Bacteria Killed by Silver Actually Help Fight Remaining Live Colony!

Portrait of surprised woman use tablet - Bacteria Killed by Silver Actually Help Fight Remaining Live Colony!Did you know that researchers have discovered that when bacteria are killed by silver, the dead bacteria go on a killing spree against the remaining live bacteria?

It’s true! The dead bacteria act as sponge-like repositories for the silver, and then leach that silver into the rest of the colony. This results in other nearby bacteria dying in a zombie-like chain reaction that continues until the entire colony is wiped out!

In the Transmission Electron Microscope image from the study (below), you can see the dead bacteria filled with hundreds of tiny particles of silver. These dead, silver-laden microbes will go on to kill huge swathes of live microbes inside the bacteria colony they belong to.

Here’s what you need to know about this ground-breaking study which sheds profound new light on how silver can so efficiently and effectively kill off entire colonies of bacteria, preventing infection and disease from spreading…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

Most clinical researchers agree that silver kills bacteria in a three-fold manner.

But what happens afterwards is what researchers had not realized, until now, thanks to this ground-breaking research from the Hebrew University at Jerusalem.

You see, when silver comes into contact with a bacterium, silver ions begin attaching to the cell wall of the pathogen, releasing nascent oxygen, which in turn inactivates the pathogen through a process called catalytic oxidation.

It’s similar to the way hydrogen peroxide works, i.e., a burst of oxygen is transferred electro-chemically from the silver to the pathogen, stunning and partially disabling it.

Then, the catalytic oxidation causes a series of chemical changes to the cell wall of the pathogen. These chemical changes block the pathogen’s energy transfer and respiration systems. The pathogen is still alive at this point, but it’s like a ship at sea that’s lost its engines.

Next, the silver ruptures the weakened cell wall of the bacterium, and is absorbed into it, at which point it damages the pathogen’s DNA, preventing it from replicating. Since the bacterium can no longer replicate, the infection can no longer spread.

Finally, with all of this damage, the bacterium eventually dies.

But What Happens Next Will Stun You

TEM image showing hundreds of tiny silver micro-particles inside the bodies of dead bacteria – the silver particles are then leached to live bacteria in the same colony, killing them as well. (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)Thanks to brand new research from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it’s now known what happens after the silver kills the bacterium.

According to the Israeli researchers, once a bacterium is killed by silver it acts like a sponge, continuing to attract and absorb tiny silver particles from its surroundings.

And because the dead bacterium is part of a bacterial colony, the silver that’s been absorbed continues to kill other bacteria around it.

In their study, the Israeli researchers liken the process to the so-called “zombie apocalypse.”

The dead bacteria killed by the tiny silver particles “infect” the remaining live bacteria in the colony with the silver they’ve absorbed, thereby killing them as well.

As one news writer stated in an article in the online magazine, Science:

“The zombie apocalypse may be more than just a horror story for some bacteria. New research shows that when exposed to a microbe-slaying silver solution, the germs can “go zombie,” wiping out their living compatriots even after death. The results may explain silver’s long-lasting antibacterial power…”

According to the Science article:

“To uncover this grisly mechanism, scientists first killed a sample of the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa using a solution of silver nitrate [which works by releasing silver ions that can be absorbed by the bacteria – ED].

Then, they carefully separated the dead bacteria from the silver solution. When they exposed living bacteria to the dead bacteria, they witnessed a microscopic massacre: Up to 99.99% of the living bacteria met their doom.”

The Science article goes on to state:

“Using electron microscopy, the researchers imaged the dead bacteria and discovered what caused them to go on their killing spree. Reservoirs of silver nanoparticles had built up in their corpses, indicating that the dead bacteria act like sponges, soaking up silver as they die.

The stored silver can then leach out to the environment, “especially if the environment contains other sponges for that silver,” says chemist David Avnir of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the senior author of the new study. “In our case, the other sponge is a living bacterium.”

In other words, when exposed to silver, the bacteria soak up far more of it than what’s needed to actually kill them. Even after they’re dead, the bacteria continue to attract and absorb tiny silver micro-particles.

These dead bacterial cells act like little storage bins, full of submicroscopic particles of silver. And since bacteria live in colonies, other nearby bacteria then absorb the silver from the dead bacteria next to them as it gradually leaches out. As a result, the nearby live bacteria are likewise killed off.

The process then spreads throughout the entire colony, like a domino effect, leaving nothing but dead microbes in its wake, thus abating infection and stopping the disease process in its tracks.

This is Why Tiny Silver Micro-Particles Rule!

TEM image of micro-particle colloidal silver as low as .8 nm in size – a fraction of a single nanometer!I believe the new clinical study discussed above clearly demonstrates the profound importance of having access to tiny silver micro-particles when using colloidal silver to help the body fight off an active infection.

Indeed, while conventional colloidal silver brands can contain silver particles and clusters as large as 1,000 nm, a typical infectious microbe such as the one used in the clinical study discussed above (i.e., Pseudomonas aeruginosa) can also be as large as 1,000 nm.

Conventional colloidal silver particles and clusters some as small as 200 nm but most around 1,000 nm in size – far too large to be effective.And in such a case, of course, the infectious microorganisms would not be able to absorb the silver particles, because they’re essentially the same size as the microbe itself.

