Can Colloidal Silver Help With Altitude Sickness?

Can Colloidal Silver Help With Altitude Sickness?I received a note from our good friend Gary Scott the other day, who stated that one of his readers had used a commercial colloidal silver solution to beat back a nasty lingering case of altitude sickness.

Now that’s strange, I thought to myself, because colloidal silver is generally associated with fighting infections and boosting immunity. But the more I pondered the claim, the more I realized that treating altitude sickness is a perfectly logical use for colloidal silver.


First of all, because altitude sickness is caused by the change in air pressure at high altitudes, which results in an oxygen-deprived environment within the human body – such as that frequently experienced during long plane flights, mountain climbing, or visits to geographical areas situated at high altitudes.

Fortunately, silver particles are known carriers of nascent oxygen.

In other words, once ingested, electrically generated colloidal silver rather rapidly carries nascent oxygen throughout the body to all of its tissues and cells.

In fact, it is widely thought to be the “oxygen burst” that takes place when a silver particle comes into contact with a pathogen that renders the pathogen inoperative (see “3 Ways Colloidal Silver Stops Pathogens From Causing Infections”). Such is the richness of the oxygen content of a single particle of silver!

Altitude Sickness

Symptoms of altitude sickness can include incessant fatigue, general malaise, muscular and bodily weakness, headache, dizziness, edema (swelling), respiratory distress and the feeling that you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Interestingly, these are the very same effects of oxygen-deprivation caused by other factors such as a stroke, heart attack, and drowning or suffocation, etc.

So for mild to moderate cases of altitude sickness, it would seem that ingestion of small amounts of colloidal silver could very well be helpful. After all, even just a teaspoonful of colloidal silver carries literally billions of tiny, submicroscopic silver particles, each saturated with nascent oxygen and able to be absorbed by the body directly into its oxygen-starved tissues and cells.

(See this link to examine a slide taken by Transmission Electron Microscopy showing the number of tiny, submicroscopic, oxygen-laden silver particles in a single drop of micro-particle colloidal silver.)

Anaerobic Pathogens

Another important thing to remember is that many pathogens are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in an oxygen-deprived environment, while the body’s beneficial bacteria are generally aerobic, meaning they thrive in an oxygen-rich environment.

Anaerobic pathogens reside in the human body all of the time, just like the beneficial aerobic bacteria. They’re all part of the normal microbial environment of the body.

But the anaerobic pathogens tend to be kept in check by the body’s immune system, as well as by competitive inhibition from the body’s normal healthy populations of beneficial aerobic bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus and others.

However, in an oxygen-deprived environment such as that characterized by altitude sickness, dramatic overgrowths of the anaerobic pathogens can take place. Why? Because typically the immune system does not work very well in an oxygen-deprived environment, which means anaerobic pathogens can proliferate more effectively throughout the body.

What’s more, an oxygen-starved system gives the anaerobic pathogens the upper hand over the body’s beneficial aerobic bacteria which would normally keep them in check.

Such an overgrowth of anaerobic pathogens can trigger many of the symptoms associated with altitude sickness. Indeed, it has been documented that altitude sickness often goes hand in hand with infections! (See “Symptoms of infection and altitude illness among hikers in the Mount Everest region of Nepal” at this link.)

What’s more, people with pre-existing infections (even minor respiratory infections) may be more prone to altitude sickness, indicating that altitude sickness may be directly tied to lowered immune system function. According to, in an article on altitude sickness, “Individuals with preexisting medical conditions–even a minor respiratory infection–may become sick at more moderate altitudes.”

Of course, colloidal silver has long been known to be an effective immune system booster. Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., during his groundbreaking research into electrically generated silver ions at Syracuse Medical University during the 1980s found that people with low levels of silver in their bodies tend to become sick with infections more frequently and the duration of their illnesses generally lasted longer than people with higher levels of silver in their bodies!

