depends in large part upon how much silver you have in your body.

As he later stated:

“While analyzing hair samples and questioning the parties involved, I noticed the correlation between low silver levels and sickness.

People who showed low silver levels in their hair analysis were frequently sick. They seemed to have innumerable colds, flu, fevers, and various other sicknesses.

I believe that a silver deficiency may be the key to the improper function of the immune system.”

Dr. Kent Holtorf, of the Holtorf Medical Group, agrees, saying:

“There is evidence that silver is a natural critical component of our immune system.

Low tissue levels of silver associated with a dietary deficiency may result in a relatively weakened immune system, making one more prone to infection.

Thankfully, the modern versions of colloidal silver (oligodynamic silver) are shown to have little or no toxicity, so silver supplementation seems to be a relatively safe and effective means of improving immunity.”

Again, colloidal silver is not a panacea for every infection that comes down the road. After all, even the most healthy and fit of people tend to get sick from time to time. That’s just a given in this life. The flesh is weak.

And there’s simply no replacement for healthy living. People who overeat, drink to excess, smoke, use drugs, are addicted to sugar (which destroys immunity), fail to exercise regularly, engage in risky activities or fail to reduce stress in their lives can’t expect to take a little bit of colloidal silver each day and remain well.

That’s just not how life works. There’s no substance or pill on the face of the earth that can keep you well if you otherwise abuse your body.

But generally speaking, colloidal silver, when used wisely and with proper discretion, appears to directly help prevent immunity from crashing through the floor. And that’s all the more important in the cold winter months when colds and flu are so prevalent.

So to the extent heightened immunity helps ward off infection and disease, colloidal silver can be a Godsend.

If you haven’t done so already, you can learn more about using colloidal silver daily for nutritional intervention by going to the following link and obtaining your FREE copy of The Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report.

But nutritional intervention with colloidal silver isn’t just for boosting immunity.

Because of its profound infection-fighting qualities, colloidal silver can also be used to directly intervene against many of the infectious conditions one normally experiences during the course of the winter cold and flu season.

Stopping Colds and Flu Before They Get Started

Everyone agrees that colds and flu are the real bane of the winter season. But they don’t have to be.

While it’s hard to stop a cold or flu with any substance once it’s really taken hold in your body, you can very often stop it dead in its tracks with colloidal silver, if you catch it early enough.

If you’re unaware of the simple but very unusual trick for using colloidal silver to stop colds and flu before they get started, you might want to read my article from last winter, Colloidal Silver and Colds: A Safe, Simple and FAST Way to Stop Colds Before They Get Started!

This article explains that colds and flu often start in the ears first, and spread outward.

What’s more, by acting at the very moment you first feel a cold or flu coming on, and treating the ears with colloidal silver, you can stop the infection from spreading to the sinuses, throat, lungs and chest.

Read the article linked above to see how this remarkable yet little-known technique works.

But even if you end up with a stubborn cold or flu because you didn’t act quickly enough, don’t despair.

While modern medical science hasn’t been able to come up with anything to get rid of a cold or flu once it’s gotten started, oftentimes nutritional intervention with colloidal silver usage can bring tremendous relief, and even help dramatically shorten the duration of a cold or flu bug.

First, if you have a nasty cold or flu that’s really got you down, you can put some colloidal silver into a cool mist vaporizer and let it run steadily in the room where you’re resting.

By breathing in the silver-laden mist, you’ll often find dramatic relief for your chest, lungs, and nasal passages.

As colloidal silver user Diane L., from Erie, MI wrote some time back:

“I have put a few ounces in my humidifier/vaporizer at night to sanitize the air and breathe colloidal silver into my lungs to help break up chest congestion.

If I feel Bronchitis coming on, I will also use the humidifier/vaporizer during the day and increase my internal dose up to 2 ounces, 3 times a day.”

Not only that, but by using colloidal silver in a vaporizer or humidifier, the colloidal silver-laden mist will spread throughout the room on the ambient air and help kill germs and viruses on contact surfaces, thus helping prevent other family members from picking up the infection.

So this technique gives you a two-fold protection: It helps relieve cold and flu symptoms, and helps keep the bug from spreading throughout your household.

Now some people just add a few ounces of colloidal silver to the water in the holding tank of their humidifier or vaporizer. But others choose to fill the entire tank with colloidal silver, particularly if they’re battling a particularly nasty cold, flu or bronchitis infection.