Such large silver particles would, of course, attach to a pathogen and ultimately kill it. But it could not be absorbed into the pathogen to create the reservoir of tiny silver particles that stimulates the “zombie effect” witnessed by the Hebrew University researchers.

Even if the silver particles were only 100 nm in size (i.e., the upper size limit of what can be considered a silver nanoparticle), a bacterium that was 1,000 nm in size could only absorb a mere few of them at most, which would not be enough to continue killing surrounding microbes afterwards.

But tiny silver micro-particles such as those produced by a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge are as small as .8 nm, which is to say, a fraction of a single nanometer.

So infectious microbes that are 1,000 nm in size could potentially absorb hundreds and hundreds of these tiny silver micro-particles each, and then spread them throughout the colony killing other microbes in a growing chain reaction, until the entire colony is dead.

See the above micrograph from the clinical study, in which the tiny submicroscopic silver particles can be seen as dark granules inside the dead oval-shaped bacteria, and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

In short, the smaller the silver particles are the more silver the infectious microbes can absorb, like sponges, and then leach to nearby live bacteria in the same colony. This in turn increases the speed and efficiency at which entire bacterial colonies can be killed off, and the infectious disease process can be abated.

But with larger silver particles, this process is not nearly as efficient and effective, if at all. This is another important reason why silver micro-particles are so vastly superior to conventional colloidal silver particles.

When you have the ability to produce tiny, submicroscopic silver particles as low as .8 nm in size, infectious microbes can absorb vast multitudes more of them. And as they die, they then leach those tiny silver micro-particles into the rest of the colony, staunching the infectious process faster and more effectively than could ever happen with conventional-sized silver particles.

It’s an amazing chain reaction process that until now, clinical researchers were completely unaware of!

Have You Used Colloidal Silver to Stop a Bacterial Infection?

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Where to Learn Even More About Colloidal Silver…

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver ManualOver the past decade, thousands of Americans have quietly abandoned the use of prescription antibiotic drugs and have turned instead to the use of safe, natural colloidal silver.

In fact, when people discovered they could cure the vast majority of their own infections – quickly, safely and effectively with just a few dollars’ worth of colloidal silver – word began to spread rapidly among the American public.

Big Pharma Sucks

The giant pharmaceutical companies quickly realized they would soon be losing tens of millions of dollars annually in sales of their expensive prescription antibiotic drugs if they didn’t do something about it.

Initially, they demanded that the FDA ban the sale of colloidal silver altogether. But try as they might, the FDA couldn’t find sufficient grounds for a ban.

After all, colloidal silver has a fully documented 90-year medical history of safety and effectiveness!

Not to be stopped, the big drug firms rapidly switched gears: They began pressuring the FDA to restrict the public’s access to information about colloidal silver.

They simply didn’t want any more people to learn how powerful and effective colloidal silver really is against infectious microorganisms and the deadly diseases they can cause.

Final Ruling…

And in a move that has stunned the medical community, the FDA promptly bowed to the wishes of the global pharmaceutical giants, placing into law the infamous new “Final Ruling” on colloidal silver in July 1999.

In spite of its medically documented 90-year history of safe and effective use, the FDA actually ruled that colloidal silver can no longer be sold in the United States if it is described as an infection-fighting agent!

Instead, it can now only be described as a “mineral supplement.”

If it is described as anything else in the advertising and labeling, the FDA can shut down the offending company and confiscate its inventory!

In essence, the FDA has ruled that the American public no longer has the right to know what a powerful and medically proven infection-fighting agent colloidal silver is!

How Could This Happen?

How could this happen in America today?

The truth is, it has become abundantly clear that the FDA is now little more than the enforcement arm of the major drug companies!

Literally billions of dollars in profits are pocketed annually by these pharmaceutical giants thanks to the monopoly they hold on the sale of expensive prescription antibiotic drugs.

And safe, natural colloidal silver is considered to be the biggest threat of all to that multi-billion dollar annual monopoly on prescription antibiotics.

Of course, anything that threatens those kinds of profits – and promises to put the power to heal infections back into the hands of average Americans – must be regulated into oblivion.

And the FDA’s perverse “medical Gestapo” now uses the infamous 1999 “Final Ruling” to do just that!

The First Amendment Rules!

Thankfully, the word about the phenomenal medical history behind colloidal silver, and its amazing proven infection-fighting qualities still manages to leak out under the First Amendment.

Through books, news articles, newsletters, and independent media that are not beholden to Big Pharma, the public is gradually catching on. The facts are slowly emerging.

And today, an estimated 10 million people throughout North America use colloidal silver to heal their own infections, and to stimulate immunity and heal illness and disease.

But the day is rapidly dawning in which all health information will be controlled by the medical bureaucrats, in spite of the First Amendment.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to learn all you can about the amazing healing and infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver, while the information is still freely available.

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Don’t Be Left in the Dark

There’s only one way to stay ahead of the medical bureaucrats. And that’s to educate yourself while the information is still available.

So don’t be left in the dark.

Instead, do all you can to learn about the powerful, healing qualities of colloidal silver.

And then learn how to make your own high-quality colloidal silver, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and for less than 36 cents a quart, by clicking the link in this sentence.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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