I find it quite interesting that the symptoms of altitude sickness are almost identical to symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, which of course is widely believed to be caused by underlying infections of opportunistic “stealth pathogens” such as mycoplasmas, candida yeast, Epstein-Barre virus, cytomegalovirus, and others.

Of course, colloidal silver’s incredible effectiveness against bacterial infectionsfungal infections and even viral infections is well-known.

And so it would seem that this may be another reason why colloidal silver proved helpful to Gary’s reader who was suffering from altitude sickness. The oxygen deprivation his body was suffering from may have allowed an underlying infection to take hold, which in turn exacerbated his symptoms. The colloidal silver may have not only helped restore crucial oxygen levels to the cells and tissues, and boosted immunity, but also knocked out a budding infection that was exacerbating the situation.

An Interesting Patented Product

As further evidence of colloidal silver’s effectiveness on altitude sickness and other similar respiratory distresses, take a look at the patent displayed at this site:

At the above link you’ll find a patent for a commercial product called “Smog Check® Silver Reserve.” This product is apparently not yet on the market. But what’s interesting is that it uses a combination of colloidal silver and certain herbs to alleviate adverse respiratory symptoms in the human body caused by exposure to excessive smog. That’s very similar to the problem of altitude sickness, due to the oxygen deprivation involved in both issues.

Note carefully what the patent says about the product:

“In addition the commercial incarnation of this herbal composition referred to as SMOG CHECK® SILVER RESERVE has been found to benefit smokers, athletes and those who suffer from altitude sickness as it enhances the ability of the lung to employ oxygen and has been found to be safe and effective for long term use.

This product is provided in handy bottled form including an administering device normally in eye dropper form or spray and is to be taken typically before enduring any exposure to or episode occurring from adverse respiratory conditions.

A practical application for use of this composition is suggested during airplane flights of any duration to boost or enhance the immune system from attack by airborne irritants.

In addition to those benefits listed above, this novel composition has been found to be an aid to those with sinus congestion, lung congestion, bacterial or viral infections, stress symptoms, inflammation and circulatory problems.

This therapeutic respiratory composition has been found to enhance antibacterial action, antiviral action, antiallergenic action, improve oxygenation, provide antihistamine action, act as an antioxidant, enhance stress alleviation, provide enhanced anti-inflammatory action, reduce coughing and mucous production, increase circulation and enhance antimicrobial action.”

So we see from the above that there is actually a patent on a commercial product for using colloidal silver in combination with herbs to relieve symptoms of altitude sickness, excessive exposure to smog, and other problems generally known to be associated with oxygen-deprivation and respiratory distress.

Is Lung Function Suppressed
In Cases of Altitude Sickness?

The fact that many who suffer from altitude sickness often claim they have problems drawing a breath after physical exertion makes me wonder if lung function is not also suppressed in cases of altitude sickness.

In this light, it’s interesting to me that colloidal silver has also been shown to be extremely helpful in some cases of cystic fibrosis (see study here) – a severe chronic inflammation of the lungs resulting in chronic lung infections, shortness of breath and ultimately death.

Silver Aids the Body in Many Vital Functions

Silver performs many other vital functions in the human body, including stimulating the body’s all-important lymphatic system, which may be suppressed in cases of altitude sickness.

According to Dr. Stephen West, DL, PMD, son of Dr. C. Samuel West, DN, ND, renowned chemist and internationally recognized lymphologist:

“Silver ions stimulate the lymphatic system by cleaning out the dead cells and bringing oxygen to the healthy cells.

Again, much like iron, silver has the capacity to carry nascent oxygen throughout the human body. As revealed in chapter 10 of the Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual:

“Not only do silver ions have proven antimicrobial properties to fight the fungi and bacteria growth in the lymph fluid, silver ions also carry nascent oxygen on their surface. When the silver attacks a microorganism, or comes into contact with lower valence minerals, this oxygen is released. This can aid the RES lymphatic system in two ways; 1) extra oxygen helps restore the natural pH of the lymph fluid and 2) oxygen helps oxidize toxic waste. Any leftover oxygen would eventually be picked up by the hemoglobin in red blood cells and thus becomes available for other oxygen dependent needs in the body such as cellular respiration.”

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual goes on to document the fact that silver has long been known to aid the human body in the production of our crucial white and red blood cells, and boost immune system function.

Of course, white blood cells are crucial to immune system function, and red blood cells are crucial to our body’s oxygen-carrying capacity. In boosting production of white and red blood cells, silver both boosts immunity and the oxygen capacity of the human body.

Here’s some more eye-opening quotes from the The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual:

“Silver’s ability to aid the immune system has been well documented for more than 100 years. For example, in 1909, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that electrically generated silver ions increased white blood cell production.

As we noted earlier in our overview of the human immune system, white blood cells are critical factors in human immunity, aiding the body in the destruction of cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, and other invaders.

In 1939, researchers Hill and Pillsbury made similar findings, demonstrating an increase in white blood cells after silver usage. [See: Hill, WR, D Pillsbury, Argyria: The Pharmacology of Silver, The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, 1939; p. 48.]

And over fifty years later, researchers Remes and Williams found that silver ions appear to “prime” white blood cells to go on the offense against a variety of biological insults. [See Remes, A, Williams, DF, “Neutrophil Polarization and Immunoelectrophoresis Assays in the Study of Complement Activation by Biomaterials,” Biomaterials, Aug 1991; 12(6):607-13.]

In 1919 Dr. H. Bechold, writing in “Colloids in Biology and Medicine,” cited evidence that silver ions increased both red and white blood cell counts.

While white blood cells are the defenders of the body, red blood cells carry life-giving oxygen to all tissues and organs. So silver apparently aids in both immune defense and in the support of life itself, by boosting both our body’s red and white blood cells counts.

In their study Argyria – The Pharmacology of Silver (Williams & Wilkins, 1939), researchers W. Hill & D. Pillsbury reported that 16 rabbits were injected with silver of arsphenamine at intervals from three to seven days. (The silver content of the drug was 14.5%.) A majority of the rabbits showed a gradual increase in oxygen-carrying hemoglobin and red blood cells during the experiment.

In more recent studies, such as Treatment of Orthopedic Infections with Electrically Generated Silver Ions by Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., it is reported that silver ions give a healthy boost to human blood cell production. This may be related to the fact that silver is a “transitional element” giving it the ability to form complex ions. This attribute gives silver the potential to interact on a cellular level in the same way as other complex ions such as vitamin B-12, chlorophyll, and heme (iron), a component of red blood cells.

More recently, researchers Berger, Marino and Spadaro confirmed that electrically generated silver ions boost human blood cell production.

These findings lead to the obvious conclusion that while low white blood cell counts open the door to serious immune system risks, and low red blood cells lead to oxygen starvation of the body’s tissues and organs, electrically generated silver ions may help successfully counter these risks by stimulating both white and red blood cell production.”

The Bottom Line…

As you can see, silver is widely known to aid many important biological functions, including those having to do with oxygenating the human body. The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual goes on to document that silver:

  • Stimulates white blood cell production, thus boosting the body’s ability to attack cancers and pathogenic microorganisms.
  • “Primes” white blood cells to go on the offensive against harmful foreign invaders.
  • Stimulates red blood cell production, thus boosting life-giving oxygenation of the body’s cells, tissues and organs.
  • Stimulates the reticulo-endothelial system, also known as RES, which allows the body to purge itself of harmful wastes and toxins.
  • Stimulates the production of ROS (reactive oxygen species), thus helping the body rid itself of toxins and foreign invaders through oxidation.

So we can see many ways that colloidal silver may indeed prove to be helpful in cases of a condition like altitude sickness, in which immune system function may be compromised, a low-level underlying infection may exist, and the body may be experiencing oxygen-deprivation.

Learn More…

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Steve Barwick

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