Of course, the holding tank of a cool mist vaporizer can hold several quarts to a gallon of water. So if you’re using colloidal silver in the tank, instead of water, you’ll need an inexpensive way of generating that much colloidal silver.

So here’s a short video showing you how to use a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from to make extra-large batches of high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver, for those times when you need to have plenty on hand.

Finally, many people find dramatic relief from colds, flu or bronchitis simply by taking a few teaspoons full of colloidal silver each day. As colloidal silver user W.E. Quirein recently wrote:

“My own experience has been phenomenal.

I had bronchitis for about 3 weeks when my Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator arrived. I made a batch and started taking it.

Within two days I didn’t have any bronchitis symptoms.

I was only taking a teaspoon per day. I was amazed.”

Of course, other people may need more colloidal silver than that to help stop a persistent or very nasty cold, flu or bronchitis. But the point is, it really works!

As Harold H. from Barstow, CA attests:

“When my new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator arrived I was down for the count, having caught some kind of virus.

While my head was plugged up and body aching, I hurriedly created my first batch of Colloidal Silver.

I took 4 ounces the first day and felt 50% better in less than 8 hours!

The second, day I again took 4 ounces; incredibly I felt the same overwhelming results.

By the third day, I had risen from my bed and returned to work!

The massive amount of energy I now receive from taking an ounce a day has brought new life to this old 53 year old man!

If I had never purchased your video I would never have known about this wonderful elixir.

Thank you so much for your research, newsletters and providing me with the best Colloidal Silver Generator on the planet!

I am driving my friends crazy telling them about it!”

Stubborn Cases of Cold, Flu or Bronchitis

If things are really bad, and you feel the cold or flu is getting the best of you, or even turning into bronchitis, you might want to try inhaling colloidal silver directly into the lungs using a simple device originally designed for asthmatics, called a nebulizer.

A nebulizer differs significantly from a cool mist vaporizer or humidifier in that when it runs, it micro-atomizes any liquid (such as colloidal silver) placed into its small holding tank, turning it into a micro-fine mist that’s far easier for the lungs to absorb.

This allows you to inhale a more concentrated dose of the liquid directly into the lungs.

Here’s an eye-opening video and related article titled Using Colloidal Silver With a Nebulizer, that explains exactly how to deal with stubborn upper respiratory infections by inhaling colloidal silver directly into the lungs using a nebulizer.

While I never recommend nebulizing colloidal silver directly into the lungs on a daily basis for long periods of time, most experts say it’s perfectly safe to use several times daily for a short period of time (i.e., for several days in a row) – particularly for helping obtain dramatic relief from upper respiratory infections.

But be sure to read the article at the link above for several important warnings and contraindications.

Finally, if all else fails when trying to stop a cold or flu from becoming a full-fledged nuisance, here’s an interesting idea from Anders Sultan, a well-known colloidal silver expert, and manufacturer of the famous Ionosil brand colloidal silver, from Sweden.

Anders says when ingesting colloidal silver orally for colds or flu, sometimes you have to add a little bit of whiskey, vodka or red wine to your colloidal silver in order to help it break through the fatty cell wall that surrounds many cold or flu viruses. He explains:

“There are hundreds of viruses that can give you a cold. And there are certain viruses that surround themselves with fatty cells. These are known as lipid viruses. The influenza virus, for example, is a lipid virus.

And unfortunately, these viruses can tolerate colloidal silver fairly well. This is because the water-based silver does not easily penetrate the lipid barrier of the virus, known as a lipid bi-layer envelope.

However, if you mix equal parts colloidal silver with whisky, vodka or even red wine – and squeeze some fresh lime or lemon juice in too — you have a recipe that will take care of lipid virus infections very efficiently.

Both the alcohol and the acid from the citrus will do its part of dissolving the lipid-based defense system of the virus.

Take a teaspoon every five to ten minutes for a couple of hours – as soon as you feel you have caught something – and the cold or influenza will usually be gone in a matter of hours.

Keep it under your tongue for a minute and the sublingual part of your mouth will absorb the silver directly into your bloodstream.

Small doses at this frequency helps assure that your body will have a good supply of active silver to fight viruses, as the silver ions are removed by the kidneys in a matter of minutes.”

So there you have a number of interesting and effective ways to use colloidal silver to help stave off, mitigate or completely defeat a cold or flu.

But we’re not going to stop here with colds and flu. After all, the onset of winter can bring about a host of other miserable conditions, as well.

For example, let’s talk about using colloidal silver for earaches.

