Steve BarwickA Special Update from Steve Barwick…Plus, Answers to Some of Your Most Pressing Questions…

If you’ve read my previous message from several weeks ago, you’re probably aware that the NY Attorney General decided to seek national publicity for herself (and her future political aspirations) by issuing cease-and-desist demands to multiple companies across the U.S. – including The Silver Edge – telling them to stop selling colloidal silver-related products for use against coronavirus, or face her legal wrath.

And, of course, here at The Silver Edge we’ve complied. All 23 of my articles about colloidal silver and coronavirus have been taken down from website. And I haven’t written any new articles on this subject matter, either. I believe in obeying the law.

The problem is, as new information becomes available regarding colloidal silver and coronavirus, I now can’t share it with you.

For this I deeply apologize. New Yorkers might want to let their Attorney General know how they feel about this. Even if you’re not a resident of NY, you might want to let the NY Attorney General know how you feel about the government forcing others to keep information you’re looking for from you.

I Get Questions

Nevertheless, in spite of the cease-and-desist notice, I’m getting literally hundreds of questions from customers each day, on this topic.

But I’m restrained from answering many of these questions because of the cease-and-desist notice. I simply cannot talk publicly about colloidal silver and coronavirus, at all. At least, not in the same breath.

However, directly below I’ll answer some of the questions that don’t pertain to coronavirus:

Question: Now that stores across the U.S. are selling out of distilled water, how are we supposed to make our colloidal silver?

Answer: The good news is this: Some supermarkets and so-called “Big Box” stores are finally getting in new stocks of distilled water.

My local Walmart, Smith’s Grocery Store, and Albertson’s supermarket all had distilled water back in stock this week. Our local Costco did, too. And Smart & Final. They’re limiting purchases to one gallon per person, per day.

So you might want to check locally at any of those stores near you, but particularly at your local supermarkets, and even some of the local “dollar” stores. Call around and simply ask, “Do you have any distilled water in stock?” And if they say they have a limit of one bottle per person, take some family members with you so you can each grab a bottle. Be sure to stock up on it as it becomes available again. I certainly am.

If you still can’t find distilled water locally, there are several less-than-perfect options:

One, you can purchase a home countertop water distiller from a company like I’ll tell you up-front that the cheap little $100-150 home-distillers sold by Sears or similar stores definitely DO NOT make distilled water of high enough quality for making colloidal silver. I’ve tested three of them, and they were pretty much worthless.

But some of the $500 and up models from work well, at least, according to customers who have told me they use them regularly and swear by them. I do not own one of the expensive models, yet.

I very much prefer to purchase professionally distilled water, already bottled. But now that it’s getting harder and harder to find good distilled water at the supermarkets, I’ll probably have to bite my lip and buy one of the more expensive home countertop distillers that offers.

My hope is that this manufactured crisis is over with soon, and bottled distilled water becomes widely available again in the stores.

Another option is to get a ZeroWater Advanced Filtration system from Walmart, or on Amazon. The makers of these devices claim they reduce the mineral content of your household tap water down to 0 ppm through a three-stage filtration process.

However, I purchased two of them several years ago, and tested them, and found them to produce less-than-stellar results when their water was used to make colloidal silver. The batches turned out slightly “hazy” or “milky” looking every time, indicating the ZeroWater filter was leaving at least a little bit of mineral content in the water.

BUT…the ZeroWater system is a LOT cheaper than a home distiller, and it’s a heckuva lot better than trying to make colloidal silver with tap water, Reverse Osmosis water, or any other kind of water that’s much more mineral-laden.

In a temporary emergency situation, I wouldn’t hesitate to use a ZeroWater system to make water for making colloidal silver. That’s why I kept the two ZeroWater systems I bought several years ago, i.e., just in case something ever went hinkey in the marketplace and I couldn’t find good, steam-distilled bottled water anywhere.

But again, it’s important to note that this is only a poor second to the option of either making your own distilled water with a countertop distiller, or buying commercially bottled steam-distilled water as the stores begin to re-stock.

Question #2: I see that you’ve now run out of silver wire, and the bulk silver wire rolls. How are we supposed to make our own colloidal silver if we can’t find silver rods?

Answer: We had gotten a very large new stock of new .9999 fine silver wire in last week, but the bulk rolls sold out in only one day after we emailed a back-in-stock notification to customers.

However, there are still some single sets in stock, at this very moment, but they’re going fast so get one or two sets if you need to stock up.

Hopefully, this coming Monday or Tuesday we should have all three sizes of bulk rolls of pure silver wire back in stock, plus more single sets. How long they’ll last I have no idea. But if it’s anything like what happened last week, they’ll probably be sold in a single day. So keep your eyes open.

If you’re located here in the U.S., you should be able to order either individual sets of silver rods, or the steeply discounted bulk rolls of silver wire, right here. And if you’re one of our overseas customers, you can order your silver rods or bulk rolls, here.

