A Whopping ZERO Deaths Attributed to Colloidal Silver…Again!

Smiling lady holding fingers, hand in zero gesture - A Whopping ZERO Deaths Attributed to Colloidal Silver…Again!The mainstream news media is known to report alarming, sensational warnings against colloidal silver usage, but did you know there is a report released yearly that has repeatedly shown there have been ZERO (yes! ZERO!) deaths from colloidal silver usage?

It’s true! And what’s more…this annual report, published by the National Poison Data System (NPDS) is mysteriously and routinely ignored by the mainstream news media each year. Odd that they would ignore a report that shows the exact opposite of their alarmist warnings is true, right?

Keep reading to find out more about this report, where you’ll read that – once again, as is the case year-after-year – the death rate for colloidal silver usage is a great big ZERO. Indeed, the death rate for all nutritional supplements is a great big ZERO.

Here’s what you need to know…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge

The mainstream news media is awash with shrill warnings against colloidal silver usage, and against the use of nutritional supplements in general.

Yet every year the mainstream news media becomes suspiciously silent – you can almost hear the crickets – when the National Poison Data System (NPDS) publishes its annual report documenting the number of deaths from nearly 500,000 household products ranging from laundry detergents, to household cleaning products, to bug poison, to over-the-counter medications and pain-killing drugs, and yes, even to nutritional supplements.

But why is the mainstream media so silent on this annual report?

Because not only does the report document no deaths from colloidal silver usage, but no deaths from any nutritional supplement.

NPDS Report Showing ZERO
Deaths from Colloidal Silver in 2021

For years, the National Poison Data System has published its “Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers”. The newest version was published online on January 5, 2023 is the 39th edition for the year 2021 (you can find the full text here).

And every year – including this newest year reported on, 2021 – the report shows ZERO deaths from colloidal silver!

This, in spite of the fact there are now an estimated 10 million active colloidal silver users throughout North America, ingesting hundreds of millions of doses of colloidal silver every year. Yet based on the annual report, no deaths have ever been attributed to the use of colloidal silver.

Nevertheless, the FDA, the National Institutes of Health, the Mayo Clinic, WebMD, the Quackbusters organization and a number of other Big Pharma shills have all stridently warned against colloidal silver usage, calling it, with breathtaking urgency, “risky” and “potentially dangerous.”

Why don’t they want you to know about the remarkable safety of colloidal silver? It’s simple. It’s because silver often works against infections even when Big Pharma’s cornucopia of prescription drugs don’t. And Big Pharma simply doesn’t like the competition.

If you’re unfamiliar with the truth about safe, natural colloidal silver, you can more about this topic here:

You can also read what numerous doctors, researchers and other experts say about the safety of colloidal silver here:

And finally, if you’d like to see each year’s report from 2012 to 2021 for yourself, you can view them all here:

Summary of Report: No Deaths
from ANY Nutritional Supplement!

Here’s how Dr. Andrew W. Saul, editor of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, recently summarized this year’s report:

“The 39th annual report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers shows zero deaths from vitamins. Confirming data is in Table 22B, p 1613-1615, at the very end of the lengthy report published in Clinical Toxicology. [1] It is interesting that it is placed way back there where nary a news reporter is likely to see it. But there it is: no deaths, none whatsoever, from vitamin A, niacin, pyridoxine (B-6) or from any other B-vitamin. There were no deaths from vitamin C, vitamin D, or vitamin E. There were no deaths from multiple vitamins. There were no deaths from any vitamin at all.

Furthermore, there were no fatalities from mineral supplements. Two fatalities from “Iron and Iron Salts” were clearly stated as not being due to supplemental iron (p 1607).

No deaths from vitamins. No deaths from minerals. Want to bet this will never be on the evening news? Well, have you seen it there? And why not? This is of real importance to the public. After all, at least two-thirds of the U.S. population takes daily nutritional supplements. A Harris Poll indicated that for American adults, the number is 86%. [2] But let’s just use the lower number. Should each of those people take only one single tablet daily, that still makes over 220,000,000 individual doses per day, for a total of well over 80 billion doses annually. Since many persons take far more than just one single vitamin tablet, actual consumption is considerably higher, and the safety of vitamin supplements is all the more remarkable.

Throughout the entire year, coast to coast across the entire USA, there was not one single death from a vitamin or mineral supplement. If supplements are allegedly so “dangerous,” as the FDA, the news media, and even some physicians still claim, then where are the bodies?”

(You can subscribe – FREE – to the periodic Orthomolecular News Service, here.)

Putting It All Into Perspective

Compare this astonishing lack of deaths from nutritional supplements like colloidal silver to the number of annual medically-related deaths, and it puts a lot of things into proper perspective. For example:

Every year in the U.S. there are an astonishing 225,000 medically-caused deaths, including:

  • 12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries;
  • 7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals;
  • 20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals;
  • 80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals;
  • 106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed and correctly used medicines.

That’s a total of 225,000 medically caused deaths each and every year in the U.S., or 2.25 MILLION deaths every decade.

In terms of deaths, that’s the equivalent of 75 separate 9-11 attacks on our nation each and every year – all courtesy of Big Pharma and Big Medicine.

Indeed, prescription drugs are now the third leading cause of death in men, women and children, behind heart disease and cancer (ref: Dr. Peter Gotzsche, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, considered to be the world’s leading expert on clinical studies of pharmaceutical drugs).

(Learn more here: Medical Deaths versus Colloidal Silver Benefits)

So the next time you read one of those news articles with screaming headlines about how “unsafe” nutritional supplements like colloidal silver and others are, and how badly they need to be “regulated like drugs,” ask yourself if you really want the FDA involved in “regulating” something so safe, you quite literally cannot find any bodies to count.

If you’re new to colloidal silver usage, and you’d like to learn more about its many healing and infection-fighting benefits, consider reading this recent article:

Big Pharma’s $$$ Influence on the Mainstream News Media

So why does the mainstream news media routinely rail against safe, natural nutritional supplements like colloidal silver?

And why doesn’t the mainstream news media acknowledge that some of the most popular and widely used drugs in the world have far more crippling and even deadly side effects, including many of the drugs routinely advertised on various news networks?

Why, for example, don’t they tell you that Tylenol is now the world’s #1 leading cause of acute liver failure resulting in 56,000 cases per year of liver poisoning, 26,000 hospital admissions and about 500 deaths annually due to liver failure?

Could it be because Big Pharma spends something like $4 billion annually on media advertising for their drugs?

Yes, that’s billion with a “b.” And yes, that’s every single year – with some $3.1 billion of this money going directly to television advertising, according to the New York Times.

Could it be that the other major television networks have a vested financial interest in promoting Big Pharma’s side-effect laden drugs, while discrediting natural health remedies such as colloidal silver?

Could this be why the big networks so snidely portray natural health remedies as dangerous modern-day versions of “snake oil” – even as they collectively rake in billions of dollars in annual profits from the big drug makers in return for promoting some of the most deadly and side effect-laden drugs in the world?

I’ll leave those questions up to you to answer for yourself. But I think in your heart of hearts you already know the answer.

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Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another insightful article on colloidal silver….

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