Colloidal Silver and Earache

Here in the Nevada desert where I currently live, the change-of-season is barely underway in October, and already both my wife and I have felt earaches brewing.

But we nipped them in the bud quickly and easily by applying colloidal silver directly into our ears.

If you’re not familiar with the simple method for knocking out earaches in a single day with colloidal silver, you might want to read natural health author Angela Kaelin’s informative article, Colloidal Silver: Healing Ear Infections the Safe, Easy Way.

I strongly recommend reading it before this winter season really gets started in earnest. As one reader recently wrote about the ease in which earaches can be healed with colloidal silver:

“On two different occasions my 8 year old granddaughter complained that her ears were hurting her.

Both times her mother just put 3 drops of colloidal silver in each ear, (made with the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator).

She had Breanna lay on her side for at least 10 minutes with each ear facing up so that the silver had time to work and not just run right back out.

This was done twice a day for 2 days and the problem was gone.”

— S. Glentz, MI

Colloidal silver user D.T. Ricard, or Texas agrees, saying:

“We use it in our ears (and in the grandchildren’s) to keep infections away.

Anyone that has an earache gets drops in their ear.

The grandkids never had to go to the doctor for ear infections.”

And as colloidal silver user J.F. attests:

“My 10 year old has had earaches 3 different times that were completely gone in the morning (and didn’t return) when we used the colloidal silver the night before as drops in her ear.”

Adding a few drops (i.e., two or three at most) of colloidal silver into the affected ear, and allowing it to soak in for six or eight minutes really works, folks.

So be sure to read the article linked to above, for a more comprehensive overview of this very helpful and effective use of colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver and Sore Throat

When Dr. James Balsch, M.D. and his wife Phyllis Balsch, C.N.C., wrote their bestselling book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, they stated that colloidal silver could be gargled to stop a sore throat.

Other experienced colloidal silver users prefer to carry a small pump spray bottle full of colloidal silver and spray the inside of the throat repeatedly throughout the day to relieve the burning pain of sore throat, and to bring the infection under control.

Even the famous Dr. Oz, formerly of Oprah Show fame, has finally came around earlier this year and acknowledged the fact that colloidal silver works wonderfully for stopping sore throats.

In fact, earlier this year he explained to a female guest on his The Dr. Oz Show, who was complaining of repeated sore throats, that all you have to do is spray colloidal silver into your mouth or use it as a gargle two or three times a day in order to stop the bacteria or virus causing the infection.

Here’s a recent testimonial on stopping a sore throat with colloidal silver, from an Oregon resident who’s an avid colloidal silver user:

“Our teenager got a sore throat. I had her take 1 teaspoon of colloidal silver and hold it under her tongue for 30 seconds and then gargle it. The sore throat was gone in 2 days.”

— K.M., Oregon

Frankly, I’ve personally used colloidal silver to knock out stubborn sore throats on a number of occasions over the past 17 years.

But generally I have to gargle with a full ounce of 10 ppm strength colloidal silver at a time, three or four times a day, to get maximum relief from the throat infection.

Kansas resident B. Bloom tells us exactly how she uses colloidal silver to beat a sore throat:

“If one of us begins to get a sore throat, we use a small spray bottle and spray it in the mouth, throat and nose.

We try to keep it in contact with the affected area for six to ten minutes. It’s hard to keep it in the throat without swallowing.

Each time you swallow, spray more in the throat. Keep in there for six to ten minutes. We do it two or three times a day.

By the second day the sore throat and oncoming cold is gone. Sure beats the agony of sore throats and taking meds.”

Another reader says he uses colloidal silver and tequila to stop sore throats. Now that sounds interesting. I wonder if he learned this from Anders Sultan? He wrote:

“When I get a sore throat, I use a 12 oz. old-fashioned glass and mix about ¾ of an inch of tequila and ¾ of an inch of colloidal silver and fill the rest of it with Margarita mix.

Stir (no ice) and sip very slowly to keep maximum contact time on the sore throat.

Doing this two times usually cures a sore throat, and continuing with the use of colloidal silver will shorten a cold or flu!”

— F. Chilcote, Pinetop, AZ

So you see, folks, apparently getting sick can be fun, too — especially if you like Margaritas! J

The obvious caveat goes here: Don’t drive or operate heavy equipment or machinery if using this unusual technique to overcome a nasty sore throat or cold!

Colloidal Silver and Sinus Congestion

Sinus problems tend to get worse during the winter season for many people, particularly for those who suffer from sinus congestion.