You can always check to see what’s in stock, and what’s not, here.

Question #3: When will you have Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators back in stock?

Answer: Unfortunately, a massive shortage of the needed electronic parts has taken place because of so many businesses being closed due to the federal government’s stupid overreaction to the so-called “coronavirus crisis.”

Because of this, we’ve only been able to get about 40 new generators per week from our U.S. manufacturer.

Each time we get a new stock of generators in, we send out an email alert. You can sign up to be alerted, here, if you haven’t already; be sure to use your best email address.)

Unfortunately, that list has now grown into the thousands. So our ability to fulfill customer demand has dramatically tanked. Once again, for this, I deeply apologize. This is simply not something anyone could have anticipated.

In September of last year, I did what I thought was right, and ordered from our U.S. manufacturer an entire year’s worth of Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators based on the previous year’s sales. I do this every year.

The manufacturer then spent from September to the end of December manufacturing those generators for me. (He’s done this for me every year for the past 15 years running. Then, when done manufacturing our order, his company moves on to other manufacturing projects.)

In early January, I purchased those generators – an entire year’s worth – and put them into stock believing firmly we’d have enough generators to last the entire year. They sold out within the first 20 days. Again, there’s simply no way I could have foreseen the current scare, nor the public reaction to it, nor the resulting demand for our products.

But all of these things have indeed happened. And that’s what’s left us in the pickle we’re now in.

So we’re getting new generators in, but they’re coming at a rate of only about 40 a week due to the parts shortage. And if the shortage continues, there might not be any more generators for awhile, until business and industry is allowed to go back to work.

But I’ll keep you posted. Please pray we can get more parts. And please watch your emails for our “back-in-stock” notifications, which you can sign-up for here, if you haven’t already.

Question: Why am I not receiving your email notifications when you get new generators back in stock?

I have no idea. Your spam filter might be sending the emails to your Junk Mail file, so please check there.

Also, please consider White Listing our email address – – so your email system will accept it and route it correctly to your computer’s email Inbox.

At present, every time we get a new box of 40 generators from our manufacturer, we email the next 250 people on the list. We only email 250 people at a time, in order to avoid overloading the website server and our customer Call Center. Generally, within an hour or so those 40 generators are gone.

So it’s important to watch for your email notification, and then act quickly and decisively if you’re still interested.

By clicking on the shopping cart button on the website you can always see what’s in stock, and what out-of-stock at any point in time.

Question: Why are you no longer answering phone calls or online questions?

Oh, my goodness. That’s just about all we’ve been doing.

We’re answering phone calls and online questions all day, every single day. Our phone staff has been running themselves ragged trying to get all of the calls answered and phone messages returned.

Indeed, I’ve personally been working 17 hour days answering online questions, at a time when I should be resting because at age 65 I’m in one of the most “at risk” portions of the population. But if you’ve been with me for any amount of time, you know my first priority is taking care of my customers.

However, please understand that ten or even twenty times the normal amount of calls and online questions are coming in because of this crazy “crisis.” We’re doing the very best we can with all of these limitations imposed on us by the so-called coronavirus crisis (and the NY Attorney General’s office).

This will all die down soon enough. But for now, please understand that we’re working our tails off under some of the most trying circumstances we’ve ever had. Even at the peak of 9-11 back in 2001, it never got this crazy.

Question: Why am I no longer seeing the weekly colloidal silver emails come from you?

I’m sending out emails every Monday morning with new articles about making and using colloidal silver.

I haven’t missed a Monday yet, in spite of all of this craziness. If you’re not receiving the Monday morning colloidal silver emails, please consider the fact that your spam filter might be sending the emails to your Junk Mail file.

So please check your Junk Mail if you’ve signed up for the Monday morning emails and have not been seeing them lately. (If you’ve never signed up for our weekly colloidal silver emails, you can do so here.)

And again, please consider White Listing our email address – – so your email system will accept it without misinterpreting it as spam.

But if you ever miss a Monday morning email, it’s important to know that you can find ALL of my articles, including the very latest ones, on website, right here.

There are over 500 articles on that page – all of them on making and using colloidal silver. And you have FREE access to all of them. So consider taking advantage of it. literally has the world’s largest database of reliable information on colloidal silver and its many healing and infection-fighting benefits.

Also, at this special link you’ll find all 25 of my short instructional videos on making and using colloidal silver – including videos on how to make your own hand sanitizer using colloidal silver…how to make your own disinfectant soap using colloidal silver…how to test your colloidal silver…how to nebulizer colloidal silver into your lungs…pets and colloidal silver…and much more.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, even with businesses being shuttered all around us, we’re doing everything humanly possible within the confines of the law to make sure our customers get what they need.

I’ll send you another update as soon as I can. And be sure to watch for your notification emails if you’re one who’s signed up to be notified when new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators come back into stock.

Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,
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