But if you’ve got plenty of colloidal silver on hand, there are four easy ways to use it to beat a pesky sinus problem.

To learn how, check out my article 4 Effective Ways to Use Colloidal Silver to Deal with Pesky Sinus Problems (Including Sinus Cough), which reveals the four simple, inexpensive tools you’ll need in order to be able to successfully use colloidal silver against sinus problems.

And be sure to read Angela Kaelin’s eye-opening article Breathe Clearly Again, Using Colloidal Silver and a Neti Pot, which explains how to keep the sinuses healthy and infection-free by rinsing them out regularly with colloidal silver, using a neti pot.

Here’s what one brand new colloidal silver user wrote about using colloidal silver for a nasty sinus problem:

“I decided to try colloidal silver nasal spray after suffering from a sinus infection/cold for over two weeks.

I happened to be watching the Dr. Oz show and he was discussing his remedies for the common cold…

…When he got to colloidal silver I was convinced to try it.

…I bought the colloidal silver nasal spray this weekend and have used it conservatively for the past two days.

I noticed a difference almost immediately and slept throughout the night without congestion; something I had not been able to do for weeks.

I will continue to use the spray for the next day or two making sure to use the lowest dose. I think colloidal silver nasal spray has received a thumbs-up from me.”

What’s more, colloidal silver user Jake, from Richland Center, WI recently wrote:

“…during my last cold I had started showing green nasal discharge.

So I cleaned out an empty plastic squeeze spray bottle and filled it with colloidal silver using it about 2 squirts four times daily.

Within a few days the green discharge cleared up and I discontinued it after five days.”

Yes, simply spraying colloidal silver into the nasal passages several times a day, using a small plastic squeeze spray bottle, can knock out a nasty sinus infection in record time.

So don’t let sinus congestion or sinus infection get you down this winter. Use colloidal silver to eradicate it quickly, safely and easily!

In Conclusion…

Whether you use small amounts of colloidal silver orally to boost immunity and spur the body’s natural defenses, or use any of the tips above to help knock out winter sinus infections, sore throats, cold, flu or bronchitis…

… you’ll find this amazingly effective natural substance to be an indispensible part of your winter-time nutritional supplement arsenal.

As reader Nancy S. from Topeka, Kansas recently wrote:

“My husband and I each drink a shot glass full of colloidal silver (about 1 oz) every night before bed.

We’ve been doing this for about 4 years now. Neither one of us has been sick since.

And I should mention, we’ve been around people who were sick and didn’t catch anything.

My father bought me the colloidal silver generator and extra silver wires. The best gift he could’ve ever given me…..improved health!”

And as M.K. from Oregon recently wrote:

“Our family has been using colloidal silver for awhile…about 3 years for myself.

I very carefully started with low doses and increased to where I now use one gulp once or twice a day.

I no longer have continual cold/flu symptoms, but instead am healthier than most of the others at work, even those who I used to notice never get sick!

My wife had pneumonia once, and colloidal silver alone made her well. Another time she had strep throat, and colloidal silver was what took it away. We no longer use other antibiotics…no need.

I have been able to help others as well.

Since we make our own colloidal silver with the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, the cost is minimal.

I use empty sparkling cider bottles (which come with a plastic lid) to store the colloidal silver.”

— M.K., OR

And as a very good friend of mine has recently written:

“My husband wanted me to share this with you:

Shortly after we got married he had a dual organ transplant. So he has to take anti-rejection drugs that keep his immune system function artificially low in order to stop his body from rejecting the transplanted organs.

This means he has a severely compromised immune system due to the anti-rejection drugs he must take for the rest of his life.

So he has to be very careful during the winter cold and flu season, and avoid getting sick at all costs.

…To compensate for the lowered immunity, he drinks a small amount of colloidal silver every day, made with his Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, and has done so since 1998.

He has had no ill effect from it at all (i.e. he is not blue). Most importantly, he has never been burdened with colds or infections like other organ transplant recipients we know.

The colloidal silver keeps him from getting every bug that comes along. He’s never even had a flu shot.

We just can’t say enough good things about colloidal silver. We make a batch with our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator every couple of days.

It has definitely been a very worthwhile investment in maintaining our own good health.”

— Marie B., CA

So as you can see, colloidal silver really works. Its anti-infection benefits can border on the seemingly miraculous.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make your own high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for only pennies per batch, just click on the link in this sentence.

In the meantime, I’ll be back next week with another eye-opening article about colloidal silver